The Logistics of Living in Antarctica

  • Published on Mar 6, 2018
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    Music: “White Hats” by Wayne Jones, “Final Transmission Home” by Amaranth Cove, “Connection” by Wayne Jones, and “Slow Lights” by Lee Rosevere
    Concordia Station footage courtesy Paride Legovini:
    Lake Untersee footage courtesy sumnerd:
    McMurdo Station from Observation Hill footage courtesy JD:
    South pole flags photo courtesy Amble
    Ice core video courtesy British Library:
    Antarctica microbial life video courtesy National Science Foundation:
    Ice runway footage courtesy Trevor Layman
    McMurdo station photo courtesy Eli Duke
    McMurdo nighttime photos courtesy Alan Light, Ken Klassy, Kelly Speelman, Joshua Swanson
    Amundsen-Scott nighttime photos courtesy Jeremy Johnson, Dr Keith Vanderlinde

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  • Skid Skid
    Skid Skid 2 days ago

    "Antarctica is an international zone, meaning that it is claimed by mankind with every nation"
    America when they arrive on mars: THIS IS OUR LAND BITCH!!

  • AlissonSv2
    AlissonSv2 2 days ago

    The rockets caught me off guard.

  • Rick S.
    Rick S. 2 days ago

    I find Antarctica FACINATING

  • Liam McLaughlin
    Liam McLaughlin 4 days ago

    If only you knew what happened recently in Christchurch

  • David West
    David West 4 days ago

    Christchurch... where have I heard that before?

  • Паца Ваца
    Паца Ваца 5 days ago

    You didn't mark the Russian Vostok station on your map at 6:52

  • Recreational Plutonium

    >low background radiation
    yeah I don't think you know what that means

  • Cameron Ivory
    Cameron Ivory 6 days ago

    You realize that average civilians cannot go to Antarctica but yet its supposedly being kept pristine for us and future generations i call bullshit why dont we all go down there and see how well we are received

  • Door-to-Door Hentai Salesman

    Trudeau: 1:44 We would like to say "...common heritage of *peoplekind*..."

  • Addison Ricketts
    Addison Ricketts 9 days ago +1

    40 days one way driving a tractor?? I got some questions... 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kyle Haskell
    Kyle Haskell 9 days ago

    If you want to live and work in Antarctica, you're best bet is to have any support job. Most residents at McMurdo are not scientists. You could easily get a job there as a mess attendent (bus boy and meal server). And the ice doesn't just melt in the summer and ships just dock up. McMurdo Sound's ice specifically must be broken each year by USCGC Polar Star in order to make a channel for cargo ships to supply McMurdo Station. From there all of that cargo supplies American research and presence in Antarctica.

  • dpm1982
    dpm1982 13 days ago

    How often is the ISS in a direct-line-of-sight path to McMurdo for communications and data link hooks?

  • Ryan Boone
    Ryan Boone 14 days ago

    hard to believe Antartica is just ice after hearing admiral Byrds interview on what he saw flying over...

  • OliverAK Labs
    OliverAK Labs 14 days ago

    The worlds most boring place.

  • Ooh Jay
    Ooh Jay 17 days ago

    seven months away from civilization, truly scientists sacrifice their lives

  • snowmachinecrazy
    snowmachinecrazy 18 days ago +3

    “Just as the Cold War was heating up“ 😂😂

  • Daniel Cara
    Daniel Cara 18 days ago

    Hello I work in Punta Arenas in the antartic logistic field and I can confirm most of this is true but we actually have flights in March and April. From chile and argentina antartica is reachable thanks to vessels and airlines. From punta arenas it takes about 3hr to get to the nearest base base ohiggins in king jorge island. If needed to get to continental antartica there is a chilean army vessel that transports the cargo and passangers. We also have to prepare antartic diesel for such conditions. Please if you have any questions let me know I have attended several antartic programs german, British, Czech, Ecuador, Brazil, korean and Chinese.

  • A W
    A W 19 days ago

    I'd rather live in Siberia

  • gm346553
    gm346553 19 days ago

    10:09 - That sounds a lot like my winter too if we're being honest except there's Netflix.

  • Avraham Alfasi
    Avraham Alfasi 19 days ago

    I would like to stay and take care of a base in Antarctica. But it would have to be a base that is well built and easy to maintain.

  • zamardii12
    zamardii12 20 days ago

    Everyone needs to check out "Antarctica: A Year on Ice." Fantastic documentary of the people who live in Antarctica.

  • qman66
    qman66 20 days ago

    Does Verizon's 4G map reach Antarctica?

  • Amrith Nadendla
    Amrith Nadendla 23 days ago +1

    great video!!!!
    btw what do they study?

  • Lucas Campbell
    Lucas Campbell 24 days ago

    They're Norwegians, Mac!

  • Khan Bhai
    Khan Bhai 25 days ago

    Logistics? Thickness of snow ? ?

  • Max Markos
    Max Markos 27 days ago

    Man somebody should really make country’s in Antarctica and it becomes like the other continents

  • Gate0r
    Gate0r 28 days ago

    Loving your content 👍👍

  • Robert Patterson
    Robert Patterson 29 days ago

    North Pole . , Santa Claus 🎅. South Pole ., Anta Claus ? 🎅

  • 21Average
    21Average Month ago

    This is an absolute bucket list thing for me. To spend a winter in Antarctica. I would kill to do it, just for the story.

  • Khondker Rifat Hossain

    Antarctica should be under United Nation...otherwise I will take over Antarctica and establish Peteroia, under the spiritual guidance of Peter Griffin the leader of free world

  • Spirit CrossWind
    Spirit CrossWind Month ago

    Why do they still live on the surface there are cities below ground or below ice

  • Gunshinzero
    Gunshinzero Month ago

    I'm an IP network engineering and was just looking at a job posting to work at the south pole. If I was single with no kids I'd probably go for that adventure.

  • nivalius
    nivalius Month ago +1

    "... alone, in the dark, through the entire winter..."
    where to sign in?

  • Gustavo Mad
    Gustavo Mad Month ago

    Funny Voice...

  • Samsul Hoque
    Samsul Hoque Month ago

    Just the thought of being so isolated is giving me anxiety.

  • Last Earthbender
    Last Earthbender Month ago

    This video has the least number of dislikes among your videos about countries because Antarctica doesn't have a bunch of butthurt citizens getting offended by being told the flaws over there.

  • Unspeakablebros RBLX
    Unspeakablebros RBLX Month ago +1

    Meanwhile Canada -40

  • Carbonite Reviews
    Carbonite Reviews Month ago


  • Prof. Hilary L. Chow FRAS

    Actually, I've been to Antarctica and I can tell you that some bases have limited Wi-Fi connection, so it's not no link to the outside world

  • votedvomit
    votedvomit Month ago

    Thumbs up if you’re in 2019

  • Marcus Wright
    Marcus Wright Month ago

    I didn’t even know what logistics were before watching this hehe

  • Sunny shah
    Sunny shah Month ago +1

    Damn man, i'd be scared as hell to fap there, the jizz can easily freeze on its way out

  • Sona Hajra
    Sona Hajra Month ago

    Waste of money...what has happened after so mamy years of research...

  • Real Ganstas
    Real Ganstas Month ago

    So don’t live in Antarctica

  • Tusk
    Tusk Month ago +1

    You moron it doesn't matter the whole world recognizes your claim as long as you dont have the forces to secure that land is not yours
    That said even if nobody recognizes you as long as you have a military control of that land then that land is yours thats always been the way things truly works nobody cares about the UN its just for Show look at Israel a tiny country that never respected the UN they even threatned most UN members in order to become a member
    They may talk like goodie two shoes but deep down its only with force and military strenght that anything gets done that said Syria will get back its Golan heights but it won't be thanks to the UN but rather with its own power and its allies and by force and even tho all of the UN excluding Israel wants the US to stop its ridiculous sanctions against Cuba without force the US won't stop just because UN asks
    So like i said nobody cares about the UN anymore if you want land you need brute force its the only way to truly form a nation

  • living being
    living being Month ago

    can i drive a toyota there

  • NFL YoungBoy
    NFL YoungBoy Month ago +1

    Chicago was colder then Antarctica last week

  • knvolidge is the the greatest power

    Antarctica place where pengiuns hide the edge of world

  • TRPG pilot
    TRPG pilot Month ago

    As has been said already, please use the metric system of measurements which the world understands!

  • Janjan Jami
    Janjan Jami Month ago


  • JackT
    JackT Month ago

    Has nothing to do with logistics of living in Antarctica...

  • Bryan Reddy
    Bryan Reddy Month ago

    How they get food if it’s dark outside?

    • dave
      dave 8 days ago

      They ship enough MREs before the Long darkness

  • Eureka
    Eureka Month ago +1

    Make a logistics of living on ISS

  • Kr8andrei
    Kr8andrei Month ago

    my best prof. was a researcher in Antarctica

  • Pablo Toledo
    Pablo Toledo Month ago

  • Cassandra
    Cassandra Month ago

    just give me enough food a god damn pc and an internet we are fine ill stay there for 7 months xD

  • John Templeton
    John Templeton Month ago

    exceptional vid. very educational and informative. on a comic relief side note, i can better understand just how screwed McReedy and crew were in John Carpentar's "The Thing"

  • Eric Mugisha
    Eric Mugisha Month ago +1

    I would LOVE to live in Antarctica! It's my favourite continent. ❄

  • Jakob Máni Eiriksson Schimmelman

    Please use metric system and measurements the world recognizes

  • SpacemanSpiff
    SpacemanSpiff Month ago

    Although I usually like your videos because of the amount of research and the presentation style, I was really disappointed at how first-world centric this one was. I mean why is there no mention of countries like India, South Africa, Brazil, Pakistan, Poland, etc which also have permanent bases in Antarctica. India has 3, Poland has 2, South Africa has 7! Make me wonder if the first world really thinks about the rest of the world.

  • John Bird
    John Bird Month ago

    Great video. For life at the South Pole station see

  • Victor
    Victor Month ago

    He forgot about Vostok...

  • Noobz Threefortyseven

    JATO hasn't been used since the early 80's except for exhibition teams like the Golden Knights.

  • Cristián Aguirre
    Cristián Aguirre Month ago

    Hey Wendover Productions you forget a lot of bases here


    a place where justin y isnt

  • cccpredarmy
    cccpredarmy Month ago

    > be mad scientist
    > pretend being good so you can travel to Antarctica
    > smuggle an AK-47 in there
    > When nobody sees, escape the camp, hike for a couple of km
    > when arriving make your own camp there. pro tip: use knowledge collected from all those survival youtube channels
    > claim that land yours, write your own constitution, say that "fuck all of those international treaties. I'm my own country and I never signed any of those treaties!"
    > nobody will harm you since it'll be to expensive and to dangerous to eliminate you
    > write your own history books, pass awesome legislations, do mad science stuff ... do whatever you want man IT'S YOUR COUNTRY! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!

  • RocKiteman _ 2001
    RocKiteman _ 2001 Month ago

    @Wendover Productions >>> At one time, the USA equipped on of its stations with a portable nuclear generator to generate electricity, although it was eventually removed.

    Can you do a video on that?

  • Kevin Oloane
    Kevin Oloane Month ago

    I live in Antarctica for 20 years it's really nice there

  • Kevin Oloane
    Kevin Oloane Month ago

    Why don't we preserve the whole earth not just one continent

    BLIGHTY Month ago

    Winter is coming.

  • Angelo Idisi
    Angelo Idisi Month ago

    Brilliant is not gonna get me an astronomy degree and let me go to the arctic lol

  • Matthew Hunter
    Matthew Hunter Month ago +1

    He speaks about living in Antarctica as though is it horrible. Isolated, desolate, etc. But allow me to ask this How many time in 7 months do you leave your common area (i.e., within 30 miles of your house)? How many people do you interact with on a normal basis? For me, I rarely go outside of 30 miles of my house I don't need to except on vacation. I usually interact with the same 50 people including friends, family, co-workers, and the like. So how bad is it?

  • Rohan Akurathi
    Rohan Akurathi Month ago +1

    Wut about Chicago

  • Dane Kunes
    Dane Kunes Month ago +1

    Antarctica is Serbia!!

  • hugo convasors
    hugo convasors Month ago +2

    At 9.50 he says that it's -55 celsias and it can't land because the fuel will freeze in minutes so how does it fly at -55 celsias for hours and it doesn't freeze some info is pure shite

  • Josh R
    Josh R Month ago +1

    6:20 I be wearing thick winter coat in 50° degree weather, this man be wearing a t-shirt in negative temperatures.

  • Andron MacBeton
    Andron MacBeton Month ago +7

    pff. gimme internet and I can live there for 2 years in a row.

  • Alex Snappingturtle

    ICE- solated. Get it?
    Sorry. I'll show myself out.

  • Briggs Marshall
    Briggs Marshall Month ago

    9:46 Wouldn’t July temperatures be the winter high not summer since it’s in the Southern Hemisphere?

  • XJevoX
    XJevoX Month ago +6

    "First Goddamn week of winter!"
    - Kurt Russell, A.K.A. "R. J. MacReady"

  • ryan rhoads
    ryan rhoads Month ago +1

    It would be great to see an update, the planes are cool but the LC130 is the back bone of Antarctica

  • Jayson Burke
    Jayson Burke Month ago +4

    Illinois was colder than Antarctica

  • Mike Fu
    Mike Fu Month ago +1


  • E G
    E G Month ago +1

    I wanna get a woman pregnant and then have her give birth in Antarctica, it will be the first citizen of Antarctica. I will start a new nation and claim my own country.

  • Silly Little Snake
    Silly Little Snake Month ago

    kek Australia owns more land than any other country hehe

  • Sean Hartnett
    Sean Hartnett Month ago

    I have a question for anyone who wants to answer it. Will Antarctica ever have permanent settlements or a population? Will resource exploitation ever occur in Antarctica? Can I volunteer to live there for the rest of my life? Can I vote for us president there?
    I would love a response or even a debate, so please do so.

  • Sean Hartnett
    Sean Hartnett Month ago

    8:49, also calling it a road is generous. Because a snow road is kind of like a dirt road made of snow. Ice roads are much of the same.

  • Alan Skinner
    Alan Skinner Month ago +1

    Thank god for diesel fuel or we would all freeze to death!

  • Heru- deshet
    Heru- deshet Month ago

    Until watching this video I thought spending a winter there would be interesting. Nix to that.

  • Jerry V
    Jerry V Month ago

    wow ..great educational channel :-))

  • jimmy e
    jimmy e Month ago

    Don't they worry about falling off the bottom of the planet?

  • Caged
    Caged Month ago

    We should drill Antarctica! Lots of oil down there.

  • ThatGuyStephen
    ThatGuyStephen Month ago

    July is winter in the southern hemisphere, you had a typo.

  • CCC
    CCC Month ago

    TOO Long......yawnnnnnnn

  • stefan beaubut
    stefan beaubut Month ago

    *gLaCiAl IcE*

  • Zero Negativity
    Zero Negativity Month ago +1

    I would be in constant awe to be one of those pilots.

  • Kefkaownsall
    Kefkaownsall Month ago

    Place Farther than the universe deals with this

  • Lotso The Bear
    Lotso The Bear Month ago

    On Antartica scientists use the refrigerators to keep their food warm.

  • Billy Collins
    Billy Collins Month ago

    Great video! I just returned from Antarctica yesterday and this already made me feel so nostalgic. Hats off to all the incredible support staff that make research possible. I was lucky to join an Antarctic Traverse last year to make a short film. Check it out if you are interested!


    Those scientist must be earning a shit load of 💰