The Logistics of Living in Antarctica

  • Published on Mar 6, 2018
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    Concordia Station footage courtesy Paride Legovini:
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    McMurdo Station from Observation Hill footage courtesy JD:
    South pole flags photo courtesy Amble
    Ice core video courtesy British Library:
    Antarctica microbial life video courtesy National Science Foundation:
    Ice runway footage courtesy Trevor Layman
    McMurdo station photo courtesy Eli Duke
    McMurdo nighttime photos courtesy Alan Light, Ken Klassy, Kelly Speelman, Joshua Swanson
    Amundsen-Scott nighttime photos courtesy Jeremy Johnson, Dr Keith Vanderlinde

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  • Northeast India in details

    Indians hate astronomy.
    They like cosmology

  • Northeast India in details

    There are so many Indian stations too.
    They are worth a mention

  • J.R. W
    J.R. W 9 hours ago

    They do have a starbucks though.

  • noelle elizabeth
    noelle elizabeth 16 hours ago

    One of my professors in undergrad lives in Antarctica part time, he only teaches spring semester classes because he does his research there during our autumn/winter. He mentioned getting to Antarctica via an icebreaker from Chile or Argentina, and that the journey there takes several days, its an unpleasant ride, and you run the risk of getting sunburn by going up on deck due to the hole ozone layer.

  • jade rixey
    jade rixey 19 hours ago

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  • Anomaly TV
    Anomaly TV Day ago

    You should make a video over the $2 Bill!

  • Yongky Handrian Koty

    please make a video about electronics on the airplane and what if we leave it on the whole time

  • JΛΠƘ
    JΛΠƘ 2 days ago

    Ughhhhhhh I wanna go there so bad...

  • Wheatley
    Wheatley 2 days ago

    11:52 ahahah you know he already signed 3 if his buddies up

  • Garrett Sidle
    Garrett Sidle 2 days ago

    Where is twl

  • MadProductionsink
    MadProductionsink 2 days ago +1

    OK, but where is the secret Nazi WW2 base? :O

  • john ryan
    john ryan 3 days ago

    Can you do a behind the scenes video?

  • JoeyGameplays - Roblox and more! Gameplays

    What a good way to melt snow

  • Ali Fiazei
    Ali Fiazei 3 days ago

    Can u please make a behind the scenes video of how u make ur utube videos

  • tombmaster972
    tombmaster972 3 days ago

    are there people at this station who were born or gave birth to someone there?

  • Phosphate
    Phosphate 3 days ago


  • Harrison Shepherd
    Harrison Shepherd 4 days ago

    Please do a video on why European business class is so different to the US business class!!

  • Marcel Hess
    Marcel Hess 4 days ago


  • Bishop Elijah Hankerson


  • THErealJJGrayg
    THErealJJGrayg 4 days ago

    You know, sometimes I'll turn on TVclip autoplay for background noise when I'm doing other things, but the SECOND a Wendover or HAI video comes up it defeats the purpose of background noise and captures ALL of my attention.

  • SwagDerpBrah
    SwagDerpBrah 5 days ago

    How come Scientists in Space are called Astronauts, and Scientists in the Ocean are called Aquanauts, but Scientists in Antarctica don’t have badass name like Arcticnauts?

  • Tomaš Staševskij
    Tomaš Staševskij 5 days ago

    You really did not mentioned russian Vostok station? its so unique, it the coldest station and most isolated.

  • Binar Lestari
    Binar Lestari 6 days ago

    Night King lives there

  • Chris Musix
    Chris Musix 6 days ago

    Suddenly I want a giant snow-cone.

  • NandorSeus
    NandorSeus 7 days ago

    Why do you sound like half as interesting?

  • Dennis Llante - Guitar

    Metallica played a gig there.

  • timeofsage
    timeofsage 7 days ago

    A place further than the cosmos.

  • chun
    chun 8 days ago

    7:56 dis is how rockstar made the new DLC for GTA5

  • ExoticGamer
    ExoticGamer 8 days ago

    Imagine having towns and cities there, it would be absolutely beautiful

  • Max Hanna
    Max Hanna 8 days ago

    Antarctica is probably the best job to get

  • nobackhands
    nobackhands 8 days ago

    I was at the South Pole for a year and never saw a 131 that need rockets to take off.

  • Tntmod54321
    Tntmod54321 8 days ago

    Ah Wendover, The shittymorph of youtube, Always getting me with these goddamn sponsorships.

  • Tony Dez
    Tony Dez 9 days ago

    Antarctica belongs to America. We just let the rest of you losers in because we don't really give enough of a shit about it. if we ever discover some good shit though, then you can bet we'll kick the rest of you out lmao

  • danielc
    danielc 9 days ago

    Just amazing video!

  • Der Phoenix
    Der Phoenix 9 days ago

    coolest research there is neutrinos though :D

  • Daniel Ziemba
    Daniel Ziemba 9 days ago

    You forgot the most important reason for no flights for 7 months: we must contain The Thing!

  • Moritz S
    Moritz S 9 days ago +1

    More Videos about Antarctica please :)

  • The Placeebo Affekt
    The Placeebo Affekt 9 days ago

    Ive heard there are places you can be paid to live. Is this true? if so, any idea what places? Youd think this would be one of them..

  • The Placeebo Affekt
    The Placeebo Affekt 9 days ago

    This is badass for sure

  • The Placeebo Affekt
    The Placeebo Affekt 9 days ago

    New subscriber here. Love the channel bro

  • Amie Daguinod
    Amie Daguinod 9 days ago

    The rockets on the plane is jato jet assisted take off

  • faizal gefferie
    faizal gefferie 9 days ago

    i just wish we humans would let Antarctica be. Instead we some people go there to go look for fortune

  • ShAdOwMaN
    ShAdOwMaN 9 days ago

    IT'S ALL FOR SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Benjamin Davis
    Benjamin Davis 9 days ago +1

    As an astronomy enthusaist and introvert, it might be kind of fun to live in Antarctica.

  • Master Singleton
    Master Singleton 9 days ago

    +Wendover Productions you forgot that the Australian Antarctic Researchers during the Summer Months fly to Casey Station Skiway or Wilkins Runway on a four hour Special Charter flight operated by Skytraders an Australian Airline that provides specialist air services to the Australian Federal Government from Hobart International Airport using the Airbus A319 to transport cargo and Australian Antarctic Researchers and the Royal Australian Air Force and the Australian Antarctic Division using the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III to transport cargo and Australian Antarctic Researchers with medical emergencies from Antarctica to Hobart International Airport since its faster than the more cost efficient transportation method via the Aurora Australis supply ship from Hobart with twenty to thirty flights per season planned during the Summer months then a four hour ride in an over-snow bus to Casey Station.

  • Fraser Henderson
    Fraser Henderson 9 days ago

    Kenn Borek Air has been there 3 times in winter to recover patients in medical emergencies. They fly their 50 year old Twin Otters from Canada to the South pole in conditions that stop the USAF cold! (bad pun) I bet it costs plenty when they do it.

  • syed maisum
    syed maisum 9 days ago +2

    You should make more plane videos

  • MattxAus1
    MattxAus1 9 days ago

    July isn't Summer in Antarctica.

  • Martino Chrys
    Martino Chrys 9 days ago

    Would be intresting being a truck driver there, driving on ”the road”.

  • Probably Not A Chicken

    You should do a video on the *true* cost of the f-35. There's an awfully massive amount of misinformation flowing around about it and i feel if you did some tough digging you could help clear that up.

  • Sandra Hawkins
    Sandra Hawkins 9 days ago

    time to be an astronomer

  • RosGuys
    RosGuys 9 days ago

    Why the F should Antartica have less background raditaion? That has nothing to do with the pollution of the world but rather it's related to the formation of the universe! Dude, check your facts.

  • Ƨpɒcɘ Fɒɪrƴ
    Ƨpɒcɘ Fɒɪrƴ 9 days ago

    But how is the wifi in antarctica?

  • Anton Animations
    Anton Animations 10 days ago +1

    I hope amazon will deliver there, if they will then I'm moving!!!

  • I Am Sekou
    I Am Sekou 10 days ago

    I kept getting unsubscribed from this channel

  • I Am Sekou
    I Am Sekou 10 days ago

    How can they ban something with they have no right to it?

  • Feng Lengshun
    Feng Lengshun 10 days ago +1

    "A Place Further Than the Sky" indeed. What a great timing to create this video, right when an anime about taking a journey to the Antartica is airing.

  • FILM vid
    FILM vid 10 days ago +2

    U didn't mention 2 Indian stations in Antarctica

  • VocalMabiMaple
    VocalMabiMaple 10 days ago

    I expected the most common scientist type in antartica to be geologists not astronomers. I'm honestly surprised

  • Kisu Ryouri
    Kisu Ryouri 10 days ago

    1895 Gtfoh!

  • - Mike
    - Mike 10 days ago

    Who the hell would down vote this video? Side Note: There are a few companies (US alone) that offer seasonal and yearly trade work in Antarctica, such as logistics specialist, electricians, plumbers, HVAC, POL, various aviation / GSE mechanics, loadmasters, CFR etc etc. I'd say seasonally there are far more tradesmen than scientist. Not to down play Drs/ Scientists, just saying the opportunities exist for the average American and likely non-American Joe's. *Most of us are former military.

  • Jacob Tran
    Jacob Tran 10 days ago +1

    So do they have internet and porn?

  • Sum yung guy
    Sum yung guy 10 days ago

    How is it dry if it got ice ?

  • Roger Xu
    Roger Xu 10 days ago

    you should do making a gigantic lab straight on the south pole

  • garble
    garble 10 days ago

    Yo I actually live in Wendover, England ; was just wondering if the channel happens to be named after the town?

  • SirRoger
    SirRoger 10 days ago

    I pass the rains down in Antarctica

  • Miner 2049er
    Miner 2049er 10 days ago

    Away from civilization? They *are* the civilization.

  • Rasta Mon
    Rasta Mon 11 days ago

    Really well made and researched video. Thank you

  • Jinge Liu
    Jinge Liu 11 days ago

    Let’s do Mount Everest next time

  • huajie666 liu
    huajie666 liu 11 days ago

    At the end I can see how clean and clear the sky is. They can sweet up the gears like telescopes YO observe the constellation, star, and planets and other cosmic things. Maybe they can mane great contribution to the origins of cosmos. Fascinating place but isolated lifestyle. Don't know majority of the people could like this.

  • Top Stuar
    Top Stuar 11 days ago

    Hello 123

  • Harry Sullivan
    Harry Sullivan 11 days ago

    February and November are nine months apart though, not seven

  • ChocolateMilk306
    ChocolateMilk306 11 days ago +1

    Could you please make a video discussing key contributions for the invention of airplanes? Particularly of Santos Dumont vs the Wright Brothers?

  • BlackTusk
    BlackTusk 11 days ago +2

    I love these videos. Keep it up Wendover!

  • circusboy90210
    circusboy90210 11 days ago +1

    mining should totally happen , we would solve all materials shortages and make every human wealthy.

  • LadyRedSkirts
    LadyRedSkirts 11 days ago +1

    sounds like a scifi story, it's so cool

  • Jose Olivares
    Jose Olivares 11 days ago +3

    I love these videos, but I leave as soon as the ads start. I cant stand seeing ads within videos.

  • 10tothe10088
    10tothe10088 11 days ago

    At 9:49
    "The average July high temperature" [Caption shows "Average High in Summer"]
    Isn't this backwards? July should be dead of winter in Antarctica. I know it's pedantic, but if the point being made is that it's cold in the winter, I feel like the video should support that.

  • Andrew Rodriguez
    Andrew Rodriguez 11 days ago

    hallo hola ciao hi

  • Jason Dashney
    Jason Dashney 11 days ago

    I live in the Canadian Prairies and work outdoors. It gets brutal here. These Antarctic fuckers would look at me, pat my head and tell me my complaints are adorable. Much respect.

  • top 5 animes.
    top 5 animes. 11 days ago


  • rodanzig
    rodanzig 11 days ago

    Let's send the refugees .

  • Austin O'Neal
    Austin O'Neal 11 days ago


  • 1cheeselova
    1cheeselova 11 days ago

    just to help at 9:55 the summer wouldn't be in July.

    • 1cheeselova
      1cheeselova 11 days ago

      unless you meant North America's summer.

  • Dominic M
    Dominic M 11 days ago

    Such a goog video man

  • AbKa600
    AbKa600 11 days ago

    How did this become about planes again?

  • Ethan Bennett
    Ethan Bennett 11 days ago +1

    Could you stop sponsoring Brilliant? Sponsor something else

  • Realverse
    Realverse 11 days ago

    My uncle worked in Antarctica back in the 90's doing satelite maintenance and other things in the Marambio Base. Because of weather conditions they were stuck there for some months, running out of supplies. The argentinean government has a history for taking little care of their scientists and military, so this was no surpirse. When they got back, he had to be hospitalised for some months due to PTSD and other things. He was fine after a while though, and always talks about how he'd do it again.

  • Burrito Senpai
    Burrito Senpai 12 days ago

    It's a place further than the universe...

  • Sooka Beliyat
    Sooka Beliyat 12 days ago

    How does hot exhaust from the jet engine not melt the runway they are taking off/ landing on?

  • MySkullSide Brandon
    MySkullSide Brandon 12 days ago

    Why do most TVcliprs use the fake world map to talk about asses

    • MySkullSide Brandon
      MySkullSide Brandon 11 days ago

      David Adenuga suck a must be one of them dumb fucks who believes what ever his master said you are ...wasting air....just jump already nobody will miss you

    • David Adenuga
      David Adenuga 11 days ago +1

      MySkullSide Brandon ok moron

  • Joseph Attwell
    Joseph Attwell 12 days ago

    I've heard that a tradition for the scientists staying year round is to watch "The Thing" right after the first plane leaves and there will not be contact for months on end.

    • iam oldja
      iam oldja 10 days ago

      This is true.. All three versions of the "The Thing" are watched the first night after the last plane leaves for the winter. Most of the winter stay overs are not scientist, they are the support personnel and caretakers to maintain the facility.

  • Constantin Toma Mario
    Constantin Toma Mario 12 days ago

    Bend over :)

  • James
    James 12 days ago

    Are there laws in Antarctica?

  • p4nc4k3
    p4nc4k3 12 days ago

    TWL pls !!

  • Erik Ahl
    Erik Ahl 12 days ago

    -12c is pretty warm I think you got the numbers wrong pal

  • krcn00b
    krcn00b 12 days ago

    fuel freeze in minutes? nope wtf
    do better Research

  • christian recene
    christian recene 12 days ago

    Hey, that's me in some of those pictures.

  • Todor Khristov
    Todor Khristov 12 days ago

    "No military presence in Antarctica""... 5 min later ""Oh look, a US Air Force jumbo jet!""

    • iam oldja
      iam oldja 10 days ago

      The US military does not maintain a presence in Antarctica. The New York Air National Guard does however, provide much of the heavy air transportation to and from the continent.

  • Sun- Flower
    Sun- Flower 12 days ago

    Expecting a video titled "The Logistics of Living on Mars" in about 50 years