Time-lapse Video of Construction of China's New Coronavirus Hospital | TIME

  • Published on Feb 3, 2020
  • China is set to open Wuhan's Huoshenshan Hospital on Monday. The 1,000-bed facility was built in 10 days to cope with the coronavirus outbreak.
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    Time-lapse Video of Construction of China's New Coronavirus Hospital

Comments • 100

  • 朴萧圣
    朴萧圣 2 months ago


  • Dave Kibbey
    Dave Kibbey 2 months ago

    What is the set time of poured concrete before construction can begin?

  • Real Thrills
    Real Thrills 3 months ago

    This is what happens when the Gov will burn your feet

  • Real Thrills
    Real Thrills 3 months ago

    This is what happens when the Gov will burn your feet

  • R&M XP
    R&M XP 3 months ago +1

    Hope fully they can build 10 Hospitals for just 4 - 7 weeks 😁😁

  • RandomTemplar
    RandomTemplar 3 months ago

    Concentration camp speedrun, any%

  • Who Sins
    Who Sins 3 months ago

    Reminds me of Red Alert game, you launch the construction ... few seconds later , you click anywhere on the map and you have a building instantly ... the hospital was read in the backgroud, they just clicked on the ground !

  • NoobyMcNoob
    NoobyMcNoob 3 months ago

    when construction takes 5 hours so you pay 4 gems for 5 second construction

    TRUTH.IS.HELLA. BITTER 3 months ago

    MEXICANS would have knocked that project out in 8 Days... I'm NOT IMPESSED. Keep it moving CHINA. 👊

  • Almir Bispo
    Almir Bispo 3 months ago


  • Echo Rockmore
    Echo Rockmore 3 months ago

    And this is how I knew that the coronavirus is real serious. They’re out there building HOSPITALS because of it. Man 😱

  • Ping Qiu
    Ping Qiu 4 months ago

    Look at Australia, their PM went to Hawaii for vacation despite the bush fire lasted for months. The people voted PM doesnt care about the benefits of Aussies. Meanwhile, the Chinese gov, usually stigmatized as "autocracy", is working hard to handle the crisis. Interesting, right?

  • tianyu feng
    tianyu feng 4 months ago +2

    Three points you may not know:
    1.Building this hospital is a race against Death.
    Wu Han city was strictly blocked in order to limiting the spreading of coronavirus.There are over 11 million people in WuHan,we need more facilities for the patients.
    2.The particular point of time.
    The Chinese New Year holiday was started on January 24th, more then 5 million people left Wuhan ,went back to their hometown all over China(this led to the outbreak of spreading).Therefore another problem appeard ,the lack of human resources in Wuhan. All the workers you can see in the video signed petitions and might give up their only chance to family reunion.They worked over 12 hours a day for more than a week and even had their New Year's Eve dinner at the construction site.
    3.Chinese people are having the toughest times .We are trying our best to fighting the virus and using all the methods to lock it up in China in order to minimize the influence of the virus to the world.
    Btw,please stop calling us Chinese virus,we are not scare of the virus but your words hurts more.

  • Techie DLS
    Techie DLS 4 months ago

    They're expecting something catastrophic , like the annihilation of the human race looks like it....are they telling us everything ?

  • Lafeleven
    Lafeleven 4 months ago +1

    When does a hospital have bars this is a prison

  • T Becker
    T Becker 4 months ago

    The W.H.O. reports Chinas' numbers of infected and deaths, but there are videos which show otherwise. W.H.O. wants money to "learn" about the China coronavirus? Really? They ask U.S. for $675 million to help countries around the world. They shouldn't get paid for their senseless meetings and collecting of information. The U.S. shouldn't give them a dime.
    A Wuhan doctor's conversation leaked: Emergency ward becomes mortuary nobody handles the bodies Feb 5, 2020

  • Mohit Shori
    Mohit Shori 4 months ago

    I wonder how many cigarettes were smoked

  • Ping Qiu
    Ping Qiu 4 months ago +6

    Great chance to see how many China-haters and brainwashed ignorants.

    • Ping Qiu
      Ping Qiu 4 months ago

      @leo leo what do you mean by "being 'meant' "?

    • leo leo
      leo leo 4 months ago

      instead of hidden in room being meant you have a chance to help someone else.

  • NøT Vlogs
    NøT Vlogs 4 months ago +1



  • NøT Vlogs
    NøT Vlogs 4 months ago



  • NøT Vlogs
    NøT Vlogs 4 months ago +1



  • Not SoTechnical
    Not SoTechnical 4 months ago

    This is a death camp! The patients at this new hospital are waiting to die. I have been reading Chinese blogs so I know the real situation. The Chinese gov doesn't care about their people. God, please help them 🙏

    • 庚酉乾
      庚酉乾 4 months ago

      wuhan government is rubbish,but our country do well,corruption is everywhere over the world.and 微博 is,somewhat,a mess,people there sometimes too extreme,maybe u can try bilibili?知乎?these are great

  • Tanya Hwang
    Tanya Hwang 4 months ago +7

    Yeah, that’s Made IN CHINA. See, this slogan no long represents “fake, low-quality” anymore, it represents “fast”, “high-quality “ and stability

    • Adam Gerard
      Adam Gerard 3 months ago

      @Jerry La Croix it does look that way, yeah. "high tech pre-fab construction process" lol

    • Jerry La Croix
      Jerry La Croix 3 months ago +1

      Fast, low quality* It's literally shipping containers.

    • Adam Gerard
      Adam Gerard 3 months ago

      @Ping Qiu Agreed - whenever someone says China=bad quality because of one particular item, I always point out that everything is made there, including the high-quality stuff.

    • Adam Gerard
      Adam Gerard 3 months ago

      No, everyone assumes that in a year or so it will either fall apart or, if it actually was well-made, be used as a political prison.

    • Ping Qiu
      Ping Qiu 4 months ago

      agree. China made a lot of products, both high-quality and low-quality. You get what you pay for, and don't blame China.

  • Eneida Moscon
    Eneida Moscon 4 months ago

    Back off, corona!!! We kill it! We fight it! How to prepare
    and fight? Pray first. We curse the virus to die and bless the people to heal. Take Vit C, green juices,
    elderberries, citrus fruits, Mullein, staghorn, etc, to strengthen the immune system.
    Smashed garlic, onions, and honey, turmeric, colloidal silver, sodium chlorite 80%, etc, to kill the virus.
    Wash hands, gloves, masks, avoid agglomerations to prevent contamination.
    Don't touch your face. We curse the virus to die and bless the people to heal. We
    fight!!! We win!!! Back off corona!!! China, don't give it up, we're praying
    for you. Love.

  • Aison
    Aison 4 months ago +6

    There is already a lot of information about the interior of the hospital building,Well equipped inside,There is an air negative pressure system,Closed air and sewage treatment systems,Ultraviolet sterilization system,5G, TV, ventilator,Vital sign monitoring system,CT Room,individual washroom and so on

  • Yajie Chen
    Yajie Chen 4 months ago


  • irc help
    irc help 4 months ago +1

    whilr we were taught in india that concrete dries in 19hrs

  • Euphoria_ H姐
    Euphoria_ H姐 4 months ago +3

    Thousands of people would’ve been treated timely. That’s why people are working it out day and night. Salut to all workers, doctors, nurses and everyone who got dedicated to this.

    • Ping Qiu
      Ping Qiu 4 months ago

      a lot of things were not fully prepared, the workers, doctors, nurses tried their best to overcome the difficulties to get the hospital built and save more lives.

  • SHYNE Carnival360
    SHYNE Carnival360 4 months ago

    Let me C... well back to me . 3 months delivery.... and u don’t even know if U can get it or not.... China ? 2 days ...

  • Hawxon Yang
    Hawxon Yang 4 months ago

    Stay united stay strong! We will win this war against novel coronavirus.

  • John Honest
    John Honest 4 months ago +1

    The demand for this hospital means a lot of death is coming i take it. They probably know there is going to be a lot of sick people

    • Xing Wei
      Xing Wei 4 months ago +1

      if it's a lot of death they wouldn't build hospitals but rather build crematories. also, this virus is targeting elders which might have a bunch of other diseases on them already. by looking at the data of the elder population of wuhan they decided to build these hospitals. btw the death rate is about 2%, less than ppl died from the flu season (So far, 10,000 people have died and 180,000 people have been hospitalized during the 2019-2020 flu season, according to preliminary estimates from the CDC) in the US.

  • @MissQueeennn
    @MissQueeennn 4 months ago

    How tf is this even possible?!!!

  • N
    N 4 months ago +1

    "Cure is 50% Complete"

  • Johnny Tran
    Johnny Tran 4 months ago

    Im hearing the outbreak had alot of had to with bad diet practices. At this point we need the best scientists and doctors in the frontline of the virus. But if theres a lesson to be learned and if poor diet practices was truely the case, china will become a muslim country.

  • Wallace Hughes
    Wallace Hughes 4 months ago +1

    China can build a hospital in a week, but they are running low on face mask?
    Something doesn't add up..

  • Valentina Guadalupe.
    Valentina Guadalupe. 4 months ago +4


  • StanleySGG
    StanleySGG 4 months ago

    It must have a crematory attached to it if it's that big

  • RP Gift all videos channel

    Please trust me, barely is the antidote of Corona virus. please you can try it. May be the cure is possible with this.

  • kzh
    kzh 4 months ago +6

    China: I spent 10 days to construct this hospital.
    USA: What's the matter? I need only 10 minutes to destroy it.
    World: Don't argue. You are both excellent in each's business.

  • daniel montes
    daniel montes 4 months ago +5

    Me finish a 10 page essay that was given 5 week ago but due Sunday

  • Al H
    Al H 4 months ago

    Yeah, let's see how long it lasts LMAO.

  • Missa
    Missa 4 months ago +1

    Meanwhile it's taken 3 months to get someone to come estimate the cost to fix the damage to my roof (which still isn't done) and leaks every time it rains.

  • Gage Lazare
    Gage Lazare 4 months ago


  • Nato 77661
    Nato 77661 4 months ago

    Looks like a grave site

  • Nato 77661
    Nato 77661 4 months ago

    Looks like a mass grave site for bodies

  • Shubham Ingale
    Shubham Ingale 4 months ago

    did anyone think of ants?

  • Michael Ma
    Michael Ma 4 months ago +1

    I guess you can finally start removing the welds from people's apartment doors and let them into the hospitals.

  • thabak oina touse
    thabak oina touse 4 months ago

    for necessity, ability rise & make this amazing performance...don't nervus

  • don684
    don684 4 months ago +1

    Wow, incredibly fast construction to respond to the Coronavirus. Ten days to build an emergency hospital!

  • Cletus Spuckler, Stable Jeanius

    It collapsed 2 days later.

    UNIVERSAL FATHER 4 months ago +40

    In India 🇮🇳 it will take min 2-3 year construction of hospital🏥.
    We stand with China 🇨🇳 , stay strong💪

  • Murod Nasri
    Murod Nasri 4 months ago

    How many people died while building this? That’s also interesting part

    • Ping Qiu
      Ping Qiu 4 months ago

      Do you see the bulldozers, cement mixers, cranes? We don't build it with bare hands. But this is a good chance to see how many China-haters and brainwashed idiots. That's also interesting part.

  • Picsoleated
    Picsoleated 4 months ago +2

    You've donated 2300 ceramics, 2400 metallics, and 3300 chiral crystals to build this hospital

  • Laila Masoud
    Laila Masoud 4 months ago +1

    Plot twist: all workers had coronavirus

  • Casey Sawyer
    Casey Sawyer 4 months ago

    Alcohol kills the Corona virus so they should be building a bar

  • anroid user
    anroid user 4 months ago +2

    It's like Magic

  • ImGone
    ImGone 4 months ago

    Me and the boys on Minecraft Like.

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 4 months ago

    China is what USSR wanted to be! It looks like the commies might finally take the veil off of how truely efficient capitalism is if it faces a serious competition that it can't wish away militarily and has to get down and dirty revealing the facade on the economic front.

  • MeetMe halfway
    MeetMe halfway 4 months ago +3

    Lies, you can't build a proper hospital in 10 days, this is a quarantine holding facility

  • Derek Prater
    Derek Prater 4 months ago +1

    Damn did the concrete even get to cure before they started building on it? Lol

  • JSPH :
    JSPH : 4 months ago +8

    Chinese are the most productive people on Earth

  • Super Simba6
    Super Simba6 4 months ago

    People bag on the Chinese for their culinary habits but then are left stupid when they see this level of skill. One of the things some people need to understand is that when you look at the weird shit the Chinese eat, you have to consider how ancient their culture really is. Think about it, if the Ancient Roman Empire never fell and still existed to this day with their original culture left intact, just what kinds of things do you think Romans would be eating? Traditions that lasted thousands of years wouldn't just disappear. This is the case with China. I can't think of any other sizable civilization that has been one of the first human settlements dating thousands of years ago that still exists today with it's original culture and values still being practiced. Most of us in this comments section hail from countries that are at most 1 or 2 thousand years old. England and Russia and Germany and United States, all of these places were not even dreamed of when China was already there existing. Germany now sits where Ancient Rome used to exist, the reason I used them as an example is because everyone knows about Rome and can easily imagine how old China really is when I say that even Rome didn't exist when China first existed.

    Throughout all the ages the most that has happened with China is civil war, and also Japan almost took over but not quite. There has never been an incident which has caused China to be completely taken over or have it's culture crushed by others or anything like that. So when you think about Chinese people eating dogs, and bats, and cats. You have to remember, this is literally one of the few (if not only) true ancient civilizations that actually still exist today almost completely intact. We from these relatively newer civilizations think we are on a higher pedestal than them? Yet who among us comes from a country that has existed even half as long? Some of you need to consider historical context before judging nations.

  • Germain Teh
    Germain Teh 4 months ago +11

    Wuhan jiayou!! Global Chinese citizens are behind you!!

  • Life is Beautiful
    Life is Beautiful 4 months ago


  • Ricardo Lemus
    Ricardo Lemus 4 months ago +1

    meanwhile in california to develop a fadt train will take about 100 yrs

  • I’m the captain Now
    I’m the captain Now 4 months ago

    They will impress me If they stop eating dogs and bats and everything that moves .

  • LeftRibEye
    LeftRibEye 4 months ago +1

    The funny thing is if and when China bans it’s citizens from consuming exotic animals, the west will say it’s violating human rights. LoL! You can’t win!

    • 庚酉乾
      庚酉乾 4 months ago

      now is that,China has banned people in wuhan from going out of the province,then the west is shouting that China is violating their human rights.OK,there were some people escaped before the forbidden,they escaped to other countries(this is suck i admit),what did the west react?they hoped those people not go to their country,so where is the human rights?

  • musiclovercdefgab
    musiclovercdefgab 4 months ago

    Amazing! I don’t know if they chose the places on purpose. Huoshenshan in Chinese means god of fire mountain. Leishenshan means god of thunder mountain.

  • Lt.Kernal Pattons
    Lt.Kernal Pattons 4 months ago

    ah...maybe the Super Bowel folks a could thises. ?

  • Dav Rocket
    Dav Rocket 4 months ago

    Dammm China speed

  • Bad Bunny
    Bad Bunny 4 months ago +2

    Been like a year and Donald Trump still hasn't built a wall

  • Iam Still
    Iam Still 4 months ago


  • Wes 0608
    Wes 0608 4 months ago +4

    Amazing what can get done with zero labor laws 😂

    • Jiejing Deng
      Jiejing Deng 4 months ago

      Most of the workers are volunteers

    • Alex the greatest
      Alex the greatest 4 months ago +5

      you sound stupid should you get yourself educated:)

  • Oh Thatz DQ
    Oh Thatz DQ 4 months ago

    When You Think About It Humans Are Amazing ...Crazy How This Virus Can End It All 🤧

  • jab 1
    jab 1 4 months ago

    I work where we have guests come from around the world. Two weeks ago, my manager told us we would have 26 individuals flying from China. It’s obviously not at big deal since flights were still coming out of China.

  • Jose Castro
    Jose Castro 4 months ago

    Watch and spread awareness

  • Uncle Bobby • 27 years ago

    Even though there is a deadly virus.. I bet kids still have to go to school?

    • Ping Qiu
      Ping Qiu 4 months ago

      China is very advanced in Internet. The kids are learning online with live streaming. Surprise!

    • cici G
      cici G 4 months ago

      Uncle Bobby not at all. The winter vacation has been extended. But a company donated a lot of e-homeworks for kids.

  • pioneercolonel
    pioneercolonel 4 months ago

    Command & Conquer! I used build bases that would take longer than this :)

  • TxNb3TnD
    TxNb3TnD 4 months ago

    With few ICBMs North Korea could deter all the attention from China and this virus.

  • Potato
    Potato 4 months ago

    if they responded to the coronavirus this fast they would not have to build the hospital in the first place.

    • TT Wang
      TT Wang 4 months ago

      Actually, they responded relatively fast but in the wrong way, underestimated its infectious speed and ways by applying the outdated control methods against previous SARS.

  • Jo Hannes
    Jo Hannes 4 months ago

    China should of been this quick and efficient in not letting the virus spread or even start in the first place. Idiotic fools

    • Miqi Remy renjaan
      Miqi Remy renjaan 4 months ago +1

      One doctor called Li wenliang tried to warn the people in January, authorities in the Chinese city of Wuhan were trying to keep news of the coronavirus from the world. When doctor Li wenliang tried to warn other medics about the coming outbreak, police visit him and arrested him.
      He eventually got infected as well.
      It was the government of China who fuckt up.

  • bxprince mercedes
    bxprince mercedes 4 months ago +5

    1,000 beds for 20,000+infected?

    • Ryan Yan
      Ryan Yan 4 months ago +2

      There are many other hospitals in Wuhan already.

    • Alex the greatest
      Alex the greatest 4 months ago +1

      20k is the number for the nation. This hospital and another hospital to be completed will have 2500 beds to serve critically ill.

    • Dallas Griffitt
      Dallas Griffitt 4 months ago +4

      bxprince mercedes may not sound like much, but if it can relieve the load, even if it's by a little, it helps, even if 1-20 people is getting treatment

  • jazz bone
    jazz bone 4 months ago

    Wow, chins building it very fast does it come with crematoriums. Got to destroy the virus efficiently, and efficiently.

  • Iori Yagami
    Iori Yagami 4 months ago +3

    That's insane

  • SCZaka
    SCZaka 4 months ago +65

    Aside from the government, the foundation of China is people. And I can tell you, that there are a lot of good and hard working people out there that makes that country great. What you see here is the work of men who fulfills their oath and duty at the most crucial times. They are working against time, and they won't let themselves overrun by the outbreak of the coronavirus. I can't imagine what we (the Netherlands) can do with an outbreak like this one in China. Anyway... In the end... life will find a way.

    • Fred Wangleboy
      Fred Wangleboy 3 months ago

      and women, there are a lot of women on the site working hard labor. if you ever been to china you'll be surprised to see the number of women participating in labor just like men on construction sites or just street sweeping

    • Ping Qiu
      Ping Qiu 4 months ago

      @Alex the greatest absolutely you are right.

    • 庚酉乾
      庚酉乾 4 months ago +1

      @Jilun Wei by the way,as your example,such important thing will just be cared by people with good education,though we cant see in
      China,we can come to the foreign webs to see😂😂😄😄

    • 庚酉乾
      庚酉乾 4 months ago +2

      @Jilun Wei in some ways,I agree with you, but with regard to human rights issues, this is caused by our national conditions. Not everyone has sufficient judgment. Of course, our media selectively reports some events, just like the US media also selectively reports about China. It's nothing wrong. Each political group has its own political stance and interests. A country cannot report things that are not good for itself. Besides, not everyone in China has received higher education. They lack judgment. Like the June 4th school tide, the country will be turbulent, and the stability of people's lives will be difficult to guarantee. So with regard to human rights, I do n’t think there is no human rights. After all, freedom of speech and thinking still depend on education.

    • SCZaka
      SCZaka 4 months ago +2

      @Jilun Wei You are absolutely right. But in this situation, we are talking about an outbreak. When their beloved ones at home are sick, they are not going to stand idling by and wait till it's over. They are actually rushing it. Ofcourse the work condition is horrible. In this scenario, they are working with an soldiers mentality, which means... there are no breaks... This is same as a soldier in the middle of a warzone that cannot take breaks.

  • Mike Carone
    Mike Carone 4 months ago +11

    Made in China

  • Andrew Izaguirre
    Andrew Izaguirre 4 months ago +10

    Imagine if we can do this for the whole world. Shows we can be nice and compassionate and be willing to help. But we refuse

  • Um Nobody
    Um Nobody 4 months ago

    bunch of ants

    • Ping Qiu
      Ping Qiu 4 months ago +4

      lol, Ants are more important to the world than NOTHING or NOBODY

  • dean nelson
    dean nelson 4 months ago +1

    Build a hospital in China in 10 days gee knowing their level of quality I'm sure this place is built amazingly well! I look forward to the next video as they're digging through the rubble trying to rescue people after the f****** thing collapses!

    • rtnrdny
      rtnrdny 3 months ago

      @dean nelson one of the very few intelligent posts.

    • dean nelson
      dean nelson 4 months ago +1

      Not the prefab building that's the danger it's the overly rushed preparation of the foundation that will bring buildings down. You build a building in 10 days yet the Cure time on concrete for being even remotely safe for building take up most of that time alone not to mention they didn't put down any footings at all and just slapped the building right on top of slabs. Hell if you rush a driveway that fast you're going to have nothing but crack buckled concrete within a few years as some parts settle while other parts rise.

    • e7843
      e7843 4 months ago

      You are outdated on construction technology. Pre-fab or “modular construction” has also been used in emergency scenarios in other parts of the world.
      Not forgetting China have a abundance of manpower - more than 7, 500 workers (exclude volunteers) and about 1,000 construction machines and trucks were on the site.
      Hugh funding & support from the government and private entities.

    • Alex Jin
      Alex Jin 4 months ago

      dean nelson in 2003 SARS, the xiaotangshan hospital was built in 7 days and still run as a local hospital now. The huosjenshan and leishenshan hospital in wuhan didn’t break the speed record.

    • Charlie Chen
      Charlie Chen 4 months ago

      oh wow

  • Jason Owen Mitchell
    Jason Owen Mitchell 4 months ago +42

    it's like one of those games where you get instant build for the cost of a few gold coins

  • m0n0t0n0us
    m0n0t0n0us 4 months ago +27

    That’s a really damn organized construction sight for an unexpected virus outbreak.. 🤔

    • Li Li
      Li Li 3 months ago

      I can so I said you can't at least when you were making that comment.

    • Ping Qiu
      Ping Qiu 4 months ago

      @MONEY/SUCCESS 10Million too imaginative, and in China people say the US government created the virus to hit the China economy. LMAO

    • Austin Fu
      Austin Fu 4 months ago

      @庚酉乾 就当看笑话吧哈哈哈,调节调节生活,也好让自己知足

    • 庚酉乾
      庚酉乾 4 months ago

      @Austin Fu 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Austin Fu
      Austin Fu 4 months ago

      @庚酉乾 嗯…这个话题确实挺有意思的…哈哈哈,所以说还是要多到处走走看看世界

  • Fort Red
    Fort Red 4 months ago

    China's Cardboard Germ Temple where the sick will now be forced to go and worship.

    • Fort Red
      Fort Red 4 months ago

      @Alex the greatest That's pie hole, stupid. Or what, wumao?

    • Alex the greatest
      Alex the greatest 4 months ago

      mind your pile hole?

  • dazaek
    dazaek 4 months ago +2

    You not looking down at the capability of China nowadays anymore after this.

    • Ping Qiu
      Ping Qiu 4 months ago

      @MeetMe halfway you get what you pay for. China made a lot of products, both high-quality and low-quality. Earn more money instead of joking around on Internet.

    • yan zhong
      yan zhong 4 months ago

      MeetMe halfway pls don’t use anything which made in China,Don’t let yourself be a joke.

    • MeetMe halfway
      MeetMe halfway 4 months ago

      Made in china is still a joke

  • bruce ashby
    bruce ashby 4 months ago

    Better than anyone else could do. But some have invested in prevention methods. Idk

  • Franco Palumbo
    Franco Palumbo 4 months ago

    They built a hospital in 10 days - It means they under estimated the amount of sick and dead to the World! How many diseases need to come from China before Something is Done??? Feed Your People China or Join Humanity! WTF

    • Franco Palumbo
      Franco Palumbo 3 months ago

      @Ping Qiu Most of the World Thinks This Way - & It cannot be Argued! Go Away Communist!

    • Ping Qiu
      Ping Qiu 4 months ago

      cancel your cable and learn some true knowledge, or buy a new brain.

    • Mingyue GAO
      Mingyue GAO 4 months ago

      I don't understand your fucking logic. The virus outbreak happened in China, but it is not a Chinese virus, it's the virus carried by bats. It comes from bats! Also we reported to the WHO the genetic sequence of the virus as soon as it was identified. This disease spread quickly but it doesn't mean that we are not trying the best to prevent it from spreading. We missed our chance once at the beginning but it's not gonna happen again as basically all cities in China are under lock down or traffic control. Also building this hospital is for containing all suspicious and diagnosed patients who are already a burden of the local medical system. Like this local hospitals can concentrate on treating other patients. It's a good thing.

  • Tony Barsco
    Tony Barsco 4 months ago +5

    I don’t understand why Time even report anything that is positive about China. You are supposed to be the leader for brainwashing western public.

    • leo leo
      leo leo 4 months ago

      you made a proper point

  • Andrew Nix
    Andrew Nix 4 months ago +17

    Don’t show trump we will have the wall in a few months

    • 庚酉乾
      庚酉乾 4 months ago


  • Jack is not in the box
    Jack is not in the box 4 months ago +76

    Jesus Christ, the amount of manpower is incredible.

    • Xiaotang Fans
      Xiaotang Fans 4 months ago

      MONEY/SUCCESS 10Million It's built by around 7500 men

    • 庚酉乾
      庚酉乾 4 months ago

      @Bryan Garay believe me,for those people,or,for us,Chinese,in this situation,money is not the most important thing.

    • Bryan Garay
      Bryan Garay 4 months ago

      Codeman I think he means
      Money power and how impressive and powerful it could get

    • Jilun Wei
      Jilun Wei 4 months ago

      @Codeman you know the drill, not to be arrogant, i believe besides china, only US is capable of this

    • Codeman
      Codeman 4 months ago +13

      Manpower? No, the logistic, the inventory system, resource management, task-arrangement, scheduling, everything need to be planned perfectly to achieve this, you think throwing you 5000men and some bricks then everything will come together? This is level crazy!

    BE NICE 4 months ago +1

    Should built a massive grave site instead

  • Deme Vision
    Deme Vision 4 months ago +7

    Safety Checks better be in this place 24/7