Delusional Owner Makes Gordon LEAVE | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • J.
    J. Day ago

    FOX NEWS: White man goes to black owned restaurant and puts a mouse at the front door

  • Chris Rowe
    Chris Rowe 2 days ago

    I'm surprised Gordon kept his cool. What a rude and thick dick head that guy was accusing him of planting the mouse. Unbelievable.

  • Dylan / Shittyrama
    Dylan / Shittyrama 2 days ago

    When he asked if he had it on film i wanted to punch him in the face

  • Cabana Star
    Cabana Star 2 days ago

    It annoys me how if Gordon isn’t yelling at them the other staff just agree with Gordon and totally suck up to him

  • Lenin
    Lenin 2 days ago +1

    The beard guy is actually dumb I mean wth why would Gordon bring a dead mouse into their doorstep his obesity got to his brain now it's probably mashed potatoes sorry got to aggressive I mean really

  • Cassian Henriques
    Cassian Henriques 3 days ago

    Look at the arsehole whisper in the headchefs ear. The cameras got the voice anyway.

  • Bandar Fahad
    Bandar Fahad 4 days ago +1

    Why is Gordon Ramsay so god damn likeable

  • Michael Du
    Michael Du 5 days ago

    Careful, don't touch the rat, or u ded *: |*

  • Edwin Chae
    Edwin Chae 8 days ago

    So this is what Ratatouille 2 looks like...

  • Peter Bound
    Peter Bound 10 days ago

    i'm sorry for the granny :(

  • Officer Flat Foot
    Officer Flat Foot 12 days ago

    black people drinking retard juice

  • Neo Noir
    Neo Noir 12 days ago

    > Failing restaurant
    > "Why are you sabotaging my restaurant / Why you shit-talking my food"
    Shit you right, you guys were doing so well before

  • Kat Kenobi
    Kat Kenobi 12 days ago +1

    What a dumb baboon. Fucking ass wipe.

  • rahl169
    rahl169 12 days ago

    Ok, but when did Ramsey get kicked out, as the title suggests?

  • stormin norman
    stormin norman 12 days ago

    3:07 someone needs to exterminate his hair stylist

  • Trey Krumel
    Trey Krumel 12 days ago

    some of these people try to to act dumb but its sometimes clear of what's going on.

  • Vorpal Drake
    Vorpal Drake 14 days ago

    How can you assume something like that..

  • AlphaMail 626
    AlphaMail 626 15 days ago

    Fuck that place and all the employees

  • T Mox
    T Mox 17 days ago

    I have curly hair about that length and I would never work in a kitchen with it down

  • Brooks Blair
    Brooks Blair 17 days ago

    Finds a dead mouse at front door. Immediately picks it up BAREHANDED. Brings it back to the KITCHEN. Places it in the hands of ANOTHER EMPLOYEE.
    Let’s be honest here,
    iT wAs pLaNtEd

  • john doe
    john doe 17 days ago

    i thought that guys chinstrap went all the way round for a second there.

  • captainrobots
    captainrobots 21 day ago

    3:06 look at his hairstyle it looks like shit.

  • Bruce Lamberton
    Bruce Lamberton 23 days ago

    Although I feel sorry for the staff and the owner's lovely mother, I was so glad to hear this restaurant was forced to close - the owner is an arrogant bitch who got what she deserved, As for her toy-boy, if that was me he accused of planting that dead mouse, I would have demanded an apology and if none forthcoming punched his fat fucking face in.

  • Abstract_Artist_52
    Abstract_Artist_52 25 days ago

    That is true, how did he know to look there?

  • dinnygo
    dinnygo 26 days ago

    Hmm I put it together. Lmaoooo who are you. sherlock?

  • LayLay Waffles
    LayLay Waffles 26 days ago

    *h U A H G H*
    *N 0 0 O o*

  • diss e
    diss e 27 days ago +1

    Ratatouille is dead.

  • diss e
    diss e 27 days ago +1

    *B L O O D Y H E L L*

  • Lucrecia Chilel
    Lucrecia Chilel Month ago

    That rat😖😖

  • RichHobo
    RichHobo Month ago +1

    Stfu Stella from Over The Hedge

  • jess grigorian
    jess grigorian Month ago

    imagine thinking gordon would just come in with a dead mouse in his pocket and put in by your front door just to screw you over... thats a new level of delusional

  • Mo Pie
    Mo Pie Month ago

    I don’t want to put race in this but no Black owners want a white man to tell them what they doing wrong especially in an all Black restaurant. I bet in they head they was thinking “this cracka tripping”

  • Hopeful Interpretation

    If you can't accept a mistake as your own, you'll never change.

  • Mister Mista
    Mister Mista Month ago

    Misleading title, but ok video

  • Lance W
    Lance W Month ago

    I swear at like all these restaurants I could make better dishes and I’m 13

  • Cj Groom
    Cj Groom Month ago

    Clickbait title but yo this is contentttttt I really can’t believe how fast they all fuckin turned on Gordon my man

  • Kirloper Mods
    Kirloper Mods Month ago

    dint hav no problem until the white devil showed up. My brothers called him out and whitey mad hehehe. Whiteys always causing problem and planting drugs blaming my brothers.

    • Aaliyah Marie
      Aaliyah Marie Month ago

      The only reason this world renowned chef shows up at a restaurant is when they’ve got problems already. They even said the exterminator comes in regularly. Why do you think that might be? Because “whitey” put mice in the restaurant month after month for nothing? Sure. He’s mad because he doesn’t want to fuck with a restaurant that’s got a mouse infestation. That’s nasty. And just say white people. You sound like a dumbass.

  • Maui Randall
    Maui Randall Month ago

    Oh no this food critic most famous chef in the world has found a mouse in our restaurant I know what we can do to make him give us a good review despite our unsanitary conditions: call him a liar
    Works every time

  • commo123
    commo123 Month ago

    Gordon definitely planted that mouse like...he wouldn't feel the need to try and convince them, usually he would just say shut the fuck up and that would be that

  • Nathan Martinez
    Nathan Martinez Month ago

    That’s was fast

  • Akujin Ghos
    Akujin Ghos Month ago +1

    Nino put that mouse there

  • Geoffrey Noonan
    Geoffrey Noonan Month ago

    Clearly planted

  • DarkTyyp Music
    DarkTyyp Music Month ago

    Delusional owner watches video

    *"Oh, s**t..."*

  • mouad bekka
    mouad bekka Month ago

    i never eat at a ni99azz restaurant

  • Snowy Moon
    Snowy Moon Month ago

    and no wonder these fuckers need help, gordon immediately comes in and they accuse of him of putting the mouse there.

    all of them should *fuck off upstairs. fucking gremblins; "a mouse?!"*

  • Snowy Moon
    Snowy Moon Month ago

    i have to itch everytime i hear shelly's voice.

  • Tiny Pastel Mia
    Tiny Pastel Mia Month ago

    Oh no they 86 the gorden

  • ET42Driver
    ET42Driver Month ago

    Nino would clean that mouse too.

  • Valon Ariga
    Valon Ariga Month ago

    Ahahaha she didn't even wait for him to shut it down during service, she shut it down for him
    How considerate xD

  • Wolfman Blackmane
    Wolfman Blackmane Month ago +1

    "Is it on film"
    *stares intently at the camera*

  • Costa Zambaras
    Costa Zambaras Month ago

    A restaurant owned and run by black people who are incapable of accepting blame and point at the white man as being corrupt and causing their problems? Shocking.

  • Drew
    Drew Month ago

    Gordon everyone pays an exterminator to come regularly. Its for fun

  • Kc Grospe
    Kc Grospe Month ago

    3:43 "The mouse that you plant it."😐

  • Zabole Me
    Zabole Me Month ago

    "You've paid for the exterminator?"
    "Well get your money back"

  • Hazzer_Bazzer
    Hazzer_Bazzer Month ago

    *fuck the tv*

    *_eat your money_*

  • Zokix11 MC
    Zokix11 MC Month ago

    *Cameraman standing there with camera*
    "Do you have it on film?"

  • Astrid Ruud
    Astrid Ruud Month ago

    respect fly frame delivery advise dialogue stick gradually burning.

  • Candy and Violence
    Candy and Violence Month ago

    I actually wouldn't be surprised if it was planted for tv

  • kobe martel
    kobe martel Month ago +1

    Where’s my *Nino* Joke at?

  • AriesAllDay
    AriesAllDay Month ago

    did that fuckin idot say Chef Ramsey put the rat/mice there??? you gotta fuckin kidding me (in my Chef Ramsey voice)

  • Arnold Strong Numero Uno

    Everything is on video dummy. What a jerk. I love G.R.

  • Matthew Gonzalez
    Matthew Gonzalez Month ago

    Nino would lose it if he saw this

  • Gaming4evah
    Gaming4evah Month ago

    If not for the thumbnail I'd think this is about Amy's Baking Company but then again they have TWO delusional owners, not one

  • axel4196
    axel4196 Month ago

    Hell of a first impression when a Michelin star chef is greeted by a dead mouse

  • Potato Gang
    Potato Gang Month ago +1

    *They Are Freaking DELUSIONAL*

    *Rest In Peace Ratatouille*

  • Zachary Snider
    Zachary Snider Month ago

    White man planting drugs on black folks and now mice. Its always someone elses fault with these people.

  • Justin Tacawy
    Justin Tacawy Month ago

    Disney should make a ratatoullie 2 but this time renny would meet gordon ratsy (Gordon Ramsey as a rat)

  • Isabelle Allan
    Isabelle Allan Month ago

    My friend and I were at a restaurant I got spaghetti and she got tomato bisque. I was slurping away and guess what I find in my spaghetti..... f*cking bones!!!! My friend being the forensic specialist she is, said they were squirrel or large rat bones. It was so nastyyyyy

  • Vijay Ramesh
    Vijay Ramesh Month ago

    A baby mouse??... a mouse?!

  • Jay Gacha
    Jay Gacha Month ago

    Welp....the Episode is out so I would like to know what their reaction is like seeing how they are wrong...

  • Kevin Nguyen
    Kevin Nguyen Month ago

    *when ratatouille gets too real*

  • Slick Vic
    Slick Vic Month ago

    If the owner and manager are going to accuse Ramsay of planting that mouse, then they don’t even deserve any help.

  • SpikesOmega
    SpikesOmega Month ago

    3:08 The only one talking sense is probably one of the youngest in the whole building ... that is sad on multiple levels.

  • kai summers
    kai summers Month ago

    Fat fkn idiot

  • mst3kanita
    mst3kanita Month ago

    Oh my god what a tacky ass place.

  • Chloe
    Chloe Month ago

    what episode is this??

  • Dmpsix
    Dmpsix Month ago

    You know what, I'm a HUGE Ramsey fan. I watch all his cooking shows...
    But honestly, dont you think its possible that his TV crew planted that ? I mean... it's a strange spot for a mouse to just randomly die...
    I mean just really think about it ...

  • Thescots Legend
    Thescots Legend Month ago

    Owner walks in from other restaurant
    (Sees mouse)
    “86 the restaurant “

  • Mention Ethan
    Mention Ethan Month ago

    Nice fucking click bait no one even fucking left cunt

  • Gaz Khan
    Gaz Khan Month ago +1

    We need nino.

  • Rhaegar Targaryen
    Rhaegar Targaryen Month ago

    those kind of people aint to bright.

  • Sai Ren
    Sai Ren Month ago

    Is that guy who accused Ramsay a TVclipr or something?

  • Noel Sandberg
    Noel Sandberg Month ago

    Protest straight pocket comedy inevitable swing better property reduction

  • Blue
    Blue Month ago

    Why dis Gordon Ramsey kill the mouse?

  • thedragoshi
    thedragoshi Month ago

    Thumbs down, Not enough Nino

  • 6laderunner
    6laderunner Month ago

    We are black, we have no flaws. It's a wypipo conspiracy.

  • MaTtRoSiTy
    MaTtRoSiTy Month ago

    Gordon carries around a supply of dead mice to plant them randomly in crappy restaurants... LOL

  • Chicken 2.0
    Chicken 2.0 Month ago

    You know... they could of simply just owned up. Like a reasonable thought would be that it came in from the street, seeing as it’s so close to the door... I don’t think it was but yanoooo

  • Roast Chicken Flavored

    Why TF is Gordon Ramsay touching a mouse with his bare hands?

  • Nufc 1892
    Nufc 1892 Month ago

    Have you got it on camera??
    Yes he has,it’s on about 3 or 4 fucking cameras you deluded fuckwit!!!!!

  • 晓武陈
    晓武陈 Month ago +1

    Always trying to take peoples Business

  • Droyce LP
    Droyce LP Month ago

    sick delusional pepole....

  • dannyb20 vtec
    dannyb20 vtec Month ago

    Black people are a trip lol

  • jay thomas
    jay thomas Month ago

    Bro in the Kitchen was the realest.. Stop bullshitting with him

  • Bryant Dong
    Bryant Dong Month ago

    Started with a bad start😂

  • ImFromTheMeta T
    ImFromTheMeta T Month ago

    Huh, this is actually clickbait

  • Your. Avg. Lifter.
    Your. Avg. Lifter. Month ago

    Yo that restaurant lowkey looks like a planet fitness

  • Acid Wolf
    Acid Wolf Month ago


  • Houdini Drama
    Houdini Drama Month ago

    What he look like carrying a dead mouse....where tf would he get that shit at

  • Big NiBBa
    Big NiBBa Month ago

    The guy had me dying not believing him