Avengers: Infinity War | Knowhere Scene | Thanos: "I like him."

  • Published on Sep 8, 2018
  • Every young man wants his girlfriend's father to approve of their relationship. This however was probably not what Quill had in mind.
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  • GRAY
    GRAY 6 days ago +215

    Infinity war > Endgame

    • MFFL Scotty
      MFFL Scotty Day ago

      For purely action sure. Endgame has to slow things down. It had more moments imo

    • Charbel z
      Charbel z 2 days ago

      @Wolf yep i couldnt bat my eye off the screen in infinity war. Such an amazing movie

    • hyusoku Nimahs
      hyusoku Nimahs 3 days ago


    • Arturs Forcada
      Arturs Forcada 4 days ago

      Luis Martinez :0 that was because after the impact of infinity war we all got hyped for end game but in my opinion both have their things and the end what matters is what you thought about the movie not what others say

    • Roid-Monger 101
      Roid-Monger 101 4 days ago

      FinnPolarSan hell no man! Love the two films in their own different way. Endgame and IW has much different topics to cover and imo, do the best possible

  • adam bump
    adam bump 2 hours ago

    Man Thanos fucks with Peter and Gamora hard in this scene what with the whole Peter killing Her thing and then Gamora killing fake Thanos in a very manipulative trick my thoughts are on both their preservatives a messed up way of revealing to Gamora does actually care about Thanos in some way plus the cathartic release She'd feel knowing that He could never hurt Her again either way ya cut it it helps develop Thanos' character beyond just evil murdering Mad Man killing for the sake of Death.

  • Christoph Schneeweiß
    Christoph Schneeweiß 12 hours ago

    Midgard Snake can you stop strangling your own dad plix

  • Trevis Turner
    Trevis Turner 13 hours ago

    Boy got turned into beef 🥩 cubes

  • Elijah Conger
    Elijah Conger Day ago

    I really wish we had gotten to Thanos do more with the Reality Stone like in this scene. Imagine if Drax and Mantis had stayed like that!

  • Astrid Esparza
    Astrid Esparza Day ago

    As far as meeting the father-in-law goes, this isn't the worst we've seen in a movie lol

  • Khalcium45
    Khalcium45 2 days ago

    1:47 How Fortnite be like when they see Everyone celebrating their death and came back with the title Chapter 2

    HUNTER 2 days ago

    The confusion on Thanos face as Quill said Nutsack 2:45

  • Sabretooth 2438
    Sabretooth 2438 3 days ago +1

    He got the father's approval for dating his daughter

    NOT UMAR 3 days ago

    He'd make a very good hide and seek player

  • Yharon is alone
    Yharon is alone 4 days ago

    When thanos died in this scene i felt his pain

  • achsdu17
    achsdu17 4 days ago

    This is why I dont fully get on Starlord case for smacking Thanos on Titan. He was already set to make the choice the rest of the Avengers didnt want to make and mentally was drained from this.

  • Edward James Kenway
    Edward James Kenway 4 days ago

    Why is she crying? Even an illusion, she did the right thing

  • Ravi George
    Ravi George 4 days ago +1

    *God the kind of destruction after the illusion faded away😲😲*

  • reservoirpo
    reservoirpo 4 days ago

    Man if star lord did shoot gamora in the face thanos would of gone to town on him big time fuck that lol

  • Sean O'Friel
    Sean O'Friel 4 days ago

    they should have cut this scene.

  • Shuvo Speaking
    Shuvo Speaking 5 days ago

    Endgame made Thanos a stupid ruthless evil child, who made no sacrifice for the stones. Infinity War is the best marvel film ever.

  • Elías Pedro Hurtado

    Infinity war : 👍🏼
    End game : comment

  • Jose Ayala
    Jose Ayala 5 days ago


  • carl bacash
    carl bacash 5 days ago

    When i was watching this in the cinema I almost jumped out of my seat because I literally thought he killed Drax and Mantis. 😂

  • Bruno de Mello
    Bruno de Mello 5 days ago

    The scene which Thanos takes the most powerful stone

  • Jordanram@optonline.net Frenchfries

    “Reality can be whatever i want”

  • Ty Vann
    Ty Vann 5 days ago

    Nowhere !

  • rob morgan
    rob morgan 6 days ago

    Sooooo he's stronger than hulk ,but knives
    hurt him wtf?

  • Peter Francis
    Peter Francis 6 days ago

    lol she think Thanos is on The Night King level of boss fight

    ROASTED DRAGON 6 days ago

    1:01 when Thanos died in endgame

  • jayyTeęe s
    jayyTeęe s 6 days ago

    0:42 bro the cgi is insane here

  • Alan Space
    Alan Space 6 days ago

    No the scene should be Peter finally attacks thanos

  • 0.3 0.2
    0.3 0.2 6 days ago

    Daddy approves

  • Hank Fuller
    Hank Fuller 6 days ago


  • couger hunter
    couger hunter 6 days ago

    Endgame was a let down to much explaining not enough action

  • xQualifieDx
    xQualifieDx 6 days ago

    Why did his gun shoot bubbles

  • Jack Ashmore
    Jack Ashmore 6 days ago

    Wish we got more of Star lord and thanos

  • Tepo Sultan
    Tepo Sultan 6 days ago

    I like Thanos then avengers

  • Luc Germain
    Luc Germain 6 days ago

    The power levels make zero sense in the MCU. That's what always bugged me most.

    • Luc Germain
      Luc Germain 5 days ago

      @deez nuts everyone's. Thors, Hulks, Gamoras etc. They are very inconsistent, especially Thor's

    • deez nuts
      deez nuts 6 days ago

      @Luc Germain whose power levels I can't understand?

    • Luc Germain
      Luc Germain 6 days ago

      @deez nuts yes

    • deez nuts
      deez nuts 6 days ago

      Power levels?!?!?

  • Raaz Mania
    Raaz Mania 6 days ago +1

    Sacrifice Is A great (Thing)
    You Know Well.......

  • Saitama
    Saitama 6 days ago

    I remember being in theaters and yelling far too loudly “holy shit!” When Drax got cubed lol. Thought he died then and there

  • Levi Brown
    Levi Brown 6 days ago

    Magnificent! Magnificent! Maaaaaagnificent!

  • Austyn Raymer
    Austyn Raymer 7 days ago

    Actually he says "I like you"

  • Samuel Lewis
    Samuel Lewis 7 days ago

    A Father’s approval is always important

  • Darrin Bailey
    Darrin Bailey 7 days ago +1

    Is it me or does thanks look like rich piana

  • Tyler James
    Tyler James 7 days ago +1

    Thanos: she asked hasn't she?
    Thanos: Do it
    Quill: sweating
    Thanos: *DO IT*
    Quill: unzips

  • Peter Sparangis
    Peter Sparangis 7 days ago

    Wait, Thanos didn't say no homo.

  • TrashPandaMe
    TrashPandaMe 7 days ago

    Just realized that a little tip-off in this scene is at :32, there is no blood on Gamora's blade

  • Nakama4Life
    Nakama4Life 7 days ago

    So no one laughed at how The Collector said magnificent? *MAGNIFICENT, MAAGNIFICENT* 🤣🤣🤣

  • Matthew Kearns
    Matthew Kearns 7 days ago


  • Sarwan Hardoel
    Sarwan Hardoel 7 days ago

    Is it me or does anyone else find the storyline of Infinity War stupid?

    • Sarwan Hardoel
      Sarwan Hardoel 5 days ago

      @deez nuts i agree it us one of the best.. But the storyline thou..

    • deez nuts
      deez nuts 6 days ago

      @Sarwan Hardoel son I've watched it more than 20 times,it's not perfect but one of the best comic book movies for sure

    • Sarwan Hardoel
      Sarwan Hardoel 6 days ago

      @deez nuts look at the movie again and maybe you will understand what i mean.

    • deez nuts
      deez nuts 6 days ago

      Yes! It's just you

  • ReMaa
    ReMaa 7 days ago

    No homo

  • devilpupbear09
    devilpupbear09 7 days ago

    You had one job Gamora! One job!

  • hygor bohm Hubner
    hygor bohm Hubner 7 days ago

    Thanos forgot to say “no homo”, but was so embarassed, he didn’t have the courage to return and fix the line.

  • lucascb
    lucascb 7 days ago

    his cgi looks so good in this scene

  • Steve Aguinaga
    Steve Aguinaga 7 days ago

    Koo koo ke cho got screwed.

  • Semper fidelis Semper Paratus

    Bad language dont approve of that

  • Andy Blaze
    Andy Blaze 7 days ago

    She's asked hasn't she? Do it...

  • Shakov Skanton
    Shakov Skanton 7 days ago

    can someone fill me in with brief response, why did gamora want quinn to kill her if shes ever captured by thanos?

    • Quetzalcoatl - the Serpent God
      Quetzalcoatl - the Serpent God  7 days ago

      Because she was the only one who knew where the Soul Stone was. So if she died, he'd never be able to aquire it.

  • Monster Mousse
    Monster Mousse 7 days ago +1

    Peter: "I told you to go right."
    Gamora: "Really, now?"

  • dcloud
    dcloud 7 days ago

    Got daddy’s approval

  • Abhik Sengupta
    Abhik Sengupta 7 days ago

    At least his father in law likes him

  • Jhez Rebellion
    Jhez Rebellion 7 days ago

    Avengers Endgame made this Thanos a whole pussy.

  • Satsui Nohado
    Satsui Nohado 7 days ago

    "I'm gonna blow that nutsack of a chin right off your face"