What Do Blind People Experience on Psychedelics?

  • Published on Jun 15, 2016
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    Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth, answers the popular question "What do blind people experience on psychedelics?"
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    “Psychedelic Tenderness” by Olyafro & Kepof
    “From Dream To Reality” by Floxyde
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  • anna nicole
    anna nicole Month ago

    You should take ayahuasca or DMT then make a video describing ur experience. Tbh you can't really say what you wont see if you havnt experienced it. Lol

  • Morenob
    Morenob Month ago

    DMT and give us the answer of the afterlife!!!! Blind dont see on LSD or dreams but according some reports with DMT they can!

  • Star Kicker Music
    Star Kicker Music Month ago

    As a blind guy who lost his site at the age of 20 I can most definitely tell you psychedelic drugs do give visions in the mind without site. Lots of geometric patterns very similar to what I remembered as cellular structures or Aztec drawings. Whether or not this was influenced by my previous memories I could never know. But man it was both mind altering and fun!

  • DaRkSiDeR Less
    DaRkSiDeR Less Month ago +1

    dudes.. I can tell you... on acid this video is incredible 💠

    PETZZZ Month ago

    Everyone on the Earth are Blind

  • adrianne roddy
    adrianne roddy Month ago

    Well you know what they Say " I once was lost, but now I see..was blind but now I'm found!"

  • LowkeyTv Ent.
    LowkeyTv Ent. Month ago

    How does he know what sight is if he’s never seen?

  • BariumCobaltNitrog3n

    An extremely small part of lsd or mushrooms or peyote is visual. The major change is perception, how you understand things. Why are people making fun of me? I can do that! I LOVE Helen, why was I so mean to her? Snow is AMAZING!! I could pet this cat forEVER. How does it know my name?

  • Superior Advanced DNA
    Superior Advanced DNA Month ago +5

    Dying without trying DMT is a lot like dying without having sex.

  • Whi te
    Whi te Month ago

    You can’t see this comment (obviously) but do DMT and you’ll be able to see.

  • GAutoBaby
    GAutoBaby Month ago

    DMT will make you see

  • Dominick Ray
    Dominick Ray Month ago

    Try DMT

  • Julian Kleitsch
    Julian Kleitsch Month ago

    you could offer great value to science if you could proof visuals on dmt. just saying, this could change the whole world

  • Chris Buck
    Chris Buck Month ago

    Last time I was tripping I was hallucinating sounds too

  • amir sane
    amir sane Month ago


  • Çÿßęr Šürfęr 3D

    This guys awesome. Bless him 🙏🏼

  • Lee11 open
    Lee11 open Month ago

    DMT my friend and you will see . You can use your eye trust me .

  • Diesel Diesel
    Diesel Diesel 2 months ago

    Man at 2:10 - 2:30 I started to feel emotional...😟. You got me. Lol

  • David Cross
    David Cross 2 months ago

    *Question submitted by Joe Rogan*

  • Jason
    Jason 2 months ago

    DMT has a direct effect on conciousness, even if your physical body is blind, you'd have an out of body experience so it doesn't matter.

  • foxtrotmetal01
    foxtrotmetal01 2 months ago +1

    I thought he was gonna actually take psychedelic drugs

  • j rok
    j rok 2 months ago

    i imagine your other senses would just be effected even more so without vision. It fucks with all your senses, and if one is unavailable to you, youd probably feel a lot more and feel sounds/music more.

  • Tuxedobollinger
    Tuxedobollinger 2 months ago

    The DMT will make you see. Even if you were born blind at birth.

  • Marilyn Aponte
    Marilyn Aponte 2 months ago

    Pink FLOYD IS THE SHIT!!! I love Pink Floyd !!!

  • Konstantin Tarkus
    Konstantin Tarkus 2 months ago

    Here is a short story of someone blind from birth braking through on DMT www.reddit.com/r/DMT/comments/dt4443/a_post_i_found_on_shroomery_of_someone_blind_from/

  • Marco Nacke
    Marco Nacke 2 months ago

    When you smoke DMT, your brain might not know what visual input is but what about your dna. Your dna is connected to life itself and iam pretty sure you would see something through dmt.

  • Cristian Wanderlust
    Cristian Wanderlust 2 months ago

    Who edits his videos...?

  • Alexandria Kay
    Alexandria Kay 2 months ago +4

    this man is the funniest blind person I’ve ever heard😅

  • AL J
    AL J 2 months ago +1

    It's all a part of your subconscious makeup of what you have seen in the past, stimming from the day that you came out of the womba. A blind person could never have that experience because they have never seen the spark of light .....!!!!!🤯💫

  • Excalibur Gaming
    Excalibur Gaming 2 months ago +15

    They just see “Error 404: Vision not found.”

  • Douglas Day
    Douglas Day 2 months ago +1

    Whoever reads these comments to him. GET HIM TO TRY DMT

  • Douglas Day
    Douglas Day 2 months ago

    NN DMT

  • TheGreatOne135
    TheGreatOne135 2 months ago +1

    Guys stop making jokes about him being blind he might not like them when he looks at the comments

  • Lego
    Lego 2 months ago

    Id think a blind person would have an imagination? Can't they imagine reality?

  • Eliana Sheridan
    Eliana Sheridan 2 months ago

    try dmt! its seeing in a diffrent way none of us ever have

  • alex totman
    alex totman 2 months ago

    Not the kind of hallucination I thought.

  • Sébastien Bouchard
    Sébastien Bouchard 2 months ago

    Just like everyone is suggesting, dmt WILL give you visions with your eyes closed. Visions of things your brain has never seen or processed before. I really would love to know your feedback after trying dmt. It has only good things for you.

  • sesh gremlin420
    sesh gremlin420 2 months ago

    I REALLY want this guy 2 smoke DMT and tell us what he felt.

  • MultiKomentator
    MultiKomentator 2 months ago

    What dose LSD?

  • Scare-Crow1
    Scare-Crow1 2 months ago +8

    I love this dudes energy I want him as a trip sitter

  • Kirill Kaminskiy
    Kirill Kaminskiy 2 months ago

    Smoke dmt

  • BigMisterApple
    BigMisterApple 2 months ago

    Yeah but... what about closed eye trips?

  • horny apple
    horny apple 2 months ago

    You such a humble nigga

  • Marcos campos
    Marcos campos 2 months ago +1

    So based of what he’s saying, he’s actually never tried these drugs?

  • Abe Hong
    Abe Hong 2 months ago

    Honestly, I would give anything to hear the experience of a blind since birth person smoke DMT

    • Julian P
      Julian P 2 months ago

      Abe Hong Midwest USA

    • Abe Hong
      Abe Hong 2 months ago

      Julian P cool thanks man.
      where do u live?

    • Julian P
      Julian P 2 months ago

      Abe Hong I would just google “blind guy tries DMT” or something and it should pop up

    • Abe Hong
      Abe Hong 2 months ago

      Julian P thanks so much~~~ i would really like to see it but having a hard time finding it on that site, could you help me please

    • Julian P
      Julian P 2 months ago

      Go on shroomery.com there’s an article where a guy gave his friend who’s been blind since birth DMT and he just started crying saying how beautiful it is.

  • T0xiclad
    T0xiclad 2 months ago

    If he’s blind then y is this edited

  • Zlump
    Zlump 2 months ago

    smh psychedelics wont give you any new information, it only plays around with what you already have to work with, thats why we can taste sounds and hear colors, its just synesthesia , his senses would probably morph but sight wouldnt be one of them, unless he had sight prior (which he didnt)

  • Zane Robison
    Zane Robison 2 months ago +32

    we could leave anything in the comments he’ll most likely never know

    ANO NYM 2 months ago +2

    *y`all have to unterstand that he can not read ur comments*

  • Roxanne sosa
    Roxanne sosa 2 months ago

    You guys he cant read our comments


  • SuperSpitfire1999
    SuperSpitfire1999 2 months ago

    The notion that a blind person cannot have visual images created in their brains is absolutely ridiculous and goes against most of the studies done on the subject. Quite misinformative

  • Robert Oats
    Robert Oats 2 months ago

    @Tommy please try and take some DMT buddy. As it works on your frontal cortex. So I don't know if your problems are in the frontal cortex or in the retina or the optical nerve itself. I completely understand your scepticism about it all, but you are past the halfway mark and who knows it might be nice to have your visual cortex stimulated even if not by the outside world

  • Gingerbred_Hed
    Gingerbred_Hed 2 months ago

    Has anybody ever called you thomas edison before?

  • Mike King
    Mike King 2 months ago

    This video has no bearing on the title. This man did not take DMT. He does not know if he would "see". It would be very interesting to hear what he has to say after doing so. The reason I would be interested in that this woman NDE had seen EVERYTHING going on with her in the OR during her death. So much so the doctors were freaking out because she was describing the surgeon's tools in the room. They say DMT is the "God" drug and the experiences are eerily similar to NDE's. This guy in this video is giving an opinion with no backing, unfortunately.

  • Wesley Cunningham
    Wesley Cunningham 2 months ago

    "I dont think I've ever seen a movie" Well no shit..

  • xStriker01x
    xStriker01x 2 months ago

    take dmt

  • jon vokes
    jon vokes 2 months ago

    shrooms don’t work off just your sight, it excites the part of the brain that recognizes patterns so you start seeing stuff

  • Bryan Espinosa
    Bryan Espinosa 2 months ago +1

    Dude you're growing old just smoke some dmt already

  • Zita Ani
    Zita Ani 2 months ago

    I don't believe in dmt stuff its a lie.

  • AC 4B
    AC 4B 2 months ago

    Do blind people wish they can see if they've never seen anything before anyway?