Seath the Scaleless | [blind run] | Boss Designs of Dark Souls ep 14

  • Published on May 6, 2019
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    Boars and snake-men and squid-women, oh my. We head into the Duke's Archives, following the guidance of the Lord Vessel, and stumble upon a library which is slowly fossilizing as its master fossilizes himself. Seath the Scaleless is a monstrous master, and a terrifying boss - but the same random chance that haunts my steps down the crystal lattices of his cavern might turn on him in the end, too...
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Comments • 66

  • BugsRCool
    BugsRCool 2 days ago

    Dude same 14:37

  • Frieza1500
    Frieza1500 9 days ago

    Seath is my favourite boss of Dark Souls because of the reasons you just stated.

  • Jakob Kah
    Jakob Kah 2 months ago

    That you instantly thought about humanoid women when seeing the blue tentacle things even though they are so distorted amazes me because of the fact that they are exactly that... You are really good at this stuff and FROMSOFT is as well.

  • Brax Attacks
    Brax Attacks 2 months ago +4

    Did Seath break his own immortality crystal
    Edit: He did, fool dragon

  • Just No
    Just No 2 months ago

    What's that yellow arrow below his stamina bar? ;-;

  • cvrc11
    cvrc11 2 months ago +1

    I think the low viewership of this series has a lot to do with the series name, which is in my opinion a little misleading - "Boss Designs of Dark Souls" sounds like it's just going to be 45-minute long videos of detailed character design analysis with no gameplay, which, while certainly interesting to some people, myself included, probably has a lot smaller of a target demographic than what is essentially a full blind playthrough of the entire game, which is something that a LOT of people would be interested in, especially given how incredibly rare blind playthroughs of Dark Souls have become nowadays. The humor, the editing, the commentary is all really good, one of the best let's plays of the game I've seen, but the vast majority of people are never going to realize that because the series title doesn't actually say that that's what it is.

  • Arya Ren
    Arya Ren 2 months ago

    46:33 man you start to sound like VaatiVidya at this point xD

  • XxTheLoneWandererxX
    XxTheLoneWandererxX 2 months ago

    "i mean, gwynevere is right over there"

  • GhastlyTrashcan
    GhastlyTrashcan 3 months ago

    25:30 Attacc the Laedeh!

  • skullkid99
    skullkid99 3 months ago

    he also probably fucked Gwynevere

  • Animation Inc
    Animation Inc 3 months ago


  • Galgamos
    Galgamos 4 months ago +4

    Alright, that's that video viewed. Time for be~

    *sees upload of Crossbreed Priscilla*

    Ugh, FINE, I'll watch it in bed.

  • Alphazoid
    Alphazoid 4 months ago

    The fact that you managed to blunder through this boss fight on your first try is easily one of the most impressive feats in this playthrough. Congratulations.

  • Farkham
    Farkham 4 months ago

    He didn't cut the fucking tail

  • ArtumTsumia
    ArtumTsumia 4 months ago +9

    I kind of wish Skyen would handle his little 'problematic' character design tangents a bit smoother. One of the _interesting_ aspects of 'the other' in character design isn't so much that 'the other' is *bad* but that people can be driven to things that might not normally be considered. There is a certain amount of sympathy that we can have for a character that fate has dealt a (seemingly) bad hand. Some stories have this turn out to be a blessing in disguise, while others might create a situation that corrupts the character into something unthinkable. If your kin are the *Everlasting* Dragons and you are born vulnerable and scaleless, what kind of cautionary tale might that lead to? We might not necessarily agree with the decisions but we can understand the underlying motivations. How mighty were the dragons that the betrayal of Seath would be their downfall? How cruel and unloving must they have been for Seath to be that cruel and unloving in return? It's a trope that has the appearance of being 'problematic' (one might argue) but there's more than simply the surface level details going on with the story. The characters "flaws and weaknesses" are made apparent to all and the similarity to all of our own flaws and weaknesses, no matter how hidden, is stronger as a result.

  • Monocle Squid
    Monocle Squid 4 months ago +5

    You need to kill big tiddy sun gf
    Trust me

  • Guilherme Camargo
    Guilherme Camargo 4 months ago +1

    Incredible that you can analyze the character design and create awareness about a serious problem of representation in media (also I should had commented that in the video about Smough)
    Really, you’re awesome!
    People already explained you about those creatures?
    It has a connection with the manga

  • Ivan good
    Ivan good 4 months ago

    join dragon covenant and cut it's master's tail

  • Logan Frandrup
    Logan Frandrup 4 months ago +7

    about this part 24:17
    you are still questioning about Gwynevere? If you want answers, kill her, all you need is a bow and an arrow and the truth will be made clear.

    • Arya Ren
      Arya Ren 2 months ago +3

      Pisaca and the fire keeper don't have anything to do with it besides the fact that Gwynevere left them behind when she left for the marriage. Come to think of it though, maybe Seath who was obviously in love with the princess got furious when he found out about the marriage and fueled by rage and insanity that came with the research he sought revenge in torturing his past lover's servants.

  • Kerlyos
    Kerlyos 4 months ago

    It may take more time to make those videos but they are truly incredible. Few playthrough of Dark Souls achieve that level of quality you are bringing here.
    Keep up the fantastic work !

  • Liam Buikema
    Liam Buikema 4 months ago +14

    Seath seeks immortality because he is scaleless and a dragons immortality comes from their scales hence his incessant study of the crystals

  • Houldey
    Houldey 4 months ago +6

    I'm really sad that this series doesn't get the love it deserves. It's evident you put a lot of effort into it - and I think probably the main reason you continued this after the first handful of episodes is because DaS got its claws into you, you got over the initial difficulty hurdle and enter the phase of appreciation and inquisitiveness. I share these vids with whoever I can that will enjoy them - hopefully some of the bigger souls creators may discover these vids sometime and help shine a light on them - if that sadly never happens though, I really appreciate them, and from what it seems - you're also enjoying it yourself so I guess it is worth it one way or another :)

  • Nidh0egr
    Nidh0egr 4 months ago +2

    Comment for the Algorithmen

  • Lou C.
    Lou C. 4 months ago +1

    Could it be that he was far less awful before he turned to Crystal magic?

  • Taliesin
    Taliesin 4 months ago +19

    Sorry to hear that this series isn't getting the love it deserves: the work you put in is evident and your ruminations are always interesting. Thanks for keeping it up despite the metrics!

  • Ada van Quapa
    Ada van Quapa 4 months ago +1

    Tldr of Seath the scaleless: He likes women.

  • Anna Detoni
    Anna Detoni 4 months ago +49

    hey good job making a video where you die in dark souls and talk about why the boss is a very sad guy

  • Roberto Andreas
    Roberto Andreas 4 months ago +2

    I wonder if he will be able to find/fight gwyndolin.

  • Kaninchenbau
    Kaninchenbau 4 months ago +17

    God I wish this series got more attention 'cause these episodes are so good and interesting and fun to watch- TVclip algorithm where's the free advertising?! Give it to Skyen dang it!! >:V

  • Digstreak
    Digstreak 4 months ago +15

    "I guess it broke when Seath died"
    Nope! Seath died because it broke

  • xileFM -
    xileFM - 4 months ago +16

    So I think you're take on the character and the lore you were exposed to was interesting, but there's a bit of a hole in it. Though I don't blame you since Seeth Destroyed it within 5s of the fight starting, and the actual dialogue about it is under the big hat Logan questline; which, your character didn't have the Intelligence to complete. The thing is the Crystal at the end of the cave; most likely(Seeth) came in after you so you wouldn't break it. (Ironic since as already mentioned he broke it) The Crystal was a relic of the dragons (why they needed an immortality granting Crystal when they have the stone scales I will never know.) which granted immortality; which was what Seeth sought after in all his research and experimenting.

  • Crazyhart
    Crazyhart 4 months ago +1

    Gywnaveir is a god so you couldnt possible be able to hit her... Could you??????

  • Kev Yff
    Kev Yff 4 months ago +1

    most gorgeous area in the game uwu

  • Verbal Learning
    Verbal Learning 4 months ago +1

    Reading through the comments this has already been said multiple times but i think it bears repeating. In Dark Souls dragons are immortal due to their dragon scales. Which is why Gwyn removes them with his lightning and why Seath being scaleless is such a big deal. He seeks immortality and his way of trying to find it is through all of his experimentation. Which eventually either leads him to or helps him create the crystal which you find in his lair during the second fight with him. Which does make him immortal/invincible/invulnerable or something of the sort, as long as that crystal stays intact. Which is why when you destroy it normally, a small cutscene plays showing Seath either being hurt or getting angry, or perhaps both.

  • lucashira337
    lucashira337 4 months ago +20

    Within the Dark Souls world, dragon scales are typically associated with immortality. Seath is not so much looking for protection as much as and extending to his own life. I don't know how much it is referenced in the first game but in Dark Souls 2 his legacy and the heir of his soul is associated with that of single minded obsession.

    • Sleksin
      Sleksin 4 months ago +3

      The first game has some of that too. Spoilers ahead. If you fully explore around the archives and all that, you find that the research drove Seath (and later Logan) insane. I'm not sure if it's more to do with the obsession or some reality found within the research that made them insane, but either way, Seath drove himself to madness in his attempt to become a truly everlasting dragon.

  • Brent Ramsten
    Brent Ramsten 4 months ago +1

    i bet you he cant find the dlc without help.

  • datz fatz
    datz fatz 4 months ago

    weeet did he miss siglinde? sadbois if so or did chat tell him?^^

  • SamTrox
    SamTrox 4 months ago +4

    Two important things about Seath that should also be noted are that the stone scales of the other dragons that he is lacking are referred to as scales of immortality. The everlasting dragons were everlasting because their scales prevented them from dying and needing sustenance. That's also why the first thing Gwyn does in the intro is peel off their scales with his lightning. The other thing is that Seath kind of succeeded in finding a replacement for the scales. The crystal that has to be destroyed so he can be harmed isn't just a gameplay mechanic. It makes him completely immortal to the point where any injury he suffers heals instantaneously and yes, that makes it impossible to hurt him the first time you encounter him.

  • ArmorFrog Entertainment
    ArmorFrog Entertainment 4 months ago +28

    25:25 ooh, Skyen is so close to some pretty juicy knowledge

    • Arya Ren
      Arya Ren 2 months ago

      @ArmorFrog Entertainment ah yes, indeed

    • ArmorFrog Entertainment
      ArmorFrog Entertainment 2 months ago +4

      (Skyen, don't read this)
      The Gwynevere you meet in the palace of Anor Londo (along with the sunlight in Anor Londo) is actually just an illusion created by Gwendolyn.

    • Arya Ren
      Arya Ren 2 months ago +1

      Which is? I don't remember.

  • TheMezzaLira
    TheMezzaLira 4 months ago +4

    That Bjork was unexpected

  • Popcorn Theodore
    Popcorn Theodore 4 months ago +6

    wait did seath destroy his own crystal? or did i just miss TB destroying it?

    • ArmorFrog Entertainment
      ArmorFrog Entertainment 4 months ago

      @Yal Rathol that's the same stagger animation that plays if you break the crystal. It's not intentional.
      And Dark Souls having dumb A.I. isn't an insult. If the NPCs were as clever as the human enemies in Half Life, Dark Souls would not be fun.

    • Yal Rathol
      Yal Rathol 4 months ago +1

      @ArmorFrog Entertainment to be fair, seath facepalms when the crystal breaks, so it may have been intentional.

    • ArmorFrog Entertainment
      ArmorFrog Entertainment 4 months ago

      FromSoft A.I. is really dumb

    • Yal Rathol
      Yal Rathol 4 months ago

      @Popcorn Theodore he doesn't move very fast, and most people go "ooooh, shiny. *smash",* so most people don't see it, but yeah, his limb flailing and laser can smash it.

    • Popcorn Theodore
      Popcorn Theodore 4 months ago

      @Yal Rathol huh. never knew that.

  • Danothyus1
    Danothyus1 4 months ago +24

    things you might have missed out (trying not to spoil) is that if you talk with big hat logan on the archives, he tells you crystal magic can be used to attain imortality, but it corrupts your mind.

  • Alexander Castro-Vera
    Alexander Castro-Vera 4 months ago +7

    I would recommend looking around the archives a 2nd time.

  • Deus Vult
    Deus Vult 4 months ago +8

    It’s actually very pleasing to me that there are still people that are new to one of the greatest gaming series’ of all time. As in there are still people coming to this game even though it’s fairly old, just gives me hope that if new people are still coming the game might last a good 10 years more

  • Yal Rathol
    Yal Rathol 4 months ago +13

    fun fact, the tentacled horrors in the tower are called pisaca.
    they're made of people.

  • Timothy McLean
    Timothy McLean 4 months ago +65

    Given that you brought up the vaguely angelic appearance of the Moonlight Butterfly and wondered if similar god-complex motifs would show up in Seath himself, I'm a little disappointed that you didn't even mention Seath's six feathery wings. Combined with the humanoid torso and pure white color palette, it makes Seath look almost angelic...well, aside from the dragon head, the tentacle-tail-things, and rib-like ridges on his chest that make him look almost skeletal. Seath is trying to imitate the glory of his ancestors, and ends up turning himself into a deformed mockery of an angel.
    I've been listening to "One-Winged Angel" on repeat recently, so I also feel obliged to point out that Seath isn't the only villain in a Japanese RPG who uses six feathery wings as part of a twisted-angel motif. Despite the song's name, Sephiroth's final form has seven wings-six wings white as snow, befitting a true angel aside from the fact that they sprout from Sephiroth's waist and replace his legs, and one black wing replacing an arm. There are probably tons of other examples, but I haven't been listening to their theme songs lately.

  • knight light for more
    knight light for more 4 months ago +7

    Why you gotta do seath like that
    Btw he is more like a sociopath
    Formed by the people (dragons)
    Not evil to the core per say

    • knight light for more
      knight light for more 4 months ago +3

      @Koatei Harven sorry i made a mistake thank you for your contribution

    • Koatei Harven
      Koatei Harven 4 months ago +3

      "Btw he is more like a sociopath"
      A sociopath is someone on a spectrum of not being able to process or "feel" emotions as other people. It's more similiar to antisocial personalities than to psychopathic individuals. Please do research before you further demonise mental illness. Sociopathy is not scary or evil, lots of people have it, and such misinformation really hurts their image and stigmatises them. =_=

    • Yal Rathol
      Yal Rathol 4 months ago

      @Moosewell sure, but then explain why seath betrayed his own, since we know nothing about how he lived before the war or if the other dragons mocked him.
      because i can explain it. seath's named after the term seethe, a word that means "filled with anger". he's vengeful and rage filled over being dealt a bad hand and he planned to take down every other dragon to take what he saw as his by birthright, immortality.

    • Moosewell
      Moosewell 4 months ago +9

      THIS^^. My reading of Seath was never that he was evil by nature because he was albino or something. But rather that being albino caused the other 'everlasting dragons' to treat him different and discriminate against him. Due to that injustice and his lack of 'scales of immortality', he found no affinity between himself and the other dragons, and decided to betray them, for the sake of securing a better future for himself. In time he would go insane in his pursuit of knowledge, trying to recreate the immortality that his species scales provided, which he felt entitled to.

  • Deku
    Deku 4 months ago +6

    Oh yea the only way to increase your curse resistance other than a ring is to have extra humanity also it increases defense and item drop rate it maxes out at ten

  • Deku
    Deku 4 months ago +1

    Hype hype hype hype

  • squirrelbuddi
    squirrelbuddi 4 months ago +2

    I can't wait o.o. It's gonna be awesome!