Ancient Meat Cleaver Restoration

  • Published on Sep 8, 2018
  • I took this butcher's knife from my junkyard but i don't exactly know the name of this kind of butcher's knife anyways this old and rusty knife found me something new to restore so i decided to restore it.
    I used patch tool in photoshop for thumbnail to show it more rusty.
    By the way this butcher knife or cleaver looks like a pirate's sword :D so i found it something interesting to restore. Anyways i did restoration just for fun because the effort and time, i put on this restoration is much worthy and we even can buy such a new cleaver for less amount. So guyz watch the video just for satisfaction and for FUN i am deeply thankful to all of you who gives a thumbs up and appreciates us in comment box because your appreciation encourages us to make something new. Watching these restoring projects are good but also visit our channel to watch some DIY projects.
    Ancient Meat Cleaver Restoration
    I made the Brass handle for this cleaver and that was heavy but not too much i think brass handle would work good. As i said i just made this restoration video for fun so i think the brass handle perfectly suits on this cleaver and i like the brass shine as well.
    Thanks a lot for watching, I hope you liked the video!
    Suggestions and comments are welcome.
    Leave a like and share to anyone who might be interested. And i am not very professional but i think your opinions and suggestions will help me a lot to do well so kindly ignore the mistakes and share them in the comment box to teach me. I am completely self taught and would appreciate any feedback, advice or opinions and suggestions .
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    Brass is not easy to cast as like the aluminium but brass needs alot of temperature to melt down we can use our home made furnaces for melting brass. IF you to make your own furnace you can see our another project video about how to make metal melting furnace:
    o. Make a Simple Metal Foundry Using Empty Gas Cylinder.
    o. Make a simple Metal Foundry Using Fire Bricks.

    Brass Almost melts at 900°C to 940°C.Using your Homemade Furnace. While melting brass wear safety masks to avoid zinc fumes. Also Remember to wear other SAFETY stuff during casting Metal because safety is first priority.
    It was totally rusted so i removed the rust with the help of DILUTE sulphuric acid. Dilution was compulsory for reaction with iron.
    Remember that use the acid with complete safety and having complete information because ACIDS are not playing liquids MUST wear safety or rubber gloves and keep outside all the procedure while you are using the acid because alot of gases fumes releases while the reaction takes place.
    I hope you'll enjoy the video and if you find any mistake in making this video just let us know what changes should we need.and must share your opinion in the comments. And Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE US. Hit the like button and share this video to your friends and Give a second life to your old and rusty machinery.
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    OLD SMITH 5 months ago +756

    Great work man!!! Be careful tho, I appreciate the spirit of doing something different.
    I got inspired by you and i am also doing restoration of tools, you can look into my channel
    Thanks for sharing such a great video.

    • Sam DubbleU
      Sam DubbleU Month ago

      9:14 next time try moving the mic further away from the grinder, that way you won't get that scratchy sound, or even turn down the gain on the mic.

    • Thinmint The Monkey
      Thinmint The Monkey Month ago

      Show your sub number dude

    • Аришка си
      Аришка си Month ago

      Ты русский знаешь

    • Maria Rayner
      Maria Rayner Month ago

      OLD SMIT

    • oscar ocan
      oscar ocan 2 months ago

      This is my chanel favorite

  • Meeri Hund Pferd
    Meeri Hund Pferd 4 hours ago

    Watch at 2x speed

  • Deep J Singh
    Deep J Singh Day ago

    You could use a laser to remove the rust much faster and easier.

  • SkoobyRdips
    SkoobyRdips 6 days ago

    I like brass but I would use it as an accent with the main handle being some beautiful black walnut. But still it was a good job

  • Whitefoxf2x
    Whitefoxf2x 7 days ago

    J'aime la façon dont le manche ressemble à de l'or :)

  • Raffaele Antonello Di Lorenzo

    for the less effort, same effect would be achieved doing it with

    papier-mache and acrilyc colors, boring looking and really flat work

  • Brendan Olevnik
    Brendan Olevnik 9 days ago

    Where do you find these useless tools?

  • kevin angel
    kevin angel 16 days ago +1

    10:44 when u press f in CSGO

  • Gaming with Spidey
    Gaming with Spidey 16 days ago +1

    Thumbnail-Impossible Restoration
    Last of the video-Restored

  • John Sampson
    John Sampson 16 days ago +1

    the word impossible is used incorrectly a lot lol

  • iKiwi
    iKiwi 29 days ago

    You could make a job out of this.

  • Cristián M
    Cristián M 29 days ago

    Something doesn’t make sense: almost 8 million views, 72k likes and 16k dislikes? These jobs are amazing!

  • vò e neta Oliveira

    Uma pequena limpeza beirando o cabo.
    No mais uma linda peça

  • vincentdaredevil gatos

    Use wood handle

  • Bryan Perkins
    Bryan Perkins Month ago

    you sold much for you to send it to me?

  • João Gabriel
    João Gabriel Month ago

    Alguém aí é Brasil

  • Os Kober
    Os Kober Month ago

    I would be very interested in it, because of the individual products you use for it
    In which order
    1 water
    2 vinegar
    3 That's hard to see in the video?

  • 19pratul96
    19pratul96 Month ago

    Your art is full of perfection love it😘😘😍😍

  • Queen savag3
    Queen savag3 Month ago

    that's lit

  • JayAlex Ramos
    JayAlex Ramos Month ago

    Do a bucket restoration

  • - ninguno
    - ninguno Month ago

    I wonder what you do after with all those.

  • Kish-Me
    Kish-Me Month ago +1

    Is it irony if you butcher a cleaver? *rimshot*

  • Kish-Me
    Kish-Me Month ago +1

    You think instead of brass, you could have used shit and just smeared it all over the knife? Upgrade.

  • Kish-Me
    Kish-Me Month ago +2

    That cleaver is so amazing you should put it in a wooden box with rocks inside and drop it in the ocean. Hopefully it'll be so ancient it'll disappear forever, where no man's eyes can ever see it's delicate features.

  • Kish-Me
    Kish-Me Month ago +1

    Ancient clickbait. Very powerful.

  • Evan Sweeney
    Evan Sweeney Month ago

    10:39 Ice cream truck?

  • Force EV
    Force EV Month ago

    it lookd like a Pirate saber from Soul Knight

  • Tjsk.V
    Tjsk.V Month ago

    10:41 someone was playing furlise if u listen closely u can hear it

  • lvl 100 boss needs sUbS

    I prefer a spiked handle so my fingers get fucking stabbed while using a blade

  • Ingrid Motta
    Ingrid Motta Month ago

    This cable OMG

  • The BK Channel
    The BK Channel Month ago +1

    These types of videos cured my insomnia

  • Shaydia Barbhuiya
    Shaydia Barbhuiya Month ago


  • Concheta Luciano
    Concheta Luciano Month ago


  • lynx
    lynx Month ago +3

    It's a good vid but the handle looked shit

  • Eu Eu mesma
    Eu Eu mesma Month ago


  • PeytonTHays
    PeytonTHays Month ago

    Safety GOOGGLES!

  • tio Tobirama
    tio Tobirama Month ago +1

    Atack +60
    Speed +80

  • Golden Wither Phoenix 13

    Oh I see how the brass part works. The polystyrin melts from the heat of the molten brass.

  • Hamchan 777
    Hamchan 777 Month ago

    Good job!!! I always get so scared when you go through that pile, 😰, i always get afraid you will get cut

  • Chris Jolley
    Chris Jolley Month ago

    How many of your restored knives etc do you still own? Can we see your collection?

  • Guus Bullee
    Guus Bullee Month ago +2

    I'm getting tired of those brass/iron handles

  • It’s Mileena Bitch

    There is still blood on it you can tell

  • Peter Gasper
    Peter Gasper Month ago

    Wtf am I doing watching this??? All I can say is that it is absolutely amazing....I love how you took something so old and damaged and turned it into something useful and aesthetically pleasing@

    • Kish-Me
      Kish-Me Month ago

      I love how he took something old and damaged and made it unusable and gaudy. It practically screams "I was better off in the paint can."

  • Black Raven
    Black Raven Month ago


  • Quique
    Quique Month ago

    How does he brass stay on w/o any glue on pins? Is it just pressure which keeps it in place?

    MR. JADEN Month ago +1

    Honestly my opinion this is horrible

  • Mew Mew
    Mew Mew Month ago

    Is there really dark rust or fried blood on some of the clever ?

  • HighDro Fury
    HighDro Fury Month ago

    Now it looks like a toy

  • Steve Libby
    Steve Libby Month ago

    The :30 mark concerns me, but the restoration amazing.

  • Anja Jones
    Anja Jones Month ago

    Shut your ass up haters

  • Cody Vang
    Cody Vang Month ago

    yo this looks fantastic

  • Don Erwanes
    Don Erwanes Month ago

    t moch woula

  • Chris Mendez
    Chris Mendez Month ago

    Why do you even have rusted tools and knives but you do restore them so that’s cool

  • MacDonald
    MacDonald Month ago

    That tiny bit of brass overlapping onto the steel haunts me lol Other than that, this was a great video!

  • Cataca_91
    Cataca_91 Month ago

    What do you mean by impossible restoration...the rust is only on the surface... theres nothing impossible... and the result is ugly

  • Scarlet Ellis
    Scarlet Ellis Month ago +1

    Nice job! 👍🏻 keep it up and don’t listen to the haters
    down there in the ocean of comments
    You did great!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Glitch Steam
    Glitch Steam Month ago

    Nice. :) Wish I could have seen it sharp and in action but the thing looks clean.

  • SURGE kamiKaze
    SURGE kamiKaze Month ago

    Why dont you talk

  • Can we get 10000 With no videos

    They say it was worth 5 cents now it worth $500 now

    • Kish-Me
      Kish-Me Month ago

      It was worth ¢5 and now it's worthless.
      If you would pay $500 for that, I have a bridge to sell you.

  • Mike Anderson
    Mike Anderson Month ago

    Dafuq? Never seen someone cast bronze directly onto another metal but that was badass.

  • Mike Anderson
    Mike Anderson Month ago

    Dafuq? Never seen someone cast bronze directly onto another metal but that was badass.

  • like for taco
    like for taco Month ago +1

    Ohh so that's where he gets his rusty knifes

  • HolyCross9
    HolyCross9 Month ago

    A restored cleaver like that would sell around $200 or more on Ebay.

    • Kish-Me
      Kish-Me Month ago

      Maybe 500 rupees after the economy crashes.

  • Jimmy cena13
    Jimmy cena13 Month ago +1

    The fact that the handle is made of styrofoam is dumb

    • Wookie Productions
      Wookie Productions 3 days ago

      That was just the mold for the molten brass... if you're making something out of brass with that shape it has to be cast and ti cast it you need a mold

    • SimpleGeometry
      SimpleGeometry 19 days ago +1

      Dude that was the mold

  • skulliton
    skulliton Month ago

    10:00 did he add PEANUT BUTTER? :o
    10:27 did anyone else see the ":o" face written in sharpie on the ground?

  • Mapache Negro
    Mapache Negro Month ago

    Que acido usan?

  • Михаил Крапивин

    Работа достойная, фантазия у автора убогая - к чему эта нелепая проточка была сделана?

  • Lord Kaxaledimari
    Lord Kaxaledimari Month ago

    h e y
    i'd like to buy this ancient cleaver that can defeat shaggy
    i'll give you 1T money

  • Cheli 105
    Cheli 105 Month ago


  • 고딩
    고딩 Month ago


  • the eye
    the eye Month ago

    Were he finds all that

  • Karl Zeus
    Karl Zeus Month ago


  • TheBousse
    TheBousse Month ago +1

    he made foam look like

    • TheBousse
      TheBousse 19 days ago

      +SimpleGeometry ohhhhhhhh

    • SimpleGeometry
      SimpleGeometry 19 days ago +2

      The molten brass melted the styrofoam, which made the brass handle

  • Michael T
    Michael T Month ago +1

    You really like brass handles

  • Danny's Here
    Danny's Here Month ago


  • Danny's Here
    Danny's Here Month ago

    Why was there a kid crying in 1:54

  • I_Kill_You [YT]
    I_Kill_You [YT] Month ago

    It looks like a plastic shiny toy

  • Andrew&Olga
    Andrew&Olga Month ago

    It’s the billhook from Battlefield 1

  • Paranormal Stick
    Paranormal Stick Month ago +4

    The brass handle and the weird line on the back makes it look like a toy

  • Smol_potato _789
    Smol_potato _789 Month ago +2

    2:56 you carved that styrofoam like my violin carves my fingers

  • Firee
    Firee Month ago +1

    give it to the red dead 2 butcher

  • Tawman Balko
    Tawman Balko Month ago +1

    I just wasted 10 minutes watching someone fix a knife... damn

  • Anime Gaming Central

    I’m late I know, but could someone tell me why he engraved a line in the sword near the end?

  • Bacon Adventures
    Bacon Adventures Month ago


  • Kawaii Rainbow
    Kawaii Rainbow Month ago +5

    I Love that:
    1. You made the blade SUPER smooth
    2. you're method of cleaning the rust
    I Hate that:
    1. You made it look like a cheap kid toy
    2. You made a deep (and uneven) line

  • Jacob A
    Jacob A Month ago +1

    Go take all of the tetanus shots

  • Pedro Andradd
    Pedro Andradd Month ago

    Can I buy this cleaver?

  • SpongeBob SquarePants
    SpongeBob SquarePants Month ago +2

    This was nowhere near impossible. Why do people keep on making clickbait by saying impossible?

    • Kish-Me
      Kish-Me Month ago

      Because it's impossible to watch.
      It's clickbait for cringeholics.

  • Aaron Beyers
    Aaron Beyers Month ago +1

    Reminds me of anime blades it's that cool

  • Аришка си
    Аришка си Month ago

    Здесь вообще на русском пишут

  • Kathleen Dickerson
    Kathleen Dickerson Month ago

    Beautiful work!

  • 未完的承諾
    未完的承諾 Month ago


  • Roblox Gaming
    Roblox Gaming Month ago

    He have a Very Careful Hand

  • хонгодор иркутский

    Зачётная крапалилка👌👏👏👏!

  • хонгодор иркутский

    Ебааать , красотище!!! Ослепнуть можно!

  • Arisyn
    Arisyn Month ago

    It looks like something from Aladdin xD

  • Kameron Lewis
    Kameron Lewis Month ago +1

    How is it impossible if you just did it

  • Rowley Jefferson
    Rowley Jefferson Month ago +1

    You could have just bought a new one

  • Sharon Maxey
    Sharon Maxey Month ago

    I hope you have your tetnis shot