Ancient Meat Cleaver Restoration

  • Published on Sep 8, 2018
  • I took this butcher's knife from my junkyard but i don't exactly know the name of this kind of butcher's knife anyways this old and rusty knife found me something new to restore so i decided to restore it.
    I used patch tool in photoshop for thumbnail to show it more rusty.
    By the way this butcher knife or cleaver looks like a pirate's sword :D so i found it something interesting to restore. Anyways i did restoration just for fun because the effort and time, i put on this restoration is much worthy and we even can buy such a new cleaver for less amount. So guyz watch the video just for satisfaction and for FUN i am deeply thankful to all of you who gives a thumbs up and appreciates us in comment box because your appreciation encourages us to make something new. Watching these restoring projects are good but also visit our channel to watch some DIY projects.
    Ancient Meat Cleaver Restoration
    I made the Brass handle for this cleaver and that was heavy but not too much i think brass handle would work good. As i said i just made this restoration video for fun so i think the brass handle perfectly suits on this cleaver and i like the brass shine as well.
    Thanks a lot for watching, I hope you liked the video!
    Suggestions and comments are welcome.
    Leave a like and share to anyone who might be interested. And i am not very professional but i think your opinions and suggestions will help me a lot to do well so kindly ignore the mistakes and share them in the comment box to teach me. I am completely self taught and would appreciate any feedback, advice or opinions and suggestions .
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    Brass is not easy to cast as like the aluminium but brass needs alot of temperature to melt down we can use our home made furnaces for melting brass. IF you to make your own furnace you can see our another project video about how to make metal melting furnace:
    o. Make a Simple Metal Foundry Using Empty Gas Cylinder.
    o. Make a simple Metal Foundry Using Fire Bricks.

    Brass Almost melts at 900°C to 940°C.Using your Homemade Furnace. While melting brass wear safety masks to avoid zinc fumes. Also Remember to wear other SAFETY stuff during casting Metal because safety is first priority.
    It was totally rusted so i removed the rust with the help of DILUTE sulphuric acid. Dilution was compulsory for reaction with iron.
    Remember that use the acid with complete safety and having complete information because ACIDS are not playing liquids MUST wear safety or rubber gloves and keep outside all the procedure while you are using the acid because alot of gases fumes releases while the reaction takes place.
    I hope you'll enjoy the video and if you find any mistake in making this video just let us know what changes should we need.and must share your opinion in the comments. And Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE US. Hit the like button and share this video to your friends and Give a second life to your old and rusty machinery.
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    OLD SMITH Month ago +417

    Great work man!!! Be careful tho, I appreciate the spirit of doing something different.
    I got inspired by you and i am also doing restoration of tools, you can look into my channel
    Thanks for sharing such a great video.

  • Nicolas S
    Nicolas S 3 hours ago

    So does the styrofoam melt away?

  • Enrico Moreira
    Enrico Moreira 8 hours ago

    Really? A brass handle?

  • breeze theme
    breeze theme 14 hours ago

    so big for meat knife. i can chop all meat i want

  • Daniel Toniatti
    Daniel Toniatti 15 hours ago


  • the 13th warrior
    the 13th warrior 15 hours ago

    Looks more like a Bill hook than a meat cleaver

  • jacare bravo
    jacare bravo 21 hour ago

    Heroic version

  • Ego adiuvabo te
    Ego adiuvabo te 22 hours ago

    for some reason your vids keep crossing my path.........and again........its terrible, just terrible. i understand you have to learn this kind of things but, watch other channels with this content and learn from them bro!

  • PoipleToitle 869

    I sure hope this guy got his tetanus shots...

  • Jasper Indie
    Jasper Indie Day ago

    @yall shitting in the comments
    can you NOT

  • Aussie Kid
    Aussie Kid Day ago

    Is it just me or do you guys just sit here and find it really satisfying

  • Joe Zealous
    Joe Zealous Day ago

    Should of made the handle glass and fucked with everyone's mind


    Okay, at least the Blade runs through the handle.
    Here are the things I don't like about the Cleaver.

    1. The Handle is Brass
    2. It looks to Tacky(like 6ix9ine's hair)
    3. Looks WAY to metallic.
    And that is about it.

  • Rick Lemke
    Rick Lemke Day ago

    From our another project. JFC. This was horrible to watch. That handle is garbage.

  • derp derp
    derp derp Day ago


  • derp derp
    derp derp Day ago


    CLOUTINSEASON 2 days ago

    is that real acid 1:16

  • Sauceanoo _2
    Sauceanoo _2 2 days ago

    dont any of you dare to say "U DESTROYED A PIECE OF HISTORY" he found it in his god dam junkyard so zip it

  • Sans
    Sans 2 days ago

    I think a wooden handle would be better

  • wendel 23
    wendel 23 2 days ago

    hey new sub love the videos. you should do a restore the paint can for april fools next year..

  • Yoo RiKa
    Yoo RiKa 2 days ago


  • Yorimitsu Onishi
    Yorimitsu Onishi 2 days ago

    Pudge gon hook you then he gon slap dat ass with the cleaver

  • Experimental
    Experimental 2 days ago

    U should of sharpened it and cut some meat with it since its a butchers knife that will be cool

  • iByTe TM
    iByTe TM 2 days ago

    Kratos blades of chaos

  • Archana Yerne
    Archana Yerne 2 days ago

    Pub g games or lover like here👇👇 hater unlike here 👇👇

  • 스매시
    스매시 2 days ago

    이번건 영 아이다

  • Michael kors
    Michael kors 2 days ago

    thanks, I will restore all my knives

  • FirstKung CH
    FirstKung CH 2 days ago +1


  • Solaimam Ahmed Saimon

    this one How money price?

  • Sharon Florenda
    Sharon Florenda 2 days ago

    It's just so satisfying to see him pouring water/acid

  • lily-liver
    lily-liver 2 days ago

    what was the point of adding a fuller? from what i understand, the purpose of a fuller in swords is to remove unnecessary material to bring down the weight. if you're going to remove such a tiny amount of metal that it practically weights the same, while adding a brass handle for no reason that adds a significant amount of superfluous weight... it makes no sense. it's like engraving something, and then painting over with thick enamel paint so that you can't even see it anymore, or putting a spoiler on the back of a jeep wrangler.
    besides that, why would you even want to remove weight from the blade of a cleaver? do you know what a cleaver is? do you know what they're for?

  • seetha raj
    seetha raj 2 days ago


  • Dhawa Lama
    Dhawa Lama 2 days ago

    Its look great like the new one

  • Dhawa Lama
    Dhawa Lama 2 days ago

    Dame work friend make more than more for your occuption

  • Dhawa Lama
    Dhawa Lama 2 days ago

    Why there is no sound

  • Jagvir Singh
    Jagvir Singh 2 days ago

    Good polishing

  • Sandra Aquel
    Sandra Aquel 2 days ago

    In minute 0:0 it's stilleto knife

  • pinnacle
    pinnacle 3 days ago

    Are u selling that it looks great

  • Somite
    Somite 3 days ago

    why does everything has to have a metal handle tho, wooden handle makes it look more beautiful

  • Frozen Nugget
    Frozen Nugget 3 days ago

    Ya sure it ain’t a Dagger?

  • Юлиян Тонтчев

    wow thats amazing

  • Lata Wankhede
    Lata Wankhede 3 days ago

    kuch bhi title mat rakha karo

  • Lata Wankhede
    Lata Wankhede 3 days ago

    kuch bhi title mat rakha karo

  • Lata Wankhede
    Lata Wankhede 3 days ago

    kuch bhi title mat rakha karo

  • Colby Wydner
    Colby Wydner 3 days ago

    *ding* *ding*

  • Batman
    Batman 3 days ago +2

    Brass for the handle...... Really......?

  • scoobi1955
    scoobi1955 4 days ago

    Why does the picture say impossible when someone who never touched metal can do the same work...?

  • Tiago Carona
    Tiago Carona 4 days ago


  • Israel Olvera Salinas
    Israel Olvera Salinas 4 days ago +1

    Ola papú XD

  • NOAH 247 GAMER
    NOAH 247 GAMER 4 days ago

    After that polish do

  • Kevi Lee
    Kevi Lee 4 days ago

    Good job..nice pour on the handle.

  • TheRemington110020
    TheRemington110020 4 days ago

    it wasn't even hardened steel...

  • khadar basha
    khadar basha 4 days ago

    I want to buy it Wr r you from

  • Verdeo s
    Verdeo s 4 days ago

    Muy burdo..... las cachas hubieran quedado mejor en madera

  • Potato Salad
    Potato Salad 4 days ago

    Please dont cut the tip off.

  • I’m a bts fan don’t get triggered

    This knife is really pretty :D

  • ShadesSMH
    ShadesSMH 4 days ago

    Doean't giving it a metal handle defeat the purpouse of giving it a handle in the first place?
    Since this is an impact tool and all.

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck 4 days ago +1

    If that pile doesn't say tetnnis I don't know what does.

  • yazan arqam
    yazan arqam 4 days ago

    Hey do you restore these things then just put them on display or sell them?

  • Doesnt Exist
    Doesnt Exist 4 days ago

    Idk why I'm watching restoration videos

  • Jim Sung
    Jim Sung 4 days ago

    👍🏻 nice job

  • Octavius
    Octavius 4 days ago

    I think that went on a pole. Used at the slaughter house

  • Nicholas Howes
    Nicholas Howes 4 days ago

    Why are all these people casting handles

  • BaraZulu
    BaraZulu 4 days ago


  • Viana_ XO
    Viana_ XO 4 days ago +1

    Where do you just find a rusty meat cleaver?

  • pann mec
    pann mec 4 days ago

    I liked the vid but why did it say impossible reservation on the thumbnail

  • Diego Hiroshi y sus Videos

    What's your video-camera?.

  • Sliter
    Sliter 4 days ago

    well it looks a interesting piece! I would like t have the tools and try doing works a like... or send some rusted stuff to be restored! XD

  • prachi sahu
    prachi sahu 4 days ago

    Why your subscription bar is private i can't see how many subscribers you have
    But i am also one of your subscriber

  • Gw Great
    Gw Great 4 days ago

    I get the feeling that wasn't that old. In fact it looked home made even when it had surface rust....just sayin ....

  • Thomas Pinter
    Thomas Pinter 4 days ago

    The styroslicer that the kingofrandom made

  • Ted Walker
    Ted Walker 4 days ago

    Looks more like a fighting knife than a butcher knife

  • Jacob Morales
    Jacob Morales 4 days ago

    No way this was ever a original clever, he just cut out a piece of metal and let it rust. I mean look at the holes that were supposed to be for the handles, the off to one side and arnt even in line with eachother.

  • ༺Valentiniy༻
    ༺Valentiniy༻ 4 days ago


  • Reuben Hickey
    Reuben Hickey 4 days ago

    Looked better rusty

  • oliwer pietryszek
    oliwer pietryszek 4 days ago

    Looks like a pirates sword from Minecraft

  • Alex Veatch
    Alex Veatch 4 days ago

    Well there goes 11 minutes of my life. Man I really wanted this blade to turn out nice. Keep practicing I guess

  • matthbva
    matthbva 4 days ago

    I have seen several of your videos now, and I keep coming back out of sheer, morbid curiosity to see how you will take a rusty tool and make it no longer rusty, yet somehow even more fucked-up. I have a few suggestions for you. First, work on developing an appreciation of proportion and symmetry. Your work is just ugly. Second, put away the fucking angle grinder and learn to hand sand. The angle grinder finish screams amateur. Third, don't be satisfied with shitty work. That fuller that you cut into the spine of the blade is crooked and uneven in width. It looks terrible. Make yourself the proper tool and do it right. Finally, don't quit halfway through the job. Your brass handle (horrible idea to begin with) still looks "lumpy," in parts, and still has sanding marks in spots. Polishing over sanding lines just looks tacky. It needs a lot more work to look halfway decent.

  • paul scarth
    paul scarth 4 days ago

    Could someone please tell me the reason for the groove In the blade 7:39.

  • FlashDCSupermsn
    FlashDCSupermsn 5 days ago

    Impossible restoration yet you restored it

  • Girish Chadee
    Girish Chadee 5 days ago

    O M G ..... WOW WOW AND WOW

  • Simaxlion
    Simaxlion 5 days ago

    As long as you like doing it for hobby, it is awesome :) Yet you should know that it isn't best job and there is place for improvements :)

  • Dean Eggs And Sam
    Dean Eggs And Sam 5 days ago

    The lack of music is jarring

  • Shadowforge
    Shadowforge 5 days ago

    Why did you hide the Like/Dislike counter?

  • Emanuel
    Emanuel 5 days ago

    Shitty handle like always

  • Crimson Digital
    Crimson Digital 5 days ago

    shit looks straight out of a video game

  • Dawn Idol
    Dawn Idol 6 days ago


  • Nato Souza
    Nato Souza 6 days ago

    Ficou legal mas acho que devia ter tido um pouco mais de capricho, ficou bonita mas poderia ter ficado mais

  • Simon Middleton
    Simon Middleton 6 days ago

    This... made me angry.

  • Toufik Hasnaoui
    Toufik Hasnaoui 6 days ago


  • Wakiya Brenton
    Wakiya Brenton 6 days ago

    When my friend tells me someone's been talking shit behind my back: Random Hands

  • CryDaAnimatorGuy
    CryDaAnimatorGuy 6 days ago

    This doesn't seem very practical but ok

  • David Syler
    David Syler 6 days ago

    That is an axe head used for clearing brush and small trees.

  • James Williams
    James Williams 6 days ago

    4:07 Gotta Check Those Text's

  • Mustafa Jabbar
    Mustafa Jabbar 6 days ago

    That's a weapon

  • Neha kishore
    Neha kishore 6 days ago

    Amazing hai yrr

  • Neha kishore
    Neha kishore 6 days ago

    Nice tricks

  • Blaine County Sheriff Charger

    That neat cleaver restoration is so cool like if you agree

  • Ali Tha Realist
    Ali Tha Realist 6 days ago +1

    Stop complaining and whining.. 😐 He did a good job with out no big fancy machines you can clearly see he didn't use some of the tools/Machines some other people use Good job bro 👍🗡

  • Miguel de todo225
    Miguel de todo225 6 days ago

    Como hisiste eso para cortar icopor