9 Groundbreaking Discoveries About Sleep

  • Published on Feb 5, 2017
  • There's a lot about sleep that we don't understand, like why we even sleep in the first place, for example. Here are some amazing discoveries biologists have made while trying to solve the mystery of sleep.
    Hosted by: Hank Green
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  • 1980Baldeagle
    1980Baldeagle Day ago

    machines need down time for maintainability. If you don't maintain the equipment, it breaks down prematurely. That's what happens when you sleep, primarily in your dome piece.

  • Nikolay Penchev
    Nikolay Penchev 4 days ago

    I lotteraly fall asleep while watching this video! Seriusly my ipad fall to thhe grownd so i woke up

  • aaron faucett
    aaron faucett 6 days ago

    What I hear you say is that naps are a good thing..? 😂

  • Ashley Carttar
    Ashley Carttar 9 days ago

    Most people who go to sleep clinics have trouble sleeping. I wonder if they could learn anything from someone like me? I fall into mini coma's and dream vividly every night. I'm also difficult to wake up.

  • Alejandro Rodolfo Mendez

    i use the program f.lux to auto regulate the lights of my computers. after a couple of months the change it is noticeable, i could sleep more and also i do not keep watching videos at midnight every night. still i am starting to worry about those light on the computer fans.

  • Descythia The Hoodless

    I know I'm not the only one watching this while sleep deprived

  • Taylor Smith
    Taylor Smith 14 days ago

    What about the "2nd sleep", which was common in the Chaucer era? And/or are there any myths behind that?

  • Trey321 Godsloveld@gmail.com

    You don't know why we sleep but proceed to explain what happened when we don't sleep? Please do not respond to this automated response muh fukka.

  • GiggleMeBlaH Monteserin

    Pretty sad how I haven’t slept and it’s already 6 Am.... I’m taking advantage of my winter vacation...

  • Dane Dickerson
    Dane Dickerson 21 day ago

    Who else is watching this video at midnight, with blue light, and trying to pull an all nighter?

  • DinoGamezz
    DinoGamezz 22 days ago

    its 2:45 am so after this vid im gonna go get a good nights sleep for the rest of the year (I mean 2018 and 2017)

  • Daniel Diaz
    Daniel Diaz 24 days ago

    fatal familial insomnia? cant doctors like. just give them heavy sedatives. induce a coma. anesthesia. etc. basically forcing their bodies to shut down.

  • Ryan N
    Ryan N 25 days ago

    1:18 Bro, life is ultimately fatal

  • Luiza Álvarez Barreto

    Right now, millions of mice, rats, rabbits, primates, cats, dogs, and other animals are locked inside barren cages in laboratories across the country. They languish in pain, ache with loneliness, and long to be free. Instead, all they can do is sit and wait in fear of the next terrifying and painful procedure that will be performed on them.

  • Nia Lorre
    Nia Lorre Month ago

    All the talk of animals being tortured to death really put me off.

  • Aaron Bale
    Aaron Bale Month ago

    Wrong. Brains need to sleep in order to urinate. www.ted.com/talks/jeff_iliff_one_more_reason_to_get_a_good_night_s_sleep/up-next

  • Alexander Wu
    Alexander Wu Month ago

    Maybe aging is caused by sleep deprivation.

  • Kaustubh Funde
    Kaustubh Funde Month ago

    I was about to show this to my mom until 7:07

  • Raymond Hmuifoo
    Raymond Hmuifoo Month ago

    When I was a kid I was afraid to take naps. I thought that was how you got kidnapped.

  • Chara Dreemurr
    Chara Dreemurr Month ago

    🎶The Science Show!🎶
    *Piano drops on guy*
    Guy: Who’s idea was this?!

  • Bissan Obaid
    Bissan Obaid Month ago

    Can we actually trick our brain?it IS our brain basically telling itself to tricl itself. Placebos also work when the one using them doesnt know theyre placebos.
    Great videos

  • Nico Angelo Bado
    Nico Angelo Bado Month ago

    Casing point, it's almost 9pm now. Time to get to bed.

  • Hewi Kiwi
    Hewi Kiwi Month ago

    Poor rats

  • mumblernumber
    mumblernumber Month ago

    Who the hell burned rats?

    RXMOH Month ago +1

    Im in love with science

  • Tolliver
    Tolliver Month ago

    I know this is an old video but the study on sleep deprivation in rats is given as an example in some of my classes as a biased study. The rats were kept awake by keeping them on a pedestal with a spinning wall on it, surrounded by water. If they fell asleep the slow moving wall would knock them into the water, so they would wake up or drown. They could have died of stress, not of sleep deprivation. It doesn't mean that insomnia can cause death, because the rats weren't awake due to insomnia, but forced awake.

  • skyler anderson
    skyler anderson Month ago

    When I'm depriving myself of sleep watching this vid

  • Evi1M4chine
    Evi1M4chine 2 months ago +1

    *COULD YOU PLEASE FUCKIN BREATHE BETWEEN SENTENCES,* and give us time to take up the information?? You talk without a single fuckin pause! Whoever cuts these videos, need to be cut too!! _With a spoon!_ Why a spoon? Because it hurts more!

  • Evi1M4chine
    Evi1M4chine 2 months ago +1

    *Genetic disorders are not ”incurable“ anymore!*
    ”incurable“ is arrogant god-complex doctor speak anyway. You mean ”1.
    we 2. do not know, how to cure it 3. yet!“. As opposed to ”never ever in all of the universe forever!“

  • V Morrissey
    V Morrissey 2 months ago


  • ikill GHOSTundDEMONSinMYsleep

    I thought sleeping shortens it like
    I learned math and stuff the next morning I forget all those equations for my advanced classes

  • ikill GHOSTundDEMONSinMYsleep

    If u tape the eyes of a FFI sufferers
    Make an sleep? Idk

  • Jeffrey Salvador
    Jeffrey Salvador 2 months ago

    Who else is here because they can't sleep....btw thanks for the answer "blue light" I should probably put my phone away

  • Delimbiyra ღ
    Delimbiyra ღ 2 months ago

    I oversleep all the time, what could this mean?

  • Squeekuto Uzumaki
    Squeekuto Uzumaki 2 months ago

    I get sick (more specifically have a glandular fever relapse) when I don't get enough sleep😩

  • Jai Lec
    Jai Lec 2 months ago

    Stop harming rats please...
    It makes me feel sad...

  • Steven Nesfeder
    Steven Nesfeder 2 months ago

    what i took from this video: not sleeping will make you lose weight

  • Loshi
    Loshi 2 months ago +1

    can anyone give me some examples of apps that remove blue light :)

  • iiTotally_Tas
    iiTotally_Tas 2 months ago

    i have insomnia sooo..... XD

  • G Blake
    G Blake 2 months ago

    Awful and disgusting that was done to such sweet, intelligent and innocent animals. Humans are so often just a swollen boil on the earth. I am ashamed of my species.

  • funmod gaming
    funmod gaming 2 months ago

    ignore the fact that its 5am im voluntarily awake cause im not tired not cause of blue light just to be clear

  • funmod gaming
    funmod gaming 2 months ago

    cant sleep now cause of the blue background thanks a lot dork

  • Eric Scott
    Eric Scott 2 months ago

    Very fascinating! And now, I am going to go to sleep. Good night!

  • Black Iron Seamus
    Black Iron Seamus 2 months ago

    Warning jumpscare at 5:58

  • jasmine acosta
    jasmine acosta 2 months ago

    Hank !! 😀

  • Saad Ansari
    Saad Ansari 2 months ago

    I had got habit of sleeping @ 12-1 am a few months ago but now I sleep mostly around 11 pm and most lately 11.30.

  • Saad Ansari
    Saad Ansari 2 months ago

    SLEEP AT 11 WAKE AT 7... BEST!!! Atleast for me... during sundays...
    Other days: 10.30-6.30

  • Earthium
    Earthium 2 months ago

    Sweet dreams are made of memes, who had a mind to disagree.

  • apostle333
    apostle333 2 months ago

    I wonder if there's a connection here. I always have this experience I call "the big small" It feels like I'm both galactic and atomic at the same time. It prevent me from sleeping when it gets out of control. I wonder if there is a connection there?

  • ElephantHut
    ElephantHut 2 months ago

    I feel bad for the rats :(

  • pranay forever
    pranay forever 3 months ago

    Blah blah blah... too much talking

  • MarschStudios
    MarschStudios 3 months ago

    Thanks for making these phenomenal videos. I've read an article or two suggesting that in past eras (Medieval, etc) humans had "two sleeps:" they went to sleep with the sun, woke in the middle of the night and went about their business, and then slept again until sunrise. Could you research this and make a video?

  • Keilani Kekoa
    Keilani Kekoa 3 months ago

    Watching this in bed before sleep

  • Kat!668 Japan!668
    Kat!668 Japan!668 3 months ago

    I have severe insomnia. When im not in a sport i get about two to four hours of sleep per day and once a week i would get no sleep. When i am in a sport i oversleep. I get ten to twelve hours of sleep per night. . .

  • Intex Cloud S9
    Intex Cloud S9 3 months ago

    exit light enter night...off to never never land

  • Sixtine
    Sixtine 3 months ago

    Poor rats.

  • Derek Knight
    Derek Knight 3 months ago

    What a trip! CSF cleaning the brain in dishwasher mode. Thanks for the video!

  • TCGBattling Master
    TCGBattling Master 3 months ago

    i listen to these to fall asleep

  • Rafael Eleutério
    Rafael Eleutério 3 months ago

    ok, sleep deprivation can kill you, but... what about excess sleeping? What happens to your body when you force it to sleep more than it needs?

  • J.A. Wolf
    J.A. Wolf 3 months ago

    WTF. Did the rats volunteer to be painfully shocked and burned in the name of human-centric science?

  • DaveTheWave
    DaveTheWave 3 months ago +1

    Watching videos helps me fall asleep it doesn’t prevent me from falling asleep

  • Sam Stevenson
    Sam Stevenson 3 months ago

    Not sleeping to watch this video

  • JustyFied
    JustyFied 3 months ago

    Just me or does the doctor at 4:20 look high?

  • adecree
    adecree 3 months ago

    Did they really have to burn the rats?..

  • d bush
    d bush 3 months ago

    There was no mention of what happens when you sleep too much. Maybe another video for that topic?

  • Jolie Giacomo
    Jolie Giacomo 3 months ago

    Can you cry in your sleep? I've recently gone through heartbreak. Daytime I listen to nothing funny things & stay busy. However when I woke up my face was swollen as if I had been bawling all night. No food allergies.

  • MythologicalXX
    MythologicalXX 3 months ago

    HEY! I know why we go to sleeps!

    We get tired

  • MyBubbleInSpace
    MyBubbleInSpace 3 months ago

    Could you make a video on narcolepsy? And hopefully on the potential studies for a cure? I've had it since I had the vaccination against swine flu in 2009 and would really appreciate it. Love your channels!

  • llarry2769
    llarry2769 3 months ago

    thinking of how many rats had to die is going to keep me awake at nights

  • William Calhoun
    William Calhoun 3 months ago

    Quit the unnecessary sadistic animal experiments. Did we really need to know that so badly that we had to torture something to find it out?

  • Lightningmonky 7
    Lightningmonky 7 4 months ago

    We sleep because we're tired, DUH

  • another one
    another one 4 months ago

    "I never sleep cause sleep is the cousin of death"

  • Raul Salcedo
    Raul Salcedo 4 months ago

    The ground still remains

  • Michael Meissner
    Michael Meissner 4 months ago

    Number 7 is why I use Gunnars

  • cheeseman
    cheeseman 4 months ago

    This is one of the videos I was watching while procrastinating going to sleep.

  • FrostedMantis
    FrostedMantis 4 months ago

    Who's watching this vid in bed

    Also, who's tired?

  • Wendy Aston
    Wendy Aston 4 months ago

    I am going to sleep 😴 10:00 pm

  • Albert Sitoe
    Albert Sitoe 4 months ago

    6:45 how did the rats get burn wounds tf

  • allie paterson
    allie paterson 4 months ago

    I hardly sleep but when i do it is uncomfortable and i have nightmares sometimes to lol.

  • tobechukwu anyanwu
    tobechukwu anyanwu 4 months ago

    Couldn't help thinking about all those sleep deprived rats subjected to shock after shock ( ._.)

  • tobechukwu anyanwu
    tobechukwu anyanwu 4 months ago

    Watching this on a smartphone at 1:32 am ( ._.)

  • Thomas Cummings
    Thomas Cummings 5 months ago

    At 0.5 speed he sounds drunk

  • vadadiud ines
    vadadiud ines 5 months ago

    We sleep bc were tired

  • chrisgosselin92
    chrisgosselin92 5 months ago

    Kinda just breezed over the sleep affecting burn healing, based on an experiment on rats. Damn that almost seems unethical.

  • Isaac Wedige
    Isaac Wedige 5 months ago

    He said sleep so many times it doesnt sound like a work anymore

  • Alvin Lofton
    Alvin Lofton 5 months ago

    They have them rats hell

  • João Vieira
    João Vieira 5 months ago

    Poor rats...

  • Arron Bell
    Arron Bell 5 months ago

    Poor rats, had a tough time in the 70s

  • Crystal Majestica
    Crystal Majestica 5 months ago

    The blue light thing...
    So if you look at images of Sonic the hedgehog or Mega Man on your phone, they would disrupt your sleep?

  • Courtney lovell
    Courtney lovell 5 months ago

    Can the show do a video on: "The importance/use/purpose of [the] tags on clothing"- Courtney L.

  • Jordan Levitt
    Jordan Levitt 5 months ago

    4:21 you know, for a doctor who has aided research on sleep, he really doesn't look like hes had much of it.

  • Original Precursor
    Original Precursor 5 months ago

    WTF are these horrifying people doing to these poor rats. I mean....good god.

  • Andre Le Roux
    Andre Le Roux 5 months ago

    Why do a lot of kids grind their teeth in their sleep?

  • novocras
    novocras 5 months ago

    How does sleep play into depression? I've read articles about how too much sleep can lead to an early death. But if depression is an illness how does that play out.

  • ??? %
    ??? % 5 months ago

    What about the guy who lost the ability to sleep,but was wayyy more efficient at doing things?

  • LegendaryHarpSeal52
    LegendaryHarpSeal52 6 months ago

    This is click bait, when I heard these discoveries, the ground beneath me didn't break, I'm so pissed 😡 this click bait is wrong. Stop the click bait.

  • Mikayla Eckel Cifrese
    Mikayla Eckel Cifrese 6 months ago

    Can medication help people with that type of insomnia?

  • Bob Bobson
    Bob Bobson 6 months ago

    It would be nice if the word "believe" could be replaced by "think". For instance "that discovery led scientists to think that sleep is..."

  • Rock Balancer
    Rock Balancer 6 months ago

    number 7 he says with that background.... with my screen on max... in the dark... i should go to sleep

  • Cindy Durán
    Cindy Durán 6 months ago +1

    Poor rats 🐭.