Casually Explained: The Friend Zone

  • Published on May 30, 2016
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  • roham parsa
    roham parsa 2 hours ago

    Im not even in a zone

  • Dizdaic
    Dizdaic Day ago

    The best way to get out of Friend Zone is to leave her/his Zone

  • brenb1120 / nyscene911

    0:21 oh come on why did you have to remind me of the reddit story

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob Day ago

    aye i go to penn state and im in the friendzone

  • Alexandre Chabot
    Alexandre Chabot 2 days ago

    youtube knows my life a bit too much to show me this video

  • Andrew WithNoLife
    Andrew WithNoLife 8 days ago

    now i know i cant get out of the friend zone because i dont know how to be more attractive

  • OceNas
    OceNas 8 days ago

    *lol im so cool i don't even know what a friendzone is lool*

  • iiBloodHunter
    iiBloodHunter 9 days ago

    OMG I died at "fucking slut" 😂🤣

  • wolf_ mikey
    wolf_ mikey 9 days ago

    Hahahaha he sayed fucking SLUT😂😂🤣🤣

  • Totalled Bear
    Totalled Bear 10 days ago

    i Am definitely in the friend zone;-;

  • Vanshaj Verma
    Vanshaj Verma 10 days ago

    The Moment you said "Fucking slut!" you earned another subscriber.

  • - Boble -
    - Boble - 10 days ago +1

    It's the same stages when someone that u like (much) dies 1:08

  • Jake B
    Jake B 11 days ago

    Depression check self confidence no check

  • Kill Me
    Kill Me 12 days ago

    Welcome to bone zone

  • KyūRei*
    KyūRei* 12 days ago

    And you have it. The scientific explanation to why so much guys become gay (even the most attractive you want because you know deep inside you they are). Abusive friendzoning will cause the extinction of humanity. Hope you're proud guurls.

  • Spinosaurus27 Gaming
    Spinosaurus27 Gaming 12 days ago


  • Kyle Apodaca
    Kyle Apodaca 12 days ago

    This is hilarious and upsetting and the same time

  • Asiya Iammuah
    Asiya Iammuah 13 days ago

    This video is hilarious

  • Zack Tribs
    Zack Tribs 13 days ago

    Holy shit that obscure broken-arms reddit reference...

  • Pierre Delplanque
    Pierre Delplanque 13 days ago

    Is she into you? Well you can’t really tell...

  • The OverSaturated Gamer

    One time a waitress gave me a heart on my receipt, I just assumed she did for everyone

  • • Hugozzz •
    • Hugozzz • 13 days ago

    But she said I have a psychopath face

  • Cerise SurLeGato
    Cerise SurLeGato 13 days ago

    Lmao after the 5 steps of death there's the 5 steps of emotional death

  • my first crappy video Billy

    Listen, if you drink coffee, you're more likely to drink coffee so you'll run into a cute barista and appreciate her more for serving your purpose. But humans are creatures of habit and any relationship might not work out. So ask yourself: are you willing to risk coffee and your morning routine to date them no matter how attractive they are. For me, not so much, which is the only time I won't pursue someone I'm sexually attracted to.

  • diamondpower
    diamondpower 14 days ago

    Idk if you know this but those stages are actually stages before death

  • IchEsseKonsolen
    IchEsseKonsolen 15 days ago

    Casually Explained was more savage in 2016 :|

  • Jack Frostler aka Cow Pee

    You can't be in the friendzone if you have no friends

  • Ryan Medows
    Ryan Medows 17 days ago

    Step 1: leave

  • ECP Wistful
    ECP Wistful 21 day ago

    Are you gonna be in the friend zone?
    Or are you gonna go for the end zone.

  • Johnathon Lee
    Johnathon Lee 21 day ago

    Aye guys I found step 2 to getting out of the friend zone!! Step 2: find the exit

  • Jun Micheletti
    Jun Micheletti 21 day ago

    wish i was gay

  • Seksiumutcocuk -_-
    Seksiumutcocuk -_- 23 days ago

    Hell yeah im denying it 100%
    Boiii she said a lot of times HEY EVERYONE KNOWS I LOVE YOU AHAHAHA
    Fucking even once grabbed my ass
    Held my hand like with her hands really tightly in the midle of the school and said to all her friends were a couple
    We used to talk until like 4am on snapchat
    But the fact that she became friends with the girl who likes me makes me think she likes me as a friend and maybe trying to find solution with the girl who has a crush on me to tell me thag im only a friend or maybe to make me and that other girl be a couple idk im a really skeptic and negative person in life I neevr see things from its good sides always from the worst so Idk if its only my interpretation of the things ?

  • the sacred potato
    the sacred potato 23 days ago


  • Danny Lopez
    Danny Lopez 24 days ago

    When she says “you’ll find someone better” then he actually found someone better than her 😂😂😂

  • 1Loyal King
    1Loyal King 24 days ago

    Friends with benefits is best. Relationships of today are too much of a risk. Nowadays relationships are just phases, not permanent like say our parents or grandparents generations. It may be better to leave Americanized U.S. women alone and get with women of other countries that really want decent husbands marriage.

  • OnixTV
    OnixTV 25 days ago

    You can tell this guy has experience.

  • NasH The Gamer
    NasH The Gamer 25 days ago

    Here's my story :
    I'm a fucking no life, just a regular gamer .butt hen in high school i met this girls which was cute tbh, we talked a little bit till xmwe got really close to the point where she told me evreything and took my advice to everything she did, for me it was a first time being friends with someone and getting this close and i kinda liked it we would hangout pretty often together and all, and then came the moment where i felt something in my heart for her at a point, so i was a little confused cuz i never felt that for anyone, i was just that cringy dude who was always alone only talking about games nonstop never outside, basically just a loser, but... She managed to change me everytime i went to see her i would make efforts to look nice and more attractive i chnged my habits being more of a social guy, i'll always feel the warmth in my heart i felt when i saw her happines when i offered her a necklace that she wore everyday, i was Happy to think that i loved someone like her, she was nice funny and had some of the same humor as mine, a very beatiful person so i gathered all that i could grew a massive pair of balls and just told her that i liked her, and she was the first one to ever make me feel happy, i didn't force an option on her by asking her immediately or something like that, but then she chnged the subject. I wasn't heartbroken at that time i was telling to myself ( nah it's okay, she just broke up with her bf maybe she doesn't want to get into a relationship right away maybe giver her sometime) , so that was in the summer break when school started we went to different colleges but i didn't want to stop visiting her so each week i would pay her a visit and so but then, we talked by texts everytime of the day, but then... One day she was absent all day long so i called her to check, it appeared that she was okay nothing happened she just didn't answer my texts, day after day till we Will talk less, so i go to visit her in her college to see that she don't even acknowledge my presence , so i begin to think that something is going wrong , a week passes and we didn't talk to each other, so i go to our in common Friend, she tell's me '' don't worry she'll break up with him'' shocked i thought she was joking so i ask her who? The she replied, damn she didn't tell you i'm so sorry i didn't know, only god knows how much i cried that night, it's kinda depressing knowing that even tho you'll do everything u can u'll remain a pile of shit.
    The End.
    I hope my life ends too...

    • Inerio
      Inerio 9 days ago +2

      It's the person who put the most effort who became in love, just ignore her and go for other thing. You don't have to put so much love atention for her if she didn't give you the same. If she want more she will come by herself to you, else just move and dont break your heart man.. Life is long and we are pretty much on this earth :D

  • JJ Plays
    JJ Plays 28 days ago

    Oh, I already know what that is.

  • Wrelm
    Wrelm Month ago +1

    XD the 5 stages of grief oof

  • Cʜɪɴɪʏᴜᴋɪ Nɪɢʜᴛᴄᴏʀᴇ

    I'm on pewdiepie zone sorry

  • Z S
    Z S Month ago

    Bone zone...

  • Kaushik Bala
    Kaushik Bala Month ago

    I can like a girl a lot but i am always afraid of falling in love

  • Allison Cooper
    Allison Cooper Month ago

    Huh. Being in the same room, looking in their general direction, and winking both eyes at the same time.
    Okay guys I’m never going to school again!

  • CrabbierBull 391
    CrabbierBull 391 Month ago +1

    there’s only room for one of us in that zone. so I’m staying

  • Professor Voodoo
    Professor Voodoo Month ago +17

    Draws hearts on cup. “Is she into you?”

    Now you see, you really can’t tell

  • jigneshdevganiya
    jigneshdevganiya Month ago

    have you heard about 'bhai' zone?? 🇮🇳 Just an Indian thing

  • An yee
    An yee Month ago

    Guy can put girl into a friendzone too and it hurts

  • Procrastinator
    Procrastinator Month ago

    I'm genuinely sorry for every guy who has suffered because of this but what's even worse is that a lot of guys actually think friendzone = any friendship with a girl and that's really sad

  • tyler lord
    tyler lord Month ago


  • amziedragon
    amziedragon Month ago

    Trust, me, it's not just boys, no guy has ever asked me out 😂 in fact, i asked my recent crush to the movies just us and nothing happened (like we watched a movie, talked and left) so i take it we're just friends, im kinda over it now though, i don't need a boyfriend anyway i guess...

  • Jambam
    Jambam Month ago

    The way out of the friend zone but most people don't like (morals i guess). If you sleep with one of her friends (and do a damn good job of it) then don't pay the girl you like as much attention, don't hang out as much, cancel plans etc. please note I'm not saying treat her like shit just be too busy to hang out with her for x period of time. Now her friend will tell her how great you were in bed and because you aren't constantly hanging out with the original girl, she will A. miss your company B. Be curious to see how good you are and finally C. She will get jealous of her friend. The Jealousy card is powerful and dangerous please proceed with caution and i will not be held liable if you get a slap.
    Good luck guys!

  • Leonche 123
    Leonche 123 Month ago

    Wait... Oh.$jdbahjNnHahh)*&1&@&!&+-+2/8#&$7!29#?2?2+#+#+2+4&#

    TKDMIKEP Month ago

    Step 2. Be rich

  • Gonçalo Reis
    Gonçalo Reis Month ago

    This is super relatable 😂😂😂

  • DarVents
    DarVents Month ago

    those are the stages of death... again, you can't really tell

  • Subonic DTA
    Subonic DTA Month ago

    Once i really liked this girl and i thought she liked me back, we were like best friends and all of our mutual friends were "shipping" us and such. But before i asked her out i pretended to be another girl online and asked her if she liked me or if it was ok for (fake girl) to go after me. She said oh no, we are just friends and i have a boyfriend. So ofc she told me that this girl liked me and i was like eh not really feeling it, and used it as an opportunity to ask her if she had a boyfriend, and she said yeah you just never see him because we only hang out once a week and hes not a social person. One day we were hanging out and started play wrestling, and then kinda cuddled and then out of no where she tried to kiss me and i asked if she was sure and she started crying and left and didnt talk to me for 3 days. I told her that i lliked her a lot but i didnt want to mess up her relationship. She said yeah, i just like you as a friend. The same day we hung out and made out on the couch for like 3 hours.. lol. She broke up with her bf like an hour later and we dated for like 6 months and then i broke up with her on christmas because she ended up being crazy. But anyways its definitely possible to get out of the friendzone just takes some finesse 🙃

  • Mly The Mly
    Mly The Mly Month ago

    I've a friend that thinks I'm in love with her, but I only want friendship, she is the same. but she is always defensive. why does girls do this?

  • Gözde Ve Yusuf Kurtalan

    Türkler Selen Teksöz bunu beğen mis amk

  • First Last
    First Last Month ago +1

    Blackpilled video to be honest

  • The ChaseGamer
    The ChaseGamer Month ago

    It’s so bad it’s in comic sans

  • Jacket T
    Jacket T Month ago

    Cant be friend zoned if you have no friends

  • Nao chan
    Nao chan Month ago +1

    it take a lot of talent to drop 100% true and accurate knowledge in such a hilarious way

  • Pavo Super
    Pavo Super Month ago

    Amazing video as always

  • imahelpfulperson
    imahelpfulperson Month ago

    How to not be friend zoned: say how you feel. Once the girl responds, you make your decision on what to do.
    I had a situation where this girl contacted me out of nowhere; she was my old coworker. I wasn’t really thinking about her, but I did like her. So to get a text from her was pretty cool. So we went to the gym together, and we had a blast.
    Anyways, we were talking every single day, all day. As time went by, I started to like her. I decided to say something, let her know how I felt (I don’t play all that “spitting game” crap. I’m too old for that.) She responded by telling me that she had just got out of a long term relationship and that she wasn’t ready to be in another one at the moment. She said she liked me, but she didn’t want to hurt me because she wasn’t ready for a relationship yet. I respected her response, but I told her that for the sake of my feelings that I have to back off of her. I straight up told her that I’m not trying to be friend zoned. She begged me to stay around; she said she really liked talking to me everyday. She even said that she started to like me, too. However, I couldn’t do it. I check in on her from time-to-time (once a month- maybe), but I don’t talk very long. When we do talk, it’s nothing relationship oriented. I keep it simple. I may joke around with her for a while and keep it pushing. I don’t hate her or anything; she was honest with me. I just don’t have time for my emotions to be played with.
    My point: It’s all about taking control. Friend zoning isn’t forced; it’s allowed. So don’t allow it. Accept it for what it is and move on. Simple as that.
    Remember: friend zoning is when it’s not mutual. Once you come to a mutual understanding. It’s no longer friend zoning; it’s just being a friend. Check in on them here and there; there’s nothing wrong with that. Just don’t do it with any selfish intentions or goal of trying to get with her IN ANY WAY. Do it because you care. Chasing a woman looks so weak. DON’T BLOW UP HER PHONE! Check in every blue moon. Don’t ask about any relationships. Just talk for a bit, make sure she is okay, and leave it at that.
    On the other hand, if she treats you like crap, just leave her alone. Move on COMPLETELY!

  • Shiznuts
    Shiznuts Month ago

    1. Be more attractive
    2... be an asshole. Girls love assholes. Not literal ones. Although... some do.

  • weiRd BliNk
    weiRd BliNk Month ago

    *fucking slut*

  • My time
    My time Month ago

    step 1:be more attractive

    alexa play despacito

  • john martin
    john martin 2 months ago

    I am always friendzoned. I have never had a female friend that i liked in that way without being friendzoned... I, ofcourse failed at the list of things to do to get out of the friend zone. So what do you do when you fail the list and can't become more attractive because you're mentally inept and don't know how.... well there are a few solutions. Stop being friends with girls and when you develop feelings... squash them by blowing up a fault (everyone has one. Can be anything from her foot being. Small to her hair being 1 shade off from whatyou like.) she has that you don't like way out of proportion until you dont like her like that any more(this method can take anywhere from a day to 2 weeks. Experiences may vary.) Or you could just seclude yourself from all possible sources of love. Never look for it because you know looking and failing hurts more than not looking.

  • Ion Dina
    Ion Dina 2 months ago

    :58 that slut

  • lukas wildau
    lukas wildau 2 months ago

    As someone with personal experience I know for a fact that friends with benifits-zone isn’t much better.Sure you may be having sex and all but in the end it becomes so emotionally draining that you wish you were just friends again

  • CancerMelon
    CancerMelon 2 months ago

    Hi Tori Black :)

  • Tipsy Traveler
    Tipsy Traveler 2 months ago

    Is it bad to get relationship advice from casually explained ?

  • stonewall 138777
    stonewall 138777 2 months ago

    Don’t be friends with women. Period. That is about all you can do to avoid it.

  • Holy Cas
    Holy Cas 2 months ago +1


  • Willy Feuchter
    Willy Feuchter 2 months ago

    Lmao "no zone, friend zone, bone zone, ozone^" 😂😂

  • one tome plz
    one tome plz 2 months ago

    I ain’t in any zone I don’t know what the zone is

  • Shae Perkins
    Shae Perkins 2 months ago

    Step 1

  • Roman Figueroa
    Roman Figueroa 2 months ago


  • KaptainBasketball
    KaptainBasketball 2 months ago


  • This Is Mii
    This Is Mii 2 months ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Kaleb Bruwer
    Kaleb Bruwer 2 months ago

    Coping with humor seems to be working so far. I think.

  • DominixxVI
    DominixxVI 2 months ago

    The friends with benefits zone. Nice

  • Melkers Teknikhörna
    Melkers Teknikhörna 2 months ago

    Im number 5

  • Xantron
    Xantron 2 months ago

    she was showing you those pictures cause she thought you were gay. LOL

  • Jannis Höntscher
    Jannis Höntscher 2 months ago

    I don’t even have a female friend

  • Tiacorn !!!
    Tiacorn !!! 2 months ago

    So my best friend is a dude and I love being besties, I go over to his place all the time, I’m in good with his fam (especially his mum and I think with his sister) and I think I might have a crush on him but I don’t really know but I don’t want to ruin what we have and make things all wierd. Any ideas?

  • Tiacorn !!!
    Tiacorn !!! 2 months ago

    Aren’t those the 5 stages of death/ divorce/ DUFF

  • Tialocke
    Tialocke 2 months ago

    Fun fact: The five stages of the friend zone that were mentioned in this video (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance) are actually based off the Kübler-Ross model of the five stages of grief, which are the projected emotional states that someone will experience after a personal loss, especially death.

  • Bong Sola
    Bong Sola 2 months ago +1

    oh my god! Aaron james is also my name

  • Always Strive To Self Improve

    Try this one out, don't get too excited and be friends with everyone who you "like", if she likes likes you then it will all turn out progressing step by step......and both are out of that zone!

  • 240pixel
    240pixel 2 months ago +11

    You should never try to escape friend zone. Just move on. Find somebody else. Don't waste your time. Thank me later

    • Beau
      Beau 2 months ago

      Or fuck them a few years later and then stop talking to them

  • John De Luna
    John De Luna 2 months ago

    Most guys that get friend zoned were the ones who chase girls that were out of their league. Was one of them and definitely a hard lesson to learn.

  • - VentKlik -
    - VentKlik - 2 months ago +18

    haha *oops I just broke both of my arms*

  • The Steadfast Duelist
    The Steadfast Duelist 2 months ago +2

    *Can't be in the friendzone if you don't have any friends.*

  • Who is Kool.K ? Radio
    Who is Kool.K ? Radio 2 months ago

    Check my Hot new song "Friend Zone"

  • Derrick Sin
    Derrick Sin 2 months ago

    the broken arm mom reference lol

  • LithuanianBomzpakis
    LithuanianBomzpakis 2 months ago

    Jesus Starbucks Girl....
    My mind: Fucking slut... Jesus

  • Jordan Gaiter
    Jordan Gaiter 2 months ago +1

    Okay allow me to display my situation. So I met this girl at school one day when I was hanging out with some friends, I knew immediately she wasn’t like most girls because she laughed at my Anne Frank joke which is one of the darkest ones I have , so I knew I had to get her snap and start flirting which is actually a first for me. Anywho, a day or two goes by of me flirting and he flirting back but not as much, and it turns out she’s bi and has a gf. So I said “just because there’s a goalie doesn’t mean you can’t score”, and she said we’ll see. A few days pass of us just talking and flirting a little and one day she messages me after school bc she needed someone to talk to before she went in to get this tattoo, and turns out it was a minute away so she asked if I wanted to come and I did. I sat 3 hours through her tattoo with her. Anywho a week passes, she and her gf fight bc her gf read her messages with me, one thing lead to another, and they broke up(I was the least of the reasons why but that’s too much info). Now obviously the next couple days she was extra flirty and touchy and shit bc she wanted attention after the breakup. So I waited a while to ask her if she liked me and would consider getting to know each other better and see where things go(note I made it clear I was not asking her out at that moment), she said she wasn’t ready for a relationship etc etc.. basically a rejection. But next day she says she wants to give it till the end of the month to decide (2 weeks away), which I knew it would take longer of course, and honestly I preferred that it did bc I don’t want to rush into something and ruin it. Anywho I let like another month go by, keep in mind we’re hanging out nearly every day l, sometimes with friends but progressively each week it grew into just us 98% of the time. we went out to eat together, went to movies.. oh shit wait!! I forgot, the end of the month thing was aligned with Halloween, and we ended up going as like a basically couples thing where we were both sexy cops. Okay back to it, anywho we were constantly hanging out together blah blah blah. Now, during that whole time, and the rest of the time until now, I want to point out that one thing I noticed is that in person she’s pretty touchy and flirty in that she cuddles up to me sometimes or sometimes comes up when I’m sitting down and wraps her arms around my neck and rests her head on mine for a bit. But despite all this, every time someone goes “oh hey you two are dating now?” She gets really defensive and like shits on my life with the hardest No’s. And we never really have conversation, like actual convos, over text. It’s like in person we’re a couple, but as soon as we’re not physically together, she never seems to want to actually talk. Now another thing, probably about a month ago I asked her again wtf was going on bc I didn’t feel like getting lead on anymore, and she said the same “I’m not ready for a relationship, I wanna focus on this and that and this and that”, which I understand and respect, but sometimes she or her friends slip up and mention someone she’s talking to online, and it’s never like “oh so how are you two doing”, like it never sounds like the online person is someone she’s dating, just someone she’s talking to who might have a little interest in her, but they never say enough to suggest that SHES interested. Now one thing about this girl I should note is that one: apparently like 90% of her past relationships have all been online with people who don’t live close enough for her to see in person, and two: basically all except one or two of the guys she’s dated were no good. So when I talked to her friend she said “yeah don’t be surprised if she acts really weird compared to most girls, she doesn’t exactly know how to deal with relationships/flirting in person, and she probably is pretty hesitant to trust you bc you’re a guy and most of her guy exes weren’t so great”. And like, I’ve fallen in love with this girl so hard, honestly “the fall” as I like to call it, started since the day she got her tattoo when I was sitting there with her for hours watching her go through that pain(not like creepily staring into her soul lmao), which seemed oddly beautiful to me because I knew from day one that she wasn’t your typical girly girl who breaks down over much, especially because she’s always mentioning wrestling with her guy friends in HS and how she won most of the time, and she’s definitely not push over when we hang out and get to like play fighting and shit lol , oh and apparently she’s had i think it was 4 or 5 heart surgeries, so yeah, she’s a very tough girl. So again, seeing her go through that pain which she honestly took like a champ, was beautiful to me because it even though I had only known her for a bit, I knew she was a tough girl and wasn’t one to show her pain, but in this moment she couldn’t hide it. And it was in that moment of seeming vulnerability for her, my heart just wanted to ease the pain for her (obviously I couldn’t in that situation), but every day since I’ve been so captivated with wanting to get to know this girl more, to know as much about her as I possibly could because I wanted to learn about her weaknesses and pains and vulnerabilities so I can do my best to fill in those points with my care and love the best I could bc honestly I’m not perfect. Damn I got sidetracked, but what I was trying to say is part of me wants to be patient, and show this girl that I’m not like other people, and show her that I want to be her best friend as well as her lover(and yes I mean sexually too because goddamn this girl is gorgeous to me and I hella wanna kiss her and hold her and just do everything a boyfriend would do), and that I’m worth the risk. By god I’m not the perfect guy, I don’t have a job or car yet (relax I’m 18 and she’s 19 and I’ve only been outta HS for a semester so I’m working on both of those as we speak), I suck at flirting and being smooth with words and actions, I’m lowkey scared to kiss her bc I’ve only ever had two gf’s and I never exactly got feedback from them on my kissing game, and one it comes to signs and when to make certain moves and when not to, I don’t think I’m the best. In reality all I have to offer is my heart and effort and time, which at this point in my life is all I have to offer anyone. But despite all of this, I still don’t want to get strung along bc part of my fears that she’s pulling the same move my ex did, just stringing me along bc she knows how much I want to be there for her, and using me up for my attention and care, until she no longer needs it (probs bc she got someone), and then tosses me aside like a used napkin. Idk what to do and I don’t know if I can take that much more pain, I’ve been dedicating everything I have my entire life to making sure those around me are happy and cared for, and 90% of the time I get used up. And I don’t know if can take it from this girl, I mean, she’s literally like a best friend to me in that the comfort I feel I’m being myself around her is through the roof, and Ik it’s somewhat the same for her because we’ve been hanging out before and got into some dumbass shenanigans and I remember saying one time”wow and y’all joke about not being able to take ME anywhere look at her Rn” and her friend was like “honestly idk she never acts like this”. And to most that doesn’t mean much but to me it showed me that I was getting this girl to have fun and act in ways she apparently didn’t even act with her friend of like 4 or 5 years (also bi, and a dude). God damnit I got sidetracked again, I’m sorry y’all but if you’ve made it this far I apologize for the unorganized ass roller coaster of a story I took you on there. In summary I’m in love with this girl and I’m not too clear on how she feels about me, but even though I wanna show my myself to her by sticking through this until hopefully we end up together, I also don’t want to get used and idk what to do. Anywho that’s my TedTalk thanks for coming

    • Ahgii
      Ahgii 11 days ago

      Hi man. I've been in a very similar situation as you...with a bi girl, allthough it didn't last that long. She was very flirty and touchy in person, also on text, not ur typical girl either and pretty good looking... I fell in love really quick like a fucking idiot and i confessed my feelings to her. I got rejected, but she still remained flirty and all, at one point she said she wanted to be friends with benefits and we'd have dirty talk and talk about what we'd do to each other... She didn't "deliver" on those intents. Then in the winter vacation she started to act really fucking shitty, she was telling me she can't go out..but she was going to my "friend's" house regularly (which is 5 minutes away from mine) and when my "friend" asked me if i wanna go to mcdonalds with them i said yes, by that point i had lost most of my feelings for her because i realised what she was doing, but when we went to mcdonalds she started saying "oh ur so annoying" "if we were on discord i'd hang up right now" "i'm not in the mood for you right now" and whispering to my "friend" in front of me, i said "ok then, i'll leave" and i stopped talking to her from that point on... Just CONFESS YOUR FEELINGS, GET THE ANSWER, IF IT'S A NO JUST GET HER OFF YOUR HEART, there's plenty of fish in the sea, IF SHE TRIES TO USE YOU BECAUSE OF YOUR LIKING (lightly flirting to keep your liking for her alive) JUST GET HER OUT OF YOUR LIFE. DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AS I DID, learn from the mistakes of others. My life has been much better since i took that toxic scum of a person out of my life. That's my TedTalk, thanks for coming.

    • bugcatcher43
      bugcatcher43 12 days ago

      Hey dude I'm sorry no one has replied to you sooner, but here's my take as a 21 year old woman. It seems like this girl is into you, has an emotional attachment to you, but is unwilling to invest in the relationship. Even if she has valid, bad experiences that influence that decision, the decision is still obviously negatively impacting you. Just like Casually Explained says in his "is she into you Pt II" video, ask what's the worst that can happen? Are you okay with only ever being a friend if she is never "ready"? Will you be okay if she gets another partner and stops this borderline amorous behavior with you? Can you continue being a genuine friend while seeing her with somebody else?

      If you answer no, it's best to just roll out of there. While you can be patient and see if she comes around, if it doesn't go in your favor it sounds as the emotional fallout (that will probably include her friend group) would be exhausting, if not horrible.
      So how do you proceed? If it's clear to you how far your friendship with her can go, as in not surviving such a scenario, I think she should know too. Just tell her that if she's "not ready", continuing to be amorous is confusing and distressing for you since she knows how you feel. If she doesn't want to back off with it, it's likely she is stringing you along for comfort. I don't think a relationship with someone who so easily compromises your emotional state to bolster their own will be healthy or fulfilling.
      Even if she has bad experiences, "good" reasons to hesitate to be in a relationship with you, that doesn't mean you should emotionally prostrate yourself to prove yourself to her. That's not good for you, and a relationship is a two-person party. It may not be her intent to cause you such confusion, but if she's worth dating I think she will recognize that her impact is ultimately negative and try to amend it. What people don't do for you can tell you just as much as what they do.
      Hope you both are safe and healthy!

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson 2 months ago

    My name is Aaron James so basically she's into me guys.

  • dilophosaurus sk
    dilophosaurus sk 2 months ago +1

    to be in a friendzone you have to have friends