NoCap - Still Me (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Nov 24, 2019
  • NoCap - Still Me
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  • Skept Ik
    Skept Ik Day ago +3

    It was far away I didn’t see it , the closest change 🗣

  • Emilisbil
    Emilisbil 2 days ago

    1:23 is amazing high key

  • Maxime Mauer
    Maxime Mauer 3 days ago

    1:16 🖤🦋

    ZXBLINGOXZ PLAYZ 4 days ago +3

    Is no one going to acknowledge that lil skies is at 1:15 on the phone

  • Brandon Dunn
    Brandon Dunn 4 days ago

    At 1:16 is lil skies on the phone

  • famous X
    famous X 6 days ago +1

    Came home from jail to rapping serious had to make my own decision he prolly aint fuckin wit me cus he kno je aint fuckin wit me🔥🔥💯

  • UNseekable
    UNseekable 9 days ago +1

    If they really had love ,they would’ve showed me💞!

  • Louu Capalot1x
    Louu Capalot1x 11 days ago

    Free cap👌🏾

  • isaac kuria86
    isaac kuria86 12 days ago

    May u have the best year 2020, if u view and subscribe to my channel: Whistler beats

  • Braylon Baller
    Braylon Baller 12 days ago

    Lua Lua Here

  • Gianluca Riviera
    Gianluca Riviera 12 days ago

    Demz is clout goggles

  • Matthew Brown
    Matthew Brown 12 days ago

    Them glasses are not it bro

  • AJ Dixon
    AJ Dixon 12 days ago

    He said know the streets got rules so how the U turning 🤦🏾‍♂️🔥🤦🏾‍♂️🔥

  • AJ Dixon
    AJ Dixon 12 days ago

    Lil uzi felt this song 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Naledi Mokwena
    Naledi Mokwena 15 days ago

    This gents music sounds the same

    • Naledi Mokwena
      Naledi Mokwena 13 days ago

      @phil herb0 melody not talking about punchlines or what hes saying

    • phil herb0
      phil herb0 13 days ago

      Naledi Mokwena you’re not listening close enough to the punchlines and word play. It’s probably going over your head

  • Ridolph Larose
    Ridolph Larose 16 days ago

    Hate The Position I'm in They Saying Anything 💯💯

  • Maurice Stitt
    Maurice Stitt 20 days ago

    He cold asf tbh

  • Slimeball
    Slimeball 21 day ago

    BBG baby joe put me on

  • EJAY
    EJAY 23 days ago

    Free cap

  • Kenjelskey Jones
    Kenjelskey Jones 25 days ago

    Free the BackEnd Child 🦅

  • M.G.E Ty Savage
    M.G.E Ty Savage 25 days ago


  • Teo Silva
    Teo Silva 25 days ago


  • starhakmll coley
    starhakmll coley 26 days ago

    What’s wrong this American rappers now a days
    It seems like do loved jail than there homes

    • Infamous
      Infamous 2 days ago

      Tell me rn if they shot your brother u wouldn’t shoot back at them

  • Playmakin Juice
    Playmakin Juice 26 days ago No Cap x Rylo Rodriguez - Real 1s

  • Ricardo Lopez
    Ricardo Lopez 26 days ago +1

    Tell the oops I got some paper, I hope they don't make me spend it. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • adriane allen
    adriane allen 27 days ago

    YungCinash Up Next

  • Rashod Perkins
    Rashod Perkins 27 days ago +7

    FREE NO CAP !!!

  • C Da Youngin
    C Da Youngin 28 days ago

  • snitch nine
    snitch nine 28 days ago

    Free him

  • Gibby Artist
    Gibby Artist 29 days ago

    Free da boy

  • Inside Insanity
    Inside Insanity Month ago

    I really fw dis 👏🏾

  • Akedo Poteon
    Akedo Poteon Month ago

    Soul music

  • Angel Amador
    Angel Amador Month ago

    Free you

  • Mieka Peake
    Mieka Peake Month ago

    I love this song

  • Mactae Gooden
    Mactae Gooden Month ago


  • Ralph Lauren Ahki
    Ralph Lauren Ahki Month ago

    They prolly just rappin I really got niggas in the can...they prolly just rappin I really got some dead friends

  • Isaac Graham
    Isaac Graham Month ago

    How this slept on y'all cap

  • macdre106
    macdre106 Month ago +22

    “If I gotta go back to jail i know my family straight” Free No Cap

    • Playmakin Juice
      Playmakin Juice 26 days ago No Cap x Rylo Rodriguez - Real 1s

    • YC Jay
      YC Jay Month ago

      macdre106 check me out bro!!

  • Calvin Moore
    Calvin Moore Month ago


  • 12345tghyu
    12345tghyu Month ago +1

    I hope yall really support this man and buy his album

  • OhAuto
    OhAuto Month ago +31

    “If they really had love they woulda showed me” real af 💯

    • Hidden Mekhi
      Hidden Mekhi 16 days ago

      OhAuto Ong

    • Playmakin Juice
      Playmakin Juice 26 days ago No Cap x Rylo Rodriguez - Real 1s

  • Marquel Cunningham
    Marquel Cunningham Month ago

    NOAH really been puttin on Cap and Rylo unreleased music

  • 1flyty
    1flyty Month ago +1

    0:00 😉

  • HGDM Duce•
    HGDM Duce• Month ago +2

    They was far away I didn’t see it I watched the closest changed‼️ 🤦🏾‍♂️💔

  • Zhiyana Williams
    Zhiyana Williams Month ago

    Yessssirr baeee💜

  • Devan Brewer
    Devan Brewer Month ago


  • Plugged In
    Plugged In Month ago +5

    1:22 the hardest part of the song🔥🔥🔥

    • Michael P
      Michael P 23 days ago +1

      Yeah he should've kept riding the beat like that

    • Damon Robinson
      Damon Robinson Month ago +1

      Plugged In that’s what I’m sayin too bad it was so short tho disappointed 😔

  • Donovan Jr
    Donovan Jr Month ago

    Gave her all xanz lol nigga tf wrong with u

  • Jayy Porter
    Jayy Porter Month ago

    0:09 That jacket is too cold ❄️❄️❄️

  • Jayy Porter
    Jayy Porter Month ago

    ❄️❄️ *He probably not fucking with me cause he know he ain't fucking with me* 🔥🔥

  • YeuryUploads
    YeuryUploads Month ago +3

    "I made it out, i know the devil thought he had me"🙏Shit so deep bro

  • Ahmaree Perkins
    Ahmaree Perkins Month ago

    Long live my dawg Fred😓💔💔🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Sauce God
    Sauce God Month ago +3

    Never listened to his music till now im fw em now tho

    DRA SOSA Month ago

    Shoot A Video To Bankroll

  • Levi38115
    Levi38115 Month ago


  • Francisco Aquino
    Francisco Aquino Month ago


  • aaron hope
    aaron hope Month ago +2


  • Kxsh 1
    Kxsh 1 Month ago

    He ain't fucking with me he cause he know he ain't fucking with me 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Shaky Shawn
    Shaky Shawn Month ago