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    Today we challenged each other to build our dream cars in GTA5 and race them to see who will keep theirs! Who do you think made the best one? Comment down below!

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Comments • 80

  • Lil ZanyFishyBoi
    Lil ZanyFishyBoi 3 hours ago

    this is my birtday video :}

  • Sean Coetzee
    Sean Coetzee Day ago +1

    Wear do you get the money

  • Shaukat Mirza
    Shaukat Mirza Day ago

    You have the power of electricity baby, photons. What isn't photons something to do with light?

  • Austin Cortes
    Austin Cortes 2 days ago

    1:25 "yeah, my sister ran me over in it"

  • Hank Jones
    Hank Jones 2 days ago

    matts car is literally the coolest car

  • V-hhひざまずいて

    The Jester Classic can go 140mph max

  • Ghost Rider
    Ghost Rider 4 days ago

    Paul with Chevy Camaro

  • Isai Alvarado
    Isai Alvarado 4 days ago

    2 days later kobe dies😭😭😭💔💔💔💔

  • Phong Hoang
    Phong Hoang 5 days ago

    MATT buy the voltic

  • unknown speed racer
    unknown speed racer 5 days ago

    Conner is the only one who knows about Jdm cars

  • Kamil Pietraszewski
    Kamil Pietraszewski 7 days ago

    you guys cant drive

  • cedar paulsen
    cedar paulsen 7 days ago

    Tanners literal group c car

  • J Zz
    J Zz 8 days ago

    When he pulled out the supra... respect.btw supra is also my dream car

  • Megan Thoma's
    Megan Thoma's 8 days ago +1

    Peace and Love to GG. God bless them

  • Damian Navarro
    Damian Navarro 9 days ago

    its not building your customizing

  • Burnard _69
    Burnard _69 9 days ago

    I edited this comment so you wont know why I have 0 likes

  • koolaidman
    koolaidman 9 days ago

    you guys should do the casino heist !!!

  • Eric Lightfritz
    Eric Lightfritz 10 days ago

    I got a challenge for you do the best car that suits you

  • Gamer Pig
    Gamer Pig 10 days ago

    The corooma looks more like a Mitsubishi

  • Brendon Byard
    Brendon Byard 10 days ago


  • Fox
    Fox 10 days ago +2

    Back when a time where they had the OG colors...

    Doesn’t matter

  • Drops Clan
    Drops Clan 11 days ago

    i wanted matt to win

  • Preston vlogs And bikes

    These boys really like fast and furious

  • Josef Mechanic
    Josef Mechanic 12 days ago +2

    I love how they have to censor the middle finger pointer

  • Gamerking 360
    Gamerking 360 12 days ago +1

    Anyone else get the Markiplier reference Tanner made

  • Veiksu 9
    Veiksu 9 12 days ago

    Connor has the same dream car as me or well i have 2 dream cars supra and rx7

  • Gavin Durham
    Gavin Durham 13 days ago

    What car does Matt have

  • William H
    William H 13 days ago

    The texaract in real life is a Lamborghini terzo millano

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer 13 days ago


  • Hehesusjhshs Dhdh
    Hehesusjhshs Dhdh 13 days ago

    5:50 cut scream

  • Henry McCabe
    Henry McCabe 14 days ago

    they suck at gta

  • I am Boring
    I am Boring 14 days ago +5

    "were like the guy from fast n furious" *crashes into pole*
    Me: No....

  • Adrixiiik
    Adrixiiik 14 days ago

    everyone knows that supra is best

    • Vlone_Mitch
      Vlone_Mitch 13 days ago

      Adrixiiik ye the purple guy is the only one who mainly knows about cars

  • Constantine 56
    Constantine 56 14 days ago

    1:36 u can see da middle figer

  • Warrior8Bit Plays
    Warrior8Bit Plays 14 days ago

    For all you wondering, the ocelot periah is the fastest

  • Tyler Everix
    Tyler Everix 14 days ago

    If Matt knew how to drive he would win

  • YT- Soup
    YT- Soup 14 days ago +1

    What’s connors in game car called

  • Muddy Relic
    Muddy Relic 15 days ago +1

    Not fair, sUpRa HaS 1000 hp SsTock

  • Chris ultra motive
    Chris ultra motive 15 days ago +1

    Is Connor a car guy

  • Barb Kovacs
    Barb Kovacs 17 days ago

    I really want tanner to win his car

  • Ultra Kirby
    Ultra Kirby 21 day ago

    I hoped one of them would have got a oppressor it is probably the fastest bike 🏍 in the game and it also has has a really good boost

    Matt would have won if he chose it:(

  • kristoffer carballo
    kristoffer carballo 21 day ago +1

    That’s a Chevrolet Camaro z/28 (1970)

  • mr_coolio15
    mr_coolio15 23 days ago

    Did they change the thumbnail?

  • BassSlayer14
    BassSlayer14 27 days ago

    Idk if anyone else noticed but Conner forgot to blur the middle finger choosing his car🤪❌💰

  • jonah Fanjul
    jonah Fanjul Month ago

    The boys are back in town Matt ur so funny

  • Squarebody Case /Wade McKenney

    My dream car is a 1987 Buick GNX... Which they do have in the game now

  • CharloPlays Official

    Is that a supra? Tbh i like how he nade the supra, im glad they like good normal cars, I'm so happy my dream car won

  • Jayden Olson
    Jayden Olson Month ago

    any gta players know what car paul got?? i may fully upgrade that with the Tezeract and Vigilante i neee to spend a few $$

  • jordan davis
    jordan davis Month ago

    I would pick the opresser mk 2

  • Aws Aljarrah
    Aws Aljarrah Month ago

    the supra is my dream car too

  • i man
    i man Month ago

    9:19 Connor: Were like Do-DuDa
    Me : oh dum and dumber
    Paul:Yeah were from fast and the furious

  • Felipe Torres
    Felipe Torres Month ago

    I hate Conner

  • Ethan Henry
    Ethan Henry Month ago


  • Little Maestro
    Little Maestro Month ago

    U guys are terrible drivers :(

  • SDR09 _Grey
    SDR09 _Grey Month ago


  • Harcharan Rai
    Harcharan Rai Month ago

    matt whats a small try-sickle when a try-sickle is already small

  • Lixy
    Lixy Month ago

    3:01 When ur mom says u have to Do homework but ur doing a heist in gta

  • - TheRedDragon
    - TheRedDragon Month ago

    My dream car is a vibrant royal purple Lykan Hypersport

  • Ashley Fox
    Ashley Fox Month ago

    Connor's car looks the best

  • Maurits memes
    Maurits memes Month ago +1

    Matt has fallen in the ocean in los santos. Start the new rescue helicopter. Hey! Build the helicopter

  • Hector Jadriel
    Hector Jadriel Month ago

    Connor is the only one with good taste 🤣

  • Azure_Dragon 101
    Azure_Dragon 101 Month ago

    5:35 I tought Tanner said (I hit a Paul)

  • Mr. Meme
    Mr. Meme Month ago

    Why is Matt’s cursor blurred out?

  • God_Of _Casual
    God_Of _Casual Month ago

    Blur the finger


  • The best Fisch
    The best Fisch Month ago

    He forgot to blur out the GTA 5 cursor for 2 seconds *no money for you guys*

  • Tryz Hunter
    Tryz Hunter Month ago

    My dream car is a supra

  • Nep
    Nep Month ago

    Whats yalls fav car? mine is the 1995 BMW E34 540i.

  • void inferno
    void inferno Month ago

    I would have picked the cyclone

  • George munson
    George munson Month ago

    mines a Gucci mobile XDXD

  • DDvids 123
    DDvids 123 Month ago

    Should of brougt the deluxo

  • SoughtYaper
    SoughtYaper Month ago

    Said he wanted a tron bike, doesent buy it

  • Skyline P
    Skyline P Month ago +1

    Purple guy had the best car and the orange guy had the worst car. Change my mind children

  • Lauret Miller
    Lauret Miller Month ago +1

    Anyone notice in the begging Connor’s mouse when he was moving it, it showed the middle finger!?!?😂

  • Wyatt Kimball
    Wyatt Kimball Month ago

    Yall should have gotten the pegasi toros

  • Nathaniel Johnson
    Nathaniel Johnson Month ago

    I love how they censored the cursor lol

  • Lewis Robinson
    Lewis Robinson Month ago

    I have an Xbox 1 can I add u all pls my username is lewis6hamil

  • Brag
    Brag Month ago

    Damn y’all got beat by a Toyota Supra

  • TwisteR
    TwisteR Month ago

    What is the car name of the supra look-a-like in gta?

    • Nep
      Nep Month ago

      jester classic

    NICOLE ABELLA Month ago

    And when Matt gets lunched off a cliff