Everything You Need to Know About The Last Dab, the Hottest Sauce on Hot Ones

  • Published on Sep 19, 2017
  • Last week, the first 1,000 bottles of The Last Dab sold out in less than two minutes. What makes the all-natural hot sauce and its proprietary Pepper X so special? Sean Evans hooks up with chile guru Smokin' Ed Currie of PuckerButt Pepper Co. and Heatonist's Noah Chaimberg to break down everything you need to know about the wing-10 sauce, including the question on everyone's mind: What are the Scovilles??
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  • PJ Paran
    PJ Paran 22 hours ago

    me want too!

  • K G
    K G Day ago

    You guys need to bring back Fiery Chipotle. That one was amazing.

  • peanutaxis
    peanutaxis 2 days ago


    I've given up. Thumbs down and unsubscribed..

  • Wiggie 7
    Wiggie 7 2 days ago

    He HAD to sneak in a DAB..

  • Kyle Blanchard
    Kyle Blanchard 2 days ago

    Maybe white people up north can't handle spice, because that stereotype don't make sense to a Texan like me. Everyone here loves spicy food and we have festivals for it too.

  • Anthoknee
    Anthoknee 2 days ago

    Can you get 50 cent on this?

  • Linda Naranjo-Hayakawa
    Linda Naranjo-Hayakawa 2 days ago +1

    its totally sold out as I type. When is it back on their website???

  • stephen meinhold
    stephen meinhold 2 days ago

    i always smile when you use psycolagy for the last dab.
    "you dont have to do it if you dont want to" and no one said ok then i wont, so it works
    i have yet to try it in a real life situation but i am going to give it a go.

  • Mohd Ismail
    Mohd Ismail 3 days ago

    It seems halal.. is it?

  • Lucas Acevedo
    Lucas Acevedo 3 days ago

    When the expert in hot sauces is suffering, you KNOW that shit's hot

  • Alexander Zamani
    Alexander Zamani 3 days ago

    Very strong but tasty!

  • CLORT3MP0 i!
    CLORT3MP0 i! 6 days ago

    The opening inspires me , A L O T

  • stew360
    stew360 8 days ago +2

    why is there no Guiness world reccord yet for Pepper X ? Carolina reaper is still the top dog

  • T Gay
    T Gay 9 days ago

    I don’t know why I watched this whole video

  • ToxicityGaming
    ToxicityGaming 10 days ago

    Fuck making this into a sauce...
    I wanna see this in a defense spray

  • Gina Elizabeth
    Gina Elizabeth 10 days ago

    And his last name is Currie (curry) lol

  • made on Earth
    made on Earth 11 days ago

    you guys are insane

  • StillChill0
    StillChill0 12 days ago

    That’s hoot!
    -markes brawn

  • patchedupdemon
    patchedupdemon 13 days ago

    Wish we could get this in the uk

  • KMC
    KMC 13 days ago

    8:53 That dude on the left looks like Carson Wentz

  • Douglas Corley
    Douglas Corley 13 days ago +1

    Define gravity at your own risk

  • Carl Cai
    Carl Cai 14 days ago

    The Infinity Pepper.................I am sry

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 15 days ago +2

    Eer heard of the Shaq sauce?

  • tom suspects you of downloading something

    I cant even eat Jollibee's Spicy ChickenJoy

  • Dr. Corpuscle
    Dr. Corpuscle 16 days ago +2

    Sean, get Johnny Scoville on your show. He may not be a big-time celebrity but almost 40,000 people want to see him on your show..Come on man!

  • Jesse Ling
    Jesse Ling 16 days ago

    Is the last dab redux meant to be milder or what? Whats the difference from the original formula?

  • Reina Meza
    Reina Meza 17 days ago

    Is this the same guy who does physiced substances TVclip?

  • Kane Lono
    Kane Lono 18 days ago

    I put this stuff on my food with the tip of a toothpick.

  • Kenneth 209
    Kenneth 209 20 days ago

    Ed did it again👍

  • Miss Bee
    Miss Bee 21 day ago

    Where can i buy this

  • Lucas Teks
    Lucas Teks 22 days ago +1

    YoU DoN't HaVe To If U dOn'T wAnT tO

  • ckat609
    ckat609 22 days ago


  • Casiano Urbano
    Casiano Urbano 27 days ago +2

    I can't even handle enchiladas

  • E M
    E M 27 days ago +1

    Suuuuuuuuh wuuuuuuuu! I LOVE HOT SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • E M
      E M 27 days ago +1


  • Skyler Parsley
    Skyler Parsley 28 days ago +1

    That shits gunna melt your asshole like battery acid

  • a random frog
    a random frog 28 days ago +3

    i purchased this sauce on amazon to see if it was really hot or bullshit. a few days when it arrived i tried it on a chicken wing and ended up puking. it's still in my pantry collecting dust to this day.
    never again.

  • Nguyen Phuc
    Nguyen Phuc 29 days ago

    4:03 Is Sean rapping??

  • C K
    C K Month ago

    edit the video, the music is too load

  • paul gonzales
    paul gonzales Month ago

    (“SeE YoU GuYs On ThE OtHeR SiDe”)😂 fukin cring

  • Ven Mendez
    Ven Mendez Month ago +3

    one question: why is da bomb the hottest among all the sauce?

    • John W
      John W 25 days ago

      It isn't, but it jumps so far on the scoville level, that their taste buds are gone at that point on. No other sauces phase them as much as Da Bomb.

  • tracy lai hung lo
    tracy lai hung lo Month ago

    I want a bag and a t-shirt😩

  • Håkon Moen
    Håkon Moen Month ago +1

    Let´s call it Pepper McPepperface

  • Harry Gong
    Harry Gong Month ago

    Why do these peppers look like wings themselves?

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley Month ago

    7:23 - Those yellow teeth tho...

  • Cruzthespicy12 1
    Cruzthespicy12 1 Month ago

    Ed Currie said if someone beats the Carolina Repper he would bring out hes hottest peppers in the garden lol

  • Antonio Canongo
    Antonio Canongo Month ago

    i tried the bomb its very spicy it says to start with 1 drop but i ate it with a egg n sauges sandwich and i put alot of the sauce i was fine with it keep eating it but then i drink coke that make it worst made it more hotter that was the only time i ate it but ill get it again with out coke lol but i wanna try that sauce how can i buy it?? the last dab?

  • Luis Santos
    Luis Santos Month ago +1

    I was disappointed at first because I would only put dabs on almost everything I ate , it was hot but not crazy hot the way I wanted it to be but atleast very delicious, then made wings that same week and used a lot of the sauce and only ate a couple before tapping out man I can eat 6 atomic wings from wing stop easy but 2 wings of hot ones sauce man that was fucking hot as hell but I was happy and amazed , love this sauce

    • Maddogg TV
      Maddogg TV Month ago

      Luis Santos thank you for posting this I was trying to see if I put the sauce all over the wing or not so thanks!

  • no name
    no name Month ago +4

    Skip to 1:52 to hear Sean rap

  • Games Half Empty
    Games Half Empty Month ago

    Bring back fiery chipotle!

    • xmypantsx
      xmypantsx Month ago

      It’s still made by the same maker/creator, just different branding now not related to the show

  • OrignalRECIPE92
    OrignalRECIPE92 Month ago

    It actually tastes decent, much to my surprise. I've globbed on lima bean sizes on my fresh wings and it's warm. I'm not sure if I'm a freak or not but I think a lot of the people on the show overreact to the heat level. I love the garlic reaper and the secret ardvark. Adobo Loco is crap. 11/10 would not recommend.

  • Nebulous
    Nebulous Month ago +1

    'ole dude needs a teeth cleanin'

  • Jon Learman
    Jon Learman Month ago

    seans gonna eat that pepper right?

  • Joseph Schmoe
    Joseph Schmoe Month ago

    "Anus Fire." "The Big Regret." "Why The Fuck Would I Do This To Myself."
    Those are possible names if you want to change it from "Pepper X."

  • elchucofried
    elchucofried Month ago

    I ate 10 ghost pepper wings from Buffalo wild wings. Which one would be hotter?? Because some say this is hot and I tried a little once and it was nothing

  • John Nashmy
    John Nashmy Month ago +1

    No wearing gloves even before they're cut is risky.

  • All Things Spicy
    All Things Spicy Month ago +1

    Did the PepperX make it to the Guinness book?

  • D-E-A 33
    D-E-A 33 Month ago +1

    Prince Harry fucks what!???

  • Cris282
    Cris282 Month ago

    This is a very spicy sauce but it's really tasty!

  • Deckron
    Deckron Month ago +2

    How he just invents a new pepper? is he melting 2 different seeds together and then plant it?

    • xmypantsx
      xmypantsx Month ago +1

      By cross pollinating different strains

  • DANNY K 916
    DANNY K 916 Month ago

    This sauce is awesome

  • Benji Oakwood
    Benji Oakwood Month ago

    should be called satan's toe

  • Mitchell Goldman
    Mitchell Goldman Month ago

    Seriously, I'm not a guy that can take extreme heat. I like the spice as much as the next average joe, but I was so excited to have a "my lips burned off" the day following my first taste of The Last Dab. I ordered it and waited with bated breath until my first taste. It arrived and I ran to the kitchen like a kid with his first presnet on Christmas morning. I immediately tasted it on a cracker. Are yo kidding me??? Yes, it tasted good. I enjoyed the flavor. But this stuff was so anemic even my girlfriend thought it was "kinda hot." I mean.... that's pretty telling.#disappointed #stillafan #maybeimachilisuperhero

  • Justin Ayres
    Justin Ayres Month ago

    I want to see Ed Currie in an episode of hot ones 👍👍

  • Jack Bruce
    Jack Bruce Month ago

    How many times can we say pepper x?

  • Kaio Gracco
    Kaio Gracco Month ago

    Gostaria de comprar esse molho, onde vende, tem algum site que possa adquirir e enviar aqui para o brasil? obrigado.

  • Jessie Vasser
    Jessie Vasser Month ago

    Is Fiery Chipotle ever coming back?

  • Robert Mitchell
    Robert Mitchell Month ago

    How can I get pepper x seeds? I want to move on from reapers

    • Robert Mitchell
      Robert Mitchell Month ago

      +Ioan Eduard true, he'll probably release them after he moves on to another project.

    • Ioan Eduard
      Ioan Eduard Month ago +1

      This is his gold mine.he wont give the seeds to anyone

  • Anthony Saladrigas
    Anthony Saladrigas Month ago

    Just ordered some sauce online but what I am hearing is there is a difference between “the last dab” and “the last dab reduxxx”. Can anyone explain to me why it changed? Like what happened and what’s the difference?

  • StovePipe Battleaxe

    "Meet the new pepper in our lineup, we keep them in a jar of battery acid."

  • Noah Song
    Noah Song Month ago

    Ayyyyy they filmed this at the Chelsea Market in Manhattan! :D

  • Jason Antonacci
    Jason Antonacci Month ago

    It is hot. Not stupid dare hot, it really tastes good. And it is hot. The turmeric and ginger are nice, smart. I like it. Cannot eat it every day, but I want to. I want to.

  • Thallomus
    Thallomus Month ago

    X gon give it to ya

  • Kary J.
    Kary J. Month ago


  • Karl Royale
    Karl Royale Month ago

    9:06 on the right, that is a man rethinking his life choices...


    Great show and great video. Thanks.

  • Nelson Gil
    Nelson Gil Month ago

    But is it as hot as the Peruvian puff pepper?

  • ThatOneTimeAtBandcamp

    I get this is supposed to be about 15X hotter than “Da bomb” but my question is why is their reaction to it always no where near the much “milder” sauces?

  • Christian De Paz
    Christian De Paz Month ago

    what about invite INFECTED MUSHROOM?
    thumbs up if you agree

  • Jeff Allinson
    Jeff Allinson Month ago

    Absolutely pointless sauce.

  • Ray Saleh
    Ray Saleh Month ago

    What happened to furry chipotle

  • Jose Bravo
    Jose Bravo Month ago

    Where can I buy this ?!

  • Alex's Gmail
    Alex's Gmail Month ago

    Lmao that ending was perfect.

  • Armed Titanium
    Armed Titanium Month ago

    I wanna see someone eat the pepper x

  • Jose Flores
    Jose Flores Month ago

    I know my co workers and brother would love pepper x

  • Chris Clemente
    Chris Clemente Month ago

    How bout “The Greenland Tickler”

  • joe k
    joe k 2 months ago +1

    you guys need to stop putting the last dab as last hot sauce. its obviously not the hottest in the line up. stay true to the rankings

  • Tony Turner
    Tony Turner 2 months ago

    I’ve asked before and I’ll ask again-where can I order a bottle of the last dab??!!?!!!??!!!??

  • Just a Question
    Just a Question 2 months ago

    Ed Currie with the Hot

  • Jordan Johnson
    Jordan Johnson 2 months ago

    0:54 Currie winked

  • Oskari Toivonen
    Oskari Toivonen 2 months ago

    Just tried it for the first time.. Hot damn...

  • Renan
    Renan 2 months ago

    why we can't make fuel with those peppers and just fly into new galaxies?

  • Bailey
    Bailey 2 months ago

    I just got the last dab in my mailbox last week - I put it on my grilled cheese like I do with sriracha... I thought I made a big mistake 😂 - it was so hot but delicious! Woohoo 🎉

  • Danton Baker
    Danton Baker 2 months ago

    Well since it’s pepper X now but will change names just do what marvel did and called weapon X aka Deadpool! So “Deadpool” Lol Lol Lol

  • iAndy
    iAndy 2 months ago

    the variety of pepper is pretty important, but the climate it's grown in has a big impact on how hot it will be.

  • Joe Benz
    Joe Benz 2 months ago +1

    Spicy sauces/food is about being used to it. When i first had Sriracha sauce, i was practically crying. Now i don't feel the hotness from it because i eat it very often.

    • frbird51
      frbird51 Month ago

      Agreed, my family never bought or used hot sauce nor did we cook or eat much spicy food when I was growing up and my tolerance for spice was pretty low. Stuff like sriracha or Tabasco sauce would cause me to tear up and I would even ask them to not put jalapeños on my food at Mexican restaurants because I couldn't handle them. I bought some sriracha and cholula at the grocery store one day and just started adding a little bit to pretty much everything I ate and I was surprised at how quickly my spice tolerance increased. Now I regularly use hot habanero sauces on my food and can eat those novelty super spicy snacks without much problem.

  • Shin Kintsurugi
    Shin Kintsurugi 2 months ago

    You should name Pepper X "The Angry Kevin." It doesn't sound so scary until you experience firsthand what Kevin is capable of. A man's reputation isn't built from his name, but his name from his reputation.

  • Randi Behrends
    Randi Behrends 2 months ago

    Beautiful. Thanks heaps for sharing.

  • Jesus Mora
    Jesus Mora 2 months ago

    Credit to Ed for putting his blood sweat and tears into breeding peppers that we get to enjoy

  • Seriously! How?
    Seriously! How? 2 months ago

    It is hot but not too hot the only problem with it is that it lacks flavor.

  • Mouser613
    Mouser613 2 months ago

    But is it kosher??