Beginning Russian: Plural Forms of Nouns

  • Published on Feb 9, 2017
  • This video provides explanation and practice on the grammar concept of pluralization of Russian nouns: regular plural forms, irregular forms, nouns with shifted stress, nouns that have same singular and plural forms, nouns that never change, and the 7-letter-spelling rule. Recommended for the beginning level.

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  • Evangelos Geronicolas
    Evangelos Geronicolas 19 days ago

    Hi Olga! My beginner's dictionary has only the word молодеч! My question is about молодчы! Are there cases for молодеч? Thank you.

    • Amazing Russian
      Amazing Russian  19 days ago

      Evangelos Geronicolas , in the meaning of “good job” or “well done”, you should use the singular молодец or plural молодцы in the nominative case.

  • Evangelos Geronicolas
    Evangelos Geronicolas 21 day ago +1

    Спасибо! Good work! (хорошая работа - can we say that?)

    • Amazing Russian
      Amazing Russian  21 day ago

      Evangelos Geronicolas , пожалуйста. Да, можно так сказать.

  • Raja Asif
    Raja Asif 2 months ago +1

    One of the best teacher of Russian language .

    • Amazing Russian
      Amazing Russian  2 months ago +1

      Raja Asif , thanks. I am glad you think this way.

  • Chiun Hau You
    Chiun Hau You 5 months ago +1

    save my life

  • Sarah Schmeling
    Sarah Schmeling 6 months ago

    Your Videos are very helpful. Thanks for your work

  • Pilnuję Polski
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  • Kaushik Roy
    Kaushik Roy 6 months ago

    Thank you Olga once again for your valuable guidance. There are so many rules in Russia , sometimes it makes me think that I need 7 births to master Russian ( this is what we say in India when work is hard ) .

  • Zyzyx
    Zyzyx 11 months ago

    04:30 what does she say ? If ...... hard ?

    • Amazing Russian
      Amazing Russian  11 months ago

      яшар , пожалуйста!

    • Zyzyx
      Zyzyx 11 months ago +1

      thank you i didnt know the word "stem"
      bolshoye spasibo

    • Amazing Russian
      Amazing Russian  11 months ago

      яшар, if the stem is hard (стол, машины, окно), and if the stem is soft (платье, семья).

  • graviton
    graviton 11 months ago +2

    thank are doing very well...every lesson is recommended.....every russian learner could not bypasse your lessons.....

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  • big rich texas
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  • Victorianne Castle

    Спасибо большое

  • Linh Lê Thị Thùy Linh

    Bravo!!! ^^ Can you give me some tables which are about all cases (both singular and plural nouns) please? Thank you so much

  • Rafael Marques
    Rafael Marques Year ago +2

    Спасибо за видео!

    MAX ZAPPIA Year ago

    Perfect !!! Simply best best way to learn :)

  • Ku Russ
    Ku Russ Year ago +1

    Two months into my Russian course and I still needed this. Cпасибо!

  • Eric Sing
    Eric Sing Year ago +2

    Thank you for your video :)

  • José Matias
    José Matias Year ago +4

    I love your lessons, you make russian easier. Thank you!