Patriots vs. Falcons | Super Bowl LI Game Highlights

  • Published on Feb 6, 2017
  • The New England Patriots rallied from down 28 points and put together one of the best comebacks ever in a Super Bowl, knocking off the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in Super Bowl LI.
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Comments • 16 741

  • swag lord
    swag lord 18 hours ago

    19:55 I think matt ryan is pretty solid qb… but im surprised he didn't putt out a gun and off himself right then and there

  • RoZe Savvy
    RoZe Savvy Day ago

    Not so bad being a Hawks fan now..😭

  • Jack Winton
    Jack Winton Day ago +1

    The Patriots got Atlanta UPSET!!!
    Falcons should have win Super Bowl 51! But the New England Patriots won!!

  • Tastyquicksand - Daily NFL Videos

    I remember after this game all the Patriot haters said the Patriots cheated. At the end it wasn’t a touchdown. Like even if it wasn’t a touchdown the Patriots still would’ve won.😂😂😂

  • Jared McGorman
    Jared McGorman 2 days ago

    No super bowl ring for the falcons

  • Jared McGorman
    Jared McGorman 2 days ago

    Biggest choke ever by the falcons

  • Jared McGorman
    Jared McGorman 2 days ago

    This super bowl is the biggest choke by Atlanta ever and the comeback by New England is probably the biggest comeback ever in super bowl history

  • Jared McGorman
    Jared McGorman 2 days ago

    Typical Georgia team choking when it matters how do you blow 25 point lead I’m glad I’m not a Atlanta fan that would be rough life for me 😂

  • Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans

    19:35 Marcus Cannon #61. His blocks won the game.

  • Celtics Patriots
    Celtics Patriots 2 days ago

    GOAT Super bowl and GOAT QB and GOAT Head coach, GOAT TEAM, let's get 7, love this super bowl

  • Drew Tv
    Drew Tv 3 days ago

    Couldnt get a field goal atleast

  • xpaganix huayra
    xpaganix huayra 3 days ago

    What happen to the falcons after super bowl

  • Brock Page Productions


  • jellysplatter
    jellysplatter 4 days ago +1

    i cry every time when i see this

  • Hi Lo
    Hi Lo 4 days ago +2

    Love how the 199th pick of a draft class can become the best QB in the history of the NFL.
    GO TB12 !!!!!

  • Russ Hartman
    Russ Hartman 5 days ago +1

    I said it that night and still today: Thank you Atlanta, Thank you, thank you, thank you.......for only throwing the ball to Julio 4 times.
    All 4 of his catches were highly contested, 3 of them highlight reel stuff.
    WHAT were they thinking?
    That, and Gaga really was as good as the game that night.

  • Calvin
    Calvin 6 days ago

    I rate this video 3/28.

  • Nick Hernandez
    Nick Hernandez 7 days ago

    Still don’t know how the falcons blew this lead 😂😂

  • YAYarea 510
    YAYarea 510 7 days ago

    I was so high @ 9:44 I forgot what I was actually watching in the first place

  • Luca Nunziata
    Luca Nunziata 8 days ago

    Falcons: We got this dub

    Brady: Hold my football

  • Amirah Opara
    Amirah Opara 9 days ago +1

    Everytime i see this i am like why why falcons. im a dolphins fan so ofc i wanted and because my friend is a falcons fan. i cried when they choked the lead

  • Lamp Long Bust
    Lamp Long Bust 10 days ago

    We came back from the score 28 - 3 against the falcons!! I’m a pats fan so I can explain the patriots played a good defense, but too shabby during the first quarter and second quarter and halftime. The patriots were fighting to win that super bowl, and they did it until they won in overtime. Go pats!! 🏈

  • Aiden Ruiz
    Aiden Ruiz 10 days ago +13

    0:00 National Anythem
    0:39 Coin toss
    1:23 Kickoff
    4:42 7-0 Atlanta
    5:19 14-0 Atlanta
    6:27 21-0 Atlanta (Also the pick 6)
    8:00 21-3 Atlanta
    8:05 Halftime Show
    10:26 28-3 Atlanta
    11:15 28-9 Atlanta
    12:54 28-12 Atlanta
    13:02 “The Fumble”
    13:51 28-18 Atlanta
    14:02 28-20 Atlanta (2pt conversion)
    16:26 Edelman Catch
    17:36 28-26 Atlanta
    17:44 28-28 (2pt conversion)
    18:21 OT Coin toss
    19:34 34-28 Patriots (Final OT)
    LETS GO PATS!!!!

  • veggieoilerfan
    veggieoilerfan 12 days ago +1

    When the Oilers went up 35-3 on the Bills during the 1992 AFC Wild Card round, one of the Houston radio announcers put his foot in his mouth by saying, “The lights are on here at Rich Stadium, they've been on since this morning, you could pretty much turn them out on the Bills right now." All hell broke loose for the Oilers after that infamous quote.
    Did any Atlanta sports personalities make a similar blunder? In other words did anybody make a quote that implied that the Falcons had Super Bowl LI in the bag after they were up 28-3?

  • Mas D'Cypha
    Mas D'Cypha 13 days ago

    To anyone reading this' where do you think this Super Bowl ranks as far top ten greatest. I personally put at 5th, and then it would be XLIX, XLIII, LII, and XLII at 1st.

  • Jaylan Griffin
    Jaylan Griffin 14 days ago +2

    Alanta is coming back with good offense who agrees this year

  • C.C. Rider
    C.C. Rider 14 days ago

    OT> the call> "heads" the ref> "it's heads" anyone that knows football> "patriots just won the super bowl"

  • Sir Watermelon
    Sir Watermelon 15 days ago +4

    Everybody talking about the pats and Brady but I’m more focused on Bush flipping the coin

  • Asian Satire
    Asian Satire 16 days ago

    I think I can see KSI's forehead from the field

  • Georgie Is MGTOW
    Georgie Is MGTOW 18 days ago


  • Danny Han
    Danny Han 18 days ago

    Brady is the GOAT.

  • John Puppolo
    John Puppolo 18 days ago

    patriots 69 has blue back

  • TD RBI
    TD RBI 18 days ago +1

    This is the game that Tom Brady became the G.O.A.T

  • TTV SeRoTixX
    TTV SeRoTixX 20 days ago

    I like watching Edelman pass the ball. It gives me old memories of when I would watch him play QB at Kent St.

  • Albert Kikes
    Albert Kikes 20 days ago +1

    Go ne

  • Albert Kikes
    Albert Kikes 20 days ago +1

    Go Atlanta fa

  • Lazuardi Firdaus
    Lazuardi Firdaus 22 days ago

    We can see the worst and the best performace from TB12 in one game

  • Timmy McDevitt
    Timmy McDevitt 23 days ago

    18:13 wtf was that??😂😂😂

  • Timmy McDevitt
    Timmy McDevitt 23 days ago +1

    Bruhhh, falcons up 28-20 with 3:50 left at their 25 all they had to do was run the ball then kick a fg, but no they pass then Ryan gets sacked to take them out of fg range🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️this is what lost them the game

  • j rudy morgan clark
    j rudy morgan clark 24 days ago +1

    If the patriots had won the two superbowls at giants they would had 8 superbowl rings oh i forgot the game at falcons another ring more and that would be 9 times superbowl champs.

  • Luke Johnson
    Luke Johnson 24 days ago

    Great super bowl!

  • Jackson Janosek
    Jackson Janosek 27 days ago

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that...

    The falcons also blew a 10 yard field goal attempt to beat the patriots in 19- something

  • Chris DeGarmo
    Chris DeGarmo 27 days ago

    Greatest Super Bowl ever!

  • Veronica Moody
    Veronica Moody 27 days ago

    As a Saints fan I find this HILARIOUS 😂😂😂😂😂

  • ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij

    those holding calls are the reason why they won

  • Cokentoast123 The comedian

    Don’t forget the Patriots have been to to 3 straight S.B.’s in a row and won 2 of them.

    • Ryan Randone
      Ryan Randone 28 days ago

      They been to 4 out of the last 5 Super Bowls as well

  • XampiNelson PizarroLópez

    The Most Epic SB of All-Time...... LI..... Greetings.....

  • Jose Starks
    Jose Starks 29 days ago +2

    Dexter Mccleon 2002: “ Tom Brady... overrated.”
    TB: “hold my beer!”

  • B- Head
    B- Head Month ago +1

    not gon lie, really felt bad for the falcons at 19:40 even though i wanted the pats to win this one, they just look so defeated lmao

  • Renaldo Lamar
    Renaldo Lamar Month ago

    No lie this game had me like is this how we end our season but the falcons played that way all year balls to the wall they ran out of gas at the end and New England played 60 full minutes

  • Anwar Ahmad
    Anwar Ahmad Month ago

    All rigged been stop caring for football

  • Blasian warrior
    Blasian warrior Month ago

    Bruh did anyone else notice that mysterious ass smoke or fog in the air during the 4th and 3 platt o amendola

  • Alex Decker
    Alex Decker Month ago

    And the Madden curse was broken that day, Gronk got his 2nd Super Bowl ring and didn't even have to play.

  • JayNice 91
    JayNice 91 Month ago

    Game was so rigged smh

  • The Sport G.O.A.T
    The Sport G.O.A.T Month ago +1

    When the falcons brought the owner down it was a jinx

  • The Sport G.O.A.T
    The Sport G.O.A.T Month ago +1

    I don’t know HOW the Falcons blow a 25 point lead in 1 quarter, that’s like in baseball when the Red Sox were beating the Yankees 9-0 then The Yankees came back and won 15-9 in 2 innings

  • The Sport G.O.A.T
    The Sport G.O.A.T Month ago +2

    In my opinion this was the greatest Super Bowl I have ever saw

    ARK ANG3L Month ago

    And a rise or die win lose or tie die hard falcons fan since 91 I gotta say watching this super bowl still hurts and hunts me to this day... And I won't really get over it till we bring an Lombardi to The "A"

    ARK ANG3L Month ago

    So nobody seen that face mask on sanu @15:24?

    • Brent Bridgeman
      Brent Bridgeman Month ago

      @ARK ANG3L you better watch it again. Sanu grabbed Logan Ryan's facemask first. I went back to my copy of the full SB and they show it in slow motion and it's obvious that Sanu was the instigator.

    • ARK ANG3L
      ARK ANG3L Month ago

      @Brent Bridgeman he grabbed sanu face mask first tho and brought his head down wtf you want him to do

    • Brent Bridgeman
      Brent Bridgeman Month ago

      @ARK ANG3L Ha, whose helmet got ripped off? Get real.

    • ARK ANG3L
      ARK ANG3L Month ago

      @Brent Bridgeman sanu face mask was grabbed

    • Brent Bridgeman
      Brent Bridgeman Month ago

      Yes, Sanu definitely grabbed his facemask.

  • Richenel Jean Pierre

    Touch down is incorrected. Ball reach ground before he got it...

  • Richenel Jean Pierre

    ATL defense got wreaked..

  • K Hatch
    K Hatch Month ago

    Shanahan was an egomaniac he wanted to run up the score instead of playing smart to win....Pats were gift wrapped that win.

  • Mathias Hermon
    Mathias Hermon Month ago +5

    NRG Stadium always makes me think of this Super Bowl. I like Super Bowls with critical plays that define the game.

  • d star
    d star Month ago


  • vaninwebdev
    vaninwebdev Month ago

    Please warn me if you're going to show the halftime garbage thanks

  • TheDarkenedLightGem
    TheDarkenedLightGem Month ago +1

    Don't even follow the Patriots, but this is my favorite Super Bowl. Just because it was such a great game.

  • OtiZ
    OtiZ Month ago +1

    Dont let this distract you that the Houston Oilers blew a 35-3 lead to the Bills

    • Vince Snyder
      Vince Snyder Month ago

      Oops my bad I did that math wrong.🤣

    • OtiZ
      OtiZ Month ago

      @Vince Snyder I rewatched it and it was actually 35-3 so my bad on that one so 32 points blown lol

    • Vince Snyder
      Vince Snyder Month ago

      Oh yeah I remember seeing the highlights to that game. Man, 31 points blown, smh.

  • PRIM3_-TACTiCZ-1
    PRIM3_-TACTiCZ-1 Month ago

    Top 3 moments for NFL superbowl/play offs games that I watch
    1. Falcons blow a lead
    2. Seahawks didnt ran the ball
    3. Bears missing the field goal

  • Big hp
    Big hp Month ago

    Love the National Anthem

  • Nicole Savage
    Nicole Savage Month ago

    We are # I /1 Go PATS/ PATRIOTS 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

  • Evan G. D.
    Evan G. D. Month ago +5

    Legend says... number 34 is still holding.

  • David Bradford
    David Bradford Month ago

    8:47 ????

  • Vishruth Gonur
    Vishruth Gonur Month ago +1

    Who is a falcons fan here

  • julius jones
    julius jones Month ago

    28-3 Rise Up Atlanta

  • rich
    rich Month ago +1

    18:53 *Tom Brady Intensifies*

  • Ivan Arana
    Ivan Arana Month ago +1

    WARNING: Choking Hazard

  • Dave Luce jr
    Dave Luce jr Month ago


  • David Davies
    David Davies Month ago +4

    Atlanta lost this game more than NE won it.

  • Abhijith's Super Cool Food Reviews

    I'm a Seahawks fan and after watching super bowl 49, I didn't fully hate the Patriots, but after this one, I completely do

  • Wallman Door
    Wallman Door Month ago


  • Joey Thomas
    Joey Thomas Month ago

    He's in patriots win the super bowl Brady had his fifth what a comeback

  • Lala_ripkingx Xxx59552


  • Lala_ripkingx Xxx59552


  • Lala_ripkingx Xxx59552

    23-3 your trash cans

  • Lala_ripkingx Xxx59552


  • Bryan K87
    Bryan K87 Month ago

    Damn. Remember watching this game like is was yesterday. I remember I was at my friends house and I told him that I was going home because it was 9-28. As I was leaving he screamed “falcons super bowl champs” and I said “they’re coming back”. So I went home took a shower and started watching some TVclip. Then I said to myself let me check the score. The score was 12-28 Pats ball. So I said ok I guess I’ll watch the rest of the game because they’re making a little comeback so at least it’s not a blowout. The rest is history.

  • Damien Holland
    Damien Holland Month ago +1

    Pewdiepie blew a 40 million subscriber lead

  • Eagl3xStrik3
    Eagl3xStrik3 Month ago

    When you get beat so bad your franchise becomes irrelevant lol

  • Stephan
    Stephan Month ago +2

    Still the greatest Superbowl I have ever witnessed

    • lee
      lee Month ago +1

      ofc it wouldn't be the super bowl against your team vs the pats 😄

  • Sierra Caldwell
    Sierra Caldwell Month ago +3

    11-5 vs 14-2 Falcons 13-6. Patriots 17-2

  • Sierra Caldwell
    Sierra Caldwell Month ago +1

    How 28-3 to 34-28

  • Matheus Holanda
    Matheus Holanda Month ago +2

    Did anyone notice that Brady was actually reviewing the play when everyone else was cheering? This guy has laser focus.

  • Jon K
    Jon K Month ago

    I was mad at this game

  • chilltown majors
    chilltown majors Month ago

    this is why tom brady is the greatest qb ever to do it if any other quarterback was down 28-3 they would quit but not brady the best super bowl ever they won out of the 6

  • Nathan Hartunian
    Nathan Hartunian Month ago +4

    Who's here in 2019?

  • paulg
    paulg Month ago

    No disrespect to GHWBush. But why would you have a 95 year old man flop the coin on the ground. That was ridiculous. I did not like GWB. But I have no problem with GHWB.

  • Leroy Jenkins
    Leroy Jenkins Month ago

    Every so often, I come back to watch this video just to trigger myself

  • Drew Earthling
    Drew Earthling 2 months ago

    I see people giving Brady all the credit. Sure, he is God but watch "Do Your Job 2" and you'll see why TB12 is just a small part of it. That holding call that took the Falcons out of field goal range was the result of Patriots knowing that Defense # 70 was likely to hold in a certain situation. They gave him that situation. They also broke down the officiating crew and knew that same crew has a tendency to call holding on that same situation. That's not playing chess while others are playing checkers. That's playing nuclear physics to checkers. They're just smarter than the opponent.

  • sam chin
    sam chin 2 months ago

    atl and seatle suck

  • spoderman memes
    spoderman memes 2 months ago +6

    I had a really good joke...

    But I choked on a ring in the 4th