Joe Rogan Experience #1304 - Brendan Schaub

  • Published on May 24, 2019
  • Brendan Schaub is a mixed martial artist, former pro football player, and comedian. He hosts a podcast with Bryan Callen called “The Fighter & The Kid” and "The King & The Sting" with Theo Von both available on iTunes. His comedy special "You'd Be Surprised" is available now on Showtime.

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  • monblanc noland
    monblanc noland 20 hours ago

    Shaub 2014: hey I think I have what it takes to become a UFC champion
    Rogan: I'm about to end this mans whole career

  • Truth Reigns Forever
    Truth Reigns Forever 9 days ago +1

    How much longer will Schaub keep hitching rides off of Rogan’s star before he’ll be soaring fine on his own?
    A: 2 more years
    B: 5 more years
    C: Rest of his life, As long as he wants to stay relevant.

  • D Nut
    D Nut 16 days ago

    Dynamite Dave 😂😂

  • Joe Davis
    Joe Davis 19 days ago

    Brendan bro, you can't say "I'm balls deep in Jon Benet"

  • S Nunez
    S Nunez 19 days ago

    Beige Frequency - 1 Brendan Schaub - 0

    You'd Be Surprised is about as entertaining as waterboarding

  • Eddie Mendez
    Eddie Mendez 24 days ago

    If a car drives by you say damn that mothafucker is bad but if he rolls down his window and says hey mothafucker....different lol

  • Basch Fon Rosenburg
    Basch Fon Rosenburg 27 days ago

    Brendan "shout-out" Schaub

  • Eric Loyd
    Eric Loyd Month ago


  • Somewhere South of Minnesota

    I am glad the troll-haters got me to watch Schaub's comedy special. It was pure story telling about his own life with humility, humor and class. What the fuck is wrong with these haters? Did they take an evil pill? Geeeezzz....

  • Eric Loyd
    Eric Loyd Month ago

    Beige frequency

  • Pierce Cooney
    Pierce Cooney Month ago +6

    "Australia's a beautiful place, they shot Lord of the Rings there for a reason" classic Joe (i know everything) Rogan

  • Truth hurts; Lies heal

    Theres alot u can do. It's called a gun. You get robbed bc there animals an gotta put em down like so

  • Truth hurts; Lies heal

    Brendan " I agree with rogan" Schaub

  • Jake Hartman
    Jake Hartman Month ago

    i shall call him mini me -

  • Gunnar Hegg
    Gunnar Hegg Month ago

    beige frequency

  • Chappy chaps
    Chappy chaps Month ago

    Who saw that face at 45:55 😂

  • Dreadumz The Great
    Dreadumz The Great Month ago +3

    Scaub is alright man he just always seems like someone who wants to fit in but he's already in

  • as318917
    as318917 Month ago

    I keep hearing Schaub's success is 100% due to Rogan. Can someone explain how that works exactly, like when Brendan sells out theatres does Joe buy all the tickets? If so who are the people turning up? And is Joe manipulating itunes, stitcher, Spotify etc. podcast numbers to pretend high numbers of people are actually listening to all of his podcasts when in fact nobody really is? Joe has countless comedian friends he's always talking fondly about, are they all selling out theatres? Joe's best friend is Callen, who's talked about his lack of success with acting & podcasts before teaming up with Brendan. If Joe was really capable of what people seem to be suggesting wouldn't he have bumped up Callen's career year's before Schaub even came along? To me it seems way more believable shitting on Brendan is just the newest way many of the western worlds rapidly growing record number of depressed obese unhealthy people, miserable with the state of their own shitty lives & jealous AS FUCK of Brendan's success deal with their manic depression

    • as318917
      as318917 15 days ago

      @James Darmor Well, I dunno if your homeless but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if you were. But you clearly are a bum who somehow believes Joe is responsible for Brendan's success but are way to stupid to justify a single way that's even remotely possible you dumb fuck lol

    • James Darmor
      James Darmor 15 days ago

      Successful than I’ll ever be ? I’d rather be a homeless bum than be you.

    • as318917
      as318917 15 days ago

      @James Darmor lol, I'll take it you too believe Joe is somehow responsible for Brendans success but yet are completely incapable of answering a single question regarding how that works exactly so how about you get over your clearly obvious jealous hate for someone considerably more successful than you'll ever be lmao

    • James Darmor
      James Darmor 15 days ago +2

      Lmao Brendan get over it buddy

    • as318917
      as318917 Month ago

      @Dave C. Not a single mention of 'cheeto fingers' or 'dime pieces', I think u know I'm not Brendan. Wish I was though, all the cash, the super cars, hanging out with the funniest people in the world, the wife with the fat tits & blow out ass etc. You know, everything his envious haters despise him for

  • Random videos
    Random videos Month ago +31

    Beige Frequency’s documentary masterpiece: I’m Not Surprised - The Brenda Schlob story

  • Mullah Hullah
    Mullah Hullah Month ago +8

    Loved that doc about you Brendan, too bad someone had it taken down......

  • Nope No way
    Nope No way Month ago +1

    Climate change is real. Snow feels like plastic compared to the 70s/80s . It used to melt in your hand fast. It’s just not right.

  • Nope No way
    Nope No way Month ago

    I adore Theo Von. He is like no one else. Brilliant

  • Gina Marie Rider
    Gina Marie Rider Month ago

    Joe “fuck the white walkers” Rogan

  • Stephen Sullivan
    Stephen Sullivan Month ago

    Did he just say, “ I’m balls deep in JonBenet (Ramsey)”? 29:50 lmao wtf

  • AndyFromCALi
    AndyFromCALi Month ago


  • AndyFromCALi
    AndyFromCALi Month ago

    Everyone needs to see this. Joe Rogans multi channel network has censored this amazing documentary that exposes Brendan as a schnuck fraud.

    KULJEET GILL Month ago

    Joe Rogan is a beast!

  • nick keim
    nick keim Month ago

    When you guys come to jersey gotta have white manna, best burgers 💯

  • Marcos Garza
    Marcos Garza Month ago

    you didn't work for that dick.....fkin hilarious

  • Truth Reigns Forever

    Schaub has done well for himself hitching a ride on Rogan’s star ⭐️. He’s soaring at 30,000 feet on cruise control. He now can afford to be seen with Rogan less and less. 🤔

  • sickhater380
    sickhater380 Month ago +2

    Rogan backs bad comics. Shafir, Schaub Sagura and others that don't start with s.

  • Sikisan
    Sikisan Month ago

    Money doesnt make you happy says the rich man to the poor man.. .........

  • John Sanders
    John Sanders Month ago

    As much as people hate on brendan i think hes gonna make it. I mean he already has to an extent. But good for brendan. But i think all the shit talking about brendan is Hilarious 😂

  • Peyton Lee
    Peyton Lee Month ago

    What if Kevin Lee went to team alpha male since he has that wrestling background and he can also strike

  • Matt Howard
    Matt Howard Month ago

    imdb reviews saying a cbd company schewob has money in was offering 50 per cent off products if a kind review is left on his special!?! scumbag move.

  • Ihaka Pink
    Ihaka Pink 2 months ago

    Jamie pull that up

  • keat van lowe
    keat van lowe 2 months ago

    Did Brendan really say hes balls deep in Jon Benet?

  • Hamza Jay
    Hamza Jay 2 months ago

    Was Joe's comment about talking shit at the start there a little indirect at Brendon?

  • Corey Withers
    Corey Withers 2 months ago +1

    Americans didn’t invent the automobile Joe 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • ghw1985
    ghw1985 2 months ago

    Joe "what the fuck are you doing in the left lane?" Rogan

  • Burt Gummer
    Burt Gummer 2 months ago

    I've never seen two people so into cars that know so little about cars

  • Dave Schaub
    Dave Schaub 2 months ago

    Brendan Schaub-Below The Least Common Denominator.

  • Travis Moore
    Travis Moore 2 months ago +1

    That special is pure Garbage! I couldn't even watch it. It's a cringe fest. Rogan is not funny and neither is Brenda Schnoz. Brendan is special just don't give him a special!🤣

  • Dave Schaub
    Dave Schaub 2 months ago +2

    Say something insightful, Brendan! Say something Funny. Say something funny! Say something that is intelligent in any way! Aw, man.

  • Saibot D
    Saibot D 2 months ago

    "We invented cars here" ok Joe....

  • Lebron James
    Lebron James 2 months ago

    My tiny brain cannot comprehend the gaffigan roast

  • Kuate Lowko
    Kuate Lowko 2 months ago +1

    1:25:26 Joe is low key telling Brendan his special is trash. Brendan quickly changes subject 😂

    • bad_moejoe
      bad_moejoe 2 months ago +1

      Brendan " what were you saying about th-the specials?" 😂😂😂

  • Brockton Ma.
    Brockton Ma. 2 months ago

    Why poke someone like Gaffigan. It can’t end well.

  • Brockton Ma.
    Brockton Ma. 2 months ago

    Brendan’s special gave me an earache.

  • Brian
    Brian 2 months ago

    Schaubs special was terrible.

  • FysiKs
    FysiKs 2 months ago +1

    4:47 Bookmark to when I want to come back to this video to have a laugh

  • Shut The Muck Up
    Shut The Muck Up 2 months ago +1

    Schaub is good when he's on Rogan's show, but holy shit was Schaub's "comedy" special terrible. Absolutely unwatchable.

  • Kirk Wolschleger
    Kirk Wolschleger 2 months ago +1

    Brendans stand up sucked

  • ImAwful
    ImAwful 2 months ago

    Australia is 2.97 million mi²; USA is 3.797 million mi². US has just over 3 more Texas than Australia has.

  • Jessie McNew
    Jessie McNew 2 months ago

    "People have jobs" LOL

  • K Micheal
    K Micheal 2 months ago

    " i dont care as long as your not hurting me or someone else , i dont care " - joe rogan ,,, this is the way everyone should think and just accept one another like they also said " human is human " .. i guess all we can do is lead by example ,, thank you guys joe and brendan for setting the best example. Shout out from Canada. Hope everyones having a good day.god bless.

  • Deadleg
    Deadleg 2 months ago

    Rogan " I like five guys" I bet you do.

  • Guy
    Guy 2 months ago +1

    Goddamn Schaub is shitty.

  • Craig Wilson
    Craig Wilson 2 months ago

    Get Bobby Lee and Keanu on this bitch!

  • Jean-Luc Camilleri
    Jean-Luc Camilleri 2 months ago

    We need Brendan Schaub and Andrew Schulz on this shit ASAP.