How To Make a Giant Flaming Vortex Fountain


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  • Noah Durling
    Noah Durling 6 hours ago

    When party tricks go to far

  • Sanquinity
    Sanquinity 2 days ago

    "These bubbles aren't oxygen bubbles. They're propane." *casually lights the bubbles with a 'yea I just did that' grin on his face* Never lose your inner child. Just make your toys bigger/better! xD

  • Sunstar2000
    Sunstar2000 4 days ago


  • Annette Ruiz
    Annette Ruiz 4 days ago

    One of the coolest builds keep it up this is art not the other stuff also I think you should use less water so it doesn't overflow over the edges

  • Tiana Matson
    Tiana Matson 5 days ago

    DUDE!!! I was like okay yeah thats cool, and then you added fire and I was like THATS FREAKING AWESOME!!! 😂

  • Geoff Bennett
    Geoff Bennett 5 days ago

    Totally agree - the flame lighting at the end there took it to a whole new level - respect, sir!

  • Azhaan 17
    Azhaan 17 7 days ago

    We will use a *little* bit of heat to straighten the tubing.....
    *Pulls out blowtorch*

  • Ethari
    Ethari 7 days ago

    How are we not on a government watch list

  • Vipul Thombe
    Vipul Thombe 8 days ago

    What would happen if you put dry ice in the fountain? Would love to see that. Can you do it please......

  • Zach Landis
    Zach Landis 8 days ago

    Instead of lights use the glow stick fluids!!

  • Ghostman Wayne
    Ghostman Wayne 8 days ago


  • Laura Elshaw
    Laura Elshaw 9 days ago +1


  • luke threatt
    luke threatt 9 days ago

    Would love to build this. Great content.

  • {LGA}Zen-kun
    {LGA}Zen-kun 10 days ago

    We now know how spongebob made a fire underwater

  • Leon K
    Leon K 11 days ago

    I wanted to make that and bring it to school and then you lit it up in flames and if I did that in school I would defo be called a school shooter

  • Lay Ann
    Lay Ann 11 days ago

    Love this. I wish I had this at my house.

  • Charles Rogers
    Charles Rogers 12 days ago

    Put some dry ice in it also!!!

  • Katrina Hudson
    Katrina Hudson 12 days ago

    “It’s not oxygen it’s propane”
    (Me) oh

  • Trinity Gutteridge
    Trinity Gutteridge 13 days ago

    Oh and did I forget to mention that the bubbles aren't oxegyn but a highly flammable gas, Lmfao

  • Uwais Vayani
    Uwais Vayani 13 days ago +1

    What if you tried doing this with liquid nitrogen or just putting some dry ice into it

  • Blackbird 123
    Blackbird 123 14 days ago

    Have you thought about doing a oil water thing? If you have different liquids that don’t mix and dye those liquids different colors I think it would be very interesting. It would also be color to use glow stick fluid. Even though I don’t think the pump would appreciate it much I think it would be pretty cool to see.
    If you could also find a way to incorporate an infinite mirror at the bottom it would be cool.

  • Life2 Loud
    Life2 Loud 14 days ago

    I'm doing this but more than likely less BA haha

  • Gacha Ava
    Gacha Ava 15 days ago

    Nasa is shaking you just defied the laws of physics by SETTING WATER ON FIRE

  • smit jathari
    smit jathari 16 days ago


  • Gaming Energy FDD
    Gaming Energy FDD 16 days ago


  • Yogendra Nemade
    Yogendra Nemade 17 days ago

    It's Amazing.

  • Noel Williams
    Noel Williams 20 days ago

    If you sold these I would buy it 🤑🔥

  • Nicholas Bombardier
    Nicholas Bombardier 21 day ago

    make one with a dome on the top so the water wont spill

  • Duane Moore
    Duane Moore 21 day ago

    How much

  • techno death
    techno death 23 days ago

    Hawaii would be proud of you

  • FrankLavoy
    FrankLavoy 23 days ago

    Love it! Love it! I was floored when you lit up the whole thing!!
    Fantastic! Great project.

  • can we get 1k subs with no videos

    I went to a hotel that had fountains with a fire pit in the middle and the staff gave us stuff to make smores so iv roasted marshmallows over a fountain before

  • A crazy Australian that Has a dog

    Now what you need to do is either make this even bigger or make the flouting water tap bigger

  • Griffin Curran
    Griffin Curran 26 days ago

    Can I buy this

  • ElizabethLovesGaming
    ElizabethLovesGaming 27 days ago

    The fire made it so much better

  • The gaming girls !
    The gaming girls ! 27 days ago

    This guy saw the fountain and asked himself “how do I make this even more epic......FIRE”

  • I has a cat i'm aubrey

    they had a cool fountain then they added fire

  • Milo LQ
    Milo LQ 28 days ago

    How much?

  • H Qwert
    H Qwert 29 days ago

    12:41 been seeing that face in your bed

  • Bryan Bogert
    Bryan Bogert Month ago

    You look like you haven’t slept in months

  • Nathaniel Danesh
    Nathaniel Danesh Month ago


  • женя гуньков

    How about adding microcontroller to eliminate of watter spilling over edges of the chaimber?

  • Justin Gunnink
    Justin Gunnink Month ago


  • Achi Baka
    Achi Baka Month ago

    SpongeBob fire pit

  • PurrPle RooF
    PurrPle RooF Month ago +1

    That fountain's on FIRE,
    That fountain's on FIRE!
    It's a bubbling FIRE
    Oh it's a bubbling FIIIIRRREEE
    HAHA LOL 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ethan Cotton
    Ethan Cotton Month ago

    13:41 "they're propane " *lights propane torch* *lights propane coming off of fountain* *blows up house*

  • Sean McKay
    Sean McKay Month ago

    This is the ultimate Nate video

  • UserEden
    UserEden Month ago

    Will the water heat up, evaporate and eventually boil?

    GUNGUNM4N Month ago

    he just drills a hole in the table

    GUNGUNM4N Month ago

    i love how he said he has a few TWISTS. getit . cause a vortex twists. haha? ok no

  • Birtycle 204
    Birtycle 204 Month ago

    This really is epic

  • Dronado FPV
    Dronado FPV Month ago

    Just epic

  • James Driskel
    James Driskel Month ago

    I actually want to try to do this

  • Timothy Terry
    Timothy Terry Month ago

    For anyone building this: When you cut the LED lights, the end that you cut is no longer waterproof. Put a dab of hot glue over the cut end to protect it. I had to replace my first short string of LEDs with a new one.

  • deucedeuce22oz
    deucedeuce22oz Month ago

    Awesome videos. Glad you're doing well. Many well deserved views.

  • CJ Gamer10
    CJ Gamer10 Month ago

    What happens if you use liquid nitrogen in a fountain?

  • Ana Reyes
    Ana Reyes Month ago

    TheKingOfRandom : this is not oxygen bubbles they are propane bubbles
    *lights it up on fire*

  • Ethan’s Music 11
    Ethan’s Music 11 Month ago +1

    Can you make a waterfall that can light up and that has a size that can fit in a room

  • Theavocadollama Guacamole

    Sooooooooo Cooooooooooooool

  • Im_PulsiveRBLX
    Im_PulsiveRBLX Month ago

    Can you show us how to make a homemade Vacuum chamber?

  • Deven Drahsyal
    Deven Drahsyal Month ago

    Can you make one with chocolate like a fondue fountain? If so, what kind of chocolate would you use?

  • Riordan Rasmussen
    Riordan Rasmussen Month ago

    I have my heart set on roasting marshmallows over a fountain now. +1 to bucket list

  • Mark Galluccio
    Mark Galluccio Month ago

    I just got a 3 gallon cylinder. do you think this pump will work with it

  • Toxic Blaze
    Toxic Blaze Month ago +1

    who came just for the satisfaction???????????

  • Mitch_ Camo - roblox - intros

    One of the people that liked the video was mark rober

  • George Batstone
    George Batstone Month ago

    You should advertise this

  • Raven N.
    Raven N. Month ago

    upside down vortex fountain

  • a name
    a name Month ago

    Long ago, three people lived in harmony, fire, water, and wind. One day, a new element came. Earth came. Then the balance broke. They fought with each othr four noe reeson xd

  • Ashton Harper
    Ashton Harper Month ago


  • Aidan Schoene
    Aidan Schoene Month ago

    4:53 that’s what she said

  • Aidan Schoene
    Aidan Schoene Month ago

    4:42 that’s what she said

  • Aidan Schoene
    Aidan Schoene Month ago

    When he drilled the holes in the tray he used a forester bit

  • Thomas Sanders
    Thomas Sanders Month ago


  • Isabel Grace
    Isabel Grace Month ago

    My mom asked what was wrong with my face I said he lit water on fire she said that's ridiculous I showed her then I asked what's wrong with your face she just walked away

  • Julian Castellon
    Julian Castellon Month ago

    Sweet lol this is what i wanted with the miniature vortex thank you

  • Let'sArt
    Let'sArt Month ago

    This is the coolest and prettiest thing I've ever seen you make and I want one so bad!!!!!!

  • Cutie Kitty
    Cutie Kitty Month ago +1

    Who else face palmed when Nate used a black sharpie in a black canvas?

  • Arctic Bork
    Arctic Bork Month ago

    Wtf I wanna buy this cause I can't make it lol

  • FaceFlop Gaming
    FaceFlop Gaming Month ago

    Lol if he roasted the marshmallow on that it would be (burned)

  • Shane Fritts
    Shane Fritts Month ago

    13:45 now this is pod racing I mean this is just fuken miiiiinnnt bro

  • Brayden The Savage
    Brayden The Savage Month ago

    Can this get 65,000 likes

  • Brayden The Savage
    Brayden The Savage Month ago

    Where in 2019 he’s in like 65 billion

  • Alex King
    Alex King Month ago

    Who’s here because of Mark Rober?

  • Mckinnon Angus
    Mckinnon Angus Month ago

    4:50 so youre making fun of the tubes Sexuality LMFAO XD

  • Mike Ntalhs
    Mike Ntalhs Month ago

    where did u adjust propane flow?

  • Sylvie Stafford
    Sylvie Stafford Month ago

    10:05 I thought he said 50 instead of 15....

  • Roqayyah Abidey
    Roqayyah Abidey Month ago

    I can't imagine , awesome thanks , really I wonder when saw a 🔥 fire flame, 😎😅😄

  • Fniux
    Fniux Month ago

    Make a fire fountain with water burning off of it

  • 88Shredder88
    88Shredder88 Month ago

    Why not glue the bucket lid to the tray?

  • Kayden Horn
    Kayden Horn Month ago

    I never thought that I'd see water on fire but I did at the end and it was awesome

  • Philip M Crow Sr
    Philip M Crow Sr Month ago

    Sweet... I thought maybe some micro fine glitter instead of bubbles...

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki Month ago

    definitely a great camping addition

  • Dan Kerns
    Dan Kerns Month ago

    Just get a plastic pizza tray they'll work perfect

  • Julia Falbo
    Julia Falbo Month ago

    This guy is a pyromencer 😂 *HE LOVES FIRE*

  • Matthew Stephens
    Matthew Stephens Month ago

    Will gasoline boil, or will it just autoignite at a certain temperature?

  • Jess Karr
    Jess Karr Month ago +1

    It’s colour! And vortex! And on Fire!!

  • Tanya Robinson
    Tanya Robinson Month ago

    I bet if someone stepped inside your house they would immediately asked where you bought everything

  • TheLQQkout
    TheLQQkout Month ago

    That's the c∞lest D.I.Y. project I have ever seen! I'll be building a few of them for ourselves and as gifts.

  • Lily ShadowFox
    Lily ShadowFox Month ago

    Although it could get dangerous because it is flamable

  • T E D
    T E D Month ago

    The enthutiasm at the end was real brah