Fast Facts: The Lion King

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
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    Today Ben dives into the world of Disney’s The Lion King to uncover every Easter Egg and random fact we could find about the movie!
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Comments • 996

  • SuperCarlinBrothers
    SuperCarlinBrothers  2 months ago +209

    Who immediately found a trash can after watching this and tried roaring in it?

  • Poke Is best
    Poke Is best 22 hours ago

    Shut up

  • Jaynay_ R
    Jaynay_ R Day ago

    I just wanna say:
    Who cares if it's not a real flipping roar, it made millions of people happy and is one of the best films ever.

  • Franco Flake
    Franco Flake 2 days ago

    sinisiraan mo lang yung lion king

  • Lilly Holm
    Lilly Holm 3 days ago

    😆 I loved the live action

  • Tyisharna Banana 107


  • Tyisharna Banana 107

    I love tigers 🐅 why should he die

  • Marie Antoniette Oviedo

    The roar is like not real right guys :/

  • Lea Kennedy
    Lea Kennedy 11 days ago

    Gr6jr6uktchndtyjuvj,cgujxfyhxrtyxryjtcyjtycjdtyjtydjctyjctyjctyjctyjdtyjxtyh a rf^%-÷&%'=&'=%&-=%&'=%&'=__'=*&'=%=%&%="%_*"%_tuxjdtyjdthdtudtyjctyjdttyjdtyjctukhtrzjxtyydtjydtyytjdyygfftycjytdjxtyjdtyhdtydtjyyzrty

  • Persephone Diggen Others

    would you do another fast fact about the lion king?

  • Benard Okoth
    Benard Okoth 16 days ago +1

    I just decided to watch super Carlin Brothers again and I just liked right away

  • tennis world
    tennis world 19 days ago

    Lion roar is more louder

  • Simbaholic
    Simbaholic 29 days ago

    I've always heard of the bug with Mickey Mouse ears but was never able to find it. It didn't help that one site/person said it was a bug *wearing* Mickey ears, prompting me to look for a bug with a Mickey ears hat like you'd find at Disneyland. This video is better than all those sites because it actually illustrates everything instead of vaguely describing it. Thanks!

  • Wizardry Magic101
    Wizardry Magic101 Month ago

    if u put this at 2 playback speed it will be truly fast facts

  • Joshen Jacob Baldedara

    You are not

  • Nur Saifi
    Nur Saifi Month ago

    Yup its tiger roar. The new lion king roar is the real lion roar

  • Jeovany Martinez
    Jeovany Martinez Month ago


  • B. Yohan Varghese
    B. Yohan Varghese Month ago

    *Yeah man, I've seen the Live-Action remake at a theatre. Its good and I enjoyed it, but some powerful dialogues were omitted including Rafiki's "It is time" and seeing Zazu from far looked like a butterfly to me. Emotions which played a magical role in the 1994 film, did not feature here. The overall movie was good, but not as good as the 1994 movie.*

  • Laprasrules12
    Laprasrules12 Month ago

    What was the original death for mufasa

  • Apexraptor327
    Apexraptor327 Month ago

    Wait scar is not the only lion with the claws out if you see the scene where simba sings he climbed on the tree with his Claws and the scene of the stampede mufasa tries to get up with his Claws

  • jerel
    jerel Month ago

    It's ironic how some folks at Disney thought The Lion King would fail while they were making Pocahontas, which they thought was going to be the bigger hit out of the two, but it actually turned out to be the other way around, don't count your chickens before they hatch hahahaha !!

  • Simbas Edits TTea
    Simbas Edits TTea Month ago

    Most animators worked with pocohontas because the previous movies like beauty and the beast and other Disney Princesses where quite new and the new biggest movies making the most money so most people wanted to work on Pocohontas think they would make more profit but obviously wrong lol

  • jalabi99
    jalabi99 Month ago

    Disney jacked the idea for The Lion King from the 50s Japanese animated TV show _Kimba the White Lion_ When Matthew Broderick was told he was cast in TLK he said "You want me to play Kimba?" because he'd remembered the show from his childhood.

  • 90blin
    90blin Month ago

    whoever let frozen beat lion king yo mama ah ho

  • Shigemi Notoge
    Shigemi Notoge Month ago

    they keep mentioning "Simba's magic roar" they do realize that the sequence is showing the land _slowly recovering over time_ after he takes his rightful place as king of the pridelands, right?

  • Michael Oluwajuyemi

    I’m excited for the remake!

  • Michael Oluwajuyemi

    Animal sounds in animated 🎥 are amazing to see how they were made!

    DOBER DANE Month ago
    ^ What do you think about the Reimagined characters?

    DARTH VADER Month ago

    Why would I want a watch when I have a phone, a clock and a spare pair of socks?

  • Iku
    Iku Month ago

    Nala does not translate to gift in swahili. Its like a verb saying "I'm eating" maybe it means Gift but in some other language. Also Pumba means nonsense not simpleton

  • StipulateVenus •
    StipulateVenus • Month ago +3

    So, the Scar Headress in Hercules is TRUE?

    Oh boy.

  • Mute
    Mute Month ago +3

    Video stars off.
    Him: HEY BROTHA!
    ME: imma gurl

  • potato
    potato Month ago

    Why is this in my recommdation

  • Michelle Thompson
    Michelle Thompson Month ago

    i love wolves

  • Yis Pinto
    Yis Pinto Month ago

    Obveusly we all knew what are the Raaawrs

  • BBwife 11
    BBwife 11 Month ago

    Fun fact: as the wolf’s reintroduced in yellow stone they bring es new balance to the park... but hunting it is still legal in yellow stone.

  • TheRedMenace
    TheRedMenace Month ago

    The story was inspired by Hamlet, but the movie itself was also largely based on Kimba the White Lion

  • Cypher NX
    Cypher NX Month ago

    Come on, you guys, no mention of Kimba?

  • Sarban
    Sarban Month ago +3

    Now I'm really curious how Mufasa was supposed to die originally before they changed it cause it was too gut-wrenching.

  • Grace Baunton-Browne

    I love the Lion King!!! Fav Disney movie EVER!!! The original is better than the remake but the remake is still so good!

  • Dawg The Dog
    Dawg The Dog Month ago

    James Charles: HEY SISTERS!!

  • Dark Storm
    Dark Storm Month ago

    These are fake facts 😡

  • savion huggins
    savion huggins Month ago

    Scar and Musfa look 👀 power together

  • Sakib
    Sakib Month ago

    Yep lions actually go “UuUrRgGhH” and not “ROAAAAR”.

  • Yoshii's Randomness

    I remember watching the movie when i was 6 at least a MILLION times and every time the Mufasa death scene came on i started crying and couldn't stop until timon and pumbaa found Simba

  • Fero Kal
    Fero Kal Month ago +1

    Lion king is a rip story from a Japanese cartoonist. It was released in 1960s and the animation called “ kimba the white lion” it literally is a rip off . All the characters and the functions are the same !! Can you believe it !!! Kimba is Simba!! The bird the monkey the hyenas simba all are in 1960s white lion animation. They even copied the beginning

  • —Daniel—
    —Daniel— Month ago

    Ofc not why would they bring a whole lion to roar every single min on theyre faces for just a movie

  • Erasmo Herrera
    Erasmo Herrera Month ago

    I have the lion king shirt

  • lordraptor
    lordraptor Month ago

    the Shakespeare is very wrong

  • Michael Haflich
    Michael Haflich Month ago +1

    Mufasa: Simba. . . We are The Kings of the Jungle.
    Lions: [Have Tiger roars]
    Sheer Kahn: You sure bout that?

  • AJ_ sparkxx
    AJ_ sparkxx Month ago

    I have seen The Live Action Lion King and loved it, but my favorite Live Action Disney Movie was Aladin. They just took all the old scrapped ideas and went nuts, Disney really needs to take notes from that

  • Cupheart68 Minty
    Cupheart68 Minty Month ago +2

    * me try’s roaring *
    Brother: ....
    Brother: what are you doing???
    Me: noting..
    * brother leaves *
    * try’s roaring again but it sounds like I’m screeching *

  • Haley R. G.
    Haley R. G. Month ago

    Hello everyone scrolling through the comments. Yes, I know you're scrolling because almost everyone does it. Haha! 💜💜💜

  • Bella May
    Bella May Month ago

    I have seen the live action of the lion King and it is amazing

  • Authur Morgan
    Authur Morgan Month ago

    Why is shere kahn falling more cinematic then the scene from the live action

  • Michael Ellis
    Michael Ellis Month ago


  • I’m a Legend
    I’m a Legend Month ago

    Then what is it a bloody gorilla?

  • Detective Hawk
    Detective Hawk Month ago +1

    I hate to be “that guy” but I call BS about the roar thing. The roars in the beginning of the movie may have not been a Lion, but the roar at the end where Simba roars definitely has Lion in it. There’s a very distinct difference between Lion roars and Tiger roars and unless you study them you can’t hear the difference. I went to school for Zoology and have worked with various animals in depth. Lions, tigers, elephants, zebras...

  • martha hernandez
    martha hernandez Month ago

    Iv seen the new lion king and ilove it

  • Katherine Parra
    Katherine Parra Month ago

    Hey brother I love you people