Need for Speed™ Heat Official Gameplay Trailer

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • Drive into your first adrenaline-fueled look at gameplay for Need for Speed™ Heat, a vibrant street-racer where daytime is a bright sunny, urban environment and night a dangerous neon playground. Turn the key. Burn all limits.
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    “Break Of Dawn” feat. Stoltenhoff (Duke & Jones Remix) Performed by Yellow Claw. I AM ME performed by Ramengvrl.
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  • -アドリアン
    -アドリアン 23 hours ago


  • Eka Rahayu
    Eka Rahayu 23 hours ago

    Pembukaannya pake bahasa Indonesia gak tuuu.... wkwkwk

  • rufan nugraha
    rufan nugraha Day ago

    I love 🇮🇩 i love ramengvrl i love 'siapa si ni nelpon nelpon bangsaaat'

  • Kim Chung Lee
    Kim Chung Lee Day ago

    nice 10/10

  • O Melhor Do Android & Games Diversos

    Ea games, parem de inventar tantos portais e tornar a franquia need for Speed tão futurista , está acabando com a essência do jogo, tudo oque muitos pedem e um need for speed underground 2 remasterizado ou need for speed underground 3, e não esse monte de bla bla bla futurístico e cheio de coisas complicadas de mecher, need for speed payback ficou bom agora esse já ta cheio de bla bla bla desnecessário.

  • Fake Joker
    Fake Joker Day ago

    Ramengvrl is in the house!!!

  • High Stakes
    High Stakes Day ago

    Can’t wait to trade fifa 20 for this

  • bruno souza
    bruno souza Day ago

    Isso nunca supera o need for speed most wanded uma lenda

  • TigerPlays
    TigerPlays Day ago

    This game came out so good

  • TheFearus
    TheFearus Day ago +2

    Car: *Casually knocks down palm trees*
    Palm trees: am i a joke to you

  • Alexander Devin
    Alexander Devin Day ago

    who's came here just to hear "ini siapa sih yang telepon telepon bangsaaat"???

  • João Amorim
    João Amorim Day ago

    1:47 - 3:15

    does someone know this music's name? those damn cowbells are stuck on my head, is a blessing and a curse

  • Gee Blanco
    Gee Blanco Day ago

    Sliced through those palm trees like they were matchsticks.

  • Tomislav Hranietzsche

    I can smell the microtransactions that gonna ruin this game already.

  • Rasmus Olsson
    Rasmus Olsson Day ago

    How does the day/night work when you're playing online?

    Yasin KARAAHMET Day ago

    Nfs, make most wanted 2 pleaseee

  • Юрий Есин

    Теперь и водителя одевать можно? А просто гонки сделать нельзя как было в первом андерграунде или хотя бы как в nfs run?

  • Evan Conway
    Evan Conway Day ago

    Can you add Ekstrak songs to this?

  • Zach Cooper
    Zach Cooper Day ago

    Why does every game that comes out these days have to be open world..? Can we just have straight up racing. An open world racing game makes no sense.

  • Zer Hell
    Zer Hell Day ago

    Очередной высер

    J BROWN Day ago

    Music @ 2:20 ?

  • 15k subscribers with no videos challenge

    I’m defo gonna get it when it come out

  • Alberto Carvalho
    Alberto Carvalho Day ago +1

    Why in 2019 we're still getting the FK2 instead of the FK8?

  • Bubble Gum
    Bubble Gum Day ago

    Взаимная подписка

  • GearCrafter RS
    GearCrafter RS Day ago

    Your favorite NFS Games in one.
    I guess...

  • Kendras Moro
    Kendras Moro Day ago

    Siapa sih ni telfon telfon bangsaaaaaa

  • Ravikumar Achar
    Ravikumar Achar Day ago

    When this game will be Arriving For Android/iOS..?

  • DTearLesS
    DTearLesS Day ago

    Holy shiet this is like carbon 2

  • Bluemaniacyz
    Bluemaniacyz Day ago

    This Channel has deleted old vids from PRO STREET / HP & older, just why

  • TinyToonRin
    TinyToonRin Day ago

    Car physics looks the same as it was in payback: highly uncomfortable and painful). Music added just to turn off, they only made a few changes...I guess it was the plan, so they could put these options like "normal pshysics and music" in the store...for a double price=)))). So you could buy a game, to buy a game inside a game, to eventually play a game...until they add a new hat.

  • ryanyaboy21
    ryanyaboy21 2 days ago +1

    I'll see how rapey the microtransactions are before I buy it

  • WhiteMoon 29
    WhiteMoon 29 2 days ago +2

    0:03 bangsad??

  • Mar Celo
    Mar Celo 2 days ago

    Damn, almost 15 years and NFS Most Wanted is still the king... That is embarrassing... Only the cars look better. Everything else is worst than MW...

  • Soupyest
    Soupyest 2 days ago

    Please put return of the Mack by mark morrison to the soundtrack

  • Soupyest
    Soupyest 2 days ago

    Put Too $hort blow the whistle to the soundtrack because it has a 2 fast 2 furious Miami vibe

    iTECHNOLOGY _ 2 days ago +1

    Hey I am a big fan of nfs a little request I want Toyota mark5 supra in nfs heat please

  • Allen Francis
    Allen Francis 2 days ago

    When I see this I feel live in 2005

  • JRH
    JRH 2 days ago

    Oh... looks like after 13 years of relationship issues, Most Wanted and Carbon finally decided to make a baby together. Oh my, its a beautiful one!

  • Philminator
    Philminator 2 days ago

    Take my money!

  • Chase Starling
    Chase Starling 2 days ago

    When are racing games going to have a realistic physics engine and realistic soft body physics? It seems like a no brainer. Innovate some, this game is basic as heck

  • sunny cats
    sunny cats 2 days ago +1

    0:03 what music?

  • LozengerJ
    LozengerJ 2 days ago


  • IzanagiXZ
    IzanagiXZ 2 days ago

    That Alfa Romeo....

  • Aleksandar Todorović

    Forza Horizon 4 finnaly beaten

  • хамелеон леон

    0:03 what music?

  • dantemudjin
    dantemudjin 2 days ago

    EA...produzindo o mesmo need a no mínimo 10 anos. Mais do mesmo aqui viu.

  • Holiegram XP1
    Holiegram XP1 2 days ago

    0:40 did the car just go through the Trees ?

  • Malcolm Andrews
    Malcolm Andrews 2 days ago

    Why does this look like GTA to me?

  • Jaziel Avila
    Jaziel Avila 2 days ago +1

    OMG, carbon,most wanted and underground had an orgy 😍

  • Strike938
    Strike938 2 days ago

    basically , nfs most wanted remastered...

  • GameReview Master
    GameReview Master 2 days ago

    Y u allow ign to post gameplay and not launch it on this channel??

  • koizora
    koizora 2 days ago

    We waaaaaant razor back bring the old characters back

  • anandu ap
    anandu ap 2 days ago

    Not a impressive Graphic....

  • samuel lancaster
    samuel lancaster 2 days ago

    Which was console for this game ?

  • GypsyKing
    GypsyKing 2 days ago

    There is 2 types of gender in this world
    One likes underground 2 the other likes most wanted

  • Bluemaniacyz
    Bluemaniacyz 2 days ago +2

    I've just listened NFS PRO STREET playlist and Idk why I'm crying

  • Ryan Cooper
    Ryan Cooper 3 days ago

    IM BEGGING YOU ALL ON MY KNEES, SUB TO MY CHANNEL please thumb my comment if you like my channel....

  • baconmakinmayor
    baconmakinmayor 3 days ago +1

    Why is the game having massive fps drops in this trailer? Do people enjoy that?

  • Clayton Apple
    Clayton Apple 3 days ago +1

    I can feel the microtransactions already.

  • Manuel G
    Manuel G 3 days ago +2

    Accidentally runs over something small....
    Oil pan bust and cars totaled 😂