Hollywood Doesn't Know How Drinking Works - Reckless Disagreement (Deadpool, James Bond)

  • Published on Jun 18, 2017
  • Deadpool, Lord of the Rings and every James Bond sequel maybe great movies but they have no idea how human beings drink booze.
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Comments • 2 724

  • Alex Stewart
    Alex Stewart 5 hours ago

    Yeah, the only bar fight ive ever seen or been involved in eventually involved pocket knives and got stabby for a couple guys. For real, no shit.

  • Martin Battilana
    Martin Battilana 2 days ago

    Dude, you are such a lightweight. And a drinking game is anything that involves drinking. It doesn't need ping pong balls. Seeing who can drink the most is a drinking game.

  • John Shoemaker
    John Shoemaker 8 days ago

    Coms back guys!

  • Ed Stewart
    Ed Stewart 9 days ago

    Holywood sells alcohol in most of their movies.

  • Somborac
    Somborac 18 days ago

    In serbia bar fights result into special units of policr going in cus dudes use sharp glass and ash trays to fight and in small commubnitiss it starts with looking at girls or someone u shall not

  • The DIY Contractor
    The DIY Contractor 20 days ago

    This guy really doesn’t know anything about drinking.

  • Thomas Cook
    Thomas Cook 21 day ago

    The fact that you believe people don't drink right up to the point the black out is insanely asinine, naive, and silly furthermore, the reality is hardcore partiers and drunks will do this very thing, followed by a wild reserection between an adrenaline needle to the heart and the groggy-est you've ever been in your life with a side of headache, hunger, and mild amnesia. The reality is alcohol poisoning and alcoholic coma's do happen, but they aren't as prevalent as blacking out, passing out and at best missing all the cool stuff at 2am the worst throwing up and running the risk of choking on it in your sleep, but hey I'm not an official cracked expert or nothing. . .

  • Dumb Dubs
    Dumb Dubs Month ago +6

    Is this american trying to tell people stuff about drinking 🙄

  • Nobicus XIII
    Nobicus XIII Month ago

    I've seen a free round handed out cause a local player scored in the FA Cup he scored in 3 rounds of the FA Cup so I got 3 free pints in less than a month. Plus I get a free pint every Sunday for wearing my browns Jersey at an NFL game Ireland is not mean with drink

  • ChikoZokite
    ChikoZokite Month ago


  • Simon Zouein
    Simon Zouein Month ago

    U are an idiot

  • Lord Seigram
    Lord Seigram Month ago

    Linus has a brother.

  • Tyler MacRae
    Tyler MacRae Month ago

    What a bunch of pussies

  • X pl0rer
    X pl0rer Month ago

    Fights in general are very unrealistic... I work in the ER and trust me if you puch someone in the face something break, his jaw, his nose or/and his jugular bone... And probably your hand too

  • tayfun gürgen
    tayfun gürgen Month ago +3

    This guy has never been drunk. Somehow.

  • Jannick
    Jannick Month ago +2

    You must be fun at party’s

  • Dash Fabela
    Dash Fabela Month ago

    I think you missed the fact that all of these examples from Hollywood were purely for entertainment and not trying to actually represent drinking

  • Djordje Djordjevic
    Djordje Djordjevic Month ago

    you dont know jack shit pussyboy

    • Djordje Djordjevic
      Djordje Djordjevic Month ago

      anybody that was a proper alcoholic (as the people in most of these scenes are) has drank till they passed out, has been in proper big bar fights, and you've got some shitty people where you think no one ever in history paid for a bunch of people on the house (or evem that a bar gave away free drinks)

  • Katerina Clavijo
    Katerina Clavijo Month ago

    This dude didn’t pledge a frat lol

  • hepotitus
    hepotitus Month ago

    Finally! Now we can get back to our 100% realistic movies. I wanna see 007 work his way into a government organization, slowly work up the ladder, make copies of classified materials and then relay it all back. No more of this bs shooting and action -_-

  • Green Greeny
    Green Greeny Month ago

    Americans see drinking games as an assist to drinking English see drinking games as something that gets in the way of drinking

  • Homie vegetable
    Homie vegetable Month ago

    Omg this guy would die if he ever meets a Dane

  • Rob Berra
    Rob Berra Month ago

    Alcohol won't make you hallucinate, but DTs can.

  • Sensei Sin Semilla
    Sensei Sin Semilla Month ago

    I think the closest to a real portrayal of being a drunk mess that I’ve ever seen was the video for “Smack My Bitch Up”
    I hadn’t seen it in years so I gave it a rewatch along with other Prodigy videos when Keith died. Last time I saw it, I hadn’t started drinking yet (must’ve been over 12 years ago) so I didn’t yet understand the chaos. This time around I was taken aback by how much I related to what I was seeing. I was a blackout mess for years and the stories I’ve heard as well as pieces of what I remember, I can only imagine what a POV of that would be like. I’m going to make one year sober in 6 days and I couldn’t be happier to be completely rid of that life.

  • Revive Me I have the Ray Gun

    I don't know if you know how writing works but 30 minutes of sittings is very stupid and boring. Plus they're movies, don't expect realism. Especially from deadpool, the guy who's immortal

  • wrurzka83
    wrurzka83 Month ago

    Halucinations after drinking are connected with delirium tremens. It is a state alcoholics get themselves into after heavy consumption followed by a withdrawal. Those depictions are still inaccurate since people in those scenes are drinking but it is absolutely possible.

  • Ella stop looking on my yt

    Raiders of the lost ark and Lord of the rings would most likely have larger alcohol content

  • King
    King Month ago +1

    Take a shot of whiskey, then red wine, then pint of beer and you will be gone in 5

  • AmbitionZ
    AmbitionZ Month ago

    I liked the video until you dissed LOTR

  • deepak surya
    deepak surya Month ago

    Don't do alchol its bad ,really bad ,

  • Youssef Ouni
    Youssef Ouni Month ago

    Please don't try to be funny cuz u r not

  • tehepicgamer45
    tehepicgamer45 Month ago

    What’s the point of drinking if you don’t drink until you pass out ?!

  • WelFareCupcakes Gaming

    I watched the whole video and I’ve come to the conclusion that this guy is a fucking wanker.

  • David TheFlower
    David TheFlower Month ago

    1:46 I believe it’s not the drinking that made his ancestors proud, but the fighting.

  • Kosh Naranek
    Kosh Naranek Month ago

    Bar owner found he was having a kid while doing stuff at his bar, needless to say drinks were on the house for a while.

  • G Magee
    G Magee Month ago

    The bar in dead pool was legit just a hitman bar

  • TheProAlpha
    TheProAlpha Month ago

    If this video were on pornhub it would be in "Gay"

  • NPC #80099
    NPC #80099 Month ago

    Come to Australia and you’ll see a lot of bar fights 😂

  • Webster Thomas
    Webster Thomas Month ago

    You obviously never been to a bar near a military base. 😂 I'm lucky to be alive Rangers vs. Jarheads

  • Lovecatx
    Lovecatx Month ago

    I think Dumbo is more to blame re: hallucinations than Pinocchio.

  • Martin Mullender-Taeter

    You got funny and good points, but ive seen some mass barfights here i. Europe... Well usually everyone runs out and only 1/4 stays there and they are either sober and balistic or drunk and stupid ... Nice video :D

  • Capin Nangs
    Capin Nangs Month ago

    This guys obviously never been to Australia

  • N Marrs
    N Marrs 2 months ago

    In Alaska if you ring the bell. It means you bought the whole bar a round on you.

  • J D
    J D 2 months ago

    Sorry, I usually love the videos from "cracked", but this guy is wrong on so many levels. Not to stand up in front and say "hi my name is and I have a problem", but the being a drunk, alcoholic or pure societal reject can create all and more of these so-called "Hollywood drunken adventures". An avid drinker knows that once you start drinking....crazy s**t happens. In the wrong bar at the devils time, a scorpion may end up on your wrist. Lol ;)

  • abcd efgh
    abcd efgh 2 months ago

    Wait... so drinking 24/7 won't turn me into an arrogant secret agent who can break into another spy agency's vault 25% low on blood? Damn you archer!
    *update, it totally does turn you into a secret agent! It only took three days in a jail cell for breaking into a "church" and I am home free. These mind control crackers will let me control the world!

  • Rannenw
    Rannenw 2 months ago

    Literally on my way back to the ship from liberty and people were passed out and going shot for shot or beer for beer to see of the bet people. That's navy/marine corps life man and most of these films alcohol was one stronger and two not a restricted as it is now adays. Drinking wasn't frowned upon back then as it is as much now. Can't tell how many times I get a beer in a restaurant for lunch on a Saturday or Sunday and I get a wierd look from at least five people. Had one ask me why I drink and said I enjoy it and drank the rest of my lager infront of them.

  • Olmo De andres
    Olmo De andres 2 months ago

    What if Hollywood make films to everyone? Just saying, Americans doesn't know how the fuck to drink...no fucking idea! (From a guy how had travel quite enough)

  • kaitlyn rushing
    kaitlyn rushing 2 months ago

    That’s why their movies. Generally fictional content. And over exaggerate everything. That’s why it’s entertainment.

  • Marvin
    Marvin 2 months ago

    "That's not a drinking game that's just drinking" this guy has clearly never played century club

  • Simon Duncan
    Simon Duncan 2 months ago

    Drinking games are to see who can consume more alcohol

  • Onyx Angel
    Onyx Angel 2 months ago

    This is the song that never ends; It goes on and on my friends; some people started singing it not knowing what it was and now they'll be singing it for ever just because... this is the song that never ends; it goes on and on my friends some people started singing it not knowing what it was and now they'll be singing it for ever just because... this is the song that...

  • Jesse Bowen
    Jesse Bowen 2 months ago

    I work as a bouncer at a club, we’ve had some pretty big fights that involved half the club. I mean where I work all the bars have pretty big fights

  • D Bur
    D Bur 2 months ago +1

    You are right hollywood has it wrong . U might of tested your own powers , but you should travel 🧳 my friend their are some serious drinkers out their
    Just saying mate
    And it’s usually the ladies that will drink 🍹 you under the table after 4 or 5 days bro

  • matt25675
    matt25675 2 months ago

    "30 minutes to feel the effects of alcohol" lol...you'd not have to google to know that's incorrect if you've ever touched a drink

  • stefan collier
    stefan collier 2 months ago

    It's a fat old lady right?

  • Spanish Silver
    Spanish Silver 2 months ago

    This guy only drinks his fathers cum

  • Sammy Pineda
    Sammy Pineda 2 months ago

    This fucking nerd is a annoying obnoxious shit who id punch in the face if i saw him in real life

  • Kay
    Kay 2 months ago

    Thirty minutes to feel the affects of alcohol? When I used to drink, I would feel a shot within a minute. What?!

  • dont be this guy
    dont be this guy 2 months ago

    Opc for life

  • Evie H
    Evie H 2 months ago

    I've seen few bar frights, the worst one I've del with was one guy punched a girl and this pack of dudes chased him out of the place. I've seen more sex in bars than anything. I walked in the back room to see one of my Co workers having anal sex in the stock room. Then I've seen that same man a month later get a truck BJ from a 60yo toothless bald(she had a wig but it was a bad wig) woman. He told me he was unable to cum because the truck smelled like cat piss. He had many sexual encounters at work, he didn't work there long.

  • bucket
    bucket 2 months ago

    Getting so drunk your friends have to take you home and pay the tab, is literally the objective of the #1 drinking game in britian...it's called drinking

  • Andrew Wittwer
    Andrew Wittwer 2 months ago

    Hey there bud, just becasue you cant hang and can't find a decent place to get a drink doesn't mean you have the right to go hating on our entertainment.

  • Stewart Bugler
    Stewart Bugler 2 months ago

    Hold up... I know you explained how pinocio might have been the cause of halucination related to alcohol but it really doesn't that would be Dumbo that suggested that.
    However in an animated film you have to look at it as symbolism when something like drinking making people turn into donkeys. Its clever and basically explains that people who drink usually turn into asses. Not only that but the entire scene itself is like a giant metaphor of how capitalism is essentially enslaving the public from childhood using alcohol to justify any sort of consequences of destructive and restrictive charades that capitalism has.

  • Thomas Robert
    Thomas Robert 2 months ago

    Scrawny ass white guy that can’t drink more than a sip of rum tries to tell people about drinking games

  • explodingalligator
    explodingalligator 2 months ago

    Is he related to Bo Burnham?

  • Freya
    Freya 2 months ago

    I have hallucinated while drunk actually

  • Devbo Slice
    Devbo Slice 2 months ago

    I seen a few real bar fights and one stands out. Had a battle of the bands competition at the grad in Davis. Some skinhead slammed a black bald guy on the floor from behind. After the black guy recovered, he assaulted my friend and my friend got kicked out by bouncers along with me and my brother and every other white person that the black guy pointed to.

  • William P. Buttle
    William P. Buttle 2 months ago

    It says that Raj can only talk to women when he is drunk. But some of the scenes, he has one drink and then can speak. That makes him a light weight or the show messed it up

    • CamaroAmx
      CamaroAmx 2 months ago

      And alcohol lowers you inhibitions, so Raj is far too scared to talk to women sober but when he is drunk, he loses that fear and can talk to them. Plus in some people, alcohol can boost you confidence.
      They show Raj having one drink and be able to talk to women is because of a few reasons. 1) the show only has a limited time to show the effects of alcohol. 2) it’s mostly a placebo effect on Raj. 3) it’s funnier if after a single drink Raj completely alters his personality as opposed to 5 drinks (movies and tv shows actually do this all the time with various substances).

    • Emo Imo
      Emo Imo 2 months ago

      ... No. It means it’s all psychological. Duh.

  • karatekick66
    karatekick66 2 months ago

    this guy and this video suck on so many levels. i just cant finish it

  • internet !
    internet ! 2 months ago

    It's not 30 minutes. It's more like 30 seconds.

    • Emo Imo
      Emo Imo 2 months ago

      Okay, retard. You’re literally proving his point about people who’ve never drank before.

  • DaintreeDreaming
    DaintreeDreaming 2 months ago

    That " guy" is a fat lesbian..

  • Rodolfo sauer
    Rodolfo sauer 2 months ago

    Hollywood nows How to molest anyone in Its surroudings and make them quiet

    • Emo Imo
      Emo Imo 2 months ago

      The fuck, retard?

  • Rodolfo sauer
    Rodolfo sauer 2 months ago

    I do t get near any bar in my surroudings cause over here is Very Common somebody get sttabed in the Chest, i Lost some friends this way.

  • Faile no Ohayo
    Faile no Ohayo 2 months ago

    To Thor reference: it wasn't a drinking game situation, but I've drank guys under the table and carried them back home before. 1 was an ex that enjoyed that fact.

  • Laika Pupkino
    Laika Pupkino 2 months ago

    This blog should be called STUPID GUY watches STUPID MOVIES and forms STUPID OPINIONS which we'd be STUPID to take seriously

    • Emo Imo
      Emo Imo 2 months ago

      How many times were you dropped as a baby, exactly?

  • Bolt
    Bolt 2 months ago

    Now talk about the real questions- what do movies get wrong about smoking weed?

  • Gary Vaiphei
    Gary Vaiphei 2 months ago


  • Barbutt
    Barbutt 2 months ago

    Some folks drink all the time, like all the time and unhealthy. To the point where they are .28 . 32 and you swear they’re not drink.
    Nothing to be proud of for sure, but one man’s 5 beers is another guy’s 16 20 beers.

    • CamaroAmx
      CamaroAmx 2 months ago

      Barbutt there are lots of factors that go into it from how often you drink, how fast your body metabolizes the alcohol, how fast you drink, whether you ate recently, your weight/size, physical condition (how healthy you are and even how tired you are), and even your mood. Even your genetics all contribute to how much alcohol you can consume before being visibly or even legally drunk. The general rule is 1 drink (pint of beer, glass of wine or shot of hard liquor) per hour, any more and in most states you are legally drunk.

  • Tom Donnellan
    Tom Donnellan 2 months ago

    The title should be Americans can't drink for shit

    • Emo Imo
      Emo Imo 2 months ago

      Were you dropped as a baby?

  • Tom S
    Tom S 2 months ago

    Alcohol takes about 2 minutes to feel. Maybe 5 at most.

    • Emo Imo
      Emo Imo 2 months ago

      Okay, retard.
      You’re literally proving his point about people who’ve never drank before

  • Seth _
    Seth _ 3 months ago

    I’m a bona ride alcoholic (I’m not braggin) with a full passport. I’ve not seen a full out bar fight, but other than that this kid is full of shit. I’ve bought rounds for the house many times and yes, bartenders know very well how to handle that. Have a serious enough problem and yes, one can hallucinate. I think maybe this kids beer pong days were less dramatic than he remembers them being.

  • River Sunfeather
    River Sunfeather 3 months ago

    The Last Samurai is a reference to the leader of the rebellion, not Cruise's character. This video was so full of crap, it was hard to see you by the end of it.
    I've watched people match each other, drink for drink. Done it myself. I don't know what crappy frat house taught you ping pong was drinking, but we used to throw down shots of whatever was laying around, one shot at a time until someone quit.
    Bar fights really do turn into brawls. Never been in one. Seen the aftermath, though.
    Bar I used to frequent had a couple of old regulars that would buy the house a round of Jell-O shots on pay day. Miss those guys. Likewise, I was at a bar in Pittsburgh and a round of test tubes went around on the house.
    Hey Cracked! See that dive bar in the bad side of the town? You know, the one you're too good for. Go hang there. Learn the difference between "high society culture" and actual culture.

  • LouisTheKIng61
    LouisTheKIng61 3 months ago

    This guys a fucking nob

  • JayCzzzYa
    JayCzzzYa 3 months ago

    He is not a drinker.

    • CamaroAmx
      CamaroAmx 2 months ago

      He also lied (beyond all of his “facts”) when he said he’d get drunk during the video. One slip and he never touched the bottle again. Plus I love how he was doing a little nonchalant advertising by putting the bottle near the front of the table with the label showing the brand clearly (makers mark. Cheap bourbon. Jack Daniels low rent competitor).

  • Peter Bandy
    Peter Bandy 3 months ago

    As someone who has done some pretty heavy drinking in my day, I can confirm that it takes far less than half an hour for drinks to start kicking in, even on a relatively full stomach.
    Also, your point about LoTR is invalid because "contest" and "game" are roughly equivalent.
    Also, your point about Thor is invalid because the fighting was what made the dude's ancestors proud and Thor is a Norse god.
    Also, your point about Raiders is invalid (viz. original comment)

  • Joseph Izzo
    Joseph Izzo 3 months ago

    Actually, that is exactly how I drank in college.
    I have experienced every one of those examples. Not bragging just saying

  • azraelbatosi
    azraelbatosi 3 months ago

    A lot of those internet numbers on drinking and metabolism are bullshit, I knew someone with a blood alcohol of .36 when they were a teenager and they remembered the long, relatively coherent conversation they had with the cop at the station....it was brought up at court actually...

  • lanu432
    lanu432 3 months ago

    What are u saying dude...
    Babbling game is so high..Gosh!!!

  • BigSkippy1263
    BigSkippy1263 3 months ago

    So I went down to Kelly's pub and I had another round.

  • L0g1c4LR3d3mpT10N
    L0g1c4LR3d3mpT10N 3 months ago

    I've bought drinks all around many times it's not an enigma. This whole video was a waste of time. The best bars are where the bartenders will do shots with you when the time is right. In Wisconsin they play dice to see who buys rounds for everyone including the bartender who gives free drinks.

  • No Name
    No Name 3 months ago +19

    They really don't know how smoking pot works either. They think you take one small hit off a joint and go insane.

    • Randy Hooks
      Randy Hooks Month ago

      Well. If you get some good train wreck or gorilla glue, you won't go insane but you will feel good!

  • jonesey251
    jonesey251 3 months ago

    you can indeed drink to the point of hallucination...also "movies aren't like real life", razor sharp observation, you got anything on how men and women are different?

  • Dan Boyle
    Dan Boyle 3 months ago

    Almost every bar fight I've been involved in was as a bouncer, bartender or protector. One place I worked would pack in well over 200 college-aged kids on weekends and between there and my time in the navy, I've seen - and been involved in - some rather epic donnybrooks.
    You're correct in general, though. Most times a couple of drunks get into an argument over a girl or whose money is up on the pool or foosball table ... And it rarely comes to much.

  • micheal miller
    micheal miller 3 months ago

    This guy has clearly never been to Ireland. Or Germany. Or Russia..

  • Zachary Woodford
    Zachary Woodford 3 months ago

    It must be weird to have never drank before.

  • Arrianna Sanguine
    Arrianna Sanguine 3 months ago +1

    Husband is an ex bouncer. He nodded his head. Exemptions being people who are not drunk, or buzzed at best.

  • ukkomies100
    ukkomies100 3 months ago

    Wow a video with narcotics and its monetized. Thank god youtube you arent all that bad. And i swear i once hallucinated because of alcohol. Oh well. I had drank 6 days in a row and stopped sooo. That might be why

  • Scott B
    Scott B 3 months ago

    Yeah you aren't very bright.

  • GMSD 773
    GMSD 773 3 months ago

    This guys pretending to have been in a bar

  • Alex T
    Alex T 3 months ago

    I think its safe to say as an adult who gets drunk every time I go to the kafkaesque torture chamber that is the airport it takes almost no time to find it difficult to stand after downing 2 glasses of jack daniels back to back. I'm not sure where google got "30 minutes" as an answer but if that man was on an empty stomach he could most certainly have fallen backwards from the alcohol alone.