Hollywood Doesn't Know How Drinking Works - Reckless Disagreement (Deadpool, James Bond)


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  • ukkomies100
    ukkomies100 Day ago

    Wow a video with narcotics and its monetized. Thank god youtube you arent all that bad. And i swear i once hallucinated because of alcohol. Oh well. I had drank 6 days in a row and stopped sooo. That might be why

  • Scott B
    Scott B Day ago

    Yeah you aren't very bright.

  • GMSD 773
    GMSD 773 2 days ago

    This guys pretending to have been in a bar

  • Alex T
    Alex T 2 days ago

    I think its safe to say as an adult who gets drunk every time I go to the kafkaesque torture chamber that is the airport it takes almost no time to find it difficult to stand after downing 2 glasses of jack daniels back to back. I'm not sure where google got "30 minutes" as an answer but if that man was on an empty stomach he could most certainly have fallen backwards from the alcohol alone.

  • Angie Lara
    Angie Lara 2 days ago

    You’ve obviously never been to england...

  • TheDeathmail
    TheDeathmail 2 days ago

    Here is the thing... for bar fights, they aren't supposed to be realistic but fun... and for the "hallucination" thing... note how none of those drunks actually hallucinate... they just assume they are hallucinating because of how unbelievable what is happening is.

  • CWD
    CWD 3 days ago

    I might be wrong on this because I haven't seen the movie in over 20 years... But is it possible that the scene in Pinocchio where all the people drinking turn into donkeys is actually a metaphor for people turning into asses when they drink and not actually Pinocchio hallucinating from alcohol?

  • Montague Cox
    Montague Cox 4 days ago

    With the Thor issue that’s not a drinking game. They drink to prove to each other that they are superior because they are able to drink more than the other person. Seeing how much tolerance someone has for alcohol and using that as a measure for their ‘manliness’ is moronic I agree but it doesn’t change the fact that it is something deeply imbedded in European culture.
    This is also something more than that. Drinking is also a way in which we can bond. As he says, they drink and fought and that is what we do with alcohol - it levels the playing field and lowers inhibitions but there is a general level of respect. Seeing how a man gets drunk can tell you a lot about him. Sure it’s a potentially problematic way to form relationships but it is also effective.

  • Alex Schmidt
    Alex Schmidt 4 days ago

    I’ve seen someone buy a round of beer for the bar before. It was in Mexico and apparently the guy had done some terrible shit the night before so he stood up and proclaimed that everyone gets a free beer on him. And they actually served everyone.

  • Theodore Gideon Shisha

    the only show I can trust?
    fuck off Alt+F4

  • Ryan Paul
    Ryan Paul 5 days ago

    You missed a lot of points here. You need to hit more bars, and you also need some fucked up friends that would do shit like go outside for a smoke so they could find a scorpion to make a drinking game out of.

  • Michael Trost
    Michael Trost 5 days ago

    scorpion sting from a scorp this big , just hurt like shit , but doesnt kill a healty adult :) just saying ...still weird scene xD

  • Herm Ask
    Herm Ask 6 days ago

    I think this hilarious scene qualifies as a drinking game
    From Anna Karenina (1935)

  • AshleenWoods
    AshleenWoods 6 days ago

    I'm wondering if the "beer makes you hallucinate" isn't really just saying "a drunk person can't tell if what they saw was real or not because they are drunk," not that drinking makes you hallucinate. I mean...it doesn't make you see things, but it does compromise one's ability to make judgements on things. So if you're drunk and something supernatural/whatever happens, you might mistakingly think it was the booze that made you hallucinate.
    That said, this Cracked, and I'm not taking this video as seriously as some of the people in the comments are o_O It's entertainment, not facts written in stone XD

  • David Goodwin
    David Goodwin 6 days ago

    Nobody can order those scorpion drinks

  • David Goodwin
    David Goodwin 6 days ago

    Asgardians are the best drinkers in the universe so that guy probably drank a shit ton and thats why thor was impressed

  • Eric Mueller
    Eric Mueller 6 days ago

    Buying a round for the whole bar has happened before, I know because I did it. Needless to say I was completely wasted and don't quite remember how they enforced the whole "one round" rule, I just know I woke up the next morning with a killer hangover and a buttload of credit card debt. That's what Hollywood consistently gets wrong more than anything else, how much things cost and what kinds of people can afford them.

  • Thomas Johnson
    Thomas Johnson 6 days ago

    I actually bought everyone a drink in a bar in Berlin. I had to confer with the bartender as to how much it would cost and we actually did a quick head count. We agreed 700 euro would do and it worked out. I got to know a lot of people that night. One of the best times of my life.

  • Renegade Rabbit
    Renegade Rabbit 6 days ago

    52 seconds in, I realised your a lightweight.
    I can drink 2 litres of vodka and still be able to function properly, I'm clearly drunk, my words are a bit slurred and my reaction time is lessened somewhat... But I'm not passing out, acting obscene or puking.

  • Oliver Abstrich
    Oliver Abstrich 7 days ago

    na mann

  • Greg Wallace
    Greg Wallace 7 days ago

    I’ve seen drinks on the house once I was in Boston 2004 when the Red Sox broke the curse and won the World Series for the first time since 1918. The whole town erupted and the local bar I was in pretty much waisted a minor two worth of profit, you could pay for a drink for an hour or two.

  • G Williams
    G Williams 7 days ago

    Drinking is a game this guy clearly has never been to England

  • Stoned Gaming Productions

    FYI the Scorpion on bonds hand was a sand scorpion not deadly

  • Stephen Martin
    Stephen Martin 7 days ago

    Dude... The movie characters throw out their drinks because they think their drink was spiked with a hallucinogenic substance.

  • πες και εσυ ζηση πες και εσυ ζηση

    bro wtf are you even talking bout this is so dum video just being honest with your work

  • Sunny Dick
    Sunny Dick 7 days ago

    i actually have carried my friend home its the most pride i will ever feel for him

  • B B
    B B 8 days ago

    Beta male wants us to know he's been drunk before

  • Red Swordfish Studios


  • bendingsickle
    bendingsickle 9 days ago

    Forget the Pinocchio scene - how could you forget Dumbo's terrifying booze hallucination?!

  • swagger0im0lachskost

    its possible to get drunk fast. just try absinthe with sparkling whine. through the carbon dioxid bubbles your mucosa gets burned open a little bit and the alcohol goes directly into your blood so you can get drunk in a matter of minutes

  • Ryan G
    Ryan G 9 days ago

    First of all drinking just doesn't make sense. it kills you, taste like shit for most the part but it's fun so F it.....

  • Legend Ary
    Legend Ary 9 days ago

    pretty sure the implication is that the drink is spiked with something not just alcoholic

  • Legend Ary
    Legend Ary 9 days ago

    if the scorpions are all male then the poison is probably not deadly

  • Nova Sky
    Nova Sky 9 days ago

    Hold my beer. Now pass me the absinth. Lets proove alcohol can induce wonderful sanity destroying hallucinogenic effects

  • nik2003
    nik2003 9 days ago

    alcohol in movies = Hollywood is full of jews = jews are big in the alcohol business

  • EgoCityGaming
    EgoCityGaming 10 days ago

    Unless you have sugar then the effects of alcohol work faster as they get into your system faster.
    Drinking hard liquor normally takes 30 minutes as your body prevents your stomach from allowing all through, if you have sugar your stomach allows more to pass through faster.
    Don’t believe me then try it.

  • 35ozgur
    35ozgur 10 days ago

    They live on alcohol :)

  • DankMemes
    DankMemes 10 days ago +1

    This is BuzzFeed level bullshittery right here

  • Ruby Garcia
    Ruby Garcia 10 days ago

    So I went to school at an academy with a student bar. During an important alumni weekend a few of the alumni’s dropped enough cash to keep the drinks free for like 2-3 hours.
    I think that’s how you get drinks on the house

  • Kyle Montigny
    Kyle Montigny 10 days ago

    This guy is unbearable

  • Steven C. Owen, Jr.
    Steven C. Owen, Jr. 10 days ago

    The "buying the bar" has def happened. My high School teacher won the horse races and bought the whole restaurants dinner and drinks that night.

    DIYTFY 10 days ago

    Delirium tremens make you hallucinate

    DIYTFY 10 days ago

    Adam ruins everything, again..

    CHRIS HOOFARD 11 days ago

    Tosh.0 know's how to drink! Cheers

  • Nick
    Nick 11 days ago

    So everyone in Hollywood doesnt know the limits of alcohol but one lonely dude standing in front of a camera feels the need to give everyone a lesson. How E G O T I S T I C.

  • Roberts Eglītis
    Roberts Eglītis 11 days ago

    As an Eastern European, I disagree with everything this video was trying to claim. I am not saying that this is how one always drinks, just that all of the scenarious mentioned in the video and shown in respective movies are very plausable indeed.

  • foljs
    foljs 12 days ago

    Why would a nerdy white American assume they know about drinking and bars? Because he's been to a couple of hipster cocktail places?

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith 12 days ago

    You are hilarious!

  • Anthony Koeslag
    Anthony Koeslag 12 days ago

    Dude, scorpions are really easy to keep as pets, stop ragging on people who keep pet scorpions in bars.

  • Point one, Point two
    Point one, Point two 12 days ago

    Come to Finland or, visit our neighbours in Russia, and you will see how those stereotypes originally started, of people drinking until they pass out.

  • Aaron Redman
    Aaron Redman 12 days ago

    This guy failed to mention how no one in movies or tv knows how to order a beverage at a bar. No bar has just one beer. You can't just walk up and say "I'll have a beer"!

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones 13 days ago

    Americans doesn’t know how drinking works - reckless disagreement

  • leetNightshade
    leetNightshade 13 days ago

    Drinks on the house? A bar in Denver that does Game of Thrones watch party gives free blood and dragon shots. They assume you're spending enough for it to be worth their while, to attract people with free shots.

  • S1mulation 0ne
    S1mulation 0ne 13 days ago

    Actually takes around 7 minutes on average. But yeah, fuck me right?

  • Joe Benedict Silva
    Joe Benedict Silva 13 days ago

    This is stupid. This guy seems like he doesnt even drink, nor comprehend a movie scene.

  • B schuler
    B schuler 13 days ago

    Sometimes while boozing it up, I've seen my friends turn into donkeys. Sometimes i make an ass out of myself.

    %DECIMATE% 14 days ago

    Wow, another video from Cracked finding negative things about literally anything, how interesting....

  • Michael Machupa
    Michael Machupa 14 days ago

    Go on a 7 day drinking binge dusk till dawn and you'll start seeing shit. Trust me.

  • Turd throwing monkey
    Turd throwing monkey 15 days ago

    I'm drunk now but I've been so drunk that I blacked out into a hallucinatory dream world of embarrassing actions.

  • pat walsh
    pat walsh 15 days ago

    you forgot to mention its so fucking cliche to just pour some hard ass dark liquor into a clear glass and just casually down it have no reaction and never ever ever ever have a sip of water or juice or soda after it like tons of people do in bars and real life all the time....its always just straight up scotch, whiskey or bourbon never with coke or sprite or even fucking ice, and this is always supposed to seem cool or badass....overrated and unrealistic

  • Tanavids
    Tanavids 15 days ago

    In the big bang theory Raj had Selective Mutism, a psychological disorder - and booze was a placebo to help him speak to women. Not that's a good idea, but that was the concept.

  • Jose Castro
    Jose Castro 15 days ago

    Ur really right about most stuff tho

  • Dr. Sam's Health
    Dr. Sam's Health 15 days ago

    People might hallucinate when In alcohol withdrawal - hallucinosis, delirium tremens.

  • K ris
    K ris 16 days ago

    I appreciate the desire for accuracy, but the reason cinematic drinking doesn’t look like real-life drinking is that subjecting the audience to a scene depicting the reality of such a act would be A) depressing and uninteresting; and B) change whatever path the movie was heading because the audience would either become extremely concerned with the main character(s) above all else including the plot or completely disgusted by them and derail the audience’s identification with the character(s).
    Anyone legitimately complaining about unrealistic depictions in film, whether nonfiction or fiction, may as well never watch another, and that goes especially for porn. Porn actors and actresses aren’t depicting intercourse in a realistic way, coeds don’t look like that (usually), and there isn’t even a pizza in that box the short-on-funds housewife is working so hard to barter for.

  • Chris Tomlin
    Chris Tomlin 16 days ago

    I bought the whole bar a tequila shot in a bar in the Philippines. Of does happen of did happen. Am the girls were bar Girls. Must have been over 50 of them. Yes it's cheaper lol

  • Jakub Beczanyi
    Jakub Beczanyi 17 days ago

    I'm taking back my subscribe...

  • Wolf 043
    Wolf 043 17 days ago

    I thought the video title meant normal drinking, not alcohol

  • jist be happy
    jist be happy 17 days ago

    Well this faggot hasn't ever seen who can chug beer faster, saying that not a drinking game is like saying American football players are tougher than rugby players.

  • Colby Scott
    Colby Scott 17 days ago

    Honestly, Cracked. You guys are really forcing your videos, now. The last half dozen or so I've watched (this one, and several of obsessive something something) really feel like you're going out of your way to compile a rather feeble argument about what you find wrong with movies, as if you have to continue to uphold some sort of cool-factor status among your colleagues about how badly movies do this or that. Desperation is a foul scent.

  • David Titus
    David Titus 17 days ago

    The drinking is a bonding experience and is important or at least was in the past and many movies actually make the emphasis known

  • Scott Anderson
    Scott Anderson 17 days ago

    You shouldn’t say it’s the only show you can trust because gorillas will believe you

  • gdawgs101
    gdawgs101 18 days ago

    30 mins to feel the effects of alcohol? I can feel it seconds after the first sip. It may take 30 mins to fully metabolize but idk about that

  • Fleur Pétillante Phoenix

    I trust pew news not this

  • red hood
    red hood 21 day ago

    Drinking till ya pass out is an honor😂

  • david lewis
    david lewis 22 days ago

    Obviously said before probably some 2,000 comments below. I was in a dive bar and maybe 40 people. A guy had just retired and it was his local bar. He bought a round for everyone. Most people ordered a light beer to toast him. Some declined and a few had fancy drinks. It was really nice because it put everyone in a good mood and I am pretty sure the bartender just put it on his tab and rounded down. Probably $150

  • Justin Libby-Perry
    Justin Libby-Perry 22 days ago

    Super late to the game here, but as a bartender, please allow me to explain how "a round on me" works. A patron gets good and jolly, decides being drunk is just the best, and that everyone around him needs to feel this elated. The jolly patron then declares, "barkeep, a round on me for me and my besties!" The bartender (me in this example) then hands out, what we in the biz call, "markers" to everyone at the bar. (Really they're just poker chips with the bar name and logo.) Now, since everyone is drinking something different, and at different rates, they will all need various drinks at various times. These newly formed "bff"s now bring their chips up when they want their next drink. Said drink is then added to Mr. Popular's tab, this all predicated upon his having already put down some form of plastic payment. And there you have it... a round on Mr. Happy McBigTab. Glad to have cleared this up for you... like you'll ever see this.

  • I'm the bauniy
    I'm the bauniy 22 days ago

    you look like that girl who says "how about a blowjob"
    kinda hot honestly

  • 8uddha TM
    8uddha TM 23 days ago

    I think they got the wrong guy to host this video. Not convinced when he talks about his experience

  • Dr Wolfsschanze
    Dr Wolfsschanze 24 days ago

    Does anyone else has the feeling that the dude is going to say biingoo? Because he looks and acts like Christoph Waltz.

  • Big Sky Blue
    Big Sky Blue 26 days ago

    Examples of Ppl drinking aren’t hallucinating

  • AntonGudenus
    AntonGudenus 26 days ago

    Out of personal experience, I have no problem with how Hollywood represents drinking:
    I have seen people passing out while drinking
    We regularly play chugging drinking games
    I have been in all out bar fights (shortly, until I managed to get out of dodge)
    I have been in, what one could call unhealthy to a degree similar to that scorpion, drinking games
    And I have a friend who changed countries to help him quit his massive boozing

  • Tosh_is_me YT
    Tosh_is_me YT 26 days ago

    The opening scene here, from Indiana Jones,... Australians drink until they collapse, and then continue to drink once consciousness has returned.
    I believe the British do this too.
    So I guess, thank you Hollywood for portraying how the commonwealth drink in American movies.

  • TheBbapache
    TheBbapache 27 days ago

    I think it's also a cultural thing coz in Britain downing a drink is a drinking game

  • Nosy Egg
    Nosy Egg 27 days ago

    This makes me think Americans are drinking wrong. Why is drinking a punishment for losing part of the game? You gotta play the game and everyone drinks all the way through.

  • David Svensson
    David Svensson 27 days ago

    Alcoholism make you hallucinating if you start detoxing.

  • Juan Manuel Penaloza
    Juan Manuel Penaloza 27 days ago

    Even I know how booze works and I made a sobriety pact.

  • playaaaLV
    playaaaLV 28 days ago

    Bar fights are hilarious... yeah, right.

  • ryan  pratt
    ryan pratt 28 days ago

    You've never see the British drink our game who ever passes out wins and we don't take them home we will drag them to every pub even if they are uncontious if they don't remember the night and still drunk in the morning then its a good night

  • Morfir Le sournois
    Morfir Le sournois 29 days ago

    Well... come in belgium and you'll see how getting so drunk that your bud' has to carry you makes everyone proud of you 🤣🤣

  • Alex Jolly
    Alex Jolly 29 days ago

    Also r u so boring that u don’t understand that Hollywood exaggerates things for more exiting movies. I really don’t understand the purpose of this video it’s just not funny which is what I’m supposing it’s meant to be

  • Alex Jolly
    Alex Jolly 29 days ago

    Ur obviously American cos that is what happens in the UK (binge drinking at its finest)

  • Kurtis Lawler
    Kurtis Lawler 29 days ago

    I think the drunk hallucination comes from Dumbo. Pink Elephants on Parade.

  • Who cares
    Who cares 29 days ago

    Cracked doesn't know how movies work

  • Daniel Pierce
    Daniel Pierce Month ago

    This happened at a bar on the lake where my cottage is, a guy offered to buy everyone drinks that was there, there were only like 12 people but still...also in Deadpool Weasel says “nothing imported” because all the drinks were going on Wade’s tab and he wasn’t gonna see that money for a very long time, so he didn’t want it to be too expensive...

  • Dapper Dusk
    Dapper Dusk Month ago

    You obviously haven’t seen the hobo from tonyhawk

  • Philippe Demptos
    Philippe Demptos Month ago

    It’s not that they don’t know how it works, it’s just that it’s damn convenient to portray it like that.

    BZR NPHLM-BLCK Month ago

    The Pinocchio is a metaphor,
    An alternative word for Donkey is ass, basically Disney saying "When you drink, you become an ass".
    Read between the lines

  • HeroInWonderland
    HeroInWonderland Month ago

    so much bs in this video its hilarious

  • James Wolfe
    James Wolfe Month ago

    I’m drunk now and this actually makes sense

  • thechugdude
    thechugdude Month ago +1