Hollywood Doesn't Know How Drinking Works - Reckless Disagreement (Deadpool, James Bond)


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  • kuaraba
    kuaraba 5 hours ago

    Yeah very bad research movie wise. The points you are trying to get across are also covered only very shortly and not really in depth. Take more time for the next video maybe

  • John Walker
    John Walker 9 hours ago

    I love cracked, but this guy trashed James Bond.. not cool.

  • Anti-HyperLink
    Anti-HyperLink Day ago

    No, they're looking at their drink like "what's in this?". Do you just not understand anything? Holy shit. You're just a moron pretending to be intelligent.

  • Anti-HyperLink
    Anti-HyperLink Day ago

    If you were 17, then you didn't work anywhere near the actual bar. I'm assuming you'd be on food or dishes or something.

  • Anti-HyperLink
    Anti-HyperLink Day ago

    No, drinking games aren't just ping pongs and whatever else you said. Are you really that stupid?

  • Anti-HyperLink
    Anti-HyperLink Day ago

    Nords love booze. Duh. Have you seen any of those other thor movies? Or played skyrim?

  • Anti-HyperLink
    Anti-HyperLink Day ago

    What was wrong with how they were drinking in the clip you showed. There wasn't anything wrong with it!

  • Steven Yellow
    Steven Yellow Day ago

    WTF is this...Legolas V Gimli is the best drinking game...simple and to the point

  • lostro one
    lostro one 2 days ago


  • marco sanchez
    marco sanchez 2 days ago

    This guy is so fucking lame.. He makes me want to disassociate from drinking in total.. fuck, you fucking suck

  • irllcd13
    irllcd13 2 days ago

    Even 30 years after first seeing it, I still can't tell if that fat person in Raiders is a girly dude or an ugly chick.

  • Tim Roach
    Tim Roach 2 days ago

    Pink Elephants

  • Arizona Drone
    Arizona Drone 4 days ago

    Scorpions don't really kill. Unless your Young/Sick/Old

  • Teun de Jong
    Teun de Jong 4 days ago

    The fuck.. is this guy

  • ToonZone3D
    ToonZone3D 5 days ago

    I’ve only seen one bar fight and nothing really happened tbh, a small scuffle ensued and was broken up by security

  • ToonZone3D
    ToonZone3D 5 days ago

    As soon as I saw the title I said “about goddamn time someone addresses this”

  • James Peter
    James Peter 5 days ago

    I have definetly been to a bar where the bartender of someone bought a round for the house. It’s just at a dive bar where everyone knew each other and there was only like five people in the bar and it was 12 in the afternoon watching a game. The type of bar that opens at 6 if you know what I mean.

  • Piltovers Finnest
    Piltovers Finnest 6 days ago

    maybe in america

  • basha G
    basha G 6 days ago

    this guy is awesome. really funny n interesting content

  • two sciles italy
    two sciles italy 9 days ago

    To be fair buying everyone free beer in the renaissance or middle ages was different the guy doing it was a noble so he used his status to buy the bear also he would've been rich. Also, people can buy everyone a beer but you should probably tell the owner ahead of time don't be a jerk.

  • Albert Martí
    Albert Martí 10 days ago


  • Joseph Bentley
    Joseph Bentley 10 days ago

    Haha nice try only 25 of the known 1500 species of scorpions are deadly. They most likely just make the drinker sick. Just fyi!

  • lwgy r
    lwgy r 11 days ago

    Did Charlie's Angels movie copy that movie you showed at the start ?

  • Ralph Harrison
    Ralph Harrison 11 days ago

    I love your channel guys

  • Anon B
    Anon B 12 days ago

    The best drunk scenes are in "Withnail & I".

  • jrushism
    jrushism 12 days ago

    I’m relieved that most of the comments revolve around how stupid this is, I made it to 2:04 before stopping cuz this guy is annoying, good job cracked.

  • Tigro
    Tigro 12 days ago

    The last samurai died of a seizure from alcohol withdrawal

  • iseeu1980
    iseeu1980 12 days ago

    One of the things I see happen in Hollywood movies is the lack of real hangovers. You'll see stories people drinking until they pass out and then the next day they wake up feeling like shit for about...5 minutes, and then something else happens and the hangover magically disappears!
    That and the whole 'instantly drunk from having a beer' kinda thing...

  • Archer
    Archer 13 days ago

    Apparently you've never been to a real party before. That clip was tame comparing to some of the parties I've been to.

  • Matt Nar
    Matt Nar 14 days ago

    The Thor thing wasn't even meant to be a game, it was just a little competition, and the making his ancestors proud part was about fighting not about getting pass out drunk.

  • Atria Wulf
    Atria Wulf 15 days ago

    This guys never met an Irishman

  • Gillian Makhapila
    Gillian Makhapila 15 days ago

    Gonna guess you've never been to Australia.

  • Wesley Brown
    Wesley Brown 16 days ago

    Dude, i work as a bouncer. You are spot on about how bar fights are

  • Ben 420
    Ben 420 17 days ago

    I bet most people who actually are involved in the making of any movie regularly drink more than the jerkoff in this vid. This dude drinks alone at home and hasn’t been to a single bar that isn’t vegan

  • Goodworth
    Goodworth 18 days ago +1

    rrroadhouse. ~.~

  • Brian Furgason
    Brian Furgason 19 days ago

    the effects of alcohol are felt almost immediately. Within 90 seconds. This guy is an idiot

  • kshamwhizzle
    kshamwhizzle 19 days ago

    "Deadpool, Lord of the Rings and every James Bond sequel maybe great movies but they have no idea how human beings drink booze."
    proceeds to talk about dwarves, elves, and literal gods. whoopsie!

  • MadBunnyRabbit
    MadBunnyRabbit 20 days ago

    Chugging competitions are definetly a thing. That's the most basic thing anyone can do.

  • Naim Wiveld
    Naim Wiveld 20 days ago

    It doesn't take half an hour to feel the effect of alcohol, if you want to prove this, drink vodka or woteva for 15mins non-stop, you will be shitfaced. It takes between 20-30 mins for the full effect of a unit of alcohol to pass through the body and pass fully into the bloodstream, not the same thing. You will usually pass out of throw up before you are able to drink yourself into a coma or to death, not saying it's impossible, but hard to achieve.

  • Ken French
    Ken French 20 days ago

    I worked at a pub. I've seen rounds... entire tabs paid. It happens. Nerd.

  • nolaheart
    nolaheart 20 days ago

    Fight Club ?? Leaving Las Vegas?

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 21 day ago

    They've been drunk before, since everyone has. But they just add this stuff to add to the story.

  • one in a zillion
    one in a zillion 22 days ago

    I thought that guy kissed you when the lights wet off

  • Alex SM
    Alex SM 23 days ago

    I've never been in a bar fight, but I've seen one go down. I saw a glass shattering on someone's face. So .aybe it's just you that has only seen pussies bar fight...

  • Fabian Arizmendi
    Fabian Arizmendi 23 days ago

    Y’all really some hating ass niggas

  • LinusScrubTips
    LinusScrubTips 24 days ago

    IDK I drink two coffee mugs full of whiskey in an hour or two and don't even throw up. Worst I get is hangover in the morning IF I don't eat and drink water before bed. I think you need some hair on your chest.

  • ZMan1471
    ZMan1471 24 days ago

    Barfights can get pretty nasty actually. I know a guy who went off over a mistaken insult and when the two of them were slugging another guy came up behind him and knocked him out with a belt buckle. Had to have 3 stitches sewn into his neck.

  • Alexis Aguirre
    Alexis Aguirre 24 days ago

    the only lie that hollywood tells about drinking it's that you forget everything the next day. (of course that doesn't apply if you pass out)

  • Angam Konyak
    Angam Konyak 25 days ago

    You have the manny manny ear things

  • Andres Montoya
    Andres Montoya 26 days ago

    You don't die from an scorpion sting, c'mon.

  • lil slav boi
    lil slav boi 26 days ago

    i really dislike you.

  • Lacey Thomas
    Lacey Thomas 26 days ago

    With the first clip I thought he was going to talk about how people in movies always slowly drink hard alcohol. Maybe people do that in reality but I've never seen it. I shoot a shot ya know?

  • Kederen
    Kederen 27 days ago

    "Sooo, I decided I would get drunk, and explain to them all the mistakes they're making..."
    *proceeds to not take a single sip of anything*
    TVclip content creators are suck fake, disingenuous turds.

  • barry musgrove
    barry musgrove 27 days ago

    God this is crap

  • Ron Swanson
    Ron Swanson 28 days ago

    That scorpion shot actually happens in the southeast.

  • Kari
    Kari 28 days ago

    When I've taken my first shot of the night, I can feel it REALLY quickly.

  • atlys
    atlys 29 days ago

    I just wasted 7 minutes listening to some ignorant fuckin mook use entirely un-clever jokes and overtly baseless arguments to try to critique movie/tv drinking.. Of course movie/tv drinking is often exaggerated, but this dipshit has no idea what the fuck he's talking about. It's completely outrageous and wildly uncalled for to claim that someone has a "drinking problem" because intoxication is scientifically proven to lower inhibitions and anxiety enabling him/her to talk to the opposite sex. And now I'm a little mad at myself for just wasting 5 more minutes of my life bitching about this loser and his stupid fucking video.

  • Bob Farney
    Bob Farney 29 days ago

    While being drunk wont make you halucinate, drinking bad liquor can, among many other awful effects, the scenes we see used so many times in movies, (even the exact clips he shows) dont even depict someone halucinating from alcohol, the gag is the character seeing something remarkable and strange that is REAL and then pouring out/pushing away their drink because they asume theyre seeing things, I guess he just doesnt get the joke

  • JtheMan 46
    JtheMan 46 29 days ago

    3:49 um ya dose happen, the guy that says drinks on me, pays for everyone's in the bars one drink. Happened to me twice at this bar that I go to. So I'm a witness of that.

  • Rui The Rocker
    Rui The Rocker Month ago

    you are one ugly sonnaofabitch, anyone agrees?

  • zihuetlachtli
    zihuetlachtli Month ago

    yeah...it is your face, I´ll punch it if I see it...nothing personal, it is just begging to get punched....

  • Jayne Davis
    Jayne Davis Month ago

    Marian was drinking with a WOMAN not “that guy”

  • rob paxton
    rob paxton Month ago

    another of those videos that says "fuck" and then bleeps it out. I never understand why they do that

  • Jennifer Webb
    Jennifer Webb Month ago

    I kinda disagree with 90% of what you're saying. I don't believe this guy has ever been to a bar lol

  • EvaRose
    EvaRose Month ago

    It’s more of a joke that the people look at their drink wondering if they weren’t actually drinking what they thought they were.

  • EvaRose
    EvaRose Month ago +1

    Well in Lord of the Rings they aren’t humans and Thor isn’t a human. And people do pass out getting drunk.

  • Ian
    Ian Month ago

    But that’s how I drink

  • Kyle Wilhelmsen
    Kyle Wilhelmsen Month ago


  • Kyle Wilhelmsen
    Kyle Wilhelmsen Month ago


    X-MISMA-X Month ago

    Actually Alcoholics do Hallucinate if you aren't an alcoholic then how would you know?

  • ElPayasoMalo
    ElPayasoMalo Month ago

    Dumbo hallucinates like he just drink pure acid.

  • Suicideinsilence
    Suicideinsilence Month ago

    fuuck you are annoying

  • Khan Skywalker
    Khan Skywalker Month ago

    This person is not funny. He sounds like a whiny weasel.
    I disagree with a few of his points too.

  • Thunda1986
    Thunda1986 Month ago

    You mother fucker, you keep roadhouse outta this!!!!!!

  • Bennett Cowan
    Bennett Cowan Month ago

    Every point he makes I always say to myself "oh well who gives a fuck"

  • ninjaXXXkoala
    ninjaXXXkoala Month ago

    I have seen an epic bar fight once, very similar to movies actually. But it was here in Czech republic :)

  • JohnNNJ
    JohnNNJ Month ago

    You know nothing, since you do not address why alcohol is above all other "drugs". Argue if you might, show me a drunk, I will show you a defeated moral person, show me a weed, or other drug person, there will be a an amoral person. I guess it comes down to which of our basic natures are going to succeed, and I would rather care too much, than not enough.

  • Mike Litoris
    Mike Litoris Month ago

    Lol find a guy with a snake tattoo

  • Richard Shelton
    Richard Shelton Month ago +1

    What a pretentious little twat this guy is. I doubt he has ever been really drunk and I will bet he has never had a drinking contest. Also, he has never seen a bar fight. If I saw him in a bar and a fight started, I will pummel him just for the fun of it. Maybe it would knock some humility and common sense into his smug little ass.

    • Iafiv Iv
      Iafiv Iv Month ago

      No JF Sargent is actually a drunk and a drug addict but as long as he gets payed he'll say and do anything.Cracked the company told him to make a video showing the 'mistakes' of how drunks are in movies and he simply said 'Sure as long as this allows me to keep snorting coke while drinking myself under the table yeah i'll say it.'Sargent was among the very worst writers for Cracked an unfunny pretentious moron that simply said a lot of crap in order to get payed so he can keep taking meth.Sargent has no standards except if he gets payed he'll say and do it he doesn't care if its factually wrong and knows it.

  • FlockerLP
    FlockerLP Month ago

    This guy is fucking annoying

  • Banjo Billy
    Banjo Billy Month ago

    I think the "drinking game" in Thor was who could drink more

  • Sir Dragon
    Sir Dragon Month ago

    Is it me or does he seem like a serious beta-male

  • Paul Schofield
    Paul Schofield Month ago

    Movies would be boring if we had to sit through a 30+ minute scene of people drinking in real-time.
    These scenes edit an hour of drinking down to a minute or two so the movie doesn't suck.

  • Borophilia
    Borophilia Month ago

    This episode is painful to watch.

  • NinjaKitty
    NinjaKitty Month ago

    Idk much about psychology or biology but you feel alcohol almost instantly and alcohol relaxes your body perhaps it is a drinking problem but it seems pretty realistic to me maybe not to the exaggerated extent that raj shows but ye

  • Fatih Erdem Kızılkaya

    Your argumemt is dumb as fuck and you are dumb as fuck. Even this comment is a much better argument then yours.

  • Aigsup 1234
    Aigsup 1234 Month ago

    Miss cracked RIP

  • Lord Tangy
    Lord Tangy Month ago

    This guy isn’t much of a drinker

  • Mike G
    Mike G Month ago

    not sure if he was trying to be family friendly or just didn't fully get the concept (gonna assume family friendly), but the pinocchio scene isn't because "he would turn into a donkey too" it's saying that drinking turns you into a jackass. yes i know thats a name for donkey, but its meant in the other sense of the word.

  • Tait Jones
    Tait Jones Month ago

    I hate hipsters. I'm done with channel.

  • Jonathan Kantor
    Jonathan Kantor Month ago

    handy of this guy to post a video so you know he's no fun to drink with

  • kevin arnold
    kevin arnold Month ago

    Your wrong. People buying rounds for the entire bar happens all the time. Had a guy rack a $7,000 tab and tip every bartender $800 at the end. So yeah....

  • Martin Štěpančík

    Thank you, Milo from Atlantis The Lost Empire
    You are right, they don't know anything

  • Kai Sanchez
    Kai Sanchez Month ago

    I'm from a small town that has a small bar, and when a fight breaks out, it's a full out fight not just drunk grappling. Drinks are on me has really happened, twice over here at least. Once when a neighbor had his first child, the other when (rather amusingly) a young woman won the county fair for biggest squash. Hallucination can happen when you are an alcoholic, and have quit. It's one of the withdrawal symptoms. And lord Jesus I have no clue how many times a buddy has drank and drank during a game and passed out mid shot. If you've ever actually drank anything other than blue hawaiians and martinis you might just know

  • Jorge Francisco Torres V

    iDubbbz is that u?

  • *Insert username here

    Raj didn't drink to gain super powers, he drank to gain confidence

  • T The Juvenile
    T The Juvenile Month ago

    His first two points are stupid af it’s called a good time when your friend has to carry you home and over dramatic bar fights are just hollywood dude, it’s a fucken movie ain’t it ?

  • Greg Benwell
    Greg Benwell Month ago

    Bar fights in the bars I used to hang out in usually started the same way EVERY WEEK!!! First it would be around 9 PM or so when all the "townies" were in the bar and had been drinking for hours already, then some group of college kids would show up and start acting like idiots and OR running their mouths!! And when I say "college students" I am talking about Cornell University students or Ithaca College students....I am from Ithaca!! And they often acted as though they were "better than everybody else" and get rude and pushing people around, which if you are from ITHACA NEW YORK is NOT a good thing to do to drunken farm folks and guys that ARE SERIOUS BIKERS!!! So the moment some punk college kid starts running their mouth with their stupid buddies, the townies don't much care to be pushed around and told what to do, and in this all hell breaks out!!! And I have been in and seen bar fights erupt into 30 people beating the tar out of each other very literally in some of the bars that are basically started by five idiot Cornell Big Red Football players with a huge chip on their shoulders who act and think like because mommy and daddy can buy them a Porsche they OWN the town and YOU MUST OBEY THEM at all costs!!!! Sorry but that doesn't fly with hard working blue collar folks like myself that for fun on the weekend we push start old cars just so we can "tinker with them"!!! And has far as "feats of drinking" goes I myself have drank at times as much as two cases of beer and drove home some 20 miles away (basically across town), and for a while in the 1980s I was drinking a 1 liter bottle of Jack Daniels and a case beer EVERY SINGLE DAY in 1988 to 1992 and I would be up almost 24 hours straight a lot of the times with a friend of mine who drink with me the same amount, so EVERY DAY for almost three years straight we were going through two cases of beer and two liters of Jack Daniels and still we drove all over town, and "did things" that most people never realized we were totally BLASTED doing!! And the fun DIDN'T stop there because after all it was the 1980s..........hence Jack Daniels and Beer WERE NOT the ONLY chemicals surging through our veins either and we were heavily mixing all manners of cocaine, pot and other "toxins" into our nightly parties as well!!! NOT that I am proud of it, nor am I bragging, BUT any given night we were driving to the liquor store and gas station for more whiskey and beer at 9:30 at night after drinking all day starting at 9:00 AM in the morning and then make a stop to see one of our "buddies" to buy more weed or Cocaine or whatever!!!! In the end we made Steven Tyler and Joe Perry look like "beginners" has hard as we were intoxicating and over medicating ourselves!! But like I say it was the late 1980s and early 1990s, so in those days drinking insane amounts like that was actually NORMAL for us!! And again I am not proud of the things I did BUT I can say I have had an interesting past just the same and while I am not completely worthless as I can still be used as a bad example!! LOL!!

  • Michael Elledge
    Michael Elledge Month ago

    I don't drink and i got nothing from this video but it was funny and i like this guys flower arm and personality and that is all i have to say about that

  • DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿

    When it comes to influential Disney scenes, let's not forget the famous "Pink Elephants On Parade" alcohol hallucination sequence in 1941's "Dumbo" (the year after "Pinocchio"). However, I'm sure the gag of the alcoholic throwing his drink away when he thinks it's making him hallucinate was used before 1940. Checking the TV Tropes site (I take it you didn't know about it?), the "No More for Me" page lists uses going back at least as far as 1926's "Flesh and the Devil", and Buster Keaton's 1921 "The Playhouse". Hell, that routine may date back to vaudeville or even earlier. Perhaps when it started, alcoholic drinks were more likely to be tainted with potentially hallucination- or delirium-inducing substances, and the meme just stuck.