Hollywood Doesn't Know How Drinking Works - Reckless Disagreement (Deadpool, James Bond)


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  • Hierophant4K
    Hierophant4K Hour ago

    ok i call a bunch of bs on this....

  • Richard Siemion
    Richard Siemion 5 hours ago

    Good call, they get alcohol wrong. You should do a follow up on how they get cocaine right...... disconcerting. Also absinthe is alcohol and enough can make you hallucinate, although I’ve had plenty of it and never hallucinated. I just got really drunk and thought it was a good idea to eat a worm and woke up with the worst hangover of my life.

  • Knight Davion
    Knight Davion Day ago

    This video is idiotic


    Only been one bar fight, and the next day everyone was talking about how “badass it was”, but it was mostly just a lot of people screaming and accidentally punching their friends.

  • essanance
    essanance 2 days ago

    This video is just BS .

  • Coenraad Snyman
    Coenraad Snyman 3 days ago

    Snake tattoo? I don't know what friends you have, but mine have scorpions

  • B. C. Sharpe
    B. C. Sharpe 4 days ago +1

    Back in the 1920s, the government would lace drinking alcohol with methanol (which is dangerous for human consumption) in order to discourage the illegal consumption of ethanol during prohibition. Methanol causes hallucinations in certain amounts. Pinocchio is obviously referencing that well known fact.

  • Speaty
    Speaty 5 days ago

    Ok riddle me this. If you are so “alone” in the bunker then how did someone tell you that you’re wrong?

  • Spencer
    Spencer 6 days ago

    This just isn’t true, alcohol take just a few minutes to “kick in” as long as you drink enough. It all depends on how much your drink. Once you’ve drank enough where your liver can’t process the alcohol you get drunk almost immediately.

  • Anthony D
    Anthony D 8 days ago

    This could've been better

  • John Sanchez
    John Sanchez 9 days ago

    I went to a bar a couple months ago that they gave free drinks.

    • Emo Imo
      Emo Imo 3 days ago

      Not what he was talking about, dumbass.

  • kevin hasch
    kevin hasch 9 days ago

    Cracked. Why don't you guys have a TV show?

  • Eric Mbogu
    Eric Mbogu 12 days ago

    I am so good at being Japanese 😂

  • Kyle Branco
    Kyle Branco 14 days ago

    I’m 9 and what a bar?

    • Emo Imo
      Emo Imo 3 days ago

      So. How many times were you dropped as a baby, retard?

    • Kyle Branco
      Kyle Branco 14 days ago

      Oh candy bar?

  • earthling2007
    earthling2007 16 days ago

    Kinda dangerous to get this wrong. My kids watch this and internalize that this is actually how things work. Fuck Hollywood

  • Danielle De Camp
    Danielle De Camp 18 days ago

    Can't get on board with this content because JF Sargent is an admitted abuser and Cracked refuses to acknowledge it.

  • Isaac Paulin
    Isaac Paulin 18 days ago

    Lol. Clearly you are not a drinker

  • Pickle Man
    Pickle Man 18 days ago

    Is this guy Julian smith ?

  • gabriel leite
    gabriel leite 21 day ago


  • Kanye East
    Kanye East 23 days ago

    You are wrong.

    • Emo Imo
      Emo Imo 3 days ago

      About what, retard?

  • jediknight38
    jediknight38 23 days ago

    I once played a drinking game where I would put on "Indiana Jones and the temple of doom" where I would take a shot of whiskey every time Kate Kapshaw screamed.

  • Stephen Sherman
    Stephen Sherman 23 days ago

    Soooo this wasn’t funny, good, intelligent, interesting or informative. Never watching you videos again.

  • rmisionero
    rmisionero 24 days ago

    Oh, Hollywood knows a lot about alcohol and alcoholism.

  • Michael Rogers
    Michael Rogers 24 days ago

    Him: not to brag but I've gotten drunk and went on self discover adventures and I peed on cop cars . Wow savage

  • MTG Network
    MTG Network 27 days ago +1

    This guy wouldn't know a screwdriver from a margarita!

  • John Pliskin
    John Pliskin 28 days ago

    i bet this guy drinks one fruity 'tini' drink and claims he is drunk

  • m woolsey
    m woolsey 29 days ago

    Delirium tremens make you halucinate....do at least a little research on addiction before you tackle a topic like this

  • Hat to a kitten
    Hat to a kitten Month ago

    What I thought hollywood did was to make exciting stories with spiced realities and not documenteries and "how to" clips. The folk who think movies stuff are facts are uniqe that we can't find away for them to be great and useful for the society. But if they pictured a genuine drunk scene in a movie, alot of people would find it awkward and or make your anxiety to come out and ruin your day because there is a big chance they have close relatives that made that scene in last weekend or did not bother to show up. So ficitinal drunk and highs are pretty great.

  • damion
    damion Month ago

    What a loser

  • Nachuak
    Nachuak Month ago

    Alcohol does make severe alcoholics hallucinate. Alcoholic hallucinosis which is an auditory hallucination, used to be considered a form of schizophrenia until modern doctors realized that schizophrenia voices are heard on the inside of the head and alcoholic hallucinosis sounds are heard outside the head. Doctors still cannot explain why the sounds alcoholics hear, who are suffering from alcoholic hallucinosis, seem as if they're coming from outside their head. Plus, the DTs or delirium tremens cause severe visual hallucinations. That's where the, sadly seen as comedy, pink elephant's come from.

  • Nachuak
    Nachuak Month ago

    Also, I remember in junior high when the local school police officer came and gave a big talk about drugs.... but never one time mentioned alcohol

  • Nachuak
    Nachuak Month ago

    I hope they look back in 500 years on our time and think that we are absolutely insane. We live in a time when the most dangerous drug on planet earth, being alcohol, is promoted/celebrted and marijuana is still federally illegal. Alcohol is the only drug on earth that you can actually die just from trying to quit/detox.

  • Nachuak
    Nachuak Month ago

    Hollywood knows exactly what's going on. There are horrible people that run the Hollywood business (You know who you are mr. Zio) and their agenda is the breakdown of society.

  • Nachuak
    Nachuak Month ago

    The eighties were terrible for it. All I was bombarded with from 10 to 20 years old was that drinking massive amounts of alcohol was what cool people did.

  • Liam Robinson
    Liam Robinson Month ago

    Aren't drinking games meant to make you drink? I'd love to play the Lord of the rings drinking game

  • Charlie Holmes
    Charlie Holmes Month ago +1

    So you obviously never been to a real party with real drinkers then

  • Darth Bane
    Darth Bane Month ago +3

    This soyboy is pretty cringy

  • Muhammad Raiyan
    Muhammad Raiyan Month ago

    but in LOTR they arent humans

  • em0rox
    em0rox Month ago

    You totally overlooked that moments after that drinking contest she was perfectly fine...

  • Suicideマル
    Suicideマル Month ago

    i guess you never met my roommate that boi drinks 9 cases of beer cant get drunk

  • Boeboe
    Boeboe Month ago

    1. i have had drinking games like that, they are dumb yes, but holy shit do they happen. Some people love getting shit ass drunk, and are proud
    2. well, fights in movies doenst happen like that in real life, any kind of fights. And Deadpool is an over the top comic movie.
    3. I have had plenty of people other drinks on the house. happens on birthdays. mostly happen on local bars, where almost only the locals drink. The skyfall thing is just a cool dare-game
    4. yea, thats true, always weird. however, about the big bang thing, I got way more charasmatic and open when drunk.

  • explosivefreak666
    explosivefreak666 Month ago

    As a 54 year old alcoholic I can say you left out A LOT ot other info... btw, in a fight, you would be better off getting me sober, cause when drunk... I could destroy you.! A proven fact, sonny...

  • David Jaime
    David Jaime Month ago

    In Hollywood, all alcoholics drink straight from the bottle.

  • ᛟᛚᛞ᛫ᚹᚨᛃᛋ

    30 minutes? Meticulous research? Lol ok

  • kuaraba
    kuaraba Month ago

    Yeah very bad research movie wise. The points you are trying to get across are also covered only very shortly and not really in depth. Take more time for the next video maybe

  • John Walker
    John Walker Month ago

    I love cracked, but this guy trashed James Bond.. not cool.

  • Anti-HyperLink
    Anti-HyperLink Month ago

    No, they're looking at their drink like "what's in this?". Do you just not understand anything? Holy shit. You're just a moron pretending to be intelligent.

  • Anti-HyperLink
    Anti-HyperLink Month ago

    If you were 17, then you didn't work anywhere near the actual bar. I'm assuming you'd be on food or dishes or something.

  • Anti-HyperLink
    Anti-HyperLink Month ago +1

    No, drinking games aren't just ping pongs and whatever else you said. Are you really that stupid?

  • Anti-HyperLink
    Anti-HyperLink Month ago

    Nords love booze. Duh. Have you seen any of those other thor movies? Or played skyrim?

  • Anti-HyperLink
    Anti-HyperLink Month ago +1

    What was wrong with how they were drinking in the clip you showed. There wasn't anything wrong with it!

  • Steven Yellow
    Steven Yellow Month ago

    WTF is this...Legolas V Gimli is the best drinking game...simple and to the point

  • lostro one
    lostro one Month ago


  • marco sanchez
    marco sanchez Month ago

    This guy is so fucking lame.. He makes me want to disassociate from drinking in total.. fuck, you fucking suck

  • irllcd13
    irllcd13 Month ago

    Even 30 years after first seeing it, I still can't tell if that fat person in Raiders is a girly dude or an ugly chick.

  • Tim Roach
    Tim Roach Month ago

    Pink Elephants

  • Arizona Drone
    Arizona Drone Month ago

    Scorpions don't really kill. Unless your Young/Sick/Old

  • Teun de Jong
    Teun de Jong Month ago

    The fuck.. is this guy

  • ToonZone3D
    ToonZone3D 2 months ago

    I’ve only seen one bar fight and nothing really happened tbh, a small scuffle ensued and was broken up by security

  • ToonZone3D
    ToonZone3D 2 months ago

    As soon as I saw the title I said “about goddamn time someone addresses this”

  • James Peter
    James Peter 2 months ago

    I have definetly been to a bar where the bartender of someone bought a round for the house. It’s just at a dive bar where everyone knew each other and there was only like five people in the bar and it was 12 in the afternoon watching a game. The type of bar that opens at 6 if you know what I mean.

  • Piltovers Finnest
    Piltovers Finnest 2 months ago

    maybe in america

  • basha G
    basha G 2 months ago

    this guy is awesome. really funny n interesting content

  • two sciles italy
    two sciles italy 2 months ago

    To be fair buying everyone free beer in the renaissance or middle ages was different the guy doing it was a noble so he used his status to buy the bear also he would've been rich. Also, people can buy everyone a beer but you should probably tell the owner ahead of time don't be a jerk.

  • Albert Martí
    Albert Martí 2 months ago


  • Joseph Bentley
    Joseph Bentley 2 months ago

    Haha nice try only 25 of the known 1500 species of scorpions are deadly. They most likely just make the drinker sick. Just fyi!

  • lwgy r
    lwgy r 2 months ago

    Did Charlie's Angels movie copy that movie you showed at the start ?

  • Ralph Harrison
    Ralph Harrison 2 months ago

    I love your channel guys

  • Anon B
    Anon B 2 months ago

    The best drunk scenes are in "Withnail & I".

  • jrushism
    jrushism 2 months ago

    I’m relieved that most of the comments revolve around how stupid this is, I made it to 2:04 before stopping cuz this guy is annoying, good job cracked.

  • Tigro
    Tigro 2 months ago

    The last samurai died of a seizure from alcohol withdrawal

  • iseeu1980
    iseeu1980 2 months ago

    One of the things I see happen in Hollywood movies is the lack of real hangovers. You'll see stories people drinking until they pass out and then the next day they wake up feeling like shit for about...5 minutes, and then something else happens and the hangover magically disappears!
    That and the whole 'instantly drunk from having a beer' kinda thing...

  • Archer
    Archer 2 months ago

    Apparently you've never been to a real party before. That clip was tame comparing to some of the parties I've been to.

  • Matt Nar
    Matt Nar 2 months ago

    The Thor thing wasn't even meant to be a game, it was just a little competition, and the making his ancestors proud part was about fighting not about getting pass out drunk.

  • Atria Wulf
    Atria Wulf 2 months ago

    This guys never met an Irishman

  • Gillian Makhapila
    Gillian Makhapila 2 months ago

    Gonna guess you've never been to Australia.

  • Wesley Brown
    Wesley Brown 2 months ago

    Dude, i work as a bouncer. You are spot on about how bar fights are

  • Ben
    Ben 2 months ago

    I bet most people who actually are involved in the making of any movie regularly drink more than the jerkoff in this vid. This dude drinks alone at home and hasn’t been to a single bar that isn’t vegan

  • Goodworth
    Goodworth 2 months ago +1

    rrroadhouse. ~.~

  • Brian Furgason
    Brian Furgason 2 months ago

    the effects of alcohol are felt almost immediately. Within 90 seconds. This guy is an idiot

  • kshamwhizzle
    kshamwhizzle 2 months ago

    "Deadpool, Lord of the Rings and every James Bond sequel maybe great movies but they have no idea how human beings drink booze."
    proceeds to talk about dwarves, elves, and literal gods. whoopsie!

  • MadBunnyRabbit
    MadBunnyRabbit 2 months ago

    Chugging competitions are definetly a thing. That's the most basic thing anyone can do.

  • StupidGayBearName
    StupidGayBearName 2 months ago

    It doesn't take half an hour to feel the effect of alcohol, if you want to prove this, drink vodka or woteva for 15mins non-stop, you will be shitfaced. It takes between 20-30 mins for the full effect of a unit of alcohol to pass through the body and pass fully into the bloodstream, not the same thing. You will usually pass out of throw up before you are able to drink yourself into a coma or to death, not saying it's impossible, but hard to achieve.

  • Ken French
    Ken French 2 months ago

    I worked at a pub. I've seen rounds... entire tabs paid. It happens. Nerd.

  • nolaheart
    nolaheart 2 months ago

    Fight Club ?? Leaving Las Vegas?

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 2 months ago

    They've been drunk before, since everyone has. But they just add this stuff to add to the story.

  • one in a zillion
    one in a zillion 2 months ago

    I thought that guy kissed you when the lights wet off

  • Alex SM
    Alex SM 2 months ago

    I've never been in a bar fight, but I've seen one go down. I saw a glass shattering on someone's face. So .aybe it's just you that has only seen pussies bar fight...

  • Fabian Arizmendi
    Fabian Arizmendi 2 months ago

    Y’all really some hating ass niggas

  • LinusScrubTips
    LinusScrubTips 2 months ago

    IDK I drink two coffee mugs full of whiskey in an hour or two and don't even throw up. Worst I get is hangover in the morning IF I don't eat and drink water before bed. I think you need some hair on your chest.

  • ZMan1471
    ZMan1471 2 months ago

    Barfights can get pretty nasty actually. I know a guy who went off over a mistaken insult and when the two of them were slugging another guy came up behind him and knocked him out with a belt buckle. Had to have 3 stitches sewn into his neck.

  • Alexis Aguirre
    Alexis Aguirre 2 months ago

    the only lie that hollywood tells about drinking it's that you forget everything the next day. (of course that doesn't apply if you pass out)

  • Angam Konyak
    Angam Konyak 2 months ago

    You have the manny manny ear things

  • Andres Montoya
    Andres Montoya 2 months ago

    You don't die from an scorpion sting, c'mon.

  • lil slav boi
    lil slav boi 2 months ago

    i really dislike you.

  • Lacey Thomas
    Lacey Thomas 2 months ago

    With the first clip I thought he was going to talk about how people in movies always slowly drink hard alcohol. Maybe people do that in reality but I've never seen it. I shoot a shot ya know?

  • Kederen
    Kederen 2 months ago

    "Sooo, I decided I would get drunk, and explain to them all the mistakes they're making..."
    *proceeds to not take a single sip of anything*
    TVclip content creators are suck fake, disingenuous turds.

  • barry musgrove
    barry musgrove 2 months ago

    God this is crap

  • Ron Swanson
    Ron Swanson 2 months ago

    That scorpion shot actually happens in the southeast.

  • atlys
    atlys 2 months ago

    I just wasted 7 minutes listening to some ignorant fuckin mook use entirely un-clever jokes and overtly baseless arguments to try to critique movie/tv drinking.. Of course movie/tv drinking is often exaggerated, but this dipshit has no idea what the fuck he's talking about. It's completely outrageous and wildly uncalled for to claim that someone has a "drinking problem" because intoxication is scientifically proven to lower inhibitions and anxiety enabling him/her to talk to the opposite sex. And now I'm a little mad at myself for just wasting 5 more minutes of my life bitching about this loser and his stupid fucking video.