Trump Deals with New Russia and Michael Cohen Bombshells: A Closer Look


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  • toney ingram
    toney ingram Month ago

    Anyone that Believe In F Trump is living for Satan and not God so stop calling yourself a Christian if you behind this evil lying devil you are a damn lie to

  • Frank Bowman
    Frank Bowman 4 months ago

    The Republican Party is a "Cut Taxes on the 1%" cult. They are ALL traitors to the American people, right down to the toothless racists who keep voting for these rich assholes. Traitors!

  • Slaughter House 5
    Slaughter House 5 4 months ago

    Good lord....Just the worst criminals ever!

  • eddsramm1
    eddsramm1 5 months ago

    Seth is the funniest. Especially when he talks of donald Chump, But then again he picks donald Chump to talk about, who cant make funnies of donald Chump and his XXX not so lady?The worst wanabe pres ever!!!🤔😁😁😁😆

  • Coded lulu
    Coded lulu 5 months ago

    Shoot it split screen 24 style

  • Lisa Lisa
    Lisa Lisa 5 months ago

    Not for nothing, but addressing Seth's 'you both look great' comment I mean they're both in their 70s how good should they look, really?

  • Meelek Edits
    Meelek Edits 5 months ago

    This is why he didnt want other people to see where his money goes, who knows how many shady people he has on his payment list

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case 6 months ago


  • Darren Hwang
    Darren Hwang 6 months ago

    Someone needs to make video of all these indictment news next to Gowdy claiming Muller found nothing and the Russian payment news

  • Robin Potter
    Robin Potter 7 months ago

    Gravity has been extremely unkind to both Trump and Giuliani. Neither has aged well. Maybe it's their NYC hustle lifestyle. How does it take 5 hours to eat lunch? If we're going to have TV lawyers, Jack McCoy from Law and Order is my first choice. He took on the Bush administration once. On TV, let's be clear. Any of the prosecutors from any of the Law and Order franchise would be perfect and they are already in NYC ready to prosecute state crimes that can't be pardoned. Trump probably wanted Judge Judy but I think she's dead.

  • Saad Chandna
    Saad Chandna 7 months ago

    5:43 did Seth actually make fun of a guy with a lazy eye? That's a legit medical issue that people do not have control over...

  • Youdontneedto Seemyidentification

    I wonder if ANYONE in the tangerine tyrant's regime isn't mixed up w the Russian's!
    They are all wildly unqualified, and 45 himself was NOT legitimately elected.
    No wonder 45 loves Putin so much, he'd never have been "elected" Pres without Russian hackers and trolls! The proof is right in front of our eyes. Even w help from Trump's comrades in the Kremlin he still lost the popular vote by 3 million, and that was w fairly poor Democratic turnout.
    With no bitter Bernie supporters that refused to vote Hillary, and the moderates that were scared off by 45's army of fake news & propaganda spreading Russian comrades, Hillary would have won it in a cakewalk. Trump's doing exactly what his BFF Putin wants him to do, destroying America a little bit at a time.
    It's so obvious to anyone watching what the orange oligarch has done so far. Nothing but destructive, anti-middle class, unpatriotic crap that sets us back decades and makes us hated the world over. Congrats Trump tards, we'll remember in November! The working class is getting hammered in every direction, race relations are set back 50 or 60 years, the environment is being trashed, education is falling apart, this admin is an NRA puppet, even the post office is under siege by this a-holes ultra corrupt regime.
    MASA = Make America Stupid Again

  • Demian Johnston
    Demian Johnston 7 months ago

    Why was Erica sitting in the passenger seat in that McDonald's commercial?

  • The Frequency
    The Frequency 7 months ago

    Sassy Seth is at it again.

    RoninTITANFALL XBOX1 8 months ago

    Lol... I don't wanna jst laugh at our president for ten mins, just one time... Please read and sign...

  • Nancy Ross
    Nancy Ross 8 months ago

    Caputo is living proof that the plot of Idiocracy is becoming less and less fictional.

  • wayne johnson
    wayne johnson 8 months ago

    they do you know that

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow Dash 8 months ago

    Also. The headlines: Boy Scouts of America prepare to drop the word 'boy' from their title as girls prepare to join.' WELL DONE! Hell yeah! I like that! Girl Power!

  • Rosemary Williams
    Rosemary Williams 8 months ago

    so 7 more years of this?

  • Brian James
    Brian James 8 months ago

    Great show Seth.....except Amber, she is way too angry.

  • Fandom guy
    Fandom guy 8 months ago

    1:08 I honestly thought this was real for a second, it's believable.

  • Walter Geniusz
    Walter Geniusz 8 months ago

    Hey Seth Meyers it would be a miniseries that would probably go on for a year or two

  • Zelos311
    Zelos311 8 months ago

    Well if he can't be indicted, no reason not to sit down with Mueller, right?

  • Zelos311
    Zelos311 8 months ago

    Rudy Gulianibis such a fucking slime ball.

  • Cliff Roberson
    Cliff Roberson 8 months ago

    Those photos of trump always look like someone after a makeover at Wal-Mart's cosmetic counter.

  • Angelo Jamaica
    Angelo Jamaica 8 months ago

    Seth you are the man, you have the cojones of jackass. Now that is funny.

  • Michael Agius
    Michael Agius 8 months ago

    Ugh - 60% of America

  • Mike Echo
    Mike Echo 8 months ago

    Bullshit, they can!

  • orlandotj1
    orlandotj1 8 months ago

    Why is Seth cursing?

  • chad Thomas
    chad Thomas 8 months ago

    Maybe Rudolph Giuliani isn't stupid? Maybe he just doesn't like Trump like most of the country, and he took the lawyer job to get him under fire?...and get paid?

  • JorgeXFBunny P
    JorgeXFBunny P 8 months ago +1

    2:49 Late Night.
    That is so true.

  • Ladi Jae
    Ladi Jae 8 months ago

    LMBOOOO at watch a lot of TV? Oh you do, well what you going to do when they come for you?????? I am so DEAD!

  • mary dupree
    mary dupree 8 months ago

    too funny....hurt me

  • Chris N.
    Chris N. 8 months ago

    I just thought Trump would be the worst president ever...
    but he’s the worst human ever. (There we’re more evil people, but Trump is extremely dumb & sociopathic.)

  • Valley Girl
    Valley Girl 8 months ago

    Next time I see or hear the words bombshell it's gunna have shelter attached at this rate... Bombshelters are in the near future.. and I really never thought I'd be saying that!

  • Donna Vorce
    Donna Vorce 8 months ago

    Seth! Let us know when you're going to show a nude 45 with pixelated naughty bits so we can look away. It'll take me a week or more to unsee that horrific image. Seriously though keep up the savage monologues.

  • Dak Lamerbusch
    Dak Lamerbusch 8 months ago

    I have no doubt Mueller can indict him. He just wants Donny to relax before he drops the bombshell days before the 2018 elections. Remember, *Mueller* isn't the "fucking moron" here.

  • JAPP John Andrew Patrick Peters

    Lord i want to see the trumps and all their lacky's in cuffs!

  • Mystery Meat
    Mystery Meat 8 months ago

    Forget Avenatti. Giuliani is the real American hero here. He's trying to bring down the Trump administration from the inside.

  • Mario Jean Baptiste
    Mario Jean Baptiste 8 months ago

    I guess some people are above the law

  • D Mack
    D Mack 8 months ago

    The illiterate traitor should be investigated for any ties to America...

  • Jesse Hernandez
    Jesse Hernandez 8 months ago

    Remind me not to order any burger for well done.

  • John Bush
    John Bush 8 months ago

    Travis son got a thousand bucks from his boss.YOUR ex secretary of state got 145 million dollars kickback from russia for selling them twenty percent of our uranium.ime union and I will never vote democratic ever again.

  • Morrey Cohen
    Morrey Cohen 8 months ago

    Hmmmmm , so .... , you're saying after 2 years , you're certain they can find a crime if they keep looking ??

  • tsi mondays
    tsi mondays 8 months ago

    Trump better call Saul

  • Carl Brittain
    Carl Brittain 8 months ago

    Im cracking up over here. Cellino and Barnes get recognized for their antics.

  • Heather David
    Heather David 8 months ago

    Can you please just show a picture of a turd instead of that photo of trump? It'd be far more pleasing to look at.

  • Charisma Dixon
    Charisma Dixon 8 months ago

    He looks like he eats 🧠 😂😂😂😂😂

  • james evarts
    james evarts 8 months ago


  • joseph gilbert
    joseph gilbert 8 months ago +1

    trump:Oh you journalist make me mad wake me up to fake news that bad!
    us:It time us to sue you.
    trump:Well you think that something you can do I got Micheal Cohen like to sue you.
    trump: be the first on the block to be sued by the president. cool huh

  • 79792903-1 97296301
    79792903-1 97296301 8 months ago

    Why did this show give Obama a free pass? He polled lower on popularity than Trump.

  • IAN 4000
    IAN 4000 8 months ago

    Oh man. This dude has no charisma. I’m not pro-Trump by any means, but watching this show with this host is like watching a 24/7 love broadcast of Wonder Bread.

  • Ricky VanDusen
    Ricky VanDusen 8 months ago

    Wow this guy sucks. Is there a crowd there

  • Chris filosifer
    Chris filosifer 8 months ago

    He left out Ironsides.

  • Tom Stalion
    Tom Stalion 8 months ago


  • TheRogueStatesman
    TheRogueStatesman 8 months ago

    so 45 could, quite literally, shoot someone in the face in front of the entire world and get away with it... until he leaves office?!

  • jason cagle
    jason cagle 8 months ago

    This guy is so unfunny.

  • steve ducell
    steve ducell 8 months ago


  • Babar Head
    Babar Head 8 months ago


  • Chris Reyes
    Chris Reyes 8 months ago

    Man all this guy talks about is trump

  • Ike M
    Ike M 8 months ago

    This guys bombing hard man I dunno didn't think he was very funny

  • ALizardLoves You
    ALizardLoves You 8 months ago

    It’s like they are trying to prepare the Fox News Audience for the stuff that’s about to come out...

  • Jo-Erlend Schinstad
    Jo-Erlend Schinstad 8 months ago

    I hope Ken Burns has a lot of children.

  • Crazy Diamond
    Crazy Diamond 8 months ago +2

    It really feels like we're living in the book "1984."

  • DisProveMeWrong
    DisProveMeWrong 8 months ago

    Giuliani is stating a negative while nodding his head. Thats a lie flag

  • Real Californian
    Real Californian 8 months ago +1

    Keep up the b.s. attacks dems! Turns out folks in California are leaving those crazy liberals!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    • momentofzen
      momentofzen 8 months ago

      Texas will vote for a Democrat LONG before California votes for a Republican. The margin in 2016 was 30 points in California, and 9 points in Texas. And while the margin in Texas keeps shrinking, the margin in California keeps growing.

  • Zionist
    Zionist 8 months ago

    We own you

  • latteboyssmile
    latteboyssmile 8 months ago

    Big fat mouse saying Christian words?I do not even don't knows but robotic voice said you are big fat rotten teeth

  • freez draino
    freez draino 8 months ago

    Trump is 71 and could still smack this twig

  • shawn flair
    shawn flair 8 months ago +2

    I cant say this is the reason why he does what he does always making stupid headlines. If you are in need of a hacker who can help you with your hacking issues, if you are also in need of financial aid they are also able to make a bank transfer to your account. For those interested the contact info is: Parachutelift(at)gmail(dot)com.

  • Dessin Karms
    Dessin Karms 8 months ago

    Hello people of the chat.

  • paul w
    paul w 8 months ago

    Scary thing is if Clinton was in all her and her colleagues equivalent crimes wouldn't get aired and would have huge media defence

  • Carlos Da Silva
    Carlos Da Silva 8 months ago

    Still on that Russian collusion bullshit huh?

  • Cancun771
    Cancun771 8 months ago

    And even after that naked shaky video Trump would still be re-elected.Just like George W. Bush.Tell me democracy isn't absurd.

  • John Walker
    John Walker 8 months ago

    Russian Oligarch=jew

  • wilbert kim
    wilbert kim 8 months ago

    If your a Repoblican
    On you 😕

  • Ballsacksaswinging
    Ballsacksaswinging 8 months ago

    Is this guy funny to all you Hillary supporters? This guy has the lamest and non-funny show. That tennis racket joke in the beginning was hysterical. Oh and when he was roasting Trump saying he thought he was running as a joke, who got the last laugh on that one. When you have evidence on somebody you should show it on the screen and not just talk about it and get your news from MS NBC, or cnn. You Hillary supporters/leftist cucks will have an aneurysm if trump get four more years. Then you have four more years of Listening to this non-funny asshole.

  • Pranay
    Pranay 8 months ago

    Police don't ever indict, prosecutors do. Are you sure this old fart is a lawyer?

  • robert scott
    robert scott 8 months ago

    Did Jay Goldberg just infer that it is simply common knowledge that one is at mercy to the mob being in the building trade? Where is all the we are not racist, get over it, maga , not entitled , I hate libtards now?

  • Bryan Chambers
    Bryan Chambers 8 months ago

    So the president can commit treason by colluding with a foreign government?

  • Billy Mays
    Billy Mays 8 months ago

    My boogeyman is also Russian

  • D.E.B. B
    D.E.B. B 8 months ago +1

    So the president is above the law. Didn't we hear this same argument back in 1973 with Nixon? Oh yeah, WE DID.

  • looking beyond
    looking beyond 8 months ago

    Seth you sound like such a whiner when all you do is talk about trump. Its pretty sad that every show since trump has been president he uses trumps spotlight for his lame now annoying jokes that arent funny. Wanna bring your ratings up stfu about trump you sound lame af. Talk about all the good hillarys wipe out her server, delete her emails, bill losing his license to practice law for having sex with a minor he was DISBARRED, or how they pardoned that lady in haiti that was arrested 40 trying to get 40 kids out of the their country or how hillary said "so we lost a few americans whats the big deal" ....seth im of mexican desent and despite what trump says about anyone ITS EXPECTED from a white guy big deal get over it. Im really disappointed and dont enjoy watching your show id rather have conan obrien back!

  • J Woolman
    J Woolman 8 months ago

    Won’t work as a movie or even a mini-series. Will have to be a full-fledged series that goes on for years.... They’ll have to have multiple episodes each covering the exact same day from different perspectives. It will be legendary.

  • Chris Martindale
    Chris Martindale 8 months ago

    If I see a naked Trump on TV I'll have nightmares for weeks.

    11S53 LIAW ZHONG-WEI 8 months ago

    Eating a Cobb salad in honor of Ty Cobb haha

  • Stephanie Cuellar
    Stephanie Cuellar 8 months ago

    Apparently Cohen is getting where he 'can't take it much longer'. If so, and he's ready to end his pain... what's yr bet? Sing like a bird, or suicide?
    Maybe an 'accident'?

  • martind586
    martind586 8 months ago

    TWEETS Nov 7th 2012 Right after Obama was re-elected.
    1---We need a revolution , get in the streets............
    2---We can't let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty. Our nation is totally divided!......
    3---Lets fight like hell and stop this great and disgusting injustice! The world is laughing at us....................
    4---This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy!...................
    5---Our country is now in serious and unprecedented never before..............
    6---The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy....................
    7---Guess who tweeted these comments.............OUR CURRENT PRESIDENT!
    Show less

  • vaumbee
    vaumbee 8 months ago

    Disliked 666 times.

  • Nader Bijarchi
    Nader Bijarchi 8 months ago


  • Great Cornholio
    Great Cornholio 8 months ago

    just do the same thing to Trump as they did with Mussolini,..

  • xshadyz
    xshadyz 8 months ago


  • johnny blaze
    johnny blaze 8 months ago

    trump and rudy are the two stooges and a half with kushner .

  • TheAlphahyena
    TheAlphahyena 8 months ago

    I can't accept the concept of "Witch Hunt". Let's get them to go with "Dumbass Hunt". Mueller seems to be finding a lot of them.

  • freaker126
    freaker126 8 months ago

    plot twist ..gouliani is working for the FBI ...:p

  • Rudolf H
    Rudolf H 8 months ago

    Hey don't forget the best tv laywer, BARRY ZUCKERKORN!

  • jordan hamilton
    jordan hamilton 8 months ago

    I mean this guys is just sos bland no motion dry jokes not funny idk man not into it I love getting my news through satire I think its one of the most open and honest ways to share the news except for Alex jones who claimes he uses satire. But just saying do some motion get some better writers in the room their jokes are meh at best.

  • James Jenia
    James Jenia 8 months ago

    Who would win in a World Ranked "Suck Off" between Anderson Cooper and Seth Meyers?

  • DJM-anon
    DJM-anon 8 months ago

    PLEASE, Don't ever say naked and trump in the same sentence. Some of us can't afford the drugs in America these day's to sleep with such images in our heads.