‘I Want Nothing Else To Do With You,’ Says Woman Who Claims Her Mother Cheated On Dad, Spread Rum…

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • A woman who claims her mom cheated on dad, took money from her bank account and ruined her wedding says she wants nothing more to do with her. The mother admits she cheated on her husband but adamantly denies everything else.
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  • Tori Black
    Tori Black 3 days ago

    Why would the mother who had a baby with on her husband out of wedlock have the audacity to even open her mouth to call her daughter a prostitute when she's the nasty trifling one?

  • Leigh Williams
    Leigh Williams 4 days ago

    you did UP-STAGE you're daughter and continue too BLOODY LIE about it ( thumbs down ) too the mother

  • Adrianna G
    Adrianna G 6 days ago

    Wow, Tiffany is Beautiful!

  • Tamar case dixon
    Tamar case dixon 7 days ago

    I say pray for deliverance you need it daughter

  • Tamar case dixon
    Tamar case dixon 7 days ago

    You hate your mother because she cheated.

  • Nerder Dame
    Nerder Dame 7 days ago +1

    "I wanted to look presentable" lady there are tons of colors to look presentable in besides a full white outfit during a wedding.

  • HL Watts
    HL Watts 8 days ago

    I wouldn’t blame her for cutting her mother off. In fact, she would have to be crazy not to cut her off...

  • Wesly Santana
    Wesly Santana 9 days ago

    Finally a real problem

  • Duciousness
    Duciousness 10 days ago

    I am the 667th comment. I beat you Oprah.

    B DADDY 10 days ago

    I wish they would number these clips

  • The UK Times
    The UK Times 10 days ago

    Her mum is batshit crazy!

  • Yojjj yoj
    Yojjj yoj 12 days ago

    I believe the brother said that

  • K0I F1SH
    K0I F1SH 12 days ago

    Tbh Tiffanys an amazing and person. A model, and served the country, lost a child WHILE dealing with her sociopathic mother and still stay calm and stay as the better person? This woman is a true definition of strength

  • K0I F1SH
    K0I F1SH 12 days ago

    Wanda is the equivalent of the “Nobody:” meme

  • marskeins
    marskeins 12 days ago

    That mom is something else. This young woman is fighting for her and the country. And she's stealing her money. The one person she should be able to trust. The mom thinks it's cool to wear white to her daughter's wedding. That pretty much seals my suspicion. Your mom is crazy baby. Leave her alone!!

  • James Kamara
    James Kamara 12 days ago

    Shame to say I have the same mother but I cut her completely off my life

  • ohMalachee
    ohMalachee 12 days ago

    pause at 0:19 i thought it was Ma.💀 she reminds me of Ma

  • star23j
    star23j 13 days ago

    That isn't the Holy Spirit. There is no part of God in the disruption that her mom called. So sad. The daughter needs to leave her alone.

  • megalopolis2015
    megalopolis2015 15 days ago

    It's a lie, uh, except for the bank statements, and the admissions, and the other witness statements, etc. This mother is ridiculous.

  • Angel Butler
    Angel Butler 15 days ago

    I have borderline depressive disorder MDD, PTSD, anxiety, insomnia and Bipolar B and I don't EVER act like that. I also have endometriosis n have had 6 surgeries from it n it's horrible pain daily... MY point is that even tho it is life changing and can alter your personality and life, it doesn't mean it's an excuse and that it's 👌 or is a pass.... My mom was JUST like THIS lady so it's traumatic and triggering to even watch but mine was abusive physically as well and would leave for days n i'd have to feed, care and clothe my siblings... Unfortunately I ended up in 2 different abusive relationships as well they were both long term because that's ALL I knew. Thank God I have received counselling as well as being medicated. I have been hosptialized for suicidal issues as well as self harm but I have found my purpose which is MY child. He's 13 now and I'm happy to be a part of his life n ik it would be selfish for me to put him thru that trauma and ik he needs his mom because mommy needs him!! I have found SO MUCH strength in him I thought I NEVER had! He's MY inspiration! MY EVERYTHING!❤❤❤💯

  • Erin Osborn
    Erin Osborn 15 days ago

    I still can't believe her mother wore white to her wedding! "I wasn't trying to upstage my own daughter" Seriously?? Could've fooled me.

  • Purplekisses's Commentary Kingdom

    I wonder if they have ever diagnosed the mother with Graves Disease. ( Off topic)

  • K Farm
    K Farm 17 days ago

    Her box braids are gorgeous

  • Stephen Taylor
    Stephen Taylor 17 days ago +1

    It doesn’t matter if you believe you’re in the right, the fact of the matter is you’re hurting someone you love. You can explain yourself and why you think you’ve done nothing wrong but at the end of the day your actions impacted someone in a negative way. Stop trying to excuse yourself and recognize that you hurt someone’s feelings!

  • kiashan lockley
    kiashan lockley 17 days ago +1

    If she doesn't remember anything before 12 she was traumatized by something.

  • All 5tar
    All 5tar 18 days ago

    The father has enabled her mother to be so hateful. Get some nuts homie!

  • sally dixon
    sally dixon 18 days ago

    No possibility of her being able to upstage her beautiful daughter at her wedding. Show off mama’s crazy maybe but no chance of upstaging

  • Low-key Drama
    Low-key Drama 18 days ago +5

    “I would NEVER try to upstage my daughter!”


  • Raelynn Jones
    Raelynn Jones 18 days ago

    Imagine having to grow up with that

  • Sumtinrandom
    Sumtinrandom 18 days ago

    this mother kinda talks like that Alt-right weirdo with the podcasts. Forgot his name. Talks about the 'great white leader' all the time. Also borderline insane.

  • Abigail Owusu
    Abigail Owusu 18 days ago

    I wanna watch the full episode someone helpp

  • Rebecca Felix
    Rebecca Felix 19 days ago

    If it was the holy spirit it wouldn't disrespect a whole bunch of people including tge bride

  • Cadiz
    Cadiz 19 days ago

    Does anyone know how it ended?

  • Serenity Jewel
    Serenity Jewel 19 days ago

    I was raised by a narcissist. Still in therapy. Still trying to get it out of my subconscious. Still dealing with messed up coping skills. Still feel more comfortable in messed up relationships. Still.

  • Keasha Shanell
    Keasha Shanell 19 days ago +1

    I don't blame her for being done the daughter is beautiful

  • Joel Kalipi
    Joel Kalipi 19 days ago

    her husband should have told her take the white off

  • Mama Bear
    Mama Bear 20 days ago

    How can a mother steal money from her child.... While she's serving our country....

  • LoveHonorRespect
    LoveHonorRespect 20 days ago +4

    This is the saddest thing for any daughter to have to live with a mother that competes with her own daughter, it does happens,

  • Bee Joy
    Bee Joy 20 days ago

    Why did I know she was marrying a white man typical Tiffany was just stupid period and the father even more stupid

  • Marie-An'nick Morris
    Marie-An'nick Morris 20 days ago

    Sounds just like my mom. And worse .

  • Sarah Kelaita
    Sarah Kelaita 20 days ago

    The husband just excuses and enables her behavior. And its to the detriment to his daughter.

  • Barbara Vance
    Barbara Vance 20 days ago +39

    " I just wanted to be presentable!" Really? So a white halter top and lace dress is appropriate??? Nope!!! She is seriously jealous of her daughter and a habitual liar from this show!

  • Lollipop Games
    Lollipop Games 20 days ago

    The mothers eyes looks like they Are about to Fall out

  • Linda Parks
    Linda Parks 20 days ago

    just a reminder that I had a FABULOUS MOM!!!! RIP

  • Alex Kelly
    Alex Kelly 20 days ago

    The daughter is so pretty

  • Damilola Amule
    Damilola Amule 20 days ago +2

    she’s giving me andre’s grandma from victorious vibes lol

  • Cherrykah Rayne
    Cherrykah Rayne 20 days ago

    Askin in general, I've never had a wedding yet so I'm curious to know what the deal is wit someone wearing white on ur wedding day? Is it bad luck or just disrespectful period? I need to know for future reference.🤔

  • BB Lee
    BB Lee 20 days ago

    My mom might be bipolar this is how she acts 🤔

  • sailorqueen2013
    sailorqueen2013 21 day ago

    How do you steal from your daughter while she’s overseas?!

  • Sewphisticated Teacher

    They’re all crazy

  • jonae rohilliard
    jonae rohilliard 21 day ago

    you just said you took 2000 dollars, but when she said you took money you called her a lier 😕 she needs to be in a psych ward .

  • deputy dogg
    deputy dogg 21 day ago

    Her mom got a real problem she dangerous.

  • Integrity Rules
    Integrity Rules 21 day ago

    That's none of the daughter's business...kids need to grow up and get their own business ... we have to accept who they are and or just leave them alone to most degrees...just be a great mom moving on...we can't pick me but we can pick time to deal with them... save yourselves

  • Marisol Olmos
    Marisol Olmos 22 days ago

    She's jealous cause your Beautiful and your not

  • Hi, I'm Ella.
    Hi, I'm Ella. 22 days ago

    This is a Narcissistic mother

  • Sis G Commentary
    Sis G Commentary 22 days ago

    Her mother is a narcissist

  • BxGirl Blazin'
    BxGirl Blazin' 22 days ago

    Why let your mother in your account?!!

  • brittani c
    brittani c 22 days ago

    I guarantee she doesn’t remember anything before 12 because of her mother’s abuse. Narcissistic abuse can be brutal. I can relate. Most of my childhood memories have been wiped out.


    Husbands white?! Lol I’d kill to see his reaction!!! 🤣😂🤣

  • Shelly Daniels
    Shelly Daniels 22 days ago

    Even if your son told you your daughter was a prostitute, why would you tell the family that?