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  • Lance Stewart
    Lance Stewart  Year ago +1584


    • Davis Sawyer
      Davis Sawyer 25 days ago

      Lance Stewart hi

    • jennie macknight
      jennie macknight Month ago

      Lance Ste

    • uni goats
      uni goats 3 months ago

      Lance Stewart ilysm lance u are my favorite youtuber

    • Tommy Bodfish
      Tommy Bodfish 4 months ago

      Lance Stewart is the best bro

    • Morgan Griggs
      Morgan Griggs 6 months ago

      Lance Stewart I would love to go to the gym but we have to pay for a membership and if you knew my life I am actually not that weathly.

  • Perez Anthony
    Perez Anthony Day ago


  • Stacey Wheeler
    Stacey Wheeler 22 days ago

    Devon should move into lances new house like if you agree

  • Zender man
    Zender man Month ago

    THESE guys thicc af

  • Craig Crouse
    Craig Crouse Month ago +1

    It's great how hard you work at the gym! I would be pissed if I didn't look trim and defined though! Anyone have a 6 pack? :(

  • EddieDaMan71778
    EddieDaMan71778 Month ago

    I love how codee said they don’t make merch in my sides lol

  • Natasha Delport
    Natasha Delport Month ago

    isn't that kody

  • Pamela Lariviere
    Pamela Lariviere Month ago

    Post notifications on! BTW call me Madi

  • Joseph Petersen
    Joseph Petersen Month ago

    it,s me im a stalker haha111

  • Video Gamer
    Video Gamer 2 months ago

    Here's a joke lincoln bio XD

  • Kaitlin Boyer
    Kaitlin Boyer 2 months ago

    I turn on your notifications on lance I love your channel

  • Ambers Channel
    Ambers Channel 2 months ago

    ok remember when you got a stalker in your new house maybe that is the guy who was stalking you

  • Shayna Wilenski
    Shayna Wilenski 2 months ago

    Post notification are I have subscribe 💖💕

  • Nikayla Folkes
    Nikayla Folkes 2 months ago

    U don’t need to change ur body it’s perfect haha

  • dbo
    dbo 2 months ago

    You should do a fart in the fac3 prank on cody

  • Abigail Wilson
    Abigail Wilson 2 months ago

    Lizzy cute

  • unspeakable dude
    unspeakable dude 3 months ago

    My little brother got the exact same BMW i8

  • Tommy Bodfish
    Tommy Bodfish 3 months ago

    Hi lance

  • nancy genaro
    nancy genaro 3 months ago


  • Miranda Hyde
    Miranda Hyde 3 months ago

    lance I can not go to the gym I can not come up with the money.

  • Emmie Button
    Emmie Button 3 months ago

    You made me want to go to the gym and I have a huge crush on Lance

  • Young Eureka
    Young Eureka 3 months ago

    He stalking you bro same happen to me

  • silvia esparza
    silvia esparza 3 months ago

    You inspire me to work out

  • u IsHere
    u IsHere 3 months ago

    in Dallas tx oak cliff

  • u IsHere
    u IsHere 3 months ago

    what gym should I go to I'm 12 and it has to be free

  • it's your girl soli
    it's your girl soli 4 months ago

    Lizziy look like a Stephanie with her hair

  • Kylee Fipps
    Kylee Fipps 4 months ago

    I have ur notifications on

  • Alien Girl
    Alien Girl 4 months ago

    prepare meals what a lazy fuck

  • BlueBlood WolfGaming
    BlueBlood WolfGaming 4 months ago

    The first time I watched one of your vids I started to workout thank you for helping me start working out

  • Lauren Sefcik
    Lauren Sefcik 4 months ago

    I was freaked out for you. That was twisted.

  • Lauren Sefcik
    Lauren Sefcik 4 months ago

    I think its so great that you are so dedicated to working out. Never apologize for talking about something that is nothing but positive and inspires others.

  • Cassidy Page
    Cassidy Page 4 months ago

    Was it just me or in the mall parking lot I saw his car and he was parked

  • Charlotte Zito
    Charlotte Zito 4 months ago

    lance please make a gym at your house

  • Dagan Chacon
    Dagan Chacon 4 months ago

    That car was straight up creepy

  • I'm Rihonda
    I'm Rihonda 4 months ago

    Their over here working out and I'm here eating ice cream, gaining stretch marks.

  • Camille Martin joicey
    Camille Martin joicey 4 months ago

    He just wanted to say 'hello' XD

  • Kyle Walker
    Kyle Walker 4 months ago

    Whats that song called and whats that mans problem

  • Lucas Bohon
    Lucas Bohon 4 months ago

    Lizzy is better

  • Becks702The
    Becks702The 5 months ago

    I live in Vegas

  • Daddys lil  princess
    Daddys lil princess 5 months ago

    I have streach marks all over my wasteline and I'm super self consious aboy wearing shirts bc I have them on my inner thighs too sorry if I miss spelled somethings I'm not a great speller

  • Matilda Gaming and vlogs

    matilda ripley

  • LolSelena10 LolSelena10

    U made my day because I ha d to get surgery today and this made me happy

  • Tiffany Daughenbaugh
    Tiffany Daughenbaugh 5 months ago

    Us aswom

  • Grenadier102
    Grenadier102 5 months ago

    I’m ten and every week end I go to the gym with my dad and friend thanks for inspiring me lance and I have subscribed and turned on your notifications

  • XxAlhassaneXx
    XxAlhassaneXx 5 months ago

    The black guy reminded me of the driver in gta🤣🤣 when he played the spanish music (not being racist) I am black

  • Torch Flame
    Torch Flame 6 months ago

    I no this video is old but ramen has plastic in it

  • aidan paul
    aidan paul 6 months ago


  • Tyree Carr
    Tyree Carr 6 months ago

    He aint had no ramen until he eats ichirachu ramen xD

  • Kaylynn VanAlstine
    Kaylynn VanAlstine 6 months ago

    lance this is so weird i actually used to see a tall black shadow watching me sleep when i was little before so that's weird

  • minecraft boss tdm
    minecraft boss tdm 6 months ago

    My sister doesn't go to the gym she has stretch marks on her belly my gum looks like the same as they were and my mum still has them too

  • Tegan Mclean
    Tegan Mclean 6 months ago

    haha anyone else see the fact how big his head is compared to his body? and he talks about how 'big' he was getting but i swear it was just his head getting larger

  • AnnaleighAba
    AnnaleighAba 6 months ago

    Little did he know it rlly did happen for lance (about the meal plane)

  • Taylor Hickman
    Taylor Hickman 6 months ago


  • Masen Halsey
    Masen Halsey 6 months ago

    You insired me

  • Fc Barcelona
    Fc Barcelona 6 months ago

    Lol 😂 year pass by Codee is still the same

  • Gavin Vomacka
    Gavin Vomacka 6 months ago


  • David Byers
    David Byers 6 months ago

    I turned on your post notifications 😁 plz give me shoutout.

  • Andria Perrin
    Andria Perrin 6 months ago

    Chris is so fine omg

  • Alice babe
    Alice babe 6 months ago

    Wtf :/ thats so weird

  • Nuggets
    Nuggets 6 months ago


  • Sobie Marson
    Sobie Marson 7 months ago

    It's good to see code back in 210 team

  • Vadim Pilipaka
    Vadim Pilipaka 7 months ago

    Why didn’t you roll up on that fool and be like what’s good??? What if he’s like planning something??

  • sang pham
    sang pham 7 months ago


  • Noah Hawkins
    Noah Hawkins 7 months ago

    I watch all of your videos

  • Melissa Hagerman
    Melissa Hagerman 7 months ago

    I f****** hate stalkers

  • Jac0b_Gam1ng
    Jac0b_Gam1ng 7 months ago

    I have 2 entire shelfs of romen.

  • Mr Man
    Mr Man 7 months ago

    I bet your inspiring people to go to the gym is you inspiring them to go to the gym hoping it is the same gym your at so they can meet you

  • Jliyah Green
    Jliyah Green 7 months ago

    I cat go to the gema

  • Marlon Guy
    Marlon Guy 7 months ago

    I am like 5 pounds I’m not sure

  • Janell Nell
    Janell Nell 7 months ago

    This was on my little sister bday

  • Zoe Dormer
    Zoe Dormer 7 months ago

    That is the only type of ramen noodles that I will eat.🤣

  • Savage puppy
    Savage puppy 7 months ago


  • Girlpower 8235
    Girlpower 8235 8 months ago


  • Eduardo Ruiz
    Eduardo Ruiz 8 months ago

    Thats. So. Fun

    STIHL TROTTER 8 months ago

    i need those boxers

  • Syriana Raj
    Syriana Raj 8 months ago

    I want to go to the gym too but I’m only ten

  • Cameron Dalrymple
    Cameron Dalrymple 8 months ago

    Bro that shit is fucking creepy

  • Chris081106
    Chris081106 8 months ago

    What a prediction that codee will lose weight wow

  • mackenzie lego
    mackenzie lego 8 months ago

    good job lance i hoe you keep up the great work

  • Stacy Dee
    Stacy Dee 8 months ago

    give me a shout out @lance 210

  • # Thegasmaskguy
    # Thegasmaskguy 8 months ago

    I would go to the gym but lm 14😭

  • Kayla !
    Kayla ! 8 months ago


  • Silvia Nedeva
    Silvia Nedeva 8 months ago

    I eat as much more ramen than chris. My name is ramona and I love ramen like I can eat it all the time so now my friends call me ramen

  • Silvia Nedeva
    Silvia Nedeva 8 months ago

    i love that you talk about the gym

  • Amy Williams
    Amy Williams 9 months ago

    I'm fat as fuck:(

  • Funny Video's!
    Funny Video's! 9 months ago

    Your car sucks!

  • natalie bronnenberg
    natalie bronnenberg 9 months ago

    I love u vids

  • Charlotte Crerar
    Charlotte Crerar 9 months ago

    Talking about the gym as I'm eating fruit loops and popcorn

  • gameing alot
    gameing alot 9 months ago

    I keep seeing black shadows

  • Sad Af
    Sad Af 9 months ago +1

    But..... I'm lazy as hell!!!!!

  • Sad Af
    Sad Af 9 months ago +1

    You inspire me to want to go on the gym.

  • 117 Nighthawk
    117 Nighthawk 9 months ago

    I. Wll. Take. The Ramen

  • DIY jesse
    DIY jesse 9 months ago

    I wish I could go to the gym but I am to little Because I am 9 year olds

  • Hibaak Mohamed
    Hibaak Mohamed 9 months ago

    I would love to work out but, I was eating skittles while listening. I will deffintely consider doing some work outs😉

  • Joslynn Johnson
    Joslynn Johnson 9 months ago

    How can I go to the gym if I’m watching you

  • Mia Ransley
    Mia Ransley 9 months ago

    I turned your post notifications on

  • Kayley McDougal
    Kayley McDougal 9 months ago

    The ramen man

  • Nichole Marsee
    Nichole Marsee 9 months ago

    Lance you are so funny

  • elizabeth pop
    elizabeth pop 9 months ago

    Hey Lance I'm not allowed to go to the gym yet but I'm going to turn 11 in March 15th and that's when I can go to the gym just because my mom

  • Iosif Niculai
    Iosif Niculai 9 months ago

    Come to London