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Wildest Superstar distractions: WWE Top 10, Nov. 11, 2017


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  • Rishi Patel
    Rishi Patel 14 hours ago

    oh yeah stone cold
    and is golddust only distracting

    J.T.S WRESTLING 4 days ago

    it's funny when the bar wins the raw titles vs Seth and Dean because of new day and the raw locker room weren't even surprised

    J.T.S WRESTLING 4 days ago

    this is why Heath slater is my favorite superstar he defeated former mitb Seth Rollins and he eliminated Sheamus in one second in the royal rumble on Sheamus birthday

  • Naresh Deherlar
    Naresh Deherlar 8 days ago

    But refree count only 2 so how does hurricane win

  • 시계태엽오렌지

    Roman Reigns ain't deserve any push. Everyone knows that he's got height, muscles, and beauty. But is that all that you need to be a pro wrestler? NO! The things that are needed mostly are skills and acting like you mean it. WWE should give that much of push to Dean Ambrose or Brey Wyatt instead.

  • yasin arafat
    yasin arafat 11 days ago


  • LPS Art Lights
    LPS Art Lights 11 days ago

    This was posted on my birthday!

  • Sir Mohammed
    Sir Mohammed 13 days ago

    When paul heyman made a fake CM Punk return 2013 then jericho lost .

  • John No Cheater
    John No Cheater 20 days ago

    I laughing from the rock

  • LK Style #loyelkashyap


  • S197 Jet
    S197 Jet 29 days ago

    they actually put a clip with Owen hart in it

  • Kiwi Man
    Kiwi Man Month ago

    The Hurricane defeated The Rock WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kiwi Man
    Kiwi Man Month ago


  • Rahul Khan
    Rahul Khan Month ago

    Just forget sami Vs Seth
    Triple h disrtion

  • Soundarra Soundar
    Soundarra Soundar Month ago


  • Bisma Gill
    Bisma Gill Month ago

    where is brie bella, when she kissed aj lee and lost her the divas champioship to nikki

  • Rebecca Ferrer
    Rebecca Ferrer Month ago +1

    So that's why the shield wants to fight the new day

  • Jose Colindres
    Jose Colindres Month ago +1

    Go to 34 and he said the f word

    • CAM BRO
      CAM BRO Month ago

      Jose Colindres no he doesn't

    SUPERRAGEBOI Month ago +1

    If nobody knew The big show and kane are best friends

  • Roro Mohamed
    Roro Mohamed 2 months ago +2

    Silly video

  • Shahi Islam
    Shahi Islam 2 months ago +1

    Austin should be GM for raw

  • Aziz Salehi
    Aziz Salehi 2 months ago +3


    • Noise Fire
      Noise Fire 2 months ago

      Aziz Salehi
      حلو منك يا عربي

  • junior cena
    junior cena 2 months ago +1

    I hate stone cold

  • Arvind Singh
    Arvind Singh 2 months ago +1

    Hurricane won but austin music still playing xD

  • zaneawesome12 #flamesoul
    zaneawesome12 #flamesoul 3 months ago +1


  • M'Qeira Mackey
    M'Qeira Mackey 3 months ago

    number 8 is my fav because baron failed to succeed in cashing in i love it

  • The Roblox Hacker
    The Roblox Hacker 3 months ago

    Who clicked the video when you saw The Rock

  • edy miguel
    edy miguel 3 months ago

    number 1 would have been better if they didnt had let the stone cold music run through hurricane's pin

  • Romil Jonsan
    Romil Jonsan 3 months ago

    boogeman is so disgusting 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • Devan Hunt
    Devan Hunt 3 months ago

    Sorry Robert

  • Jakob Robledo
    Jakob Robledo 3 months ago

    XD John Cena LAUGHING at Baron Corbin

  • Raj TNT
    Raj TNT 4 months ago

    What about HHH discracting Seth Rollins in his match against Sami Zayn

  • Blaize Driggers
    Blaize Driggers 4 months ago

    The Nation Of Domination member Owen Hart's theme I heard was incredible if owen hart survived his death.

  • Iashad Shirley
    Iashad Shirley 4 months ago


  • Mahendra Singh Mahendra Singh Rathore

    Nice and jordarrrrrr

  • MyJanvic
    MyJanvic 4 months ago

    I like the part when Baron is the second to cash in the MIB and lose.

  • Chris Webster
    Chris Webster 5 months ago

    Dean .... my diet soda

    KEITH D'CRUZE 5 months ago

    Undress for success would me more suitable title...

  • Kiran Riar
    Kiran Riar 6 months ago +1


  • your boy liam
    your boy liam 6 months ago

    Cody rodes and Owen hart how is this happening

  • Fey
    Fey 6 months ago

    I just love it how The Hurricane bolted out of the ring as he celebrated. What a legend.

  • Tanner Jackson
    Tanner Jackson 6 months ago

    Where was Rock distracting Stone cold at the royal rumble 1999

  • Sangeeta Bhadana
    Sangeeta Bhadana 6 months ago

    The rock

  • Swapnil Kale
    Swapnil Kale 6 months ago

    your miss 1999 royal rumbal moment

  • AJ Ward
    AJ Ward 7 months ago

    I still hate Booker T's lady friend then

  • Marcus De Villiers
    Marcus De Villiers 7 months ago

    She took off her dress lol

  • carmen arclise
    carmen arclise 7 months ago

    Wooooooooooooo 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • 4everRaikou
    4everRaikou 7 months ago

    can someone explain to me what was the meaning behind meaning behind build to spill because I can't tell if dean ambrose was trying to do a distraction to make his bud win and it just back fired or if he was just a trouble maker?

  • Dean Smith
    Dean Smith 7 months ago

    how awesome to see my favorite wrestler of all time Owen Hart.. i almost forgot how young Christian looked in those days..he looked 15..

    THE BEST ONE 7 months ago

    Triple h music in tolles game of royal rumble

    THE BEAST 7 months ago +1


  • Rovin Barboza
    Rovin Barboza 7 months ago

    Rock has never defeated the hurricane I believe.

  • Faisal Ikram
    Faisal Ikram 7 months ago

    In the last one ,reffree didn't count till three.he just counted two and rang the bell

  • Burhan Shah
    Burhan Shah 7 months ago

    That wasent cena

  • Tarun Sharma
    Tarun Sharma 7 months ago

    You missed Goldberg vs Kevin owen

  • Damian Soltys
    Damian Soltys 7 months ago

    The New Day too. Too funny.

  • Damian Soltys
    Damian Soltys 7 months ago

    Lmao. Goldust with them moves though. Haha. Lol.

  • Seth Trotman
    Seth Trotman 7 months ago

    John cena just laugh ing

  • Randy Ortan
    Randy Ortan 7 months ago


  • Randy Ortan
    Randy Ortan 7 months ago


  • M. Khan
    M. Khan 7 months ago

    1:25 ....johns laugh😂😂😂

  • Aiman Hakim
    Aiman Hakim 7 months ago

    Goldust dance with who??

  • Abdullah Alaskar
    Abdullah Alaskar 8 months ago +1

    0:33 to 0:35 Seth dropping an f bomb

  • Fluffz
    Fluffz 8 months ago

    Rip owen hart

  • The Rock FC
    The Rock FC 8 months ago


  • The Ultimate Warrior
    The Ultimate Warrior 8 months ago +1

    At 2:55 on the very left there is a kid slightly on the steps
    That’s me

  • Bishesh Maharjan
    Bishesh Maharjan 8 months ago +1

    this video was a hint for the feud currently in Smack down between AJ Styles vs Kevin and Sami with the commissioner and GM being involved.

  • Hassan1032 Rs
    Hassan1032 Rs 8 months ago +1


  • Ninad Dhond
    Ninad Dhond 8 months ago

    Just clicked because of stone cold thumbnail 🙌

  • Jasonite _ gaming
    Jasonite _ gaming 9 months ago

    Unwelcome guest is Christian I believe

  • its carl vlogs
    its carl vlogs 9 months ago

    baron Corbin screened like a girl

  • First Hand TV
    First Hand TV 9 months ago

    Why did they play Kurt's music after RVD won?

  • Austin Plays
    Austin Plays 9 months ago

    1:14 I was there

  • Mehul Tiwari
    Mehul Tiwari 9 months ago

    Baron Corbin is the worst actor. Looking at his eyes feels like he was just waiting for Cena to come up on the apron and merely focused on Jinder.

  • Kaustubh Karia
    Kaustubh Karia 9 months ago

    1:03 baron corbin looks behind to make sure Cena's there 😂😂

  • Hair LikeSnow
    Hair LikeSnow 9 months ago +1

    2.21 What is the woman's name called?

  • Marice Edelina
    Marice Edelina 9 months ago

    I want WWE live in Indonesia please....

  • Adrian Beltran
    Adrian Beltran 9 months ago

    why aren't they blurring tge attitude era logo out?

  • Cody Rhodes
    Cody Rhodes 10 months ago +1

    Cody Rhodes is the best he's always been my favorite 😎

  • akhand singh
    akhand singh 10 months ago


  • Aron en Bram
    Aron en Bram 10 months ago

    After Seth ends the shield je was bad in 2016/17 he was good again logic

  • Tech 2018
    Tech 2018 10 months ago

  • Fahad Zafar
    Fahad Zafar 10 months ago

    this is soooo fake, i love it.

  • BARB-A Q!!
    BARB-A Q!! 10 months ago

    So fake...

  • Certifried
    Certifried 10 months ago

    put the hurricane in the hof

  • Rowan Simmons
    Rowan Simmons 10 months ago

    John cena should of let baron corbin win because he could of become WWE champion at summerslam

  • Luu Sapphire
    Luu Sapphire 10 months ago

    Owen pinning Edge. Soooo satisfying.

  • Chamara Dematage
    Chamara Dematage 10 months ago


  • OG Deadeye
    OG Deadeye 10 months ago

    Watch out, there's a Hurricane coming through !

  • Qairol Azeem
    Qairol Azeem 10 months ago

    Dramatic drama

  • Jarek Bingham
    Jarek Bingham 10 months ago

    It Sucks that it's fake

  • Lol Itz Ethan
    Lol Itz Ethan 10 months ago +1

    I feel so bad for the rock

  • Nyoom
    Nyoom 10 months ago

    Wtf Is wwe

  • Markiah Miller
    Markiah Miller 10 months ago

    The rock 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Cristian Beitz
    Cristian Beitz 10 months ago

    So fake....😂😂

  • Adi Trif
    Adi Trif 10 months ago

    Most stupid show in the world

  • Nina Lemons
    Nina Lemons 10 months ago

    Really, Vince is just letting smackdown go in underseiges cause raw is gonna win at SS. Think about it, Vince can't let Shane get 2 underseiges AND let him win!

  • curtis munlin
    curtis munlin 10 months ago

    I miss them Stone cold and the rock days