Working at Mcdonalds | pros and cons. | Diane Chante

  • Published on Feb 23, 2015
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    I made this video because I was reminiscing about my past job experience at Mcdonald's last week and decided that this would be a good video.
    Disclaimer: this is my opinion about working with the company.
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    How did you apply? I went for open interviews on National Hiring Day.
    When did you get hired? April 13 (National Hiring Day)
    When did you quit? Mid June
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    Camera: Sony Nex-3n
    Editing software: Windows Movie Maker (no, I'm not rich... I do not have Final Pro XYZ123 lol)

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  • Lara S
    Lara S 3 years ago +82

    I know this is kind of a lame question but I'm a pretty shy person, is that gonna effect me ? (I'm probably not gonna do the cashier part anyway) like I'm scared that I'm gonna not make any friends there and that they're gonna be like wat older people working there and I will kinda be loner

    • Sativa B
      Sativa B Year ago

      Lara S you like fine I didn't even notice the spot

    • CartoonFB
      CartoonFB 2 years ago +4

      Lara S u don't want to be friends with the people at McDonald's lol

    • call of kys
      call of kys 2 years ago +2

      Lara S I was like that at first, now I'm like a completely different person, after a while you'll come out of your shell and make loads of friends.
      I was terrified that no one souls like me and I would be terrible, but it really ended up working out perfectly and now I know loads of people and know what I'm doing with many things

    • Lara S
      Lara S 2 years ago +10

      Yajaira Quinteros I just saw these now😬 but I just turned 16 a month or two ago and I still haven't got the nerve to go into a place and ask for an application like I know this one pizza place near me is hiring but do I just like go in and ask for an application and leave or should I buy something and do I fill the application in the place or take it back later?! I have a lot of anxiety haha

  • Little Blessings
    Little Blessings 7 days ago

    They only give 30 percent off now. Only $

  • Keegan Kadwell
    Keegan Kadwell 9 days ago

    9.65 a week? Or an hour

  • Adriana Rodriguez
    Adriana Rodriguez 10 days ago

    yesterday was my first day and this is how it went: first leading up to getting the job since i’m 15 and they don’t want to hire many 15 year olds i had to keep coming up to the mcdonald’s and checking on my application every week until i finally got hired and filled out the paper work (took like a month-2 months) then i finally went in yesterday and worked 4 hours (idk why she gave me baby ass hours bc its summer and i can work 30 hours a week but she only gave me 12 this week) and i had to wait for my uniform THE PANTS ARE NOT VERY COMFORTABLE i can hardly bend down in them and their not very breathable but it’s okay bc i really need this job the shirt is pretty comfortable so yea i finally begsn working at the register and they gave me someone to train me but she really didn’t even do that much i had to watch the other lady at the register and i finally began to get it!! if you pay attention it’s not really that hard to work the screen although it looks very confusing. so yea i did pretty good and was eventually able to take orders by myself fairly quick. there was one or two rude customers and i also had to wipe tables off and sweep the lobby and dry the trays. overall I LIKE IT A LOT AND ITS A LOT BETTER THAN SITTING HOME DOING NOTHING however my back was hurting after like two hours 💀 also since i’m 15 i don’t have to go in the back and cook and come home smelling like grease which is a plus!

  • Naisha Faith
    Naisha Faith 3 months ago

    I got trained for 30 minutes better be lucky you got 9 hours

  • Echo
    Echo 5 months ago

    Im here happy bacuz l be getting 8.25😰 but 9.65 is awesome

  • Elijah Simon
    Elijah Simon 7 months ago

    Bruh how much a week

  • Mustang Dani
    Mustang Dani 8 months ago +1

    Girl we get 7.25 here in America. Lol if I got 9.65 an hour I'd be dancing around that place lol

  • David
    David 8 months ago +1

    Our minimum wage is $8.25 but I get paid $10.25 hourly

  • Love Marasigan
    Love Marasigan 9 months ago

    Can you show us how you work?

  • Nightcorebrightly
    Nightcorebrightly 9 months ago +5

    Jesus I'm scared but I need money for college so I'm kinda desperate

  • Eryn Nikki
    Eryn Nikki 9 months ago

    mcchicken “sauce” lmao it’s mayo

  • Matthew Ives
    Matthew Ives 10 months ago

    I feel your pain I just quit McDonald’s after six years

    • Matthew Ives
      Matthew Ives 8 months ago

      @G H I now work for a water park as a lifeguard I'm getting 15 an hour

    • G H
      G H 8 months ago

      Matthew Ives holy shit six years how on earth u made it that far

  • Blaze Charizardite
    Blaze Charizardite 10 months ago

    I would love to be payed $9.65 an hour! At KFC, in America, I get payed $8.25 an hour and that's after my raise. Minimum wage is $7.25, and $9.65 sounds AWESOME

  • TombRaiderz
    TombRaiderz 10 months ago

    I get a 30 minute break after 3 hours. Then a 15 minute break after 2 and a half hours. Then I have 3 hours of my shift left.

  • Dr Shyho
    Dr Shyho 10 months ago


  • Grace Sáenz
    Grace Sáenz 10 months ago

    Also, you’re so pretty!!

  • Grace Sáenz
    Grace Sáenz 10 months ago

    Girl, I came here looking for pros because all I’ve experienced are cons like afjlgsshkbd;

  • Mikael Jr
    Mikael Jr 10 months ago

    Lmao my first day working there i had to take orders at the drive was so crazy there but it didn’t take long for me to get used to it though

  • Malik Rashad
    Malik Rashad 10 months ago

    The only thing good about that job is free food. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Joyce Elyse
    Joyce Elyse 10 months ago

    Damn I’m gonna start working there soon and the minimum wage for my age is £5.50

  • Dejia Belcher
    Dejia Belcher 11 months ago

    you’re mad about $9.65 in Georgia you start at $7.50

  • Riley Adam
    Riley Adam 11 months ago

    Stop complaining about the money! In Utah the minimum wage is 7.25 and I’m lucky to be making $9.

  • Lil_StiFfFy_863
    Lil_StiFfFy_863 11 months ago

    Minimum wage is 8.25 here ur lucky

  • Waffle Airsoft
    Waffle Airsoft 11 months ago

    I'm like a 2 minute bike ride from my nearest McDonald's. So I'm going to use this to my advantage!

  • Ay Jaime is here
    Ay Jaime is here Year ago

    When working in McDonalds and deciding the schedule, will the schedule be the same every week or does the manager change it

  • Gus MoneyXD
    Gus MoneyXD Year ago

    I just got an application & i really hope i get the jo to make at least some money

  • Andy Azurdia
    Andy Azurdia Year ago +1

    I wish i got 9.65. The minimum wage in ATL georgia is 7.25. 😡

  • Savvas Blackcross

    Here mcdonalds pays around 4.10 euros per hour for underage part timers, yall lucky af to get that 9.65 an hour bruh

  • F Teague
    F Teague Year ago

    £5.50 in England

  • Meghan Mccutcheon

    BRUH minimum wage is 10.25 in canada??? I'm so jealous Illinois is 8.25 if your 18 or older

  • Cutie Kitty
    Cutie Kitty Year ago

    I work at McDonald's and make 7 50 an hour😣

  • Tomie. Subs
    Tomie. Subs Year ago

    YESs canadaaaa

  • Genesis B.
    Genesis B. Year ago

    Can I wear box braids like the one in my profile pic cuz I want to wear blonde box braids

    • kah
      kah Year ago

      Genesis B.R yes you can

  • Cartoon here
    Cartoon here Year ago

    Girl your lucky my min. Wage is 8.75 at McDonald's and it was 8.25 at Baskin Robbins

  • Frederick Nunez
    Frederick Nunez Year ago

    Minimum Wage went up by 50 cents. 10.50 an hour isn't bad actually

  • LxgitKatie
    LxgitKatie Year ago

    I applied and I’m 13 but my birthday is coming soon

  • Dylan Parnacher
    Dylan Parnacher Year ago

    Ok my first day was yesterday and they just threw me on fries all day, I learned how to work taking orders from one of my friends that work there. Training sucked ass for me

  • Jenessa
    Jenessa Year ago

    I want to start working there. I’ll be 14 in a couple months and I heard that they hire for cashiers at that age where I live. Would you recommend waiting? I just really want to start making my own money instead of always asking when I want something

  • RussX5Z
    RussX5Z Year ago

    Great video. I'm still a bit hesitant to work here. Anyways you're very pretty. =)

      DIANE C ENAID  Year ago

      Thank you, love. What exactly are you hesitant about working at McDonalds?

  • 30k Leaf
    30k Leaf Year ago


  • lawless vapors
    lawless vapors Year ago

    I work at McDonald’s and get forced to take way too many damn breaks!! No way should an 8 hour shift have to take 3-4 unpaid 30 minute breaks, that an hour or two unpaid when it’s minimum wage that’s 7 something an hour here in PA

  • Nord
    Nord Year ago

    McDonald’s is my first job and still is I work at the counter or cashier for 4 months and it’s been fun but when I first got the job I dident expect how much you have to do as cashier you don’t just stay at the register the whole time there’s a shit ton of stuff

  • Dylan Hoffer
    Dylan Hoffer Year ago

    Or when people call off and they ask you to come in on your day off or doing truck on your day off as well.well at least the one I use to work at I got wear my street clothes when I helped with truck

  • T Stroud1324
    T Stroud1324 Year ago

    Do you still work at McDonald's

    • T Stroud1324
      T Stroud1324 Year ago

      Diane Chante yea cause I just started but listen have like 2 days Thursdays and Fridays from 10to12 but hey I'm not really worried about it because a job is a job

      DIANE C ENAID  Year ago

      Just be patient for now and wait.

    • T Stroud1324
      T Stroud1324 Year ago

      Diane Chante I did ask they said they would give me that but I don't know when they are gonna train me

      DIANE C ENAID  Year ago

      Oh okay, that’s good that you like it! What you can do is ask to be on the register if that is what you want to do. Where I’m from, fries and register go hand in hand so just ask!

    • T Stroud1324
      T Stroud1324 Year ago

      Diane Chante oh ok I work at McDonald's were im from and I'm a dishwasher and I love it lol not but it's a job I'm trying to do something else like be on the register or do fries

  • Everything is stupid

    I hope you don't work in the food industry at all nemore

  • Melanie Murray
    Melanie Murray Year ago

    In Australia we get paid $11 an hour when you are 14

  • bmw320
    bmw320 Year ago

    Thanks for sharing your experience at McDonalds, this will help a lots of people to have an idea about the working nature over there

      DIANE C ENAID  Year ago +1

      bmw320 thank you, I just wanted people to know what I've experienced!

  • Dark NOOB
    Dark NOOB Year ago +2

    50% Off Saayyyyyyy Whaaaatttttttt 50% Off Saayyyyyyy Whaaaatttttttt 😈

  • C
    C Year ago

    Why did you quit?

  • Heaven Rodgers
    Heaven Rodgers Year ago

    I work at White Castles... I'd rather smell like grease than onion's

  • Ricardio
    Ricardio Year ago

    GIRL you should be LUCKY that your making 9.65 an hour. because in america the minimum wage is at least 7.25.

  • Sofia Ramirez
    Sofia Ramirez Year ago

    I am 14 and im getting a job at McDonald's because its near my school and they hire 14 year olds.

  • Young Planet Quick

    I work there rn and I'm getting $10.70 an hour

  • Million Mekonnen
    Million Mekonnen Year ago

    lmaooo you lucky gtting atleast 9$ its 7.25 in ga

  • Abdul Shakur
    Abdul Shakur Year ago

    hey u can u just clean

  • ムーアケイレブ

    how old you gotta be to work at mcdonalds

  • Amber krill
    Amber krill Year ago

    you seem like a very beautiful and intelligent girl and by the way you have a beautiful smile why the hell you even working at that place. I live in a little town called Columbia City Indiana and I'm not happy with my McDonald's every time that I order my daughter a Happy Meal she gets extra fries because she doesn't want the apples they never give her her extra fries this happens on a daily basis and on top of that I asked for no pickles and they always put pickles on they never give me Straws or napkins I never get crappy until today from the lady like snatch my bag back and I asked to speak to her manager and she ignored me I grab the bag back and I told her I'm never coming back here again tell me why they are like this I understand that you guys get busy but they were not busy at all this is insane? She already had an attitude and then they also added to my order a blueberry topper muffin which I paid for so I took it anyhow but it doesn't matter because I never ordered it why can they never get their order straight you're gorgeous by the way.

  • Entertainment Network

    I almost had a job at Mcdonalds, had orientation, but was unable to make it because my car got trapped in the snow x.x
    I'll have to re-apply. Be glad you got over 9$ pay, over where I'm at we start with 7.50. lol

  • david shine
    david shine Year ago

    Damn u fine call me

  • Cara lex
    Cara lex Year ago

    I quit my first day

  • Binu Gopalan
    Binu Gopalan Year ago

    Hai Diane , I am working in McDonald's in 12 years and I proud of my McDonald's . And I don't have any opportunity to tell for McDonald's . U should proud of McDonald . And no negative feedback from McDonald's . Thank you

  • HellaBandzCuban
    HellaBandzCuban Year ago

    Are u going to college

  • Nelson Gonzales
    Nelson Gonzales Year ago

    You get a break every 2 hours at Walmart:p

  • Jon RD
    Jon RD Year ago

    How is a 30 minute break good to have after a 12 hour shift? You should have a 45-60 minute break

  • keef 75
    keef 75 Year ago

    how much you get pay..know it's 11 or 15

  • xXT1Y8Xx
    xXT1Y8Xx Year ago

    Hey, I'm in Illinois, US and I make 8.25 rn. I have to work with a rude ass old lady and I am a maintenance person. Hopefully today (my 2nd day) is my last day with that and I move on to fries.

  • Gaming Storyteller

    Fuck, $9 at McDanks. I get paid $7.75 at McDanks

  • 1892Genesis
    1892Genesis Year ago

    omg! i wish the minimum wage in the US was that much!

  • Monte Da King
    Monte Da King Year ago

    its not even that bad i work at mcdonalds shes trippin

  • Jarek Logie
    Jarek Logie Year ago

    What if you're not from America/the country and you're just going to America/the country for the summer, would I still be able to get hired?

    • Jarek Logie
      Jarek Logie Year ago

      Thanks so much! Liked and subscribed

      DIANE C ENAID  Year ago

      Um, I'm not too sure. I know here in Canada, you'll need a work visa in order to do that but I would research more about it and see what can be your next steps.
      Thank you for watching, don't forget to subscribe!

  • Paris Bryant
    Paris Bryant Year ago

    they paying us 7.50 an hr you live in Canada cause this how much we get paid in America

    • Jake G 2187
      Jake G 2187 Year ago

      Paris Bryant Seriously? Here in Portland, OR minimum wage is $11.25.....

      DIANE C ENAID  Year ago +1

      Yes, it's a difference when you look at the numbers but just remember... $500 USD is about $648 at this very moment. The currency is different which simply means the US dollars are more valuable than Canada's.
      Thank you for watching, don't forget to subscribe!

  • Rocky Quelz
    Rocky Quelz Year ago


  • Xonical
    Xonical Year ago

    10 dollars minimum wage? In Canada...? No offence but in America ours is like 7.25, not quite sure why you are whining because for Mc Donalds that's a lot.

      DIANE C ENAID  Year ago

      Different currencies, different values.
      Thank you for watching!

  • June Of WRATH
    June Of WRATH Year ago

    the one I work at sucks. we have no people, because the managers keep making everybody quit, and one of our coworkers busted his head and passed the other day. now I'm getting all the hours, working overnight shifts, and filling in for the sorry employees who always call in.

    • June Of WRATH
      June Of WRATH Year ago

      +Diane Chante yes I've actually had two interviews since I've been hired, but I know I can do better. I'm just kinda in a state of nirvana right now (except for a horrible job that could be worse(possibly)).

      DIANE C ENAID  Year ago

      Oh no, I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Have you tried looking for other job opportunities?

  • Sennpaii LUL
    Sennpaii LUL Year ago +3

    I can tell that you wanted to cry so for all the bad experience you've been too. Sorry to hear this Dear.

      DIANE C ENAID  Year ago +2

      To be honest, there was a time when I did break down because I was so frustrated and angry about how people were treating me when I first started. Maybe I'll make another video about that story haha.
      Thank you for watching, don't forget to subscribe!

  • Black Lyfe
    Black Lyfe Year ago

    Lmfao 🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Marlene Decorah
    Marlene Decorah 2 years ago

    Why she complaining about $9.65 I only get pain 7.50

      DIANE C ENAID  Year ago

      Different currency rates, different value in dollar.
      Thank you for watching!

  • Insanepage _
    Insanepage _ 2 years ago

    I didn't get trained. I was put on the back and didn't get much training

      DIANE C ENAID  Year ago

      I guess every McDonalds is different [management, employees etc.], hopefully everything worked out fine afterwards for you.
      Thank you for watching, don't forget to subscribe!

  • Angelique Patton
    Angelique Patton 2 years ago

    I work at mcds too. And Missouri minimum wage is $7.70! You got it good lol

      DIANE C ENAID  Year ago

      I wish! The Canadian dollar holds no value in comparison to the US. But anywho, how is it? Are you liking it at least?
      Thank you for watching, don't forget to subscribe!

  • Hailey Carver
    Hailey Carver 2 years ago

    BRO I GET $8.05 WTF

  • KvingKim
    KvingKim 2 years ago

    I feel type rich, the minimum wage in MA is 11.00 lmao. I'm 14 and Im gonna apply to Mcdonalds soon, hopefully I get the job cause ya girls tired of being broke

    • werewolfgf
      werewolfgf Year ago

      KvingKim yoooo did u get it?

      DIANE C ENAID  Year ago

      Get your coins sis!
      Thank you for watching, don't forget to subscribe!

  • Sama
    Sama 2 years ago

    YALL need to stop complaining bcs here in Morocco we get paid less than 2 Dollars per hour.

  • Bradley's Cave Of Games

    we get free meals during break

  • blacklotus432
    blacklotus432 2 years ago

    fuck macdonalds is shit

  • Douglas Velasquez
    Douglas Velasquez 2 years ago

    I work at Macdonald and get paid 10.75 and I'm only 14

  • Maria k
    Maria k 2 years ago +1

    16-18 year olds get £4.7-£4.25 minimum wage. your lucky

  • Karmah
    Karmah 2 years ago

    i get 10.70 an hour at mcdonalds

  • Calvin
    Calvin 2 years ago

    When you worked there did they give you guys your own payroll cards

  • christian henry
    christian henry 2 years ago

    I'm glad you made this. I recently Applied for McDonald's, now I know what to expect in case I get hired.

      DIANE C ENAID  Year ago

      Aw no problem! Let me know how it goes for you. OK?
      Thank you for watching, don't forget to subscribe! :)

  • ARM 07
    ARM 07 2 years ago

    how can i apply if i am a student

      DIANE C ENAID  Year ago

      Apply through the Mcdonalds website.
      Thank you for watching, don't forget to subscribe!

  • Dildo Cumfart
    Dildo Cumfart 2 years ago

    9$ a fucking hour. nigga whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt I get paid 7:50

  • Erica Bigras
    Erica Bigras 2 years ago

    For everyone complaining about the pay... she is, I am assuming, under 18 and still a student. She was getting paid student wage. Not minimum wage.

  • SwissMarksman
    SwissMarksman 2 years ago

    I'm lovin' McD's corporate slogans. McD's don't give a fuck about grammar, punctuation, healthy food, a living wage, and they fill their ads with people of color and somehow manage to create the image that they aim to help people in low-income areas. Gangster as fuck.

  • loveless ai
    loveless ai 2 years ago

    the thing that scares me the most about working in jobs like McDonald's is you dont know what kind of person would comd through those doors they could be busty they could be crusty they can smell like god knows what or they might even look terrible and thats what scares me the most

      DIANE C ENAID  Year ago

      Just be calm and collective, I'm pretty sure you'll be fine.

  • MarioCicconex
    MarioCicconex 2 years ago

    I work 9 or 8 hrs and just 15mins break, I hate that 😂😍😍😍

      DIANE C ENAID  Year ago

      Oh damn...
      Thank you for watching, don't forget to subscribe!

  • Gabby Shepherd
    Gabby Shepherd 2 years ago

    12 hours and only a 30 minute break? girl if u work at chick fil a and you work that many hours, you get two 30 minute breaks lol

  • Lalalanthrope
    Lalalanthrope 2 years ago

    Ugh, it was my first day yesterday and I was absolutely confused the whole time there. I watched videos for an hour then they threw me on a dude who barely tought me anything then left. I felt like I was thrown out to dry.! Now today is my second day and I have no idea what to do.! 😢

      DIANE C ENAID  Year ago

      Oh no, sorry to hear! It's been two months since you left this comment, how is your experience now?
      Thank you for watching, don't forget to subscribe! :)

  • Vortette
    Vortette 2 years ago

    I'm 15 and I applied for McDonald's I'll call and check my application status in 2 days I hope I get the job or krogers I'm saving money so I can get a car when I turn 16

      DIANE C ENAID  Year ago

      Nice! Set goals and accomplish them!
      Thank you for watching, don't forget to subscribe!

  • On dat gas 301
    On dat gas 301 2 years ago

    Damm u got dem dick suckin lips like shidd lol