My Drunk Kitchen: Pizza Cake ft. THE TRY GUYS! (Part One... Ned)

  • Published on Mar 1, 2018
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Comments • 1 827

  • Donald Bagwell
    Donald Bagwell 5 hours ago

    2 things, # one Eugene is 10 different drinks apparently on another try guy thing
    # 2 Ned is funny drunk

  • Karmila Ortega
    Karmila Ortega 4 days ago

    Hannah, pls make another video with the try guys!

  • Artsy Drawings
    Artsy Drawings 5 days ago

    0:34 dafuq is going on between Zach and Keith-

  • Brad Westwick
    Brad Westwick 9 days ago

    “So, this is my home..” lol

  • Kristine Metcalfe
    Kristine Metcalfe 12 days ago

    Please take a moment to take a look at my GoFundMe page. Please share. Anything is apriciated.

  • Lee TheNoodle
    Lee TheNoodle 12 days ago

    Oh god Ned’s like a childXD

  • Gaby Gacha
    Gaby Gacha 13 days ago

    He needs more p o w e r

  • ViJo Stgo
    ViJo Stgo 16 days ago

    Hannah is the adult version of Jojo Siwa

  • Orich
    Orich Month ago

    Drunk ned is best ned

  • Old Cheese
    Old Cheese Month ago

    Ned got white girl wasted

  • Old Cheese
    Old Cheese Month ago

    Ned is such a weird drunk

  • Anjali Sreeram
    Anjali Sreeram Month ago

    Omg ned😂😂😂

  • Shruthi M
    Shruthi M Month ago

    Ned is sooo wasted xD

  • Chicken Wing
    Chicken Wing Month ago +1

    Way to go got too drunk. And made an ass of yourself in Hannah’s house.
    Come on, dude

  • ItsCoolCarlyXO
    ItsCoolCarlyXO 2 months ago

    He always calls himself Italian but couldn’t remember the order of cheese and sauce 😂

  • Sophia Ashley
    Sophia Ashley 2 months ago

    Is this adult JoJo siwa

  • Madelena DiFabio
    Madelena DiFabio 2 months ago

    "I chose you to be the first layer of the cake because you are the most drunk," I'm dying

  • Gaby Gacha
    Gaby Gacha 2 months ago


  • Kate H
    Kate H 2 months ago

    I love that he actually thought Power Bottom meant you’re the toughest 😂

  • Leah Wynn
    Leah Wynn 2 months ago

    Ned is never aloud back

  • Frisbee 'n' Cookies
    Frisbee 'n' Cookies 2 months ago

    When Eugene emerged at the beginning with the cat on his shoulder I first thought he had some new kind of fashion accessory.😂

  • Grim Reverberate
    Grim Reverberate 2 months ago

    This is like that video of you and your friends goofing off that you thought no one would ever see

  • AshesToDust
    AshesToDust 2 months ago +1

    Ned's so proud of being a power bottom....

  • S. Jo
    S. Jo 2 months ago

    plz do this again

  • candyj522
    candyj522 2 months ago


  • Brittney Heika
    Brittney Heika 3 months ago +1

    Ned's always the most drunk first

  • The Outsider
    The Outsider 3 months ago +1

    Power bottom of the pizza

  • end of the line
    end of the line 3 months ago

    0:33. Why are Keith and Zach nuzzling eachother?

  • Alexisasheep
    Alexisasheep 3 months ago +1

    Ned is a power bottom for all of you who wanted to know how wes was made

  • Whatzit Tuya
    Whatzit Tuya 3 months ago

    For me the whole vibe of 'hosting a show where you get someone drunk and then talk down to them when they display signs of drunkenness' doesn't quite make sense. He was just trying to do the show and you were naught but dismissive. Making your guest uncomfortable makes your audience uncomfortable.

    • Whatzit Tuya
      Whatzit Tuya 3 months ago

      I know I'm thinking about this too much, but.... A chicago style pizza would make such a better pizza "cake" than otherwise. Crust, cheese, sauce repeated makes so much more sense than crust sauce cheese as far as structural integrity is concerned.

    • Whatzit Tuya
      Whatzit Tuya 3 months ago

      Probably would've been better if he'd have put the cheese down first, The base he was working from was a spongy torn up bread substance, so the sauce certainly would just bleed into it.

    • Whatzit Tuya
      Whatzit Tuya 3 months ago

      While your pizza dough bits look pretty heckin shitty peeling out of their near complete encasement in parchment paper.

  • Amertee
    Amertee 3 months ago

    thank u next

    more like

    *thank u ned*

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude 3 months ago +1

    "im the power bottom" IM CRYING THIS IS SO FUNNY

  • dragonbot_ randomness
    dragonbot_ randomness 3 months ago

    I am seriously questioning the health and safety of that cat.

  • Cory Mackenzie-Gray
    Cory Mackenzie-Gray 3 months ago +1

    When eugene ran in and gave Ned a little cuddle of reassurance my heart CRACKED

  • Robert Schwartz
    Robert Schwartz 3 months ago

    You might as well have made a pizza out of play dough.

  • Rossie Freund
    Rossie Freund 4 months ago +2

    Ned is me honestly I only like pepperoni on my pizza I love it so much

  • Taylor Leigh
    Taylor Leigh 4 months ago +1

    Oh my god ned got so drunk 😂

  • sidewize
    sidewize 4 months ago

    Is anybody else concerned she probably used wax paper instead of parchment paper so the par-baked crusts got stuck? O_o

  • Sam The Remake
    Sam The Remake 4 months ago

    I know you don't like cats Ned...but c'mon! Poor kitty lmao

  • Jay Camp
    Jay Camp 4 months ago

    5:54 "oh no, my funfetti"... where was the funfetti? it didn't even look like he was holding it.

  • Mackenzie Renford
    Mackenzie Renford 4 months ago

    Lesbian fucked by 4 straight men. 4 part edition

  • Aranda Thompson
    Aranda Thompson 4 months ago +2

    When Hannah is more excited about Ned possibly getting a cat vs having a child 😂 love it

  • Jax Peppin
    Jax Peppin 4 months ago

    when ned dropped something at 5:54 i heard oh no my machete

  • Tami Han
    Tami Han 4 months ago +1

    Ned is a hot mess and I'm so here for it ♡

  • Razorflame Predacon
    Razorflame Predacon 4 months ago

    Eugene drinking with a fucking straw is ME

  • tetrisblock
    tetrisblock 4 months ago +3

    ned drunkenly yelling 'im the powerbottom of the pizza!'

  • ManyMonsters Media
    ManyMonsters Media 4 months ago +1

    this is my hoome

  • Howtung Chong
    Howtung Chong 4 months ago

    At the beginning Eugene is already drunk and let the cat sit on his shoulder

  • Marcella Conboy
    Marcella Conboy 4 months ago

    OMG all my favorite people in the same room!! ❤️🤣😎

  • ch a
    ch a 5 months ago +1

    the gayest mdk's ever been? are ya sure?

  • James Vasquez
    James Vasquez 5 months ago

    Doesn't anybody see Zack rubbing his head up against keith's chin in the beginning of the video

  • Sniper pear
    Sniper pear 5 months ago

    Eugene will never get drunk

  • singing kids
    singing kids 5 months ago

    zach looks goooooooooood and i love ned sm and all of them FUCK

  • A Clark
    A Clark 5 months ago +2

    H: "Power bottom of the pizza."
    N: "POWER BOTTOM OF THE PIZZA *whispers* whas that mean?"
    H: "'re the toughest"
    N: "it kind've IS me...I'M THE POWER BOTTOM PIECE"

  • Jessi
    Jessi 5 months ago +2

    Ned is SO LOUD but also totally me drunk as well lol

  • TokiBuni
    TokiBuni 5 months ago +1

    Drunk Ned is the best haha

  • it's me varshi
    it's me varshi 5 months ago +1

    Cat on Eugene

  • tina martin
    tina martin 5 months ago

    I´m sorry but thats the worst pizza cake i´ve ever seen

  • Kiana Putri
    Kiana Putri 5 months ago +1

    Ned is very drunk

  • TruthTella2
    TruthTella2 5 months ago

    neds looks disgusting

  • Benjamin David Walcott
    Benjamin David Walcott 5 months ago +1

    Drunk Ned is a mess and I love him.

  • Jackie Hamm
    Jackie Hamm 5 months ago +2

    I know I am 9 months late....but can we take a second and talk about how Eugene initiated a hug....not only a hug, but a "I'm sorry, I love you" hug. ❤❤❤

  • Elli Incha
    Elli Incha 5 months ago +2

    Why is NO ONE talking about the cat ramp

  • Sua Mi
    Sua Mi 5 months ago

    30 seconds in and Eugene is holding alcohol and has a cat on top of him- THIS MUST BE A GREAT VIDEO

  • khalidah ambiah
    khalidah ambiah 5 months ago

    Why... Why can't Hannah put one more second....

  • Trialexol12
    Trialexol12 5 months ago

    0:33 keith x zach

  • Katie Glauber
    Katie Glauber 5 months ago +2

    Ned: we're trying to have kids
    Hannah, a prominent lesbian: you're trying to have cats?

  • EmmaCarolinaBradley
    EmmaCarolinaBradley 5 months ago

    Ned is a chemist?? Shit hahaha

  • Chunkyboi 101
    Chunkyboi 101 5 months ago

    "So, this is my home."

  • Carol Joe
    Carol Joe 5 months ago +1

    Why do I feel like that Hannah touched Ned one too many?

  • Izumi Inoue
    Izumi Inoue 6 months ago

    Keith is so tall, he can’t even fit into the frame.

  • Chicken Wing
    Chicken Wing 6 months ago

    3:20 is the meanest/sternest you will ever see my sweet harto EVER get

  • Tuffy
    Tuffy 6 months ago

    Anyone else bothered that it said “Zack” at the end and not Zach

  • killdroid 141
    killdroid 141 6 months ago

    That's what happens when you invite the try guys over to make food shit hits the fan

  • Fandom Citizen
    Fandom Citizen 6 months ago +1

    Drunk Ned is my idol.

  • hello iamnotacrazedbuttstabber

    I watched a try guy video about which of these guys are dominant or submissive. Now, I'm just going through a marathon of videos they've been in and its *eye opening.*

  • Lieze Lavaert
    Lieze Lavaert 6 months ago +1

    "Oh i'm already drunk" and "That's a CAT on your back" " IN FACT let me get some more peperoni in here " hahahahahaha
    Ned you're hilarious :)

  • Rebecca Chen
    Rebecca Chen 6 months ago +1

    drunk ned is so LIT

  • Sydney Mitrecic
    Sydney Mitrecic 6 months ago +1

    I love you both but Ned, you were so drunk!

  • Tammy keeton
    Tammy keeton 6 months ago

    He's not very bright (Ned) when he's drunk lol but funny as fuck. Love you guys!

  • Mahalakshmi Manoj
    Mahalakshmi Manoj 6 months ago


  • kaguesna
    kaguesna 6 months ago +2

    Drunk Ned is LOUD! lol + awe Eugene gave a hug without being coerced

  • Lacie Laurens
    Lacie Laurens 6 months ago

    10 Facts
    1) Your reading this.
    2) You can't say the letter M without without both of your lips touching each other.
    3) You just tried it.
    4) Your smiling.
    6) You didn't notice I said "without without" in fact number two.
    7) You didn't notice that I missed fact five.
    8) You just checked it.
    9) Your either smiling or giggling.
    10) Your going to like or comment.
    11) This is actually fact 10

  • Lavender The Potato
    Lavender The Potato 6 months ago +2

    8 mins of neutral chaos

  • Marianne Chevrier
    Marianne Chevrier 6 months ago +1

    Keith barely fits in the frame! haha!

  • Live Louder
    Live Louder 6 months ago +3

    I always come back for Eugene initiating a hug and stay for Drunk Ned

  • potatoe. jpg
    potatoe. jpg 6 months ago

    lol I hope I dont sound dumb or anything but when I saw le thumbnail I thought hannah was ariel and she got a haircut and a new hairstyle I was about to say

  • Stephanie Nunes
    Stephanie Nunes 6 months ago +3

    why is ned so attractive in this video.... i'm bothered... you go ariel

  • Sylar (Gabriel Grey)
    Sylar (Gabriel Grey) 6 months ago +4

    Was anyone else really concerned about that wine glass? He kept swinging his hands around and I was just waiting for it to fly off the counter.

  • bruce cirksena
    bruce cirksena 6 months ago

    Both and all of you make me puke

  • Akira River
    Akira River 6 months ago +2

    Ned: That's a real nice piece of meat here.
    Everyone else: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Ned: ? wot

  • Akira River
    Akira River 6 months ago +2

    Hannah ships it so hard.

  • Akira River
    Akira River 6 months ago

    You want to know why Eugene is the only one with the straw? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Thats because he likes SUCCING

  • Nicole Bragg
    Nicole Bragg 6 months ago +1

    Hannah is an actua saint for dealing with drunk Ned, he is such a hot mess, this is my favourite kind of content.

  • TheBellement
    TheBellement 6 months ago

    Ned has grown soooo much since he and Arielle had Wesley ❤️❤️❤️

  • KateSinging InTheSnow
    KateSinging InTheSnow 6 months ago

    Drunk Ned nearly destroys everything he is aware of

  • Paris Noel
    Paris Noel 6 months ago

    She see so staged

  • Emily Wuest
    Emily Wuest 6 months ago

    She kills the try guys fun vibe

  • Josie Keith
    Josie Keith 6 months ago

    And now he has kid!!! Woah

  • Non Bunnary
    Non Bunnary 6 months ago

    A meat eating power bottom.
    I’m dead 😂😂😂