John Mulaney's Parents Don't Make For A Great Date - CONAN on TBS

  • Published on Jan 26, 2012
  • The "SNL" writer talks about Law & Order: SVU, abandoned wheelchairs, and much more.
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  • Maeve B
    Maeve B 12 hours ago

    the lighting in the thumbnail makes it look like he has the worst frosted tips imaginable

  • Sadie R
    Sadie R Day ago

    I love watching this because he has a lot of this material in other places and you can tell how his delivery of each joke improves over time

  • Hannah Bowma
    Hannah Bowma 11 days ago

    If you turn your greyscale on you’ll see John mulaney as he’s should be seen

  • Carlaeyyy
    Carlaeyyy 13 days ago

    So this is why everyone keeps commenting tall child under all his posts

  • North Star
    North Star 22 days ago

    Is it me, or did the Introductor seem not excited about what he said

  • Brad Jolly
    Brad Jolly 22 days ago

    I've literally heard him say the same run of jokes far too much, I want new material

  • Wayne Mullaney
    Wayne Mullaney Month ago

    My dad's name is john mullaney

  • Luke C
    Luke C Month ago

    He said nice to meet you

  • Akansha Ranbhise
    Akansha Ranbhise Month ago

    500th comment....that is all

  • Noah Cole
    Noah Cole Month ago

    This guy should be cast as the docter

  • There is always a rainbow After a little rain

    He’s got that awkward dork sort of vibe. It’s attractive

  • sissy j Williams
    sissy j Williams Month ago

    He'll look like Benjamin Buttons one day.

  • Thesultan31003
    Thesultan31003 2 months ago

    I love it when he does black voices.

  • Kris Komar
    Kris Komar 2 months ago

    Dude this laugh track is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

  • onekingdom1
    onekingdom1 2 months ago


  • TheBrowncoat2112
    TheBrowncoat2112 2 months ago

    “Scratchie lotteries...” best line in the whole bit.

  • Joe&Joe by Joe
    Joe&Joe by Joe 2 months ago +1

    now I have a Mulaney addiction

  • Janae Clarice
    Janae Clarice 2 months ago

    I like these bits better with his long pauses, it’s much funnier. I wonder why he sped it up?

  • Janae Clarice
    Janae Clarice 2 months ago

    This crowd should have laughed so much harder seriously

  • WhoIsSuper
    WhoIsSuper 3 months ago

    I have a girlfriend now... she’s a woman
    2012: a joke
    2019: legit clarification

  • GamerOnQuack
    GamerOnQuack 3 months ago +1

    Grant Gustin?

  • Nick Bruh
    Nick Bruh 3 months ago

    I get it that comedians say the same jokes but I dont like it when I hear them in a row

  • iKandi
    iKandi 3 months ago +2

    I love him, I do but he used the SVU material so many times over the years...stop John!

  • Brian C
    Brian C 3 months ago +2

    Or like when... someone can't stop John Mulaney videos on TVclip?

  • Tyrant-Den
    Tyrant-Den 4 months ago +2

    I bet he really liked Ice-T's cameo on SNL a few weeks ago.

  • E F
    E F 4 months ago +1

    he can get it

  • jcgeeky
    jcgeeky 5 months ago +2

    Grant Gustin! xD

  • Andrew Ferrari
    Andrew Ferrari 6 months ago

    He's the most relatable comedian..his JJ Bittenbinder bit is the 4yrs younger than him n I was constantly afraid of bein kidnapped by some freak just like John was saying that he was worried about when he was growing up back in the early 90s..he's definitely one of the most underrated comedians out there

  • Laura Baiocco
    Laura Baiocco 6 months ago +1

    "yeah man you got it"

  • Robert J. Williamson
    Robert J. Williamson 6 months ago +1

    I do not understand why this guy is funny to others. Even when I don't like a comedian I usually get why others like them but this guy's appeal eludes me completely.

    • luxusmode111
      luxusmode111 5 months ago

      His humour isn't all about shock value. He's not mean nor malicious. His stories are average, but he tells them really well. Try actually seeing his recent standups. They're hilarious.

  • Rosemary Williams
    Rosemary Williams 6 months ago +3

    I too have the same age issue😂

  • emma shot
    emma shot 6 months ago +4

    *something happened there.. you hope it was a miracle*

  • Tim Ricks
    Tim Ricks 6 months ago +212

    Like when someone watches all of the John Mulaney clips available on TVclip?!

  • Logical Overdrive
    Logical Overdrive 6 months ago

    He was great as spider pig.

  • Gracie Williams
    Gracie Williams 6 months ago +2

    I’m fairly sure he’s immortal, he doesn’t age

  • three frogs
    three frogs 6 months ago

    meeting 'her da' has long been a thing for sure

  • done doda
    done doda 6 months ago

    3:10 kill shot

  • Lxxrt
    Lxxrt 7 months ago +1

    tall child

  • Zara Bharucha
    Zara Bharucha 7 months ago

    Get some rest, TALL CHILD

  • Kit Coffey
    Kit Coffey 7 months ago +7

    "New in Town" material, including the Ice-T bit.

  • melissa saint
    melissa saint 7 months ago +2

    Im here to enjoy John's comedy gold, but also to verify whether Conan's hair is getting weird or if it's my imagination.
    Not my imagination.

  • Wendy Devereaux
    Wendy Devereaux 7 months ago

    Too many scratchy lotteries

  • Charles
    Charles 7 months ago

    I saw him once at a pharmacy in Paris with, who I assumed, were Charles and Ellen

  • Pepe Tandazo
    Pepe Tandazo 7 months ago

    He is the voice of PETER PORKER btw

  • The Daily Haze
    The Daily Haze 7 months ago

    I'm here because of Tik Tok...

  • James Lavanish
    James Lavanish 7 months ago

    Was she always a women

  • Tori Rose
    Tori Rose 8 months ago +9

    I like him because I've heard this part before but it's still hilarious

  • vartika
    vartika 8 months ago +2

    whatever he says just comes out so cute and adorable, i cant even

  • Ethan Jorge Fazon
    Ethan Jorge Fazon 8 months ago

    He looks way younger than me and im 24!

  • Natalie Split-log
    Natalie Split-log 8 months ago

    Does he remind anyone else of Sheldon Cooper?

  • Exhausted in Appalachia
    Exhausted in Appalachia 8 months ago +1

    Fun fact 70% of wheelchair users are ambulatory and can walk for short or long periods when necessary.

  • Jacob Bailey
    Jacob Bailey 8 months ago

    I hate that on TVclip for him there are only the same stories

  • Happy Ruth Pamintuan Jara

    Do you want a summary of every single John Mulaney joke ever? Here ya go.

  • DarkhOrion
    DarkhOrion 9 months ago +1

    Something happened hope it was a miracle.

  • suzette
    suzette 9 months ago +1

    It’s like a mini version of the whole set, I love it

  • Nautilus1972
    Nautilus1972 9 months ago +1

    If you don't know this man, check out his jukebox in a Diner story

  • Karl Samohin
    Karl Samohin 9 months ago +21

    He lools like Barry Allen/Grant Gustin in "The Flash"!!!!!!

  • Tsaqif Wismadi
    Tsaqif Wismadi 9 months ago

    So...Nate Ruess does stand up comedy now?

  • el
    el 9 months ago +202

    That tall child is hilarious

  • Jorja Anderson
    Jorja Anderson 10 months ago

    His impersonations are the best. My best friend told me to listen to this and i was crying by the time it was over from how hard i was laughing