Make A Cheap Macro Lens For Your Phone

  • Published on Mar 28, 2018
  • How to quickly make a macro lens for your phone. This cheap life hack will zoom your phone's photos up to 100x over! Magnify small text and take extremely close up photos.
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    Turn A Laser Pointer Into A Smartphone Macro Lens Adapter
    Make A Smartphone Macro Lens From a Laser Pointer
    DIY Smartphone Macro Lens From A Laser Pointer
    Laser Pointer Turned Cell Phone Macro Lens Hack
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Comments • 236

  • Household Hacker
    Household Hacker  Year ago +25

    Hello there! We've made a ton of videos for taking better photos with your smart phone so check out our playlist here to learn a ton of more tricks you can put to use right now:

    • Josh Porter
      Josh Porter Year ago

      General Kenobi

    • saif jawaad
      saif jawaad Year ago

      could you make a cheap telescope lens for the phone?

    • Marsh Fernandes
      Marsh Fernandes Year ago

      HouseholdHacker 👍 osm video keep rolling out the DIY stuff and the regular videos u ask why because Ur videos are osm

    • Teddy basketball 101
      Teddy basketball 101 Year ago +1

      HouseholdHacker cool

  • ACER
    ACER 2 months ago

    That is a fish eye lens

  • Dubwavy
    Dubwavy 7 months ago

    Y’all must not see 100 dollar bills much boi covered the strip lmao

  • Moondust Manwise
    Moondust Manwise 8 months ago

    "Every few days"
    It's been a month my good sir, where are my wonderful life hacks I'll never use?!

  • jenna
    jenna 9 months ago

    My macro lense was 2$ I think that’s cheaper..

  • Carol
    Carol 10 months ago

    That's amazing, thanks for the tip!

  • CourageousRmuel14
    CourageousRmuel14 10 months ago

    Where the frick can i find a laser pointer?

  • Rahil Chatterjee
    Rahil Chatterjee 10 months ago

    You can buy one at the dollar store btw so...

  • XSportSeeker
    XSportSeeker Year ago +1

    A cheap-o plastic lens for your phone should cost you the same, and be specifically build for purpose without fumbling around with bobby pins and tape, unecessarily generating more electronic waste with unused stuff.
    In fact, you can buy a glass lens kit for less than 2 bucks on eBay.
    But in a pinch, I guess it's not a bad idea. If that's the purpose, you can also use plastic lenses from small torchlights, among other stuff.
    Also, please drop the "professional looking" bs, please. It's borderline offensive, and completely false.

  • Milesb_22 b
    Milesb_22 b Year ago

    That would be cool.....but where i live they're illegal

  • ReDexter -STRIKE
    ReDexter -STRIKE Year ago

    Roblox is cool

  • ahjteam
    ahjteam Year ago

    Just checked; the supplies used here cost more than the clip-on macro lense you can buy from china shops such as aliexpress for $1

  • Valtteri Hakio
    Valtteri Hakio Year ago

    Or just drop a drop of water on to your camera lense.

  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones Year ago

    Whats the hack for getting that stack of money.

  • cwuzii
    cwuzii Year ago

    All that effort to save the £1-£2 a better macro lens off eBay costs...

  • Ivan King ツ
    Ivan King ツ Year ago +1

    In my country laser cost like 7$

  • Joe G.P.
    Joe G.P. Year ago

    pricey ? they are like $3 on ebay, including shipping, you need to get out more.

  • Yee Haw
    Yee Haw Year ago

    I’ll finally be able to take a picture of my dick with this! Thanks!

  • Fat Bastard Pipes

    This is dumb. Clip-on macro lenses are $2 on ebay.

  • Danny R C
    Danny R C Year ago

    Dude dont need to see your videos any more i looked at stack of money and said fu....this

  • Hunter Henryk
    Hunter Henryk Year ago

    Here's a pro hack. Instead of buying a laser pointer to destroy and cobbling it to a bobby pin for a "poor" man's substitute, just buy a clip-on lens made for this from a Chinese seller on eBay for one or two dollars.

  • cigol
    cigol Year ago

    Am I the only one wondering why he casually used this against a stack of $10,000 instead of a just using a single bill?

    • ton321
      ton321 Year ago +2

      they are movie money...fake

  • ton321
    ton321 Year ago

    geez, get a laser pointer now.

  • Matthew Kowalski
    Matthew Kowalski Year ago

    Professional looking photos? So I can sell my Canon 100mm f2.8L now.. good to know.

  • Kenwolf
    Kenwolf Year ago

    what is you put it on the flash?

  • Shaun Huggins
    Shaun Huggins Year ago +1

    I got a 3 in 1 adapter for a pound on eBay with free first class Royal Mail delivery (next working day)

  • JB ZeroTvツ
    JB ZeroTvツ Year ago +1

    Hi Everyone!!!!

  • ton321
    ton321 Year ago

    Watch at the end of the vid. 2:33......surprise, surprise on the cash.

  • ton321
    ton321 Year ago

    How about a telescoping lens for distance?

  • Sushant Guha
    Sushant Guha Year ago

    Thanks so much man! My teacher will finally be able to understand what I write!

  • c0pyimitati0n
    c0pyimitati0n Year ago

    Now I can finally take a dick pick 🤣

  • bepis Co.
    bepis Co. Year ago

    Flexing his cash

  • Richard Dubya
    Richard Dubya Year ago

    You can get macro lenses from amazon for about 6-7 bucks for some listings, and you can usually get it near the checkout at your local Walmart not that expensive

  • Bmwy 2018
    Bmwy 2018 Year ago

    Why showing money?

    SNG NINJA Year ago

    Spent 10 rack on a macro now I'm bout to make a macro

  • Primo
    Primo Year ago

    You just had to show us the entire stack of 100$ bills

  • Raidei
    Raidei Year ago

    Threadbanger did this over three years ago.

  • SaturnGaming
    SaturnGaming Year ago

    a broken microscope for kids will do just fine too,just take off the top and disassemble it

  • Celly Chip
    Celly Chip Year ago


  • Kourkutas2 Kutsukuta

    1:51 real money?

  • Johnny Bravo
    Johnny Bravo Year ago

    Literally almost everyone owns a dual camera smart phone😂

  • PaCeri
    PaCeri Year ago

    Wow did ya have to sneak flex us?

  • sanat kalia
    sanat kalia Year ago

    Is there is any method to make DIY. Blacklight at home.

  • dy/dx
    dy/dx Year ago

    Can I have all of those Benjamin Franklin $100 bills?

  • Kaptein
    Kaptein Year ago

    I would rather buy a lens instead of a laserpointer since its the same price

  • G Squared
    G Squared Year ago

    Illuminati confirmed ✅

  • Simon Silvers
    Simon Silvers Year ago

    you can get a set of lens for ur smartphone for $6 tho?

  • Willy Yappy
    Willy Yappy Year ago

    the macro lens cost less than 2 bucks here.... so.... I'll just buy it then

  • Paulpro PP
    Paulpro PP Year ago

    Just download the macro app

  • ibuprofanity
    ibuprofanity Year ago

    Household hacker legit lowkey flexing his cash hahaha

  • Terrible Human
    Terrible Human Year ago +12

    I thought the thumbnail was a subtle flex, but the reveal at the end gave me a good laugh.

    • mpnl21
      mpnl21 Year ago

      Haha, thanks, I didn't even got that far in the video

  • RideThroughLife
    RideThroughLife Year ago

    That exact laser pointer is $1 at the dollar store.

  • Nick Antos
    Nick Antos Year ago


  • Raid Leet
    Raid Leet Year ago

    Pricey? They're like $4.

    • eboyethan8
      eboyethan8 Year ago

      Raid Leet but this is cheaper

  • AyyDynamic
    AyyDynamic Year ago

    Did this years ago. Really does work.

  • Chef_Nick 302
    Chef_Nick 302 Year ago

    I was about to say, Ad Revenue coming in strong I say

  • mjstory1976
    mjstory1976 Year ago

    Thank you for LEN-d out this hack

  • ZeNoNClipZ
    ZeNoNClipZ Year ago

    can i add binoculars on my smart phones?

  • Elijah Lane
    Elijah Lane Year ago

    flexin in the thumbnail

  • Roizad Nuri
    Roizad Nuri Year ago


  • dodgers doon1130
    dodgers doon1130 Year ago

    Saving money nice

  • Blue Jay
    Blue Jay Year ago

    Uhhhh note 8? Forgot about it didnt you.

  • Catfish Hunter
    Catfish Hunter Year ago

    Can i harness the laser crystal from the pointer to make a life sabor as well?.....

  • Batman
    Batman Year ago +2

    Dat Delicious 1080p 60FPS.

  • Grim Scythe
    Grim Scythe Year ago

    if you also have an old series EOS from 1996, some EF lenses are great for zooming in, problem is though, they're quite heavy.

  • pattianne pascual


  • LazyTurtle
    LazyTurtle Year ago

    What if I have a double camera??

  • Debbie Mcclure
    Debbie Mcclure Year ago

    Sweet 👍👍👍

  • Themysterymove
    Themysterymove Year ago +1

    Laser pointers cost more than clip on lenses in my area.

  • Squirrel Mario 247


  • sirociper z
    sirociper z Year ago +11

    Thanks for POINTING out this great hack!

  • Alex Hujyang
    Alex Hujyang Year ago

    Laser pointer = 2€
    3 Macro lens pack at chinese store = 3€

  • OREOwillEATyou
    OREOwillEATyou Year ago

    Six Thousand, Nine Hundred and thirty-eighth. Am I cool yet?

  • Sweet Tooth
    Sweet Tooth Year ago

    android users already have best camera phones

  • Jonathan Casares
    Jonathan Casares Year ago

    A macro lens is like 3 bucks on Amazon

  • Aaron Power
    Aaron Power Year ago

    Your iPhone has a micro lens built into it in the accessories app

  • R.L. Kramer
    R.L. Kramer Year ago

    How do I turn a crappy laser pen into 10k again?

  • x
    x Year ago


  • Easton Stelter
    Easton Stelter Year ago

    Casually has 10,000 dollars on the table

  • Melancholy Asylum

    How's this cheaper, better, less time consuming?

  • Terrarium Firma
    Terrarium Firma Year ago

    What if you haven't got a laser pointer?

  • Ayano Akamine
    Ayano Akamine Year ago

    Your hacks always save mee😀😀

  • R4YB3AM
    R4YB3AM Year ago

    Is it suppose to be micro or macro lens(in title)

  • Cash Money
    Cash Money Year ago

    id just buy a macro lens off of wish app for like 5bucks with free shipping

  • Atomos
    Atomos Year ago

    LOL I like that flex of 10gs at 1:35

  • Cup o' Joe
    Cup o' Joe Year ago

    I can buy TWO micro lenses for the price of ONE (laser pointer). Thx for the tip, tho.

  • RanOut
    RanOut Year ago

    Cool! Thanks!

  • Chris Thomson
    Chris Thomson Year ago

    really don't get this when u can buy cheap macro lenses for less than this here . lenses aren't expensive whatsoever now

  • _Bob McCoy
    _Bob McCoy Year ago +59

    1:36 *Flexing on us*
    2:32 *Got pranked*

  • Robert Kilbon
    Robert Kilbon Year ago

    £10 for a lazer pen + 50p for hair grips. Or amazon £1.50 for lense kit

  • Tomas Papievis
    Tomas Papievis Year ago

    nice one

  • Pranav Vishnu
    Pranav Vishnu Year ago

    Soon I will be lost in this endless pile of comments so I have bit one request - remember me

  • PineappleLord
    PineappleLord Year ago

    only the kids who don't watch the whole video got flexed on

  • Hexx Bombastus
    Hexx Bombastus Year ago

    Or you can look on Wish for a free one and pay 2 bucks in shipping. That's cheaper than a pack of bobby pins and even most cheapo lazer pens.

    • Hexx Bombastus
      Hexx Bombastus Year ago

      Ethan Lindsey But Look! Like I said. On wish, for Free, with Fast, 2 dollar Shipping:

    • Hexx Bombastus
      Hexx Bombastus Year ago

      Ethan Lindsey I'm a guy who lives alone and I've never once owned any bobby pins. No, I assure you, that you won't find one in my house.

    • eboyethan8
      eboyethan8 Year ago

      Hexx Bombastus you can most likely find a bobby pin somewhere around your house

  • Gareth Evans
    Gareth Evans Year ago

    Solid hack. Will be sure to try.

  • Opalopolis
    Opalopolis Year ago

    You should make videos that are more casual and less like a commercial.

  • ThreesAllDay
    ThreesAllDay Year ago

    Flexing that TVclip money💰

  • Rick Loyd
    Rick Loyd Year ago +6

    The same backs store has cheap lenses for mobile too... that's way stupid to make it yourself

    • Christian Wang
      Christian Wang Year ago

      This one magnifies more

    • eboyethan8
      eboyethan8 Year ago +1

      Rick Loyd but this only costs like a dollar. Heck these are normal household items so you could do it for free

  • Angela Nardi
    Angela Nardi Year ago

    Very cool idea. Thanx 😊👍🏼

  • Amon Ferrell
    Amon Ferrell Year ago +69

    1:36 Did he make this video just to flex on us lol

    • Amon Ferrell
      Amon Ferrell 10 months ago

      Platoon Goon You must have seen a lot of 100 dollar bills in your day 🤔

    • Platoon Goon
      Platoon Goon 10 months ago

      cmon bruh George does not smile like that lol

    • ZoeTheUnicorn Queen
      ZoeTheUnicorn Queen Year ago +4

      Amon Ferrell it's actually fake money( he shows it at the end)