How do you live off-grid? - BBC News

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
  • The UK government proposes reducing UK greenhouse gas emissions to almost zero by 2050, under a new plan to tackle climate change.
    The BBC's Michael Cowan went to meet a family who live self sufficiently in rural Wales, providing a glimpse of the kind of changes we may all need to make.
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  • K B87
    K B87 Month ago

    Humans are going back to the land leaving the cities.

  • Alice Wilde
    Alice Wilde Month ago +1

    don't take ALL the eggs the chickens lay they'll get distressed and wear themselves out trying to replace them, leave a few behind; this is good husbandry that people used to practice

  • s Rosamond
    s Rosamond Month ago +1

    Nice life 🙂, until a evil person phones the social workers 🙁.

  • Shannon Kringen
    Shannon Kringen 2 months ago

    nice way of life

  • compendious succient
    compendious succient 2 months ago

    Sure it’s possible, but who wants to live in squalor?

  • J130 G810
    J130 G810 2 months ago

    Sooner or later the government will ban or regulate the arse off the very simple human right to exist ...government's LOVE slaves ...think the film Metropolis

  • Babysisdolls333
    Babysisdolls333 2 months ago

    i love the washing machine. like to know more about their chicken house.

  • Gordon Ferrar
    Gordon Ferrar 2 months ago

    Frontier living. This is heaven.

  • Rufus Chucklebutty
    Rufus Chucklebutty 3 months ago

    What a shithole.

  • عبد القيوم بن جريج دانلوب الحنبلي

    All that study to be vets for nothing!! They should of thought about specialising in farm animals before doing this so that they could work partime for farmers! Council tax kills everyone its unjust and then Energy companies take the piss I remember when Gas and lecky was provided by the goverment and the water!!! That conservative scum for you...

  • Rush Rush
    Rush Rush 3 months ago +15

    I bet jehovah witnesses still finds them without much effort

  • QQminusS
    QQminusS 3 months ago

    You can’t live off the grid. All the food comes in plastic baggies. An off-grid sub-culture requires electronic oversight. No one can escape the total awareness of God.

  • সাইকেল বালিকা

    He took a good decision.. I wish i want to live like this place. And different something..

  • Frank Keller
    Frank Keller 4 months ago

    Only middle classes need apply... carbon is a lie, drive down a busy dual carriageway and look at the embankments.. now tell me carbon is a threat... go on stock exchange and look at carbon trading ... yes money for nothing... you are being conned.

    • channelbizt
      channelbizt 3 months ago

      None of this makes any sense.

    DANS NEMESIS 4 months ago

    The 1st thing you do is remove the TV, so the garbage BBC doesn't get any more money.

    • channelbizt
      channelbizt 3 months ago

      Why not? I like they're TV shows, worth every penny

    ECO CHAD 4 months ago +1

    Based and ted pilled

  • Mcmoothemilkmaster
    Mcmoothemilkmaster 4 months ago

    You don't pay your TV Licence for a start!

  • Claire Jevron
    Claire Jevron 4 months ago

    Yep great but only the large companies get government backing, my family ran a Renewable energy business until the government cut the funding and took away the tariff scheme. They don’t care.

    • Claire Jevron
      Claire Jevron 3 months ago

      And yes we did blame the government! Perhaps you’d like to pass your comment on to the other small businesses who rely on government funding to get them started....I m sure they’d love to meet you in person and have you say that!

    • Claire Jevron
      Claire Jevron 3 months ago

      Who do you think you are to pass judgment? My family did make a profit but government funding was cut for small business start ups in the renewable energy sector. The funding was for training and financial support. Do you have any clue the cost involved for equipment, certification and any business that starts up in the first year. Before you go leaving your judgemental comment try thinking about that! Are you even in the UK?

    • Rufus Chucklebutty
      Rufus Chucklebutty 3 months ago

      Your family ran a business that didn't make a profit and you used the taxpayer to keep you afloat, and you still blame someone else !

  • Claire Jevron
    Claire Jevron 4 months ago +2

    If there’s a war or brown out at least you will be safe

  • jacob nighthorse
    jacob nighthorse 4 months ago +1

    First fill the country up with much bad diversity, teach the children in school about LGBT , learn that your government hates democracy then just buy a farm

  • William
    William 4 months ago +2

    This is inspiring! I think the mistake people who set up EcoVillages is they still desire and cling to the emptiness of of the material world and possessions, iPhones, laptops, TVs, cars. The family in this video live with so much clutter... I mean, it's not exactly an "away from it all" peaceful Zen environment.
    Living this way should have a Spiritual practice as central to living with nature. I would like to see people who Truly live off grid from everything.
    Anyway, they are inspiring.

    • William
      William 3 months ago

      @Rufus Chucklebutty Same as you, it's drilled directly into my head by that clown elon musk. You know I am NOT living off grid (never said I was) but I do live very Zen. Vegan, recycle everything I can, get all my water from a well and you know the clutter these people live with is far from Zen or "friendly" anything. I do have the internet, no TV for twenty years (thank God). My food is all from a locally grown food market. I really don't buy anything because I don't have any desire to buy anything except food necessities and they are very modest. My point above remains the same. People in Ecovillages wanting to live off grid without money fail by still desiring all things material. Some kind of Spiritual practice should be central to their lives and sadly for them it's lacking.
      Monks "deny themselves" live off grid without money (some monks because others run million euro businesses).
      Anyway, if you want to live in harmony with nature off grid then forget the things of the material world and you will be happy. You reasoning for doing it has to be Spiritual.
      Love and Light.

    • Rufus Chucklebutty
      Rufus Chucklebutty 3 months ago

      How are you getting internet access then oh Zen Master ?

  • The Quantum Nerd
    The Quantum Nerd 4 months ago

    Dream place.

  • Slither Kids
    Slither Kids 4 months ago +2

    Very cool! Makes sense when you have universal healthcare. It would be very hard to do that in the US when you have to have employer provided or pay outrageous cost for coverage.

  • gwelamela mela
    gwelamela mela 4 months ago

    He phoned them! Offgrid my arse! Also were not poverty trapped! Smell BS

    • gwelamela mela
      gwelamela mela 4 months ago

      Theres always a couple of hundred grand stashed away with these types, these types are not doing this with nothing, the renewable energy guy, thats money for old rope, thats not work! Although to be fair to the vets they would have grafted, so fair play to them.

  • Billy Golding
    Billy Golding 4 months ago +6

    Bbc will grass you up to the council

  • Osam
    Osam 4 months ago

    If off grid colonies grew to much I imagine the state would shut it down

  • Gallagator
    Gallagator 4 months ago

    My dream is to form my own private hunting colony in the wilderness

  • Ball Ball
    Ball Ball 4 months ago

    Quick question. How do you eat meat in an environmentally friendly way, whilst using the least land as possible?
    By hunting?

    • ken
      ken 4 months ago

      You raise them.

  • Trails TM
    Trails TM 4 months ago

    to many ppl think they know best on youtube since they can voice their concerns or vent off steam, but their lack of knowledge and typical stereo type "caveman off grid principles" give them the impression any tech results in a non off grid? who died and made you boss?. Off grid u will always need by law some means of contact (phone) the council make this very clear when it comes to living and earning one's keep. It's a contact requirement the council need from you, a means to an end, a sort of legislation if you will. However, I'm not one who knows the ins and outs of planning and living rights, all i know is you need to earn at least 500 a month and have some means of earning a living, (selling stuff) bare in mind...the Council always have this 5 year rule that changes from time to time and the council always like to make money and by doing so they will complain about your living arrangements, you cant do this, you cant do that and then it becomes a legal dispute all because of one man/women from the council wanting a nice bank balance at the end of the day.

  • Saffiey SaffSaff
    Saffiey SaffSaff 4 months ago +1

    It's supposed to be environmentally friendly, not untidy

  • Harambe_HD
    Harambe_HD 4 months ago +1

    what was this filmed on? a potato?

    • Pierre van Wyk
      Pierre van Wyk 4 months ago

      LOL, you're reminding me of 'Allo 'Allo, the episode with the potato spy camera!

  • Aurobindo Ghosh
    Aurobindo Ghosh 4 months ago +1

    bbc hunting them and asking how living off grid?

  • Joshua Greensmith
    Joshua Greensmith 4 months ago

    It’s not hard.

  • Intrini
    Intrini 4 months ago +39

    Did you ask them to pay for a TV license?

  • Mark Yaske
    Mark Yaske 4 months ago

    Go camping in the middle of the woods, away from all the cameras, public and hidden, and live off the land. Be sure to toss your laptop or smartphone or YOU WILL BE TRACKED, AND YOUR EVERY STEP RECORDED.

  • Beany 57
    Beany 57 4 months ago +5

    You can’t live fully of grid in the western world... Someone always need paying.. Still got phones, cars, TVs...

  • Richard Sandwell
    Richard Sandwell 4 months ago +21

    I have a normal house, but I am just about off-grid, apart from the water.
    It is the 21st Century now, we should not be paying anyone for energy when the world is so awash with the stuff, the world is now behind technologically by about 40years and all because of greedy energy fat cats and their shareholders.
    Petrol and Diesel cars should have been phased out in the 1980s, viable batteries should have been produced years ago, the only reason we have EVs now is because of Mobile Phones and the need to make batteries with high energy densities to run them.
    But research into batteries never happened years ago because the Fat Cats were too busy enjoying the high life, eating Caviar and having sex with high-class hookers while they squandered all our futures away and killed the natural world with their greed.

    • Richard Sandwell
      Richard Sandwell 3 months ago +1

      @Rufus Chucklebutty Technology has been held back by the availability of fossil fuels combined with the greed of a minority that want to exploit and kill the planet for their own short term avaricious gain.
      I know that most houses could run totally off-grid costing their owners little to nothing, even in Winter in the UK we are awash with heat and energy.
      All these utility bills people are now getting into debt to pay because of inflation and low wages are mostly unnecessary.
      If people expected and demanded so much more from technology we would probably be ok.
      But the vast majority are scientifically illiterate, and the governments in the UK prefer most kids to leave School knowing little about science, they can always import a few scientists from abroad when required. But keeping our kids illiterate makes then easy slaves to the system of creating wealth for a tiny minority.
      The turning point for me came years ago about 1992 when I pretty much burned my foot on a hot paving slab one summer, I went back inside the house only to hear the burner ignite on my Baxi Bermuda gas boiler.
      My wife at the time had put it on to make hot water for a bath, today I no longer pay for hot water. In 2003 I built my own gravity solar thermal panel. Now I also have PVs for my electricity.
      Why should I pay to keep the greedy in luxury, when free power comes out of the sky.

    • Rufus Chucklebutty
      Rufus Chucklebutty 3 months ago

      Nice fantasy . no one is holding it back technology as anyone is free to invent anything they want, the only "technology" that is not being utilised is that which doesn't work or is can't be economically produced.

    • A Carrot
      A Carrot 4 months ago +1

      That is profound

  • Mod 66
    Mod 66 4 months ago +1

    House is lifting by the way you don't need electricity to keep the place tidy and clean.

  • Mod 66
    Mod 66 4 months ago

    The same way as you do on grid but without electricity

  • Giada Combusti
    Giada Combusti 4 months ago

    I love people
    Whenever I see those videos where people are living isolated I wonder how they can survive without others humans 🤓

    • Will Spin
      Will Spin 27 days ago

      Easy. people = drama

    • Daughter of Enoch
      Daughter of Enoch 4 months ago

      A man a woman and two children....with a phone and a car ?
      That's not what isolation is

    • Albert Windsor
      Albert Windsor 4 months ago

      Robinson Crusoe

  • Ranger of Norrath
    Ranger of Norrath 4 months ago

    Thank you for posting
    Wow! 😍
    That's amazing!
    I *love* the fact everything is off the grid. 💜
    Good for them! 👍😊
    Recycled products for living in a forest paradise! ♻
    My husband loves television *far* too much 😞
    Wish I could be there too.
    Love from Michigan USA 💝
    Peace ✌

  • Beep 68
    Beep 68 5 months ago +3

    why do all of them look like pot smoking hippies??

    • a as
      a as 4 days ago +1

      maybe there is something wrong with your own perception?

    • channelbizt
      channelbizt 3 months ago +1

      Coz they're smiling and look happy :)

  • Kill Me
    Kill Me 5 months ago +3

    Are you poor, do you have expirience,


    • Salvagegate
      Salvagegate 2 months ago

      Mod 66 another reject who is a keyboard warrior over spelling and grammar

    • Mod 66
      Mod 66 4 months ago

      Kill Me another moron who can't spell

  • primus1704
    primus1704 5 months ago +7

    They won’t notice the zombie apocalypse for a while...

    • s Rosamond
      s Rosamond Month ago

      lol yeah lol

    • Hippie Chic
      Hippie Chic 3 months ago

      they will notice them straight away, all the bodies that have been dumped out there over time.

  • Mark Bagshot
    Mark Bagshot 5 months ago +1

    Living like serfs, which is what they plan for yOU.

  • tesoridellasia
    tesoridellasia 5 months ago

    Cities are energy and basic resources slave, better to live life with freedom in the nature.......great work keep it up.

  • LaWendeltreppe
    LaWendeltreppe 5 months ago

    100% eco living, but the kids have plastic toys. This is totally odd. Because it's the easiest thing to not buy your kids such crap. (and yes one can tell grandparents to do the same: just leave it in the shops, do not buy it) Kids just don't need these kind of toys at all.

    • channelbizt
      channelbizt 2 months ago

      LaWendeltreppe Not to kids, they don't care 🤷‍♀️

    • LaWendeltreppe
      LaWendeltreppe 3 months ago

      @channelbizt Why plastic toys anyway? They are so ugly!

    • channelbizt
      channelbizt 3 months ago

      What about second hand plastic toys? Saves them going to the landfill ;)

    • Hippie Chic
      Hippie Chic 3 months ago

      Their already killing trees and our oxygen, wouldn't been that difficult if we are all extinct by then

  • Element Air
    Element Air 5 months ago +2

    My ancestors are Welsh, and I often feel called to Wales but have no idea how to move there, LOL.

    • Element Air
      Element Air 4 months ago

      Ile Adura that actually gave me a chuckle.

    • Daughter of Enoch
      Daughter of Enoch 4 months ago +1

      I have a feeling you can get there by train or by air..

    • Lauren-Kate Kush
      Lauren-Kate Kush 5 months ago +2

      Element Air just go. It looks lovely

  • steamgeezer
    steamgeezer 5 months ago +2

    The good life springs to mind, lol.
    I admire this lot, still have a TV though. I do not own one and people think that's wierd but I have a very fulfilling life without all that crap.
    Hats off to us all

  • deze gamer
    deze gamer 5 months ago +2

    I want to do this I live in the us and plan on moving to the uk in a year but the limitations of my life and society has made me unable to do this but hopefully in the future this can be achieved.

    • Charlie Tanner
      Charlie Tanner 4 months ago +2

      deze gamer In the UK you’ll get acid in your face, shot or stabbed for no reason AND not be allowed to fight back unless you want to go to jail. The justice system favours criminals.

    • deze gamer
      deze gamer 4 months ago

      @Charlie Tanner better than the us where you would get shot for no reason

    • Charlie Tanner
      Charlie Tanner 4 months ago +1

      Do not come to the UK. Period.

    TVR TVR 5 months ago +2

    Reject modern society.

    • Daughter of Enoch
      Daughter of Enoch 4 months ago

      This is we hate you people. It was you who brought this idiaaat "civilisation" to us. We lived simple lives before you idiots brought your ways to us.

  • Peter Mounsey
    Peter Mounsey 5 months ago +9

    Off-grid living is often shown as hippy, earth loving and uncomfortable. We have lived, like thousands of others, off-grid in Spain for many years. It's a 5 bed villa with swimming pool, air conditioning, dishwasher and all the mod-cons. True, we get more sun so electricity is abundant and water can't be wasted but it's all free and environmentally sound. Total bills are €120 per year council tax for which, we get the same services as you would in the UK.

  • Marina C.
    Marina C. 5 months ago +10

    Great way of living...but I don't think that living in an environment friendly way implies living in an untidy,messy house as they do

  • David Roberts
    David Roberts 5 months ago +2

    I am so envious, pure heaven

  • James Blackshaw
    James Blackshaw 5 months ago

    If your trying to live outside our society Why would you have to follow the rules????

  • Jason Devon
    Jason Devon 5 months ago +6

    In England, our councils only care about big land owners with hundreds of acres. If you only own a couple of acres, they won't let you do anything, unless you bribe them (which does happen).

    • General Cod
      General Cod 4 months ago +1

      This is not as easy as it sounds

    • Charlie Tanner
      Charlie Tanner 4 months ago +2

      Ile Adura How do you prove it’s been up 4 years though?

    • Daughter of Enoch
      Daughter of Enoch 4 months ago +1

      @Lucas Vegen
      It's true. Seen a programme about it years ago when I still owned a telly
      If the structure you erect isn't challenged by the council within 4 years, the statute of limitation elapses and they can't challenge you anymore

    • Lucas Vegen
      Lucas Vegen 4 months ago

      @123 456 is this true? Does it have a name id like to read more

  • flemlion13
    flemlion13 5 months ago

    Different people, different lives. Ever stood still by the amount of land a single family is occupying this way. On a small scale it might be greener, if everyone would do it that's a whole different ball game, There's not enough planet for all of us living this way, we need green city solutions as well.

    • Lucas Vegen
      Lucas Vegen 4 months ago

      The idea isnt for everyone to do this, its for some, definitely more. The percentage of people doing this has declined vastly over the last few decades. We are being rounded up and dependant on much more than the Grid. Its poision down to the air we breath. People living like this would ease the strain on citys, improve health and the planet over all.

  • Robbie Craughwell
    Robbie Craughwell 5 months ago +3

    Convoy people tried on mass in the eighties Maggie Thatcher had them hounded by her private army, The police force, smashing up their homes physically beating men and women with children at their summer festivities.( search battle of the bean field) The BS BBC weren't so enthusiastic on the ideas at the time, or telling the truth, At least that hasn't changed.

    • Rufus Chucklebutty
      Rufus Chucklebutty 3 months ago

      They destroyed the places they illegally trespassed on, they were selfish scumbags who couldn't care less about others property or the environment. Maggie simply enforced the law.

  • Mr GoodMan 2
    Mr GoodMan 2 5 months ago +1

    2:03 definitely lazybones

  • Meaty Lee
    Meaty Lee 5 months ago +1