♡ SILVER PLAYBUTTON UNBOXING (and making it cute) ♡

  • Published on Nov 15, 2017
  • ♡ thank you for making a huge dream come true oops ♡
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  • Charlie Gibson
    Charlie Gibson Year ago +283

    WHEN BAE IS TRENDING!!!! ❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕❤️❤️💕🌈🌈🌈✨✨✨

  • Grant Marsh
    Grant Marsh Month ago

    I hate all of you

  • Pastel Jellybean
    Pastel Jellybean 8 months ago

    The 101 people who disliked can come FIGHT ME because why would you do that to a happy sparkle princess?

  • my unicorn world
    my unicorn world 10 months ago


  • Hannah Jones
    Hannah Jones 11 months ago

    Frick your gonna make me cry pixie

  • Hannah Jones
    Hannah Jones 11 months ago


  • Louise Simpson
    Louise Simpson Year ago

    I love your voice

  • My Nerd Nursery
    My Nerd Nursery Year ago

    I love to watch you while I work and you've inspired me to be a little more colorful in my wardrobe and thoughts. I have actually had thoughts during the day... Pixielocks would like this or would pixielocks wear this? thanks you for making such entertaining content and keep being amazing!

  • Jess Brajer
    Jess Brajer Year ago

    Yay!!! I love that you pixified the button. This is why we love you 💖💝

  • Gharaba Balhai
    Gharaba Balhai Year ago

    Yasss girl

  • jessi lively
    jessi lively Year ago

    omg i'm so late but CONGRATULATIONS, eeeeeeeeeee!!!! you deserve it girrrrrrrrrrrrrl !!!!

  • Lucky Bitch
    Lucky Bitch Year ago

    Nina is so precious. Congrats on 100k

  • DreamingSmiles07
    DreamingSmiles07 Year ago

    You deserve it! I love your sunshine 💓💓💓

  • Taylor Woodhouse
    Taylor Woodhouse Year ago


  • Srey por love anime Song


  • Izella
    Izella Year ago

    Congratulations 💖💕💗😘

  • Duchesse de Berne

    Did you do it with a hot glue pistol?

  • Chronicles
    Chronicles Year ago

    i dare you to melt it

  • Fae C.
    Fae C. Year ago

    Well done!

  • DiamondSecond
    DiamondSecond Year ago

    This is so awesome! It's cool for me because I was subscriber #150,000. Not 100K , but still! Pretty Cool!

  • Diana Cortez
    Diana Cortez Year ago

    Where is 1000000

  • Aya plays
    Aya plays Year ago

    Proud of you !!!! ❤️❤️ I'm really happy for you! you deserve it 🌈

  • Strawberry Cheerio

    I love the way you say button.

  • The 3 Jara sisters

    we want a silver play button too💜 💜 congratulation

  • Tj Rotich
    Tj Rotich Year ago

    The note was actually very heart warming.

  • jenita sahye
    jenita sahye Year ago

    Congratulation 💕

  • Molly Stockwell
    Molly Stockwell Year ago

    Congratulations baby!
    I remember when I stumbled upon your channel because a friend saying I was just like you, and we are literally the same person!! Except you are successful and have subscribers unlike me.. XD
    Love you! ^^

  • Lily-Aude Ackouyet

    Also I forgot to,say that you'r a good inspiration ♥️

  • Lily-Aude Ackouyet

    Ok si I started watching your video and you deserve it like I love so so much what you say I so true like you have a point of view that not a lot of people can have like literally can be a psychologist like your video are so interesting and I LOVE YOU SO MUCHHHHH ❤️❤️❤️ ok that was I want to say
    Lily xoxo

  • MonsterDroiid
    MonsterDroiid Year ago

    i love you so much haha you are my fave youtuber ever, like every video makes me so happy and calm but i never comment bc my english sucks lmao congrats :'3 i cant wait for your gold button 💗💗💗💗

  • skylar frances
    skylar frances Year ago

    I'm not a diehard fan, just watch the occasional video, but honestly this community is one of the nicest TVclip communities I've seen. The comments are always so lovely! Everyone is so nice and helpful and just precious to one another. 💕

  • Eruanne
    Eruanne Year ago

    The silent screaming is the best part of the video to be honest.

  • Isobell Mahree
    Isobell Mahree Year ago


  • Charlie Harper
    Charlie Harper Year ago

    YAY!!! Happy 100,000! 💖💖

  • QueenBee
    QueenBee Year ago

    congratulations! I love your content soso much. 😘😘😘😘

  • Maya Eacret
    Maya Eacret Year ago

    Aw luv ya boo

  • Kamya
    Kamya Year ago

    Your welcome pixlelocks or pixielocks

  • karen
    karen Year ago

    WE ROCK!!! 💗💗💗🎄🎄

  • DiamondzZ
    DiamondzZ Year ago


  • lizard lace
    lizard lace Year ago

    I’m so happy for you!!! You give so many of us joy when we watch you!! love you Jill!! 💖💛💜

  • A Miller
    A Miller Year ago

    wowwow I love you sm

  • Liza Richards
    Liza Richards Year ago

    awww ily so much pixieeeeeeeeee✨✨✨✨✨✨

  • Newmelodie1
    Newmelodie1 Year ago

    So pretty! Love this video and so proud of you for getting trending babygirl!!!!! I love all of your videos and your hair looks spot on even when you just woke up how ;o big hugs xx

  • peach.y milk
    peach.y milk Year ago


  • Tina Moss
    Tina Moss Year ago

    Yay!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! 🎉💜🎉💜🎉💜🎉💜🎉

  • approximately 47 bees

    you're doing amazing sweetie!!

  • k kay
    k kay Year ago

    As someone who's been here since the watermelon hair I am so excited that Jillian is finally getting the recognition she deserves. When I first discovered her I couldn't understand why more people didn't watch this beautiful and just happy girl. And now they do 😊

  • Lauraloo
    Lauraloo Year ago

    So happy for you lovely, well done 💖💖

  • SkyGirlPlayz
    SkyGirlPlayz Year ago

    Congratulations!! Love your makeup! You all ways have the cutest outfits and makeup!!! Good Luck with your channel!!!

  • Emery-Montrue Larkin

    Your outfit is soooooooo cute

  • Emy Francisco
    Emy Francisco Year ago

    Jil, are those your mom's cat socks? Or did u end up getting your own?

  • Emy Francisco
    Emy Francisco Year ago +1

    I love you so much Jil! I've been a subbie since the Lolita short story days. You've been my favorite TVclip for honestly forever. You've helped me through mental health stuff and just helping me find a new style. You turned me into a happy sunshine baby! I love you so much jil and I can't wait for more content

  • Luis Soriano
    Luis Soriano Year ago

    My beautiful brain child omg 😂

  • Rachel
    Rachel Year ago


  • i love poop 12345678910

    *136 LOL

  • Lo Crash
    Lo Crash Year ago


  • Mimiki203
    Mimiki203 Year ago

    I've been subscribed to your channel all the way back from the days you did lolita videos and had around 1000/2000 subs, this makes me so happy for you.❤️💜💙💚💛🧡

  • Wabi Sabi Savannah

    No I really do think you have an awesome audience, definitely in the top 3 most positive adudiences for sure!! Congrats girl!!!

  • Lucy Berliant
    Lucy Berliant Year ago

    I'm genuinely so happy for you!

    JADE SANA Year ago

    pixi look in amazon strowberry shortcake 1980 doll i think you will like it

  • Sara Nephthys
    Sara Nephthys Year ago

    Omg it's so cute to see you so happy! Much love!

  • Cheeky Sparkles
    Cheeky Sparkles Year ago

    You've been such an inspiration to me I hope to one day hit that mark

  • Des
    Des Year ago

    Woah pixie looking like a cute mamacita

  • Sarah Birdzell
    Sarah Birdzell Year ago

    Your little happy pixie noises make it so much cuter!!!!

  • Miriam Albroot
    Miriam Albroot Year ago

    “I want to make it cute”
    Jillian in a sentence

  • That_ Anastasia
    That_ Anastasia Year ago

    Congrats girl

  • Reily Sketches
    Reily Sketches Year ago +1

    Congrats!!!!! :D

  • Raven Nevermore
    Raven Nevermore Year ago


  • Grace Swartout
    Grace Swartout Year ago

    You bring such joy into my life💖

  • Moomin
    Moomin Year ago

    Congratz !!! I’m so happy for you!!

  • Back Seat Driver
    Back Seat Driver Year ago

    So happy for you! love your videos and it's totally deserved!

  • Jill Sarah G
    Jill Sarah G Year ago

    awww congrats lady

  • SparklingStrawberryMilk

    Congratulations, you precious ray of sunshine. You've come so far and you've sprouted into such a sparkling TVclip personality. I can't wait to see what lies ahead in your future.🌈✨
    On the flip side, I just got finished with my second interview for the Claire's in my town, wish me luck!! 💖

  • I'm Sillybillybee

    Yay. You're welcome. You're so peachy sweet. 🍑😍

  • Moo Moo8D
    Moo Moo8D Year ago

    Your cute little fangirl noices lol. We're so proud! ヽ(´▽`)/

  • Giulietta C.
    Giulietta C. Year ago

    I got emotional :')

  • mariel ivana
    mariel ivana Year ago +10

    She's so cute 💕

  • Apryl Williams
    Apryl Williams Year ago


  • JDawg257
    JDawg257 Year ago

    How is this trending? 20k in 1 day wtf?

  • watashiwamosura
    watashiwamosura Year ago

    Congrats babygirl! I always wear black and hate glitter, but I've loved watching you and your channel grow ❤

  • watashiwamosura
    watashiwamosura Year ago

    Congrats babygirl! I always wear black and hate glitter, but I've loved watching you and your channel grow ❤ p.s. I couldn't tell how you fixed the flowers on - was it also with the tape or a glue gun?

  • Tun.
    Tun. Year ago

    Congrats 💕🍾🎉

  • Cahyro
    Cahyro Year ago +1

    This channel is my guilty pleasure as a goth guy.

    • a bored being
      a bored being Year ago

      Cahyro this is my favourite comment ever lmao

  • bringmetheunicorns

    WE DO ROCK, congratulations 💖

  • Sloppy Bop
    Sloppy Bop Year ago


  • Rae
    Rae Year ago


  • Cinnamom
    Cinnamom Year ago

    This is so cute omg
    Would you ever consider doing a video about your filming set up? Like lights, microphone, editor, etc?

  • Morgan Griffin
    Morgan Griffin Year ago

    Yo this music gave my ginormous SpongeBob vibes oml ALSO CONGRATS YOU DESERVE THIS 1000%

  • Diane Fields
    Diane Fields Year ago

    Hey Congrs to you got youtube. you look cute your hair and with bow on head. Thumb-up!

    • Diane Fields
      Diane Fields Year ago

      You not saying anything in comment with me?

  • DizzyFromShirbert

    "Pixielocks on the box"
    You're a poet and you didn't know it

  • Mahalia Cochrane
    Mahalia Cochrane Year ago


  • Jasmine
    Jasmine Year ago

    Never been more proud of a creator. Pixie, you deserve the world and more!

  • shy viølet
    shy viølet Year ago

    Congrats on being #43 on trending :D!

  • nibblesxsips
    nibblesxsips Year ago

    YOUR EXCITEMENT MADE ME CRY. STOP. I love you. Also, #43 in trending!? Girl. GIRL.

  • Olivia Rogers
    Olivia Rogers Year ago

    my love !!!! so proud, congrats xx

  • Brigid Marie
    Brigid Marie Year ago


  • Ophelia Whitney
    Ophelia Whitney Year ago

    Congrats Pixie... way to go :)!

  • PlasmicWhim
    PlasmicWhim Year ago +1


  • Hillary Fritz
    Hillary Fritz Year ago +1

    Grats pixie you deserve it!!!

  • Game Cooking
    Game Cooking Year ago