HUGE Summer Try-On Haul 2018!

  • Published on Jun 25, 2018
  • i need to stop spending money
    but here's a haul
    i am going through all the work to link everything IN ORDER OF VIDEO
    update: took over an hour
    Burga Phone Cases:
    CODE: Tricia15 for 15% off !!!
    Rose Gold Marble:
    Peachy Gold Marble:
    Original Marble:
    Yellow Wrap Dress:
    Denim Skirt:
    Red BIkini:
    PacSun/Brandy (everything is about 15% cheaper on brandy !!)
    Black Tank:
    Red Tube Top:
    Black Cropped Shirt (SIMILAR):
    Mini Backpack:
    Checkered Socks:
    Hollister Jeans (ON SALE):
    Adidas Pants: (couldn't find them any where else so if u rlly wanna pay more bc uo is way overpriced)
    American Eagle/Aerie Bikini (i couldn't find the exact ones but everything is 60% off !!!!)
    White High Tops:!g!c!br&k_clickid=f9ddd4bd-0f26-498f-b417-a793d6aa2597
    Platform Shoes:
    Old Skool Checkered Vans:
    Red Huaraches:
    Black & White Huaraches (SIMILAR):
    Adidas Green Tubulars (ON SALE):
    Black Abercrombie Jeans (80% OFF !!!):
    FOREVER 21:
    Corvette Tank:;-_-2000271002-_-4401-_-1
    (red honey tank out of stock)
    ps post notiff squad sees the vids 2 hours before everyone else !!!!
    shop my closet on poshmark, i'm selling my clothes!
    user: justricia // use code 'JUSTRICIA' when signing up for a free $5 off!
    follow me on dote!! see & shop my current fashion favs!
    user: justricia // use code 'F4LJ' when signing up for a free $5 off!
    gonna try to resp to all comments ;)
    i post every single weekend !!!
    LET'S TALK! snapchat: tricia.panlaqui
    (BUSINESS ONLY) if interested in promotion, sponsorship, collaboration or any business, please email with the subject as "business." thank you!
    love you long time
    xoxo, tricia
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  • haley campbell
    haley campbell 6 months ago +2392

    lil tays cousin needs to stop flexing on us

    • Gelyana Oraha
      Gelyana Oraha Month ago

      haley campbell fuck off

    • Bryan Lopez
      Bryan Lopez Month ago

      Don’t think u shouldn’t be using pictures for u in a bra and underwear since u are under age tbh some freaks are out there and this might get their attention

    • Yamila Cruz Montano
      Yamila Cruz Montano 2 months ago +1

      lmao 😂

    • Anieska Steffie
      Anieska Steffie 2 months ago


    • Faye C.
      Faye C. 3 months ago

      Get a life and stop dragging others down. It's her thing, let her be.

  • Jane Chavez
    Jane Chavez 7 days ago

    Is anything going to talk about the thumbnail?

    JASON & JOCELYN 8 days ago

    1. sub
    2. Like this comment
    3. Comment done
    4. I will return the favor

  • Diego. :v
    Diego. :v 10 days ago

    Legal? :v

  • Khayren Channel
    Khayren Channel 11 days ago

    I really wanted to have a youtube channel, but im a abit shy and struggling infront of camera, plus im not good in talking. I try to upload some video. But i dont think its nice. Haha

  • 유니콘
    유니콘 15 days ago

    whats with ur undiesㅋ?

  • ꧁༒miqueas༒꧂ baez

    Es una nena pero tiene mi edad 😏

  • Elvin Hernandez
    Elvin Hernandez 16 days ago

    yummy 😊

  • hawaii born and raised

    Pure beauty

  • rock william
    rock william 17 days ago

    Ur so beautiful Nd cute how old are you?

  • Kiffi Cass
    Kiffi Cass 19 days ago

    si te fajo :3

  • Budz scott
    Budz scott 21 day ago

    sorry to say gurl...why you dress like a whore....bad taste or choices of dress....get a stylist gurl....kardashian wanna be...tsk...tsk...tsk

    K.T VIDEO 22 days ago

    Love u

  • Barbie Scotty
    Barbie Scotty 22 days ago


  • papi chulo
    papi chulo 22 days ago

    You wanna go out on a date with me

  • papi chulo
    papi chulo 22 days ago

    How old are you pretty

  • Elvin Hernandez
    Elvin Hernandez 23 days ago

    so hot! iloveyou! 😍

  • Alucard Dracul
    Alucard Dracul 24 days ago

    Adorable girl 🌹🌹🌹

  • Angelina Ledezma
    Angelina Ledezma 26 days ago

    What size did u get ur vans

  • Aula thama Atta mekai
    Aula thama Atta mekai 26 days ago

    I like kiss your pussy ummmmmma

  • im charizard
    im charizard 29 days ago

    hah, *DREAMWAVES MUSIC* icu👀😆

  • Emma Murphy
    Emma Murphy Month ago

    Why does everyone comment I have no money or like wish I had that money like does no have designer but me in these comments

  • hot tea
    hot tea Month ago

    she’s so pretty :) :(

  • annies brotatoes
    annies brotatoes Month ago

    o. m. g. you are my body goals 😭

    PHIL.TRENDS Month ago

    Sub to sub po sa mga bagu plang jan

  • jella magcarang
    jella magcarang Month ago

    Nice on 3:59

  • Success Kash
    Success Kash Month ago

    Ur cute

  • George Antonio
    George Antonio Month ago

    lol try spending money giving and helping people

  • Cris Carlo Cunanan
    Cris Carlo Cunanan Month ago


  • Justin Clyde Youtuber

    I hope you help my yt old you are..i hope i meet you ..we can make a video

  • Master DJ
    Master DJ Month ago

    64 bucks on vans!! Scam it’s 30 bucks

  • Jheric Obamos Vlog
    Jheric Obamos Vlog Month ago

    ❤️❤️❤️ phone cases.

  • 60 Seconds Video Magazine

    That Jean skirt is too big and high waist are already dead again.... cute tops tho....

  • Kevin Joe Pelayo
    Kevin Joe Pelayo Month ago

    Ur Soo Hoottt😮😉❤

  • ASMR Bean
    ASMR Bean Month ago

    She said the burga cases are cheap and super affordable
    1. They are $20 it’s affordable but not cheap
    2. I can buy 2-20 cases with that money
    3. I see the same thing and it’s very protective on amazon for under $10

  • kXnzzie wXnzzie
    kXnzzie wXnzzie Month ago

    i actually have the windbreaker lol!!

  • Random Dudes
    Random Dudes Month ago

    Are you related to Jeffre star?

  • Jolo Bot
    Jolo Bot Month ago

    Not fap worthy

  • Rosetti Armani
    Rosetti Armani Month ago

    what do u film on

  • Owen C
    Owen C Month ago

    Great jacking session. Expelled lots of sea men. A little spoiled tho.

  • Llama Split
    Llama Split 2 months ago

    All you gotta do is

  • Althea Carvalho
    Althea Carvalho 2 months ago

    Found your channel recently, and I’m in love ❤️

  • Claudia Castro
    Claudia Castro 2 months ago

    Not to be mean

  • Claudia Castro
    Claudia Castro 2 months ago

    The bating soot it can tell it didn’t fit her😂

  • Joy Ride
    Joy Ride 2 months ago

    makukulong ako neto

  • christina ###
    christina ### 2 months ago


  • Crystala Harris
    Crystala Harris 2 months ago

    I watched the ad lol 😂

  • Qvtjoon
    Qvtjoon 2 months ago

    Peaches and cream sweeter than sweet-

  • hey
    hey 2 months ago

    i like how she finds it weird to try on a bra in front of the camera when she litterally tried on a couple swim suits which show more than that bra probably 😂

  • Daiki De Jesus
    Daiki De Jesus 2 months ago

    Hi your fucking hot