My Lamborghini Has Been Rejected

  • Published on Aug 24, 2018
  • My Lamborghini Huracan got rejected I explain on a crazy day!
    | Archie Hamilton



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  • Colton Key
    Colton Key 9 months ago

    This is excellent! I quit watching your channel a while ago. You lost me when you wrapped the R8 in purple chrome and went really crazy with the clickbait titles.
    But THIS.... I've turned notifs back on. Go, Archie!

  • CharkieCars
    CharkieCars 9 months ago

    2:58 your ear looks really sore great vid!!!

  • CharkieCars
    CharkieCars 9 months ago

    When did you get rid of your ahz intro

  • steve kissel
    steve kissel 9 months ago

    Put a muffler at the very end. Something u can slide on and off easily. Like the GT u walked by in the beginning.

  • Tom Prevost
    Tom Prevost 9 months ago

    I just don't know what to do???? Change your freaking exhaust!!!!!

  • JayEmm on Cars
    JayEmm on Cars 9 months ago

    Well, that's a slightly misleading title. It wasn't really rejected was it? The main section of this video was very good and does not need the clickbait title.

  • Paul Wright
    Paul Wright 9 months ago

    I remember a time when it was mildly irritating Archie turning up all the time in TGE's videos, but compared to that gimp Tony turning up in everyone's video's thinking he's funny it pales into insignificance.
    Is he in some kind of Witness Protection Program, because he's always wearing that ridiculous child's disguise 👓👃?

    • Redstoneprime
      Redstoneprime 9 months ago

      Pretty sure both Tom an Tony are pretty nice blokes irl. Also, I'm pretty sure he wears glasses for a reason.

  • Thats So Pokemon
    Thats So Pokemon 10 months ago

    A Racetrack thats worried about sound..Clealry they havent had a real racecars on any of those tracks then

    • Redstoneprime
      Redstoneprime 9 months ago

      It's because people who lived by the track were complaining about the noise (which raises the question of why they chose to live there in the first place. If you live near a race track, that confirms 100% that you like (or at least don't mind) the sound of loud cars being driven to their full potential).

  • IGD 1
    IGD 1 10 months ago

    yes more of this, that is all

  • philip havlin
    philip havlin 10 months ago

    I am becoming a regular 'positive' commenter these days. You need to do more content like this, Love the track driving tips. And I think everyone needs a dose of Tony in their channel, he's the man!

  • Russell Hale
    Russell Hale 10 months ago

    Tony should give me the Porsche as it has my name on it!

  • tubejorrit
    tubejorrit 10 months ago

    Jeez that Porsche just goes and goes, normally I hate Archie his content but stuff like this makes me watch his video's now and then.

  • Thomas Evers
    Thomas Evers 10 months ago

    The answer to your question is so easy, if you want to track it ,you take off the aftermarket exhaust and put the stock one back on, problem solved ! I would like to see you do a trackday with your car and more videos with Tony and his cars !

    • Redstoneprime
      Redstoneprime 9 months ago

      He won't be breaking the law if he does use the modded exhaust, though. (He won't be hurting/offending someone or causing a disturbance, after all).

  • SonicMarmalade
    SonicMarmalade 10 months ago

    Please allow me to offer some constructive criticism, as this channel baffles me: on one hand I absolutely cannot stand it, but on the other hand, there are moments I've seen that have something the shmee's of the world don't. Stop trying so hard to be cool, you come across like a hyperactive teenager. Stop trying so hard to be a youtube personality. It gives a negative vibe to the entire channel for a huge % of your potential audience. Drive the cool cars you have access to, tell people about them, show them going fast, and be yourself. Do that, and your channel will take care of itself, and within 12 months you'll be chasing down shmee. Just try a review of a cool car, maybe with some track time, with a regular relaxed presentation, and watch the difference in hits.

    • Redstoneprime
      Redstoneprime 9 months ago

      It is kind of hard to be relaxed when you are excited.

  • James Clarkson
    James Clarkson 10 months ago

    A few 'noisy' track days around if you look - no restrictions on noise level.

  • Luciano Castellini
    Luciano Castellini 10 months ago

    Valvetronic Exhaust is the perfect option.

  • Guybrush Threepnoob
    Guybrush Threepnoob 10 months ago

    Finally he found his niche which sets him apart from the other car youtubers and delivers some content. Well done. Plus Tony is on his side -> Big benefit.
    Still: Giving the Videos the worst Titles.

  • KJ O
    KJ O 10 months ago

    Great video! Really cool to see an ex-racing driver teach an amateur, on this classic British track!

  • PJ Adamson
    PJ Adamson 10 months ago

    I think I can speak for everyone when I say we love Tony

  • BBT
    BBT 10 months ago

    Penfold and Dangermouse are back Yayyyyyyy

  • w w
    w w 10 months ago

    put a quiet exhaust on it. If it is too loud for most circuits you are a fool driving it around on the roads where it will be impounded & crushed

    • w w
      w w 9 months ago

      They are stricter than the Law. As you will be removed from the circuit immediately . Not like those pricks who circle central London in 1st gear. like the Prick Smeg 1.5

    • Redstoneprime
      Redstoneprime 9 months ago

      At least the noise regulations on a track aren't an actual law, though.

  • Lee Marshall
    Lee Marshall 10 months ago

    Change the title ffs. Skipped this intially. Glad I watched it in the end

  • Gary Nash
    Gary Nash 10 months ago

    the racing content is where it's at. great to see you being yourself. always be yourself.

  • Jared Green
    Jared Green 10 months ago

    Archie, when are you going to take Tom TGE and teach him to race in his Aventador SV???

  • nothing1099
    nothing1099 10 months ago

    Ask the company that makes the exhaust system to come up with a switch to keep the exhaust valve closed.

  • Fast N' Classics
    Fast N' Classics 10 months ago

    Great video Archie! Keep it up 👍

  • Lap of the World
    Lap of the World 10 months ago

    I've recently been struggling with noise limits on my NSX for some tracks and autocross venues (in the U.S.). The "cheeky" solutions are things like turn-downs/turn-outs to point the end of the tailpipe away from the meters, but I don't know how they test/tech for sound in the UK. I don't want to spend the money for a custom setup with a switchable valve, but have considered doing some kind of easily-removable supertrapp (or similar) setup so I could add discs and a cap for when I needed to shut it up, but with only 10 minutes with a wrench could un-cork it again.

  • CJ's Car Channel
    CJ's Car Channel 10 months ago

    why dont you have a sophisticated Y pipe with valve control. 1 that goes into a muffled section for track use.. the other uses the stock exhaust system. this is if you have the space to do so tho..

  • Maxtrixire
    Maxtrixire 10 months ago +1

    Go drag racing the noise limit is nearly no existant

  • spadgm
    spadgm 10 months ago

    Good stuff mate! scary track!

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams 10 months ago

    And u think it's ok to drive on the road like that ....what a twat

  • Stewart Armstrong
    Stewart Armstrong 10 months ago

    Loving your last few videos. Less of the flashy showing off bullocks and more interesting informative and showing your skill. Even if I did think the title of this video didn't really give the correct indication for what the video was about.

  • Lawrence Rogers
    Lawrence Rogers 10 months ago

    A more interesting and mature video than you usually dish out with TGE and the guy with a big nose.

  • Soni Singh
    Soni Singh 10 months ago

    Archie use original exhaust that might meet noise limit

  • Soni Singh
    Soni Singh 10 months ago

    Is that pink pig the same 911 used in Le Mans 24 hours ?

  • Abraham Sasson
    Abraham Sasson 10 months ago

    get another (track) car, itll pay for itself with the views youll get

  • Miles
    Miles 10 months ago +1

    Get a active exhaust system

  • snayar
    snayar 10 months ago

    Just do racing videos. Period

  • Rohan Molligoda
    Rohan Molligoda 10 months ago

    Realy enjoying the track content, it's a great way to see how track days go. Was wondering if you can give out some costs to doing a track day?

  • Joe Phillips
    Joe Phillips 10 months ago

    Get a different car to do track days in. Some sort of cup car would be great.

  • Slider No1
    Slider No1 10 months ago

    Top track content. Who doesn’t love Tony?

  • Jontus
    Jontus 10 months ago

    Hi Archie !! I really like these kind of vids when you show and speak aboat your driving !! You and Tony are great together , he is really funny and you are a fantastic driver !!! A big thanx from a Swedish subscriber !!

  • Lombardy192 clyde
    Lombardy192 clyde 10 months ago

    it's nice to hear the pig howling at 9000 rpm 🐷 👌 Gruik gruik Gruiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik . Cheers Archie -Tony

  • Craig Downing
    Craig Downing 10 months ago

    Bolt in a resonator or a silencer.

  • bladeboy2008
    bladeboy2008 10 months ago

    Archie, take your car on a track day in Spain. There are no noise limits on any of the tracks out there.

  • Jamie
    Jamie 10 months ago

    Yes Archie!

  • Craig Lambie
    Craig Lambie 10 months ago

    Take the lambo up to Knockhill racing circuit!

  • Jan
    Jan 10 months ago

    Well after a long time finally very nice content! Thx Archie!!

  • j0rzeh
    j0rzeh 10 months ago

    Why not just fit the standard exhaust back on for trackdays?, It's the only way you can get it on a track..

  • Mr RJP
    Mr RJP 10 months ago

    Yes Archie 💪🏻 that interior sound.. f**k me, it really is the best sounding car on this planet, carrera cup sound definitely 👌. Change the title though as it’s deceiving, get far more views if you hanged it something like Tony’s car on track 😉

  • AaronN
    AaronN 10 months ago

    Yes finally!!!! this was the kinda content we wanted to see from this channel

  • Karl Sandin
    Karl Sandin 10 months ago

    Good stuff

  • mick mat
    mick mat 10 months ago

    Easy Archie, Change the exhaust....

  • Mal P
    Mal P 10 months ago

    why not just fit an exhaust valve into the system..
    so you'll have:
    open "LOUD"
    closed "quiet"
    it would make any difference to what car mode you went into etc & its a simple job to do, whilst also pretty cheap.

  • archerymark 75
    archerymark 75 10 months ago

    Forget racing again...start your own racing school

  • Bsv 115
    Bsv 115 10 months ago

    Just have done with it and take it to the Nurburgring job done

  • Marcus Bertzén
    Marcus Bertzén 10 months ago

    Do the same thing as they had to do with the Ford GT in the beginning of the video, put some big mufflers on the end of the exhaust 😁 would look so awesome 😎

  • madsdgdhg
    madsdgdhg 10 months ago

    Not allowed in track days but legal on public roads?! 😝

  • FalconXE302
    FalconXE302 10 months ago

    Tony is the "Mr Bean" of the automotive Youtbers family... He is as funny as F U .....

  • robertnvd
    robertnvd 10 months ago

    A shame he crashed it 😏

  • TR Hamza
    TR Hamza 10 months ago

    Colin McRae’s Focus WRC 🙌🏼

  • Dom Kane
    Dom Kane 10 months ago

    You need to clearly title your trackday/racing videos because they're the only ones we want tbh :D

  • Wiley Fox
    Wiley Fox 10 months ago

    Bring that huracan to Laguna seca, California 😁👍💪🍀🐒🙉

  • Kyle Macqueen
    Kyle Macqueen 10 months ago

    100% buy a track project, kind of like what Top Gear done with the 3 Series, make a series of it, im sure everyone would love it

  • TheCarGuys.TV
    TheCarGuys.TV 10 months ago

    Enjoyed this one - you and Tony worked well together. Interesting to watch how controlled and smooth you were in the drivers seat at various points around the track. I’m pretty sure I don’t look that calm at 135mph into Fordwater 😀

  • Watch Hobbyist
    Watch Hobbyist 10 months ago

    Cool video but why do you always choose music that sounds like a cat is being strangled?

  • Phil Turner
    Phil Turner 10 months ago

    Put an electronic switchable valve in the exhaust system, pretty much any exhaust place will do it, other than that get an extra silencer put in (you could even make it removable, or like you saw on the gt40 get some silencer bungs made up for the rear tailpipes. Loads of ways to do it without changing the exhaust.

  • csopr
    csopr 10 months ago

    Fabulous. You need to be on a track with different people/ friends more often on you’re content Archie.

  • Dan Gillbanks
    Dan Gillbanks 10 months ago

    What minute does the video start ?

  • Finlay Gibson
    Finlay Gibson 10 months ago

    Shuv an orange in all four pipes

  • Jordan Fraser
    Jordan Fraser 10 months ago

    Come up to knockhill in Scotland they might let you tack your lamborghini on track

  • Branden Alexander
    Branden Alexander 10 months ago

    Get an 675LT!!!

  • Matt Trotman
    Matt Trotman 10 months ago

    Love Goodwood as it’s my local circuit & it’s so fast & flowing. Check out some of my vids around there. What about taking the lambo to a European circuit like Spa, getting some extended mufflers or even having the exhaust modded for removable resonators? Can imagine that would be a pain to change on yours though! How often is it going to go on track? How hard is it to put the OEM exhaust back on for track work?

  • Steve Frain
    Steve Frain 10 months ago

    Also your content with Tony seems to be your forte think it’s your sweet spot i could help you get more views

  • Steve Frain
    Steve Frain 10 months ago

    Simple mate fit some DB killers like we do on motorbikes

  • m 3
    m 3 10 months ago

    I think the backlash from the prank has given you the kick up the backside you needed. go on son, this is good content! 👍🏼

  • Idznie Syabil
    Idznie Syabil 10 months ago

    Hey mate,how about considering an aftermarket exhaust with valve?

  • ticklestick
    ticklestick 10 months ago

    I love Tony

  • th3b0untyhunter
    th3b0untyhunter 10 months ago

    That's probably the best video I've seen you do Archie (also really enjoyed the video with the racing simulator too)
    Leave the clickbait, stupid and obviously fake pranks, crap wraps and concentrate on your usp as an ex racing driver - you look natural behind the wheel, your advice is good and nothing looks forced or scripted.
    As for your problem with the exhaust well you actually commented on the solution in the video.
    The gt40 had such a long exhaust as he had fitted some slip on track day silencers on the end of the proper exhaust.
    Fitted or removed in just a few minutes, even by someone with no mechanical knowledge they allow noisy cars to attend trackdays, even on circuits with far stricter noise levels than goodwood.
    Its a shame people have to resort to this, but blame the w*nkers who move next to established motor racing circuits and then complain about the noise, and the gutless politicians who roll over for them.
    Anyways hope that helps

  • Convisis
    Convisis 10 months ago

    Mate buy an Exige just for racing content and kill everyone.

  • cayman r 671wc
    cayman r 671wc 10 months ago

    butt butt butt butt fisting and chipmunk music..... typical

  • Jimble worldwide
    Jimble worldwide 10 months ago

    Dude you need to get back into racing! You’re a natural.... if not you should be one of those guys that takes people round tracks in super/hyper cars? Tony has the most infectious laugh! 👊🏻

  • Philip Guacci
    Philip Guacci 10 months ago

    Planes can be fitted with hush kits to meet nose regs. Are there any silencers you can fit for track and remove easily when leaving?

  • edward rhodes
    edward rhodes 10 months ago

    Why can't u fit the silencers u showed in the video to your car?

  • Rasmus Persson
    Rasmus Persson 10 months ago

    8:55 Best of the month

  • Champ
    Champ 10 months ago

    Bi modal?

  • Luca Dibbets
    Luca Dibbets 10 months ago

    get some DB killers made for your exhaust just like motorcycles have

  • Uzair Iqbal
    Uzair Iqbal 10 months ago


  • Brennan Warhurst
    Brennan Warhurst 10 months ago

    I think you can buy bolt or clip on silences that are designed for track days. Maybe they would make it quiet enough.

  • Matt Davies
    Matt Davies 10 months ago

    Great video fella. Great to see you on track 👌

  • Stef ABtv
    Stef ABtv 10 months ago

    *Great vid mate. Goodwood is a great track but lethal! Did it in a Stelvio quadrifoglio at festival of speed and it was insane*

  • tom judge
    tom judge 10 months ago

    Caldwell park. They have a static noise level, no drive by so you should be fine mate!!

  • Jinkazam
    Jinkazam 10 months ago

    You got me to subscribe again, please keep the good content coming and no more clickbait BS videos. Cheers!

  • Richard Gardner
    Richard Gardner 10 months ago

    Love the new track vids stop saying chaos de exhaust lambo have done a stage 2 remap on my abarth 595 235hp is quick

  • Test Drive Scotland
    Test Drive Scotland 10 months ago

    You teaching Tony to drive his car is good content, keep that up. More track facing footage would be even better!

  • gary savage
    gary savage 10 months ago

    Take it to Belgium aren’t they more relaxed with noise levels

  • gary savage
    gary savage 10 months ago

    Tony gets so excited 😂

  • alxforth1
    alxforth1 10 months ago

    What a fantastic noise!!

  • Yves Klein
    Yves Klein 10 months ago

    Archie you are a natural at racing! I used love watching the Rothmans Porsche racing against the Silk Jaguar in I.M.S.A. GTP.

  • Mark Daniel
    Mark Daniel 10 months ago +1

    It seemed you was TGs b+tch, although you've made him yourz. Congratz sir!
    He called you pigeon, but he is now the sparrow!