Fortnite used me as a skin advertisement...


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  • Riptide
    Riptide 4 days ago

    Yall should sub to me because I'm insecure and need to beg for views on popular streamers videos in Hope's of hitting it big

  • BigE1888
    BigE1888 8 days ago

    I quit playing fortnite and quit watching it and I forgot how food tfue was

    MR-GIBBLES69 PS4 9 days ago

    Team iPhone I love it

  • Angela J
    Angela J 11 days ago

    I wanna have an iphone but 9 dont have one cause my family tried Samsung and mine broke and the trial ended so now I'm stuck with it for 2 years

  • Dash 490
    Dash 490 11 days ago +1


  • Wildman7710 Wiid
    Wildman7710 Wiid 12 days ago

    Plz stop swearing 🤬

  • Mr Damián
    Mr Damián 12 days ago

    Its tfue cool?

  • Overtaker Deathisover
    Overtaker Deathisover 12 days ago

    Hey Tfue don’t worry I love your game

  • Blacktail
    Blacktail 12 days ago

    Feel for u

  • Golden Shot
    Golden Shot 13 days ago

    Only 18 kills missed the 20 damn

  • Wolfy Uploads
    Wolfy Uploads 14 days ago

    no dr lupo used you as an advertisement

  • Hugo Belart
    Hugo Belart 14 days ago


  • Mr Lee
    Mr Lee 15 days ago

    everyone gonna hate fortnite after seeing that title

  • Kawan Valim
    Kawan Valim 19 days ago

    Tfue whats the config of your fortnite?

  • IOS Gaming HQ
    IOS Gaming HQ 19 days ago

    The editing did not make it feel like a Tfue video

  • 7mady_BOSS Mohammed
    7mady_BOSS Mohammed 19 days ago

    Use the OG account

  • DrippyWolf
    DrippyWolf 19 days ago +1


  • Eqajito
    Eqajito 20 days ago +1

    Fortnite used me as a skin advertisement..... Yes that`s true

  • marvin görlich
    marvin görlich 20 days ago

    The Last guy was a good Player. So tfue hat a Little Bit to do, Because all The Other 19 werde so bad

  • Tech Savey
    Tech Savey 22 days ago


  • GabrieL Loyola
    GabrieL Loyola 22 days ago


  • BlackPanther 3827
    BlackPanther 3827 22 days ago

    3:25 he should have gotten the chest at the left

  • Ninja Ninja
    Ninja Ninja 23 days ago +1

    Like si ablas español

  • Santa Claus
    Santa Claus 23 days ago


  • Dejion Jon
    Dejion Jon 23 days ago

    Was he saying team iPhone??
    Am I missing something here? haha

  • Bernardo Santiago
    Bernardo Santiago 23 days ago

    Tfue wishlist:

    1. Default life

    2. My skins back

  • Sumo Large
    Sumo Large 23 days ago

    Blob blob

  • Isaac Bevan
    Isaac Bevan 23 days ago

    9:32 *edits faster than most players could dream of*
    "Dude why are my edits so fucking slow"

  • ZippyCoast
    ZippyCoast 23 days ago

    I feel like ur the only streamer who actually has things in ur room and not just ur setup 👍

  • bau10cr7pro you
    bau10cr7pro you 24 days ago

    Used skin tfue please bro fue ya

  • IMA stabber
    IMA stabber 24 days ago

    hahahahahahahahahaha ur the man!

  • Spike0Ground17
    Spike0Ground17 24 days ago


  • Julian Rodriguez
    Julian Rodriguez 24 days ago

    At 3:34 tfue said wtf n word oof

  • Jobs A
    Jobs A 25 days ago


  • Taco nut Shell
    Taco nut Shell 25 days ago

    And team iPhone

  • Taco nut Shell
    Taco nut Shell 25 days ago

    Team iPhone

  • Taco nut Shell
    Taco nut Shell 25 days ago

    Team iPhone

  • Taco nut Shell
    Taco nut Shell 25 days ago

    Team iPhone

  • Ktimporta Bais666
    Ktimporta Bais666 25 days ago

    I don’t buy skins anymore, I just buy the battle pass because tfue showed me that skins doesn’t matter ♥️

    • Vibratory Rhythms
      Vibratory Rhythms 23 days ago

      Tfue showed you the battle pass doesn't matter either ;-)

  • Bilouuu B
    Bilouuu B 25 days ago

    Qui est français

  • Sh4rKsz
    Sh4rKsz 25 days ago

    Please legend um portuguese

  • Anisa K
    Anisa K 26 days ago

    did tfue start at season 1

  • Danian White
    Danian White 26 days ago


  • Random Berrones
    Random Berrones 26 days ago

    I guess it be like that some time

  • Mathieu Jolicœur
    Mathieu Jolicœur 26 days ago

    True can I join Faze I’m a mobile god my longest snipe is 281 metres and I’m a very good builder can I?

  • Electric Mist
    Electric Mist 26 days ago

    Unhonstly most of this is your fault I don't understand how the patch skin is a copy of you. But getting yours of banned is your fault

  • Retrocidal
    Retrocidal 26 days ago

    lol now they force you to have skins :D no bans for you also your to big now for them keep up the good gaming dude dont like a lot of people but you seem cool i hope your a good person also helping others is one of the biggest things you can do in life or rewarding i am really poor also and hurt have a broken back dad is very sick but i used to donate and help people before for like 20 years i miss doing it so much we got hit buya bad storm this summer and peopel lost a lot i mean i lot roofs cars i my self lost 3 cars and a roof and few other things but there is a super poor family who has boards up for windows wish i could help them so much so very much there just some poor people with not much saw one of them crying out side made me pretty sad i think its a mom and her kids and her mom and three little kids i wish i could fix there windows and roof if needed or even just get them a new trailer if i ever became rich i would do that or even well enough off to be able to do it just remember the less fortunate now thats your on top if this is something your interested in at all i am easy to find i could send you pictures or what ever proof and i am a honest you tuber for almost 5 years now i dont lie or cheat or even mislead people not perfect but i try to be a dissent person any ways in case any one well off would help them it be so awesome id do it but i got that broken back had to stop working till this new position opens up for security dispatch but we barley make our self's just barley if not best of luck i just recommend to do good things for others your self its much more rewarding

  • symon minoza
    symon minoza 26 days ago

    Damn thanks for the kiss

  • luis chen
    luis chen 26 days ago

    Hi tfue

  • Harold Ruibal
    Harold Ruibal 26 days ago

    Why I watch tofu

  • Graceyn W.
    Graceyn W. 27 days ago

    ur vids suck 🖓

  • Andekanalen GG
    Andekanalen GG 27 days ago


  • Tazed Freak
    Tazed Freak 27 days ago

    Has a big pot and chug missing 26 shield leaves bandages holds big pot

  • destroyergrey destroyergrey

    can i get a time stamp for the main moment?

  • Uriyah McGyver
    Uriyah McGyver 28 days ago

    Like if tfue is the GOD of defoults

  • Alucard
    Alucard 28 days ago

    R.i.p Kevin the cube

  • Tide Pod
    Tide Pod 28 days ago

    *Im thonking you were used* 🤔

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez 29 days ago

    R I P default and To infinity and your mom

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief 29 days ago

    Tfue is the DEFAULT GOD not a skin god

  • alvaro hilla
    alvaro hilla 29 days ago

    Commentary: tfue

  • Play_Button_/Dubstep/
    Play_Button_/Dubstep/ 29 days ago

    "Get off my peen bro...."

  • Adrian Hörder
    Adrian Hörder 29 days ago +1


  • Brenden Walker
    Brenden Walker 29 days ago

    MonkaS dude tfue is a straight aimbot wtf😳😳😳

  • IThinkIHereNow
    IThinkIHereNow 29 days ago

    who is better



  • xd Stealthadoodle
    xd Stealthadoodle Month ago +2

    I got in your game tfueeeee

    • Landen Teves
      Landen Teves 23 days ago

      xd Stealthadoodle If he was ninja, ninja would have been like BAN HIM HES STREAM SNIPING BAN HIM NOW HE DANCED ON ME

  • Ny Ve
    Ny Ve Month ago


  • Papa Bless
    Papa Bless Month ago

    Did they pay him for being in there advertisement?

  • caveiro s
    caveiro s Month ago


  • chris skepla
    chris skepla Month ago

    Did U delete the skin's they added to your account

  • Gabriel San Luis
    Gabriel San Luis Month ago +1

    Ur thumbnail is lit

  • xxCloudyOG
    xxCloudyOG Month ago

    If I was that last guy tfue killed. I would’ve been pissed af

  • 呂秉澤
    呂秉澤 Month ago

    LINE:ym553喜歡床上遊戲..配合度高.... 愛玩遊戲的伴侶你在哪

  • CoPPy_gamer
    CoPPy_gamer Month ago


  • wha ???
    wha ??? Month ago

    muah muah muah muah MUAH

  • Deadlo Mine
    Deadlo Mine Month ago

    So tfue where’s your skins like renegade

  • Lazy MeatBag
    Lazy MeatBag Month ago


  • Bdeye Bdeye
    Bdeye Bdeye Month ago

    Omg when you watch how easy people just follow anyone it's easy to see why they are called sheep or slaves


    7:30 the zombie said what

  • James Canon
    James Canon Month ago

    Its fake

  • Duck Jesus
    Duck Jesus Month ago

    WHy I don't play fortnut anymore they ruined the default king

  • Britain Is my city
    Britain Is my city Month ago

    clickbait bs

  • Bjarke Molin
    Bjarke Molin Month ago


  • Jim Andersen
    Jim Andersen Month ago


  • Wolfgamer1732 #thebestgamerwolf

    The meme's for fortnite and Tfue are here

  • HazerTheBasher
    HazerTheBasher Month ago

    I’m a normal skin no skins and played season 3 mobile

  • AlmostEpic
    AlmostEpic Month ago

    Remember when people went crazy if you shot someone while they had their glider deployed? Now it's like an every game occurrence.

  • Godly Agent
    Godly Agent Month ago

    U mean epic games ik its the same thing but its mostly epic games

  • Nobody caresYT/ Not Nobody1

    thought tfue was going to dance on the galaxy skin from the cedar video

  • l XA 20 l
    l XA 20 l Month ago

    Get another's account and another name and buy everything you want skin and don't play with hem in YT 😉

  • -gtn- Lightning
    -gtn- Lightning Month ago

    He has betrayed our kind

  • mcdonalds is overated
    mcdonalds is overated Month ago +1

    You mother fuckers

  • Magic
    Magic Month ago


  • Gungamer 321
    Gungamer 321 Month ago

    Who else sea the zombie at 6:45

  • randomguy 31
    randomguy 31 Month ago

    can someone explain to me how they used him

  • DaNk MeMeS
    DaNk MeMeS Month ago

    Tfue is a default: plz buy a skin please please please
    Gets a skin: R.I.P. default god, plz go back to default, etc.

  • Marco Rodriguez
    Marco Rodriguez Month ago

    In 6:43 is a zombie in the ground

  • BorsuK
    BorsuK Month ago

    Bombel lol

  • Jaz  Cuddy
    Jaz Cuddy Month ago

    Why do i never find this many bots in my games?

  • Nicest Panda
    Nicest Panda Month ago


    ADDIT Month ago

    6:45 Don’t mind me! I’m just chilling inside the ground with my head peeking.