The Prince Left a Note In My Locker... | Roblox Royale High Roleplay


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  • InquisitorMaster - My Gameplays are Kinda Funny

    hey guys the NEXT EPISODE is not OUT on zacharys channel! :D

  • lps abby
    lps abby 6 hours ago

    Tell him your a dark fairy he will understand

  • Damaso Sawali
    Damaso Sawali 9 hours ago

    I so love this

  • Valerie Caitlyn
    Valerie Caitlyn 9 hours ago

    How can you fly

  • Thi tung ngoc Nguyen
    Thi tung ngoc Nguyen 10 hours ago

    Dove such a brat and rude friend

  • Azerlyn Fausto
    Azerlyn Fausto 20 hours ago

    OmG i screamed really loud!!!! Ahahhahaahah this is awesome😂😍😍😄

  • Lazzツ
    Lazzツ Day ago

    Hi Alex I Sent u A Friend Request And Im Wondering If u Can Except It Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee My Account Is Called KeiraBear100 Thank u So Much If u Except It😃❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💗💗💗💗💗💗💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Elizabeth Vavra.

    Dove is like my rl friend rude and selfish from what she doesn’t get then blames it all on me

  • Ngo Khac Chi
    Ngo Khac Chi Day ago +1

    Dove is very evil

  • Sohna Jallow
    Sohna Jallow Day ago

    You are so cute together and I think he is the Prince


    Dove:im not talking to you
    Me:but she already talked to youuu hahaha Lol XD

  • Adrian The Gamer 2!

    u said so my parents bought my a diary
    when i saw it reaction:
    NANI (what)

  • Bts and Army
    Bts and Army Day ago +1

    What’s the music it’s so pretty

  • Esther Glamour
    Esther Glamour Day ago

    Alex your wan is beter den det wan farm dove biekas blek is wan af mij verwittigd kalers

  • Fortnite Fan
    Fortnite Fan 2 days ago


  • Hanna Torres
    Hanna Torres 2 days ago

    Dove just thinks she can get everthing

  • Steph Stinson
    Steph Stinson 2 days ago

    Hey I love your vids you and the Prince go together really well😍

  • rose chaeyoung
    rose chaeyoung 2 days ago

    i love when alex zach and dove together and i love when alex and dove is best friend and not fake friend💜💜💜😜😘😻

  • Cynthia Patton
    Cynthia Patton 2 days ago

    what vid is it called

  • kingbrittney32
    kingbrittney32 2 days ago

    Dove plz find another way to find a boy without a love position ok

  • kingbrittney32
    kingbrittney32 2 days ago


  • Sarah Lee
    Sarah Lee 2 days ago +1

    OMG this is such a good series!!!!!

  • Morgan Dolle
    Morgan Dolle 2 days ago

    Love it

  • omar hassan
    omar hassan 3 days ago


  • omar hassan
    omar hassan 3 days ago


  • Orlando Rosa
    Orlando Rosa 3 days ago


  • Orlando Rosa
    Orlando Rosa 3 days ago


  • Orlando Rosa
    Orlando Rosa 3 days ago

    He is

  • Orlando Rosa
    Orlando Rosa 3 days ago

    Alex can I tell you that Zack is chiden on you

  • Orlando Rosa
    Orlando Rosa 3 days ago

    Tell me

  • Orlando Rosa
    Orlando Rosa 3 days ago


  • Orlando Rosa
    Orlando Rosa 3 days ago

    Alex can you tell me how you can log in Royal hide and please tell me.haw

  • Karime Moreno
    Karime Moreno 3 days ago

    Y agarre with royal purple

  • Jordan Jenkins
    Jordan Jenkins 3 days ago +1

    Zach and Alex are a perfect couple Dove she's mean is that why her account is kira the bad girl she's acting like a bad girl i watched all of this i just wanted to see it again i love you inquisitormaster plz friend me

  • Jasminesslimes
    Jasminesslimes 3 days ago

    6:54 DUCKIE

  • Megan Owen
    Megan Owen 3 days ago

    What games do you play

  • JuliaAndFriends !
    JuliaAndFriends ! 3 days ago +1

    Hi Alex,I Got The New Backpack of yours!
    I love it
    And also love you❤❤

  • Sander Potatoe
    Sander Potatoe 3 days ago

    I know this was made months ago but it sweater gurl!!!!! I love gravity falls!!!!!

  • Fortnite Falafulcake
    Fortnite Falafulcake 3 days ago +1

    I love the "Nobody knew he was a prince" series.

  • Alexa Campos20180
    Alexa Campos20180 3 days ago

    Did anyone notice that her sweater looked like the sweater Mable from *Gravity Falls* wears just saying if anyone noticed

  • Breyanna McAtee
    Breyanna McAtee 4 days ago

    You are awesome

  • Latoya Capers
    Latoya Capers 5 days ago +1

    Tbh i think DOVE is the fake friend

  • Christine Androulaki

    MABEL'S SWEATER!!!!!!!!!

  • Kaitlyn mcculloch
    Kaitlyn mcculloch 5 days ago

    Btw dove her diary of me a English book love you Alex

  • Joyce Bujak
    Joyce Bujak 5 days ago

    Make a minecraft vidio and lol best person

  • Jazelle smart
    Jazelle smart 5 days ago

    Who wants to play Royale with me or rocitizens Friday

  • Ashley Sanchez
    Ashley Sanchez 6 days ago

    Zach is the Prince (sorry for telling u)

  • Veronica Sanchez
    Veronica Sanchez 6 days ago +1

    Ok that will be fine 😜😻😍🙂😄😀

  • Ilse Turner
    Ilse Turner 6 days ago

    Whered u get dat shirt?

  • Ashley Sanchez
    Ashley Sanchez 6 days ago

    Awwwww 😘😘😛😛😝😝😜😜😻💖💖💖💘💘

  • Solveig Super
    Solveig Super 6 days ago

    Anybody else scrolling down the comments while watching??

  • xX Klubnichka Xx
    xX Klubnichka Xx 6 days ago

    Cool v
    Cool vi
    Cool vid
    Cool vide
    Cool video
    Cool vide
    Cool vid
    Cool vi
    Cool v

  • Leanna Anderson
    Leanna Anderson 6 days ago

    Did eneone notice that she is wereing a gravity falls shirt

  • filipina empederado
    filipina empederado 6 days ago

    I'm playing that game

  • nayeli hearts
    nayeli hearts 7 days ago

    If you want your friend to be chill with you you should switch but where you dress up like her and she dress up like you and change your name and your color of your name

  • Campbell Family
    Campbell Family 7 days ago

    And do another vid like this😙😙😙

  • Campbell Family
    Campbell Family 7 days ago

    Just to tell you that dont trust dove that girl is evil just to let you know😑😑😑

  • Campbell Family
    Campbell Family 7 days ago

    Be together with zach because of the hollowen vid shes been evil on that vid she tryed to stell your hollowen halo😥😥😥

  • The Potter-Head
    The Potter-Head 7 days ago

    Dove is a fake friend. She shouldn’t force Zach to like her and she should be happy that you’re with Zach. She shouldn’t get mad just because you got your way. You should be with Zach. You shouldn’t be Dove’s friend. 😠😠😠😠

    Edit: Dove-I’m really pretty
    Me-Yea but not in the inside!
    Dove-But why doesn’t he like me?
    Me-Because you put a love cupcake on him, and your to full of yourself!
    Edit 2: Dove you can’t get everything in life!
    Edit 3: Alex, you can like Zach. Dove can’t force him to like her. My advice is to tell her that you like Zach, if she gets pissed off then tell her that life is just like that. Not everybody can like you.

  • Leandra Superstar
    Leandra Superstar 8 days ago


  • gamer Taylor
    gamer Taylor 8 days ago +1

    Dove: Why whould he want to be with you?

    ADRIAN SAMBALILO 8 days ago

    Ang arte mo teh

  • José Juan Rivera
    José Juan Rivera 8 days ago

    I love your hair 😃

  • Brisa A
    Brisa A 9 days ago

    Wish. I. Had. A. Boyfriend

  • Michael does gaming
    Michael does gaming 9 days ago

    From abby

  • Michael does gaming
    Michael does gaming 9 days ago

    I love your video

  • Anabella Hong
    Anabella Hong 9 days ago

    dove i now you like zach just tell him that you like him its not okay to put love spells on zach

  • Anabella Hong
    Anabella Hong 9 days ago

    dove life is like that you cant just put a love pashion on zach

  • angelina aragon
    angelina aragon 9 days ago

    He lefted a note in her locker 🤗

  • Alyssa unicorn
    Alyssa unicorn 9 days ago

    So your gonna marry Zach

  • Jolette Rivera
    Jolette Rivera 9 days ago

    Did you guys see when dove said my parents got me this diary it was on Alex head

  • Naarah bamber And Miley mckinnon

    Zach is the prince and don’t be friends with dove anymore

  • Shahda Lee
    Shahda Lee 9 days ago


  • Shahda Lee
    Shahda Lee 9 days ago

    I been in one of your video when I was playing royal high on my tablet weird huh.

  • Shimreet Holmes
    Shimreet Holmes 9 days ago

    This is so dumb but its still amazing. Love you girl ❤

  • David Racquel
    David Racquel 9 days ago

    Did enyone notice that dove diary is a english book😂

  • Felicity Stapleton
    Felicity Stapleton 9 days ago

    your my favorite youtube channel

  • Felicity Stapleton
    Felicity Stapleton 9 days ago

    I love you

  • PewPew GamerZ
    PewPew GamerZ 9 days ago +1


  • sweetie fluttershy8
    sweetie fluttershy8 9 days ago +1

    Zach is sexy

  • Gaming with Melody!!! OOF

    Zach is the prince stop thinking about the prince because you like the prince you dated him and you meeted him at the campfire.

  • Abby DreamDancer
    Abby DreamDancer 9 days ago

    Zachary is the prince!!!!!!!

  • Emma Marc
    Emma Marc 9 days ago

    Dove is so rude all she does is care about her self that was so sad

  • Emma Marc
    Emma Marc 9 days ago

    Wow wow wow

  • Robyn Taylor
    Robyn Taylor 10 days ago

    Zack is the prince:-P

  • Batul Raza
    Batul Raza 10 days ago

    Dove is such a brat she's so full of herself. I hope you get new friends

  • Joe Angela's YouTube
    Joe Angela's YouTube 10 days ago

    Your voice is so calm so when you get mad for voice acting, I laugh

  • Eden Tolu
    Eden Tolu 11 days ago


  • Emma Clark
    Emma Clark 11 days ago

    Hi hi I'm your number one fan

  • The infamous Nobody
    The infamous Nobody 11 days ago

    6:52 Duckie from cyber😍

  • Unicorn Gacha Playz
    Unicorn Gacha Playz 11 days ago

    Mens is not looking on the face always

  • Tianna Banana
    Tianna Banana 11 days ago

    I love youe vids

  • Tianna Banana
    Tianna Banana 11 days ago

    Dove is being meen

  • Tianna Banana
    Tianna Banana 11 days ago

    Do you like Zachary. Do you if you do thats funny

  • Brian and Serena Amos
    Brian and Serena Amos 11 days ago

    He is the prins

  • Adrian Palacios
    Adrian Palacios 11 days ago

    Why are you so upset about this man who is so cute zach or the boy alex

  • Adrian Palacios
    Adrian Palacios 11 days ago

    Alex why are you so upset about this man who is so cute

  • Arcann Robins
    Arcann Robins 11 days ago

    Inquisitormaster dove called you a “fake friend” but she has been mean to you way more you have the right to tell her she has been a meaner and more of a fake friend also dove it’s just life you can’t get everything you want like if you agree

  • Jamie Vanderwilp
    Jamie Vanderwilp 11 days ago

    Dove has a boyfriend

  • petnoy84
    petnoy84 11 days ago

    This sound so fake idk but not to be rude but why sound a such a fake act🤦🏻‍♀️😑😤