Candace Owens: Dems are playing 'mad libs’, say anything and blame Trump

  • Published on Dec 15, 2019
  • Blexit Movement founder Candace Owens and former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski share their perspectives.
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Comments • 2 283

  • Robert Antonelli
    Robert Antonelli 22 hours ago

    Pelosi is the largest snowflake I have ever seen. She is a total airhead.

  • Robert Antonelli
    Robert Antonelli 22 hours ago +1

    Look into the eyes of Maxine Watters. Her eyes, like Schiff's, reveal the psychotic behavior going on with all of them. Just look at AOC. Her eyes, and Bernie's, show how nuts they are. This reveals the psychotic narcissism going on with all Democrats. Plus, they are all ANTI-AMERICAN COMMUNISTS, SOCIALISTS, FASCISTS, MARXISTS, RACISTS, AND ANTI-SEMITES.

  • Robert Antonelli
    Robert Antonelli 22 hours ago +1

    Green, like all Democrats, makes no sense and just cannot understand reality. Democrats just cannot face or even understand reality. This makes them all PSYCHOTICS.

  • star star
    star star 2 days ago

    Look man stop with you race card Mr. GREEN OR THEY WILL IMPEACH YOU , you and Nancy Schiff all you rats will be impeach yourselves. Trump is a good person he is working hard for all people. Trump 2020

  • star star
    star star 2 days ago

    Look man stop with you race card Mr. GREEN OR THEY WILL IMPEACH YOU , you and Nancy Schiff all you rats will be impeach yourselves. Trump is a good person he is working hard for all people. Trump 2020

  • Robert Antonelli
    Robert Antonelli 4 days ago

    Like all Democrats, Al Green does not live in reality. They are all psychotics.

  • eternalhalloween1
    eternalhalloween1 14 days ago

    Al Green is a moron. He needs to keep his stupid mouth shut. If you are reading this Candace, I will vote for Donald Trump in 2020. And then I will vote for you in 2024. HINT! HINT! Run for president in 2024!

  • Jamilah Castro
    Jamilah Castro 19 days ago

    Funny how Candice Owens the puppet of repbulicans no maatter how ppl was hating Trump,if he would have is work legally he wouldn't be impeached we never had to deal with such a big cry baby if he becomes president again,he will be impeached again

  • NOYB Maxx
    NOYB Maxx 20 days ago

    I'm from Canada, these Democrats are crazy people, we have a shitty Prime Minister who is just as dumb as your Democrats and just as destructive. .. but your Democrats are so blatantly corrupt that any fool can see it... they call Trump a racist, a bigot. .along with many other things... funny he only became those things when he started to run for president. ...Americans need to vote these crazies out... taje back the house and do more with it this time.... your Fake news media needs to be held to account as well. . They talk about hate speach... well.. they need to look at themselves... they should be sued for their false reporting..

  • IsmokeHiphop Live
    IsmokeHiphop Live 20 days ago

    Al Green is a cry baby

  • Dawn Sousa
    Dawn Sousa 22 days ago


  • Dawn Sousa
    Dawn Sousa 22 days ago


  • Keith R
    Keith R 24 days ago

    I hope Candace Owens runs for president in 2024. She will have my vote

  • Donnie Vanhoutin
    Donnie Vanhoutin 25 days ago

    Al green poster child for say no to meth

  • Donna Persefield
    Donna Persefield 28 days ago

    They're all crazy

  • Lou Benvignati
    Lou Benvignati 28 days ago

    OMG I’m ashamed he’s from earth. 👌

  • G G
    G G Month ago

    2 questions...... What is Al Green talking about? and......How does Candace Owens get better looking every time I see her?

  • Elle
    Elle Month ago

    Al Greens IQ is lower than mine! That's pretty bad! LOLOL

  • Simonoves simon
    Simonoves simon Month ago

    polosi is scared for her life ..has all these zions telling her what to do..its not her fault..

  • Z3P0
    Z3P0 Month ago

    Candace is a bigger sellout than Oprah

    • Renee Speece
      Renee Speece 27 days ago

      @Z3P0 Sure.

    • Z3P0
      Z3P0 27 days ago

      @Renee Speece Well Renee this has been fun. But you flunked out but once you reapply I'm sure we'll figure something out. You have a Merry Christmas

    • Renee Speece
      Renee Speece 27 days ago

      @Z3P0 Yes. You are still commenting.

    • Z3P0
      Z3P0 27 days ago

      @Renee Speece Well obviously you keep commenting so..... But if you were trying once again this was just poor poor effort Renee.. I expect better from you. F you've failed I'll give you one try ar extra credit and maybe just maybe you'll pass

    • Renee Speece
      Renee Speece 27 days ago

      @Z3P0 It's cute the way you try to measure me by your standards as if you're something important.

  • Clown P.A.N JD 2020
    Clown P.A.N JD 2020 Month ago +1

    Candace Owens replace Nancy Piglosi.

  • Proton1
    Proton1 Month ago

    Candace is getting boring. Her argument amounts to a one-trick pony show. I thirst for real knowledge; for instance, I learn something new every time I listen to Dinesh. I want the same from Candace.

  • JohnSmith
    JohnSmith Month ago

    Leftist are in France, please help us 😜

  • Thunder, lightning and fire

    The democrats have decieved black America with Obama.The black Americans are waking up now.

  • Thunder, lightning and fire

    The democrats have decieved black America with Obama.The black Americans are waking up now.

  • WKUFranko
    WKUFranko Month ago

    If I where in Al Green's congressional district I would have to email his office and say what the hell are you talking about. That is the best you have to support your district. You need to wake up and promote what this administration has done to make your constituents have a better opportunity in this country. That is absurd, his disdain for Trump has caused him to reach back for talking points from the 19th century?

  • spirals
    spirals Month ago

    I really hope our country can talk about slavery during every argument or disagreement for ever that would be really cool 😎

  • Fist Fury
    Fist Fury Month ago

    Impeach him...and continue to file more crimes once Trump is out of office

  • Lorena Smith
    Lorena Smith Month ago +2

    I love listening to Candace Owens, she is great!

  • Soffera Bacarri
    Soffera Bacarri Month ago

    It wasn't an apple

  • joe upde
    joe upde Month ago

    Green should drop DEAD

  • Fiomena Alf
    Fiomena Alf Month ago

    Malcom x said it best Democrats are masters of deception

  • Fiomena Alf
    Fiomena Alf Month ago

    Candace 2024
    Democrats fear candace
    Trump 2020

  • Ken _
    Ken _ Month ago

    Just when I thought only Democrats could be dumb the Republicans had to speak of the bible. Just goes to show satan has both sides of the camp. I challenge all three of you to show us anywhere in the bible that Eve ate an apple. Has any of you ever studied the bible, let alone read the book of Genesis? God help us all in this last generation.

  • biggavelle11
    biggavelle11 Month ago

    Of course fucks news would put they token self hating aunt Tom up there to speak against her own people

    LORD TYVEK Month ago +1

    Al green the minstrel show congressman does a great disservice to Al green the singer!

  • Seattle man
    Seattle man Month ago

    Trump Rules, Hillary Drools!!!

  • Dj Colourzone
    Dj Colourzone Month ago

    WHAT ABOUT the rumor that Republicans in the Senate are secretly laying a trap for the President and that they will side with the Democrats in order to save themselves as well, because there are as many republican swamp dwellers as Democrats ???????????
    I predict Open armed revolution on the street with guns drawn if that happens. And I predict the Leftist media and Actual members of the Congress and the Senate will be the first targets. Man what an interesting time we are living in...And What if ????? The Military sides with the President ???

  • Dj Colourzone
    Dj Colourzone Month ago

    Nancy is NOT in control. We now know this for sure

  • Dj Colourzone
    Dj Colourzone Month ago

    Al Green is no longer singing Let's Stay Together...LOL... ;-P

  • B
    B Month ago

    It's ok to be white.

  • unite entierly
    unite entierly Month ago

    Candace Owens for President 2024.

  • EFRAÍN Aceves
    EFRAÍN Aceves Month ago


  • Orden Just
    Orden Just Month ago +1

    The fix is in. Trump is so confident of acquittal by his Republican claque in the Senate that it wouldn't surprise me if Trump had his trial moved to Mar El Lago.

  • Luis Pelisamen
    Luis Pelisamen Month ago

    Common Dems , why u cannot stop hating American people ? What now ? Ur talking about slaving ? Do u look down on American people ? High taxes of world war 1 remember ? High tax is slavery ! And that is who the Dems represents ! American first will Win ! Amen

  • jake hensley
    jake hensley Month ago

    White people never owned slaves, Democrat people did. White people never freed the slaves, Republican people did.

  • j k
    j k Month ago

    I dont know much but is Al Greene the BLACKULA actor

  • George Veghte
    George Veghte Month ago

    AL Green, Is a prime example of inbreeding gone wrong! this is why we don't have kids with our sisters and brothers or by our mothers and fathers, How this stupid man could ever be elected into congress totally escapes me, He gives ever black Man a bad name by his raciest comments and race bating lies.

  • david mathiesen
    david mathiesen Month ago

    Candace always speaks common sense

  • P
    P Month ago

    That's the exact same speech Green gives for everything.

  • I'm Your President
    I'm Your President Month ago

    Al Green. The black Mr. Magoo.

  • Makkaru112
    Makkaru112 Month ago

    Candace would be a great replacement of Pelosi. Reagan was right when he spoke of the criminal combine of the pelosi family.

  • great outdoors
    great outdoors Month ago +1

    Trump......Such a disgusting perverted little man

  • o0 RECON 0o
    o0 RECON 0o Month ago

    Nobody will be brainwashed by the dems sermons on the mount of Schiff.

  • o0 RECON 0o
    o0 RECON 0o Month ago

    Please, no more CNN cult sermons on the mount of Schiff. Nobody is going to be brainwashed by dem BS!

  • Felicea Garcia
    Felicea Garcia Month ago

    Impeach President Trump for what? They don't even know why they are trying to impeach him. Their just making up stuff!

  • Last One standing
    Last One standing Month ago

    Al Green is cringe worthy and his face shows it.. pug ugly inside and outside. How is that voters ever elect such a mutton headed person to public office.. never will understand.?

  • wolfen244
    wolfen244 Month ago

    Also Hillbag WILL announce that she's running before Iowa. Mark my words.

  • Marilyn Dargis
    Marilyn Dargis Month ago

    Al Green forgot rickrack his Chitlins before eating them M

  • Gr8WhtMomba
    Gr8WhtMomba Month ago

    :50 the Mexican congressman looks like a bad guy in a old western movie.