Alvi cat : 10 unmistakable signs your cat really loves you

  • Published on Dec 1, 2017
    Yes, we know: this is not first video of its kind and most certainly not the last. Still Alvi has his own unique ways to show us his love.
    Does your cat too?
    Watch until the end, as Alvi videos usually have both a head and a tail!
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  • Hello there
    Hello there Year ago +7517

    You need more views, its amazing content!

  • nunoy loreno
    nunoy loreno 7 hours ago


  • Mary Jane Granatin
    Mary Jane Granatin 9 hours ago

    My cat Orange does not walk with me when I come home. We own sa store about a block away from our family home. And when I come home from school, he's usually outside our store waiting for me. He find ways to climb on my shoulder and he'll want me to carry him home, while purring ever so loudly right on my ear. He likes to snuggle in my hair while I carry him on my shoulder. I miss him so much, he was with me for a good 7 years, since he was only days old.

  • Linda Somers
    Linda Somers 18 hours ago

    My cats certainly love me. But I dont cats out side.. too much danger.

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel  13 hours ago

      I understand. It's a separated area where Alvi can walk through.

  • ZoeyTheCat 2009
    ZoeyTheCat 2009 23 hours ago +1

    I never saw a cat jump like that. He must really love you

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel  13 hours ago

      He did that jum[s from the very beginning. I guess each cat will have its own way to express itself.

  • xX_SoLuxy_Xx 1
    xX_SoLuxy_Xx 1 Day ago +1

    This video was great quality!

  • Sketchy Tea
    Sketchy Tea Day ago +1

    once i was eating a sugar cookie, and my cat came up to me and started licking my hand, but then he sniffed the cookie and bit it. he got a little piece (since the cookie was soft) and he ate it, and i swear it changed his life because he went right back in for another bite.
    it melted my heart :')

  • montana Prins
    montana Prins Day ago

    My cat gives headbumps on my head

  • XproZHD
    XproZHD Day ago

    My cat her names eli she loves to give me headbumps

  • Ronin Roper
    Ronin Roper Day ago

    Thank you for sharing this video made my day! Please make another video with Alvi, it's better then coffee! 😉👍

    • Ronin Roper
      Ronin Roper 7 hours ago

      Very cool, thank you! I'll try to get a video of my next door neighbors cat snuggling up with the alligator in my back yard!

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel  13 hours ago

      Lovely! Next Alvi video will be tomorrow :)

  • Ajay Roshan
    Ajay Roshan Day ago

    Cat is the amazing creature in the world.

  • Austin Delaney
    Austin Delaney Day ago

    If you put your head by my cat he will start cleaning you

  • HotaruZoku
    HotaruZoku Day ago

    That part about "walking along with you" was so sad. Shame cats are so short lived.

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel  Day ago

      I love it when he walks along with us... or sometimes with visitors.

  • Nawreen Azeez
    Nawreen Azeez 2 days ago

    Omg this so.sad 😢
    I hate u sm u made me literally cry

  • Zero
    Zero 2 days ago

    Cats are independent creatures, they definitely don’t need you, if they stay that mean they choose to, obviously shows how much they care

  • Piotr Weryński
    Piotr Weryński 2 days ago

    Kochany ten Alvi. :)

  • Jake Boldt
    Jake Boldt 3 days ago

    It’s pretty clear my cat doesn’t love me. But I still love him!

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel  2 days ago

      Probably your cat has its own specific ways to show love :)

  • P Z
    P Z 3 days ago

    Me watching this to make sure the cat that I definitely don’t own loves me

  • ogcen
    ogcen 3 days ago

    Is it weird that i find it comfromtable being bit by my cat also now i know my cat doesnt love me im sad :(

  • qasion
    qasion 3 days ago

    Where is this?

  • Ahsan Malik
    Ahsan Malik 3 days ago

    Me: haha tricked you

    Read more

  • Ahsan Malik
    Ahsan Malik 3 days ago

    Me haha tricked you

    Read more

  • Ahsan Malik
    Ahsan Malik 3 days ago

    Me: haha tricked you

    Read more

  • Animals Barela
    Animals Barela 3 days ago

    My cat can’t do some of these things, she’s deaf 😿

  • Amy Carpenter
    Amy Carpenter 3 days ago

    My cat does all of those except for the little jumps.

  • Zoie Rackley
    Zoie Rackley 3 days ago +1

    Yep my cat loves me ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Zoie Rackley
      Zoie Rackley Day ago

      Alvi cat channel thx for the video it helped me know if my cat loved me and sure enough she does!

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel  2 days ago


  • Rodney Frederick
    Rodney Frederick 3 days ago

    Reminds me of Chloe she is my 14 year old tux. She died last year. I miss her sooo much.

  • Sabine Müller
    Sabine Müller 3 days ago

    My cat loves games

  • Crowe8691
    Crowe8691 3 days ago

    993 dislikes from shitty poop 💩 cleaning dog owners.

  • nadiahope11
    nadiahope11 3 days ago

    I think l have Alvi's tween....Chester. Never had an orange cat before....he's beautiful.

  • Emhyr var Emreis
    Emhyr var Emreis 4 days ago

    Alvi is a real phenomenon.

  • MtB 380
    MtB 380 4 days ago

    Aww wat een schatje! ^^

  • WOR
    WOR 4 days ago

    I’ve never seen anyone’s cat lick them like #4? Cats are predators..isn’t it more likely that they’re “sampling” you? 😐

  • SD
    SD 4 days ago

    What a sweet creature....

  • Elizabeth Beaver
    Elizabeth Beaver 4 days ago

    He even knows what days he gets his shreds soft food, he'll go to where it's at & look up & start meowing. When we go to bed,he gets in-between my husband's legs & turns around a couple of times and plops down, he's so funny,

  • Elizabeth Beaver
    Elizabeth Beaver 4 days ago

    We have a 20 lb black cat named Begerra,we could reading or something else, he'd come over and rub his head,mouth all over us.

  • 2 fat 2 carry
    2 fat 2 carry 4 days ago

    They are only using you as a food resource.. Cats are jerks.

    • scuzzlebutt
      scuzzlebutt 3 days ago

      You could say that about anything that's in your care including kids lmao

  • clavi- chan
    clavi- chan 4 days ago

    I don't have a cat but I'll continue watching

  • Wim V
    Wim V 4 days ago

    you forgot… bringing dead animals to you and putting them on the doormat..

  • Gillette Cool Wave Body Wash

    Hi 🙀lvi 🙀🙀💋💋

  • 666oddess
    666oddess 4 days ago

    Awww ❤️ I used to have a cat named Albi. He ran away.. pretty sure another neighborhood cat drove him away. 😿

  • MrpenWisepen Pen
    MrpenWisepen Pen 4 days ago +1

    I love cats

  • RELAX,Drink,Eat and laugh with Carrisha Williams

    Why cats hate to take a bath.😏I try to put him in the bath and he crys why?

    • Squirrel Guirrel
      Squirrel Guirrel 3 days ago

      Are you stupid or just evil?

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel  4 days ago +1

      Cats clean themselves perfectly so it's not necessary to put them in a bath, unless they have somehow become seriously dirty or full of flees. Warm greetings!

  • RELAX,Drink,Eat and laugh with Carrisha Williams

    My cat always sleeps in the bed with me .I feel so safe.I know no rats are roaches will get me.Thats another reason why I love cats. More then dog's. 😏😁

  • Krisanna Marie
    Krisanna Marie 4 days ago

    I love my cat sooo much.

  • 0626anime
    0626anime 4 days ago


  • Dònal Brügge
    Dònal Brügge 4 days ago

    I disagree about the food provider. It's not just about food at all.

  • illuminatutos
    illuminatutos 5 days ago +1

    What I find fascinating about cats is that they are independent, meaning that if they don't like you, they are free to go find another house. But if he stays with you, that means he's happy about the life you give him. I always keep it in mind when I'm with "my" cats.

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel  4 days ago

      Not all cats are free to go to another house. I know what you mean though...

  • Dallas Barker
    Dallas Barker 5 days ago

    Just subscribed loved this

  • Katy Bondarchuk
    Katy Bondarchuk 5 days ago

    You’re lucky, my cat is always out seeking for revenge and hiding under the nearest appliance- as soon as I go near her.

  • Elyssa Chandler
    Elyssa Chandler 5 days ago +2

    Awwww this cat is so sweet and loves the little girl so much! It’s adorable!

  • 19zach75
    19zach75 5 days ago

    My cat is named "Franklin Sinatra" and he does everything seen in this video. He doesn't sing or dance tho. He's an awesome cat. He rules the household with an iron paw. 😼😸

  • Jbingfa x
    Jbingfa x 5 days ago

    Darn Cat...Reminds me the fur-ball i had...And my roommate...She took him...Miss em both...

  • Nyzham Osman
    Nyzham Osman 5 days ago

    My cat loves me when he wants food only

  • Katie Osborn
    Katie Osborn 5 days ago +2

    Oh my lord this is so sweet!! This love is the greatest treasure in the world. That jump is amazing!! Could watch this on repeat all day.

  • The BlackBox Pocast show

    I love cats 🐈 , they are so cool 😎

  • Jan Piet
    Jan Piet 5 days ago

    Wacht wat? NL?

  • Jacy Lee Widener
    Jacy Lee Widener 5 days ago

    Very lucky to have such a sweet baby

  • Luiz Barth
    Luiz Barth 5 days ago

    This video made me want to hug my cat real tight. and have a daughter also

  • Shadow Gacha!
    Shadow Gacha! 5 days ago

    I thought my cat hated me.

  • Puddin
    Puddin 5 days ago

    This is alll I can say to this ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Caroline de Gorter
    Caroline de Gorter 5 days ago

    Absolutely true. Wish every human made their cat(s) love them this way. Fortunately mine love me so I know what this is like. As Sigmund Freud said: Time spent with cats is never wasted. PS. No. 11: giving their humans little love-bites; No. 12: softly pulling at their humans' hair; No. 13: Sleeping right next to, or on top of, their humans' heads.

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel  4 days ago

      Thanks....and the list is even much longer. But I though ten was enough for a video :)

  • Tiger and Me
    Tiger and Me 5 days ago

    My cat does all of these

    1WAYJOKER 5 days ago

    I remember my cat following me to school once and had to go back to my house

  • Mountain Flower
    Mountain Flower 5 days ago

    I love cats!

  • Pat Morgan
    Pat Morgan 6 days ago

    Beautiful and smart!

  • nemeczek67
    nemeczek67 6 days ago +3

    Nope. Nothing. Where is the list of 10 unmistakable signs your cat really hates you?

  • Government Unfit For Purpose

    To all cat keepers..if you are able to, please fit a cat flap.
    Cats must be as free as they want to be, when they want to be.
    I know it's dangerous out there but if you don't like the idea of letting your cat go out, don't get a cat.
    Put a bird in a cage and keep that maybe?
    Of course not.

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel  4 days ago

      I know what you mean. Still in some circumstances we prefer to keep Alvi inside for a little while. Everything is always depending on specific circumstances anyway....

    • Government Unfit For Purpose
      Government Unfit For Purpose 5 days ago

      @Alvi cat channel
      Hi! You guys have experience and know what is best for your cat.
      Of that, there's no doubt. Much love. x

  • MeganØØF 2005
    MeganØØF 2005 6 days ago

    My cat: *grooms me*
    My cat: *slaps me with her paw*
    Me: you little -

  • ulku yaldaz
    ulku yaldaz 6 days ago

    Excellent video, thank you.