Alvi cat : 10 unmistakable signs your cat really loves you

  • Published on Dec 1, 2017
    Yes, we know: this is not the first video of its kind and most certainly not the last. Still Alvi has his own unique ways to show us his love.
    Does your cat too?
    Watch until the end, as Alvi videos usually have both a head and a tail!
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Comments • 24 802

  • Jonathan Vincent
    Jonathan Vincent 2 years ago +19631

    You need more views, its amazing content!

    • Valerie O'Brien
      Valerie O'Brien 17 days ago

      One of my cats followed me to a main road to the shops and I had to take him back home, being worried about the traffic. He was the sweetest little creature.

    • Neil Chester Camacho
      Neil Chester Camacho 20 days ago

      I love this this video makes me cry

    • Veronica Higgins
      Veronica Higgins 23 days ago

      5.1M views not enough? 馃槅

    • Milkshake 380
      Milkshake 380 28 days ago

      And subscribers!

    • Mattias Gonzalez
      Mattias Gonzalez 28 days ago

      This is Good video to feels what a peaceful relaxing 馃槍 ah happy lifetime day ever馃憦馃徏鈽猴笍馃ぃ馃榿

  • KinqySpowok
    KinqySpowok 13 minutes ago

    This made my go love on my cat 馃ズ

  • Lisa Fanucchi
    Lisa Fanucchi Hour ago

    Adorable cat btw 馃槏

  • Lisa Fanucchi
    Lisa Fanucchi Hour ago

    My cat just died 馃槩馃槩馃槩 I鈥檓 heartbroken 馃挃 He was 18, and my best friend. R.I.P. little buddy, he sure knew I loved him.

  • Penz 1
    Penz 1 Hour ago +1

    If you think this channel deserves much more? Like this comment.

  • myszek73
    myszek73 Hour ago

    When I was in elementary school my cat would walk me to school. And she鈥檇 meet me on the way home.

  • 65 TossPowerTrap
    65 TossPowerTrap 2 hours ago

    Amazing video. I had a cat as a small child. She spoke with us everyday, sat on our comic books and loved to sleep next to us. When aggressive stray dogs ventured into our yard, she defended us like a champion. 20 years later when I learned that she passed away I nearly collapsed I am embarrassed to say.

  • Erik Hohler
    Erik Hohler 3 hours ago

    That is funny!

  • mike galasso
    mike galasso 3 hours ago

    What a sweet kitty!! 100%

  • daniel james
    daniel james 4 hours ago

    my cat always sleeps on my keyboard!!!

  • LaSt OneR
    LaSt OneR 5 hours ago

    I love cats cats are better than dogs Cats are cuter than dogs cats are better than any animal ever!!!

  • Mary Altshuller
    Mary Altshuller 5 hours ago

    Alvi looked exactly like my orange tabby - Leo the Lion! His meow is different though. He sat through this while I watched and petted him. Toward the end, Leo lost interest and left the room.

  • Tanna Thurston
    Tanna Thurston 10 hours ago

    I had a cat who for all those. He died last year after Thanksgiving. His name was Finn. We also called him Sir Finn. He was a big ol baby.

  • Rebecca Ethridge
    Rebecca Ethridge 10 hours ago

    Omg Alvi is absolutely adorable!! This video did make me realize that my bengal cat does NONE of these while the stray I tamed does all of these... makes me wonder lol

  • Irvan Kurniawan
    Irvan Kurniawan 10 hours ago

    You need to lvled up your Cat Heart from 1 to 10.

  • VIP *crown emoji*
    VIP *crown emoji* 10 hours ago

    Now i hate myself
    We had two kittens they did all these things to me and my sister but they became really annoying they kept sticking to us so we decided to give them up ( mom also encouraged this move)

  • Katherine
    Katherine 12 hours ago

    Awww 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

  • Hareesh reddy
    Hareesh reddy 13 hours ago

    I love my cat

  • hein htet
    hein htet 13 hours ago

    My cat never comes to me whenever i called her . 馃樉馃樉

  • hein htet
    hein htet 13 hours ago

    Plot Twist: The cat is a paid actor 馃惐馃悎馃惥馃樄

  • Talk NERDY To Me ASMR
    Talk NERDY To Me ASMR 13 hours ago

    How about 10 signs that your human really loves you?

  • Teemo Ng
    Teemo Ng 15 hours ago

    Sadly ... my cat do none of those

  • Karen Berbes
    Karen Berbes 16 hours ago

    I miss my cat馃槥 she died about 5 yrs. Ago馃様馃挃

  • DOCTOR Awful MD
    DOCTOR Awful MD 17 hours ago

    what a gorgeous kitty

  • wens茅lia chae
    wens茅lia chae 17 hours ago

    I wish my cat is like that, he hates me tho馃槱

  • Bruh Its me
    Bruh Its me 19 hours ago

    Whenever i poop on my bathroom, my cat poops in front of me- literally. That's how we bond.

  • Shawn Doucette
    Shawn Doucette 19 hours ago

    If you really love your cat you can鈥檛 let it go outside. Evil people like to poison friendly cats. I know too many people myself included that have had a cat poisoned by sick people. If you love them. Keep them indoors.

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel  16 hours ago

      We are aware this will always be possible but, for various reasons, the chance this will happen is slim. Besides, Alvi has lived on the streets for years and we know how unhappy he becomes, once you (try to) keep him inside. That's why the shelter classified him as an outdoor cat and only would give him away as long as there was a possibility for him to go out.

  • Xz0779
    Xz0779 21 hour ago

    Beautiful video, nice work 馃憤

  • Justin Mayberry
    Justin Mayberry 23 hours ago

    Our cat is a thug,he dont do any of those things he lets me pet him 3 times then he kicks me off and jets,he whores me out.

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel  22 hours ago

      You can't expect human behavior a cat. He is just being himself :)

  • James Smith
    James Smith Day ago

    I like dogs better.

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  • Mahadeva Sarma
    Mahadeva Sarma Day ago

    My cat jumps on to my or my wife's lap, crosses over to jump on to the nearest empty space and lies down and pays along till we sit next to her and pet her....

  • Mario Sementelli

    Odd apartment complex

  • Kevin Pittman
    Kevin Pittman Day ago

    the head bump is an important one... they are literally rubbing their cent on you to mark you as their possession. Dont ever think your their owner ... its always the other way around :) My cat cozmo is beside me ever second i am home.. when i lay down she is in my face grabbin my face with her paw to make sure i nuzzle her. never had an animal and ive had many love me as much as she does.

  • Need4Speed
    Need4Speed Day ago

    I would add some more signs:
    - Closes its eyes for seconds, when you look in its eyes. That is a sign of trust. Like: "Here look, i trust you so much, that i even close my eyes for you, cause i know you wouldnt Kill me"
    - Sleeps in your bed with you
    - Rubs its head against your body
    - Loves, when you pet it and purrs, while you do it
    - Pet you with its claw
    - My cats wags its tail when he is happy (normaly cats do this, when they are nervous, but i guess my cat is a bit special here 馃檪)
    Nice Video btw 馃憤馃徎

  • itsamenl
    itsamenl Day ago

    My cat only bites me, no one else. True love right there.

  • GJ Nightcore
    GJ Nightcore Day ago

    Y'all are talking about the cat, but none are talking about that maze of an apartment.

  • Julie Cavanagh
    Julie Cavanagh Day ago

    Yes! And orange tabbies are the most loving ever! 鉂も潳鉂も潳

  • frank waynefrank

    I love Alvi and family

  • Aleia Le'Gare
    Aleia Le'Gare Day ago

    I suffer from anxiety, high blood pressure and depression. My mom (a veterinarian) recommended getting a cat. My husband surprised me w/ a little 12 wk old Bengal boy. He is my life saver! My baby is 6 years old now. My blood pressure is at it's best and stays normal. My anxiety medications are lower and my depression has declined. My therapist still suggests it could very well be because of my cat. But I KNOW it is! He relaxes me when I feel anxious, forces me to have energy to get up and play w/ him which gives me energy to get out of bed. He makes me smile, laugh and talk at times I really don't want to. He follows my every move, waits by the door when I am gone and sleeps on my chest. I know he can feel when I am feeling down some days because he lays the loving on even heavier lol. Idk how I ever lived w/o my baby.

  • Teri Longacre
    Teri Longacre Day ago


  • Ervina Caka
    Ervina Caka Day ago

    They are so precious...bless their little souls 鉂

  • Rob van Beurten
    Rob van Beurten Day ago

    My cat recognizes my car sound and comes running to greet me when I step out the car.

  • Aavella
    Aavella Day ago

    Spitting image of our boy Thomas. Gorgeous ginger pussy. 馃榿

  • Foxy the Pirate
    Foxy the Pirate Day ago

    I luuv Cats so much! :3

  • rose sweeney
    rose sweeney Day ago

    When u realise ur cat doesnt do this stuff to you

  • Liza Jane
    Liza Jane Day ago

    :) Reminds me of all my daughters cats when she was growing up.

  • I b l a c k W a t e r M e l o n

    My cat really loved me he sleeped always with me and I loved him too and he was 9 years old but then one day he died馃槶馃槶 it was 1 year ago I still miss him and im crying馃槶his name was Hugo

  • Wynona Finein
    Wynona Finein Day ago

    All this has told me is how much my cats hate me
    Still a great video one of the best recommendations from TVclip

  • Mouthy Mama
    Mouthy Mama Day ago

    Aww yep, my cat loved the shit outta me!

  • Nadbees123
    Nadbees123 Day ago

    These are adorable!

  • Robbert van Suijdam

    Stockholm syndrome

  • tuomas juntunen
    tuomas juntunen Day ago