Alvi cat : 10 unmistakable signs your cat really loves you

  • Published on Dec 1, 2017
    Yes, we know: this is not first video of its kind and most certainly not the last. Still Alvi has his own unique ways to show us his love.
    Does your cat too?
    Watch until the end, as Alvi videos usually have both a head and a tail!
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Comments • 16 990

  • Jonathan Vincent
    Jonathan Vincent Year ago +14747

    You need more views, its amazing content!

    • Spicy boi
      Spicy boi 2 days ago

      Yeah boi 69 comments

    • Shrija Chatterjee
      Shrija Chatterjee 7 days ago

      Alvi your videos give us information about cats and thanks for that.😀

  • Mik Kurzhal
    Mik Kurzhal Hour ago


  • dominichokage
    dominichokage 3 hours ago

    The neighbourhood looks amazing for a cat, plenty of places to run around and climb.

  • SamuraiSam 123
    SamuraiSam 123 3 hours ago

    Alvis owner: ALVI where are you

  • DeathBringer Gaming
    DeathBringer Gaming 4 hours ago

    Almost all of these match mine except for the whole TVclip thing and when they come after getting called. I'll call her and she will just look at me like "dafuq you want??"

  • Kim V
    Kim V 6 hours ago

    When u dont own a cat but u still watch these kind of things😂

    (This is helpful tho)

  • Kim V
    Kim V 6 hours ago

    Im in peace.... Great vid👍👍

  • Kostas Priskos
    Kostas Priskos 7 hours ago

    How can people be torturing those kind souls?

  • Claudine Jimdar
    Claudine Jimdar 7 hours ago


  • Claudine Jimdar
    Claudine Jimdar 7 hours ago


  • Lucca Giamoni
    Lucca Giamoni 10 hours ago

    Girl: hey Alvi
    Subtitle: hi Alvi
    Me: Tf!!!!!

  • ray the person
    ray the person 11 hours ago

    Everytime I see my cat I imagine him calling me a bitch

  • Ava Beveridge
    Ava Beveridge 11 hours ago

    Never knew cats would do little hops...

  • ElectronicsAreMyThingTM

    My cat doesn’t ever do these things. She is actually mean to me more than anything. Can you train her? Just kidding love your vids!
    Edit: 3:50 the cat is meowing because they are talking about what happened while you were gone

  • ihavesomanysubscribersbecauseofmylongchannelname

    the thing with my cat is... when she’s out and about just walking on the floor, etc she’s scared of me and wont let me pick her up and sometimes even hiss at me. but if she’s sleepy and laying somewhere and i pick her up and take her to my bed and pet her she gets really affectionate and does all these things. so honestly idk if she loves me or hates me..

  • Hana Mizuno
    Hana Mizuno 12 hours ago

    I remember when my cat instead of runnning away and hiding to die he just layed next to me and passed away purring next to me

  • bleb birb
    bleb birb 13 hours ago

    My cat does none. She probably wants to kill me. :(

  • Not Funny
    Not Funny 13 hours ago

    Thank you hooman

  • Dianna Province
    Dianna Province 14 hours ago

    My cat is the only one who comes to me when called by name. The other just come of they want love or treats. My sisters cat grooms me all the time. Our newest cat ( about 1.5 years old) gives endless head boops). One of our girls will lay on you for as long as you'll let her, just purring. Our 5th kitty does the little jumps. They are all box loving, laptop stealing, sun worshipping, treat eating, fuzz balls.

    VENOM 15 hours ago +1


  • Lisa Elissa
    Lisa Elissa 15 hours ago

    My cat does all of these, except Number 3. Best to leave your cherished cat INSIDE. Away from cars predators, parasites and mean people.

  • c a t
    c a t 15 hours ago

    My cat tries to lick my toes 😳

  • Cal
    Cal 16 hours ago

    My cat was a hybrid (we were lied to when we got him) and was more of the tough outdoor kind of cat and didn't like anyone except for me. He'd give me head bumps and try to groom me. Whenever I was sick he'd only leave my room to eat drink and go to the bathroom. I miss him so much.

  • Brianna Martinez
    Brianna Martinez 17 hours ago

    My cat is my daughter

  • Flonas Gaming
    Flonas Gaming 18 hours ago

    Wait cats can love?

  • Frost
    Frost 20 hours ago

    Too cute

  • Dmitrij Vladimirov
    Dmitrij Vladimirov 21 hour ago

    10 signs that you own a cat instead of a dog.

  • KiritoFrom YT
    KiritoFrom YT 22 hours ago +2

    Fury : Where did goose goes after all this years!
    Also goose : I goes to find food😼

  • Joseph Jaramillo
    Joseph Jaramillo 22 hours ago

    Really nice video. :-) It makes me want to go out and get a kitty just like Alvi.

  • Maria Tretyakova
    Maria Tretyakova 22 hours ago

    Food provider 😂

  • MorrisKarate
    MorrisKarate 23 hours ago

    Nederlands ik ook

  • literally no one
    literally no one 23 hours ago

    Peluchin entertainment wants to know ur location

  • David Sebelius
    David Sebelius Day ago

    Alvi is a wonderful cat. You are lucky to have him/her as a pet.

  • Ryan Duffy
    Ryan Duffy Day ago

    Thank you algorithm fot this wholesome content

  • Dark Midi
    Dark Midi Day ago

    My cat hates me :')

  • XxZanexX Gacha Group -_-

    O-oh... i thought m-my cat loved m-me i have done everything as possible but i g-guess not...

  • Goldfish Queen
    Goldfish Queen Day ago

    I watched this about a year and a half ago when I was raising my kitty and she did everything on here 😥😥😥😥 she passed away about a month ago and it still hurts SO much 💔

  • Erica Williams
    Erica Williams Day ago

    Alvi is beautiful

  • Wilted's Corner
    Wilted's Corner Day ago

    I have one elder cat and 3 newer ones, I'm realizing now just how much (the elder) cares about me

  • LinkII08
    LinkII08 Day ago

    Beautiful cat!

  • Maia Wong
    Maia Wong Day ago

    My cat actually responded to his name today and I was like whoa

  • Nanda diaz
    Nanda diaz Day ago

    He hates me . .......

  • BigBearSoulmusiq

    Now we need to see 10 signs that your cat really hates you😂 jk

  • ThatShiftyChara
    ThatShiftyChara Day ago +11

    “Actually coming to you when called”
    Cat: *sweats nervously*

  • glen Glen
    glen Glen Day ago

    It seems like I'm going to decease now

  • Genevieve Caballes

    Ahem- Your Lord Cat has demanded a Pet

  • Bleflar
    Bleflar Day ago

    Wow, nice to know my cat doesn't love me.

  • Maddie Trahan
    Maddie Trahan Day ago

    awww my baby did love me 😢😢😢🙂🙂

  • santosjavi
    santosjavi Day ago

    Ok, my cat doesn’t love me.

  • CJ
    CJ Day ago

    Whoever gave this a thumbs down, is clearly not a Cat Lover! This video is so cute and sweet.❤

  • ScoutMaster_LP 007

    Good to know my cat really loves me

  • Alvi Rahmatullah Akbar

    Im not a cat.

  • Hiro
    Hiro Day ago

    Your cat is so healthy!

  • Sa Sa
    Sa Sa Day ago

    This is so cute!

  • Marcin Ziajkowski

    Food provider :D hahahah niece one

  • Hellisme L
    Hellisme L Day ago

    My cat jumps on my shoulder and lays behind my neck and I just walk around with him on me

  • Solange Valler
    Solange Valler Day ago

    Que coisa mais linda

  • cheeto
    cheeto Day ago

    my cat does all of these things, and alvi even looks like him! what a sweetheart

  • Татьяна Давыдова

    какие добрые люди, любящие кота

  • Happyheart's Studio

    The Dislikes Are From People Who Realize Their Cats Dont Love Them