Could SpaceX's BFR replace traditional airliners?

  • Published on Oct 5, 2018
  • With SpaceX announcing the BFR's first official mission to the moon, the possibility of Earth to Earth travel seems a little bit closer. In this video, we look at what needs to be done before Earth to Earth rocket travel can replace the traditional airliners that we use today. We also compare the dawn of passenger rocket travel to the early days of airplanes.
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  • Musicaltoy A
    Musicaltoy A 4 hours ago

    Current commercial aviation est. speeds 540MPH, Concord 1,354MPH (1976-2003). Numbers don't fail. Period.

  • MrManuMan
    MrManuMan 12 hours ago

    I think that we first need to use the BFR's to go to Mars en than, if we colonized Mars, use it as a commercial flight.

  • Acid Storm deserves more

    I don't know about the BFR but many maybe something on a smaller scale

  • Jongjong tolledo
    Jongjong tolledo Day ago +1

    I'm a Filipino and that's Soo expensive and I have a Question what if the sea have a storm is the bfr flight gonno be cancelled. And I can't even buy robux... Cuz we don't have Visa..

  • Diego García
    Diego García Day ago

    Airbus and Boeing will change too.

  • zak naylor
    zak naylor Day ago

    Delta spacelines sounds cool actually

    ROBLOX TIME 2 Day ago

    found the f word 9:29

    ROBLOX TIME 2 Day ago

    wait heres the f word 14: 15

    ROBLOX TIME 2 Day ago

    look i found the f word 14:15

  • Teddygalbis
    Teddygalbis Day ago +1

    Give liberals, Whoopi, Klooney, Cher, Madonna, Pelosi, free tickets, once rocketplane leaves atmosphere, fire retro rockets to push it out to depths of deep space. sorry, rescue not possible; that's what they get for refusing to help Make America Great Again. Trump, Conservatives rule for 1000 years. Amen. It all starts when Trump reelected in 2020. Cheers.

  • SkyGhost340
    SkyGhost340 2 days ago

    When you realize that BFR stands for
    Big fat rocket

  • Musicaltoy A
    Musicaltoy A 2 days ago

    I love the Idea. But it appears to me that although aviation has come a long way (fuel efficiency, safety, quieter, carry more passengers, cost efficient, durability or operational life) there is one thing that is greatly being missed in aviation, "Aerodynamics". I mean, look at your standard commercial airliner, the dimension of the front "nose" of the aircraft is like flying with a large umbrella opened!? Look at the turbofan engines, although the nacelles are the main resistance to the turbine, the're huge and let's not mention the wing thickness, we know you need camber to create lift but my goodness, the dimensions still look as thick as the OLD ford tri-motor! Believe it or not, a gentleman that commented below is exactly right, the concord achieved the greatest speed, comfort and safety while flying 1,200 MPH across the globe, how, though AERODYNAMICS. Skinny swept back wings, a small thin tube like cabin, and a needle nose for goodness sake. If I where that Elon Musk guy, I would FIRST create thousands of commercial airlines to perform like the concord or better and make my $$$ breakthrough first in the airline market, THEN I would peruse the ICBM for human rocket concept.

    • Desrtfox71
      Desrtfox71 15 hours ago

      First off the Concorde was neither very safe compared to traditional jetliners nor comfortable. Also, you should probably research aerodynamics before posting such things. It's pretty clear that you don't really understand why the aircraft and their individual parts are shaped as they are. First and foremost would be the difference between subsonic and supersonic airflow. Modern jetliners are shaped about as optimized as possible for the regime of flight that they experience. For example, the rounded nose is more efficient for subsonic flight than a pointed nose, however; the reverse is true for supersonic flight. Also, the turbines are huge, they are the propulsive plant of the aircraft, so bigger is better in most cases here. Also, a larger prop/fan diameter means more efficient flight for low speed, i.e subsonic flight. The Concorde's shape was optimized for supersonic flight, but even still tickets cost upwards of $5,000. That's 10 times less efficient than a modern super jumbo in terms of cost.

  • Michael Talbot
    Michael Talbot 2 days ago

    Does BFR stand for Big Fucking Rocket?🤣😋

  • Spookworm
    Spookworm 3 days ago +1

    Honestly due to the planet's limited supply and cost of fuel (even more limited, rocket fuel) I just don't see it ever becoming a casual form of transportation like the plane. Car gas prices have raised a fuck tonne and amplifying that for even one "Big fucking rocket" would blow most of the market out easily.
    If it was raised to be a high-class form of transportation, like, Qatar Airways level of first-class transportation, then I could see it being a more feasible form. Restrict that shit for the 1%, yo.

  • Ralph sears
    Ralph sears 4 days ago

    It will happen sooner than you think!

  • All Mighty
    All Mighty 5 days ago

    What I find funny is that no one has (that I know of) made the joke of how the BFR also stands for big f******* rocket

    • Rublie14
      Rublie14 3 days ago

      All Mighty that’s basically the whole point of the name. It’s not as if Elon Musk didn’t consider this lol

  • Euphoria
    Euphoria 5 days ago

    *big funking rocket*



  • Rich Chel
    Rich Chel 6 days ago +2

    Earth to Earth flight is already a reality - Inter-continental ballistic missiles! Remember MAD?

    • AARO LEV
      AARO LEV 3 days ago

      if youre not arsed about landing in pieces

  • Rich Chel
    Rich Chel 6 days ago +1

    Inter-continental ballistic commercial flights! Now that would be ironic!

  • Neil Miranda
    Neil Miranda 7 days ago +6

    The thing is simple, if he uses this system to deliver cargo 30 times faster than DHL, a lot of people will be interested to order his shipping service. After he builds an empire delivering cargo, the reliability of the system will increase over time and soon will be cost-effective to overcome the challenges imposed by traditional airlines.

  • Jerry A
    Jerry A 7 days ago +4

    I would love to be able to travel via SpaceX from USA to Australia. That would be amazing.

  • Oscar Johnson
    Oscar Johnson 8 days ago

    Ryan air be like: **transaction denied**

  • saxonsoldier67
    saxonsoldier67 8 days ago

    The BFR is not the best Earth-to-Earth vehicle. It uses far too much fuel and attains speeds that are at least twice what are necessary for transporting across the globe. A modified Single Stage to Orbit vehicle that cruises at Mach 10 at close to 50 km altitude and glides in for a landing would still get you from NY to Sydney in less than 3 hours at less than half the cost than BFR. A bonus would be the ability to use the same airports on both ends, have gentle acceleration like an airliner, and burn the same type of fuel as airliners.

  • Booyaka9000
    Booyaka9000 11 days ago

    Who TF would even fly Delta now, let alone, into space??

  • PERCYxyz
    PERCYxyz 11 days ago

    Interesting video - but no mention of the potential environmental impact

  • Baseshocks
    Baseshocks 12 days ago

    No and never, it takes training to learn to breathe in those G forces, it takes a healthy body to survive it and the weather has to be perfect to launch it, I have no doubt they will have a market but it will be a novelty thing.
    People who fly all the time have opted for slower luxury airliners then the concord for a reason, you can sleep on the flight and be at your destination ready to work when you get there and the vacation customers just want cheap flights. It's more likely you will see first hydrogen powered prop panes then if were lucky a hydrogen powered turbo jet engine for much cheaper flights.

  • Aiden Harris
    Aiden Harris 12 days ago

    If you don't subscribe after watching this video,

    your'e dead inside. Great video! ; )

  • TheGrateful108
    TheGrateful108 13 days ago +1

    Concord is safer, just build a landing ground at sea to avoid noise

  • Michael Clentworth
    Michael Clentworth 14 days ago

    The average person probably wouldn't tolerate the high G forces both on the way up and down on the BFR.

  • Cossack TwoFive
    Cossack TwoFive 14 days ago +1

    So we need a war in space just to make more advancement on reusable rocket...

  • Terrificten
    Terrificten 16 days ago +2

    2-3Gs of force... That is a lot! A 60Kg person will feel like 150kg! I would not ride on it.

    • Mrtn
      Mrtn 16 days ago +3

      Yeah but it is okay. I went 4G last week on a glider and only then you start to feel a bit light in you head and you feel your cheeks coming down, nothing else (if you sit comfortable).

  • Kumo
    Kumo 17 days ago

    lmao 4:15 vehicle: big fucking rocket

  • Wesley Arrington
    Wesley Arrington 17 days ago +2

    i do not thick it will be posable any time soon

  • Chris Hand
    Chris Hand 17 days ago

    Astronauts have to train for a long time in order to be able to go to space so how are you going to send regular people with no training, I don't think a normal person would be able to handle the g-forces

    • Wesley Arrington
      Wesley Arrington 17 days ago +1

      he said it would be like a roller coaster so I think it would be fine but some people do not like fast or scary roles coasters

  • Chris Hand
    Chris Hand 17 days ago

    Does BFR stand for big fucking rocket ?

  • Wolfgang Breitenseher
    Wolfgang Breitenseher 17 days ago

    No. You can't.

  • Kelly Norman
    Kelly Norman 18 days ago

    how fucking stupid is this

  • Frank PhpDevelopment
    Frank PhpDevelopment 18 days ago +1

    WW3, rockets falling from space at match 5 speed.

  • bushidorox
    bushidorox 19 days ago +4

    I think the BFR's biggest customers initially will be businesses. The time reduction will revolutionize international delivery, and I bet companies will probably be willing to absorb slightly higher costs if they save 6-7 hours per shipment.

    • KRYMauL
      KRYMauL 7 days ago

      +Logan Mainord This will likely occur if and when the "Space Force," or whateve it ends up being called comes to be a thing

    • Logan Mainord
      Logan Mainord 7 days ago

      I see the technology to be most likely to be bought into by the military (which has already looked into a similar project with SUSTAIN (look it up on Wiki. It's awesome and you'll ask why we never went through with it)).
      I can definitely see how the military would want to send 500 Marines + weapons and ammunition (Obviously vehicles would probably have to be sent over beforehand) across the world in under an hour. Plus, the Military would be the prime market for the startup phase:
      A strong core of young, healthy, and physically fit passengers that can take the G-Forces? (most astronauts are recruited from the military anyway.) Check. An organization that is willing to take riskier options for transport and people that are willing to take that risk for an obvious and extremely powerful advantage in capability? Check. Nigh-Unlimited pockets that will be willing to fund expensive projects and take cost overruns for a promising project? check. People with facilities that can be launched out of and landed at where no one cares about noise pollution? Check. An organization with a history of revolutionizing the consumer market with its funding of technologies to better their own operations? Check.
      The military would be the perfect customer to start this sort of thing off.

    • KRYMauL
      KRYMauL 7 days ago

      Not to mention the amount of time money saved on the crew

  • Mohammad Ujjol Hossen
    Mohammad Ujjol Hossen 20 days ago

    How a person will get comfort using this rocket flight?😟

    • Scott Miskowiak
      Scott Miskowiak 6 days ago +1

      +Mohammad Ujjol Hossen Ok, I see what you're getting at. I personally think the BFR is a step towards space travel as an airline. But by no means do I think it will be what Elon Musk is thinking. Same with Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic. You're right in that they'll need to solve the g-force issue before people will get serious about it.

      I think it's theoretically possible, but the engines are the key. Right now most turbofan engines begin to lose thrust at about 45,000ft. That's why most passenger jets don't go much higher. Fighter jets top out at around 60,000ft tops. That's because they can't get enough air to create the necessary thrust. Once they develop engines that can gradually get up to speed like a turbofan, but have the power of a Merlin engine, then it will take-off.

    • Mohammad Ujjol Hossen
      Mohammad Ujjol Hossen 6 days ago

      +Scott Miskowiak no I'm asking when the rocket is launching there might be earth forch and our blood will not be pumped very well. Also the travellers may not trained to use this where the astronauts need a lot of training.

    • Scott Miskowiak
      Scott Miskowiak 19 days ago

      Do you really need to have the same comforts in the BFR as you do in the A380 for a 30 minute flight? You'll spend more time getting ready for the flight in the BFR than actually on the flight. Checking in will take about 90 minutes with all the passengers, safety brief will probably be another 30 minutes, and the boat ride out to the launchpad will be another 20 minutes. Not to mention that it will take another 45 minutes to get everyone in, strapped in, and baggage loaded. So you're looking at 3 1/2 hours to go on a 30 minute flight. So do you really need your complimentary pillow and peanuts?

  • galacticito ack
    galacticito ack 21 day ago

    free drinks?

  • Bill Dunne
    Bill Dunne 21 day ago

    it is a brilliant idea and i think its feasable.It would be the No1 innovation of the Century.

  • rmm2424
    rmm2424 22 days ago +2

    Musk should build a new high capacity SST. Like a giant Concorde.

  • Sharkygamer 0110
    Sharkygamer 0110 23 days ago

    I feel safer on a airplane not on rocket. Because I rather die on Earth not in space

  • Josias Cloete
    Josias Cloete 23 days ago

    great!!!! more leg space!!

  • VeteranCape
    VeteranCape 24 days ago

    The government will never allow this unless Boeing gets a cut of the profit

  • Steve Reichert
    Steve Reichert 24 days ago

    Why not have an SST with Scram Jets as well as regular jet engines. Such a craft could skim on top of the Earth's atmosphere and land at any large airport, not just near large coastal cities. I dare say the speed of such a craft would be fast enough to make up for the travel time you would need to get to the sea based pad in the ocean for a BFR

  • Chaddington Finnland
    Chaddington Finnland 24 days ago

    Vehicle: Big Fucking Rocket

  • Charles Bidinger
    Charles Bidinger 25 days ago

    Good question

  • QuicksterGames Tutorials/Gameplay/And more!

    How to destroy boeing

    be elon musk

  • STPDesign
    STPDesign 26 days ago

    The big problem is the weigh of the fuel and gravity. Just let go the anti-gravity technology available and there we have our cheap fastest way to fly New-York to Shanghai in 10 minutes no stupid fuel needed and no fling-stone mechanic needed too.

  • Bakayaro konoyaro
    Bakayaro konoyaro 26 days ago

    dude this shit would THE shit

  • Daniel Garrow
    Daniel Garrow 26 days ago

    That's the worst idea ever

  • Beachcomber Entertainment

    Stop saying aircrafts. AIRCRAFT is singular and plural!!!!!!!!

  • Hunter XXL
    Hunter XXL 28 days ago

    BFR airplane

    DEPART 12:50
    ARIVE 13:20
    COST :550$

  • Seabelo Selome
    Seabelo Selome 29 days ago

    Fastness is worthless if we dont have food,comfortability and safety

  • Joseph Kreifels II
    Joseph Kreifels II 29 days ago

    Not a good idea. Imagine if Russia or North Korea decided to shoot these down from Orbit.

  • HeavyChungus217
    HeavyChungus217 29 days ago

    we need to wait until elon musk fixes the *_Crab Rave_* Problem.

  • Avanteesh Motheram
    Avanteesh Motheram 29 days ago

    I think bfr us a bad idea. There will be no pilots in future as bfr will have astronauts. We must also give an importance to pilots and aircraft

    • Man Dae
      Man Dae 28 days ago

      it wouldnt be affordable for the BFR to mass-transport

  • raCECar
    raCECar Month ago

    Lower that forced bass just a little. Add inflection too. Like you're telling a story.

  • Ali Ali
    Ali Ali Month ago

    Wait that’s a lot of rocket

  • Unquality Content is what I do

    I thought BFR stood for “Big friendly rocket”
    Or in that one Elon musk short film (that short film was a joke) it was called “big fucking rocket :)”

  • joy mukherji
    joy mukherji Month ago

    It's a retarded concept. Sitting on top of a rocket or controlled explosion and they are hoping it would be safer than an airplane? Fuck the idea. Elon Musk is fooling the public.

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith Month ago

    ridiculous. you've got to learn how to walk first. the Hydrogen Age hasn't even been born yet. Its getting there though...via innovators like Elon Musk - electric cars/trucks... the first step is cheap electricity. that's born via MSBR - Molten Salt Breeder Reactor technology; proposed, but not implemented yet. next, comes wider roll out. then, lower prices for electricity. then comes hydrogen cars/trucks and supersonic airliners (like Concord, but 21st century). then, comes flying cars. then comes space logical, it hurts...

  • Akihiko Hayashi
    Akihiko Hayashi Month ago +2

    So... what you’re saying is... we need another world war to convince governments to allow rocket development?

  • Máté Ágoston
    Máté Ágoston Month ago

    Sounds cool, but my greatest fear about it is that the fact that we only can travel from NYC to Shanghai in 13 hours instead of 39 minutes is one of the smallest problem of the human race. Working very hard eliminating wars, genocide, violence and educating people for the better are a lot more important imo. And also the G force: Okay if it is only 2-3 G, but for around 10 minutes, or more in the same direction! That is an extremely huge amount of time in terms of G forces, I am not sure if even healthy people would feel okay after a flight.

  • Alfons Rasmus
    Alfons Rasmus Month ago

    4:15 scan the QR code! It is a really funny picture!

  • TheLordCat
    TheLordCat Month ago +12

    Wait, let me understand....
    Instead of flying on a Boeing 747 or any other planes...

    That's actually cool.

  • RiPaTaLe YT
    RiPaTaLe YT Month ago

    pro : 1) save alot of time
    2) You can feel zero graviti
    cons: 1) maybe expensive
    2) solar storm
    3) lauch/landing quite dangerous

    • Jorge
      Jorge Month ago

      What do you mean by "solar storm"?

  • Gamer Chh
    Gamer Chh Month ago

    If this happened, It would be my dream come true. I would become a billionare just to ride the BFR

  • Marc Brown
    Marc Brown Month ago +1

    I’d take a trip on Elon’s BFR


  • John Chavez
    John Chavez Month ago

    Maybe if we able to develop inertia dampeners technology, that could remove the discomfort part on passengers as they take off and land.

    • Jorge
      Jorge Month ago

      So, springs?

  • Arattor 610
    Arattor 610 Month ago

    4:15 „big fucking rocket“ 😂😂

  • Slog
    Slog Month ago +2

    So instead of a Boeing 747 or something.......

    I will ride on a....

    Big fookin rocket

    • Slog
      Slog Month ago

      Abhinav Chauhan THATS how the ticket says anyway

      “Big fookin rocket”

    • Abhinav Chauhan
      Abhinav Chauhan Month ago

      Shoot your fooking mout youll doo nooting

  • Joyce Blafford
    Joyce Blafford Month ago

    Rockets are so ancient!! They should develop something better!

  • Yutaka N
    Yutaka N Month ago +19

    Keep in mind that in order to fly the Concorde from New York to London in 3 hours, one must have paid about $15,000.

  • Romain Atkins
    Romain Atkins Month ago

    It's a good ideas for in eath travel bc it would get the global attention to get better with technology and the award Ness .

  • cikame
    cikame Month ago

    I mean, this is just Concorde again, we tried going faster and what we learned was it makes a lot more economical sense to increase the capacity of aircraft, not the speed.
    If you can get 1,000+ people on board maybe, but that's such a huge risk considering the safety record of rockets.

    • Jorge
      Jorge Month ago

      Not a single person has died riding a rocket in the last 18 years, and the data he showed in this video is kinda skewed. Around 560 people have gone to space, but most of those people have gone many times, so the actual number is closer to 1600, giving it a 1.125% of dying in a spaceflight, and of the two vehicles that have killed people (4 in Soyuz, 14 in Shuttle) one of them is decomissioned (Shuttle) and the other has changed a lot since the accidents happened over 40 years ago.

  • L Fist
    L Fist Month ago +79

    1986: "we will have flying cars in 2018"
    2018: "Introducing, The flying dildo"

  • RealBloodstorm
    RealBloodstorm Month ago +1

    Boarding a BFR on its own would be a dream come true...

  • Andreas Comman
    Andreas Comman Month ago

    i like the idea, but i think it might be impossible. Elon Musk is a genius and i think he will make it. I hope it!!

  • Haliff Roslan
    Haliff Roslan Month ago

    if people pay like 10k usd for first class from dubai to toronto, hei why not take the real first class, where u sit in lounge for few hours, but flight time of under 1 hour

  • QuarkStrange
    QuarkStrange Month ago +1

    ...and for the environment??

  • hardcuban
    hardcuban Month ago +3

    You leave london 8 am and be at los angeles at 12:30 am.

  • MR. BK
    MR. BK Month ago

    And the pollution??????

  • Crashish Laroque
    Crashish Laroque Month ago

    Yes. Until there was a BFA.

  • Daniel Allemang
    Daniel Allemang Month ago +2

    It's amazing how far aviation has come in such a short time. The first flight was in 1903, then only 66 years later there were men walking on THE FREAKING MOON!!
    I can't wait to see where we go next!

    • Ash Bajaj
      Ash Bajaj Month ago

      Daniel Allemang ancient civilizations that came from other planets were much smarter than us just saying they have done way more than us

  • Dfegw Sdge
    Dfegw Sdge Month ago +1

    imagine you live in ny and have a job at shanghai and using this bfr to travel to work daily

    • Cooper Angeles
      Cooper Angeles Month ago +1

      So you will spend 1500 dollars everyday? No thanks

  • Edwin Armenta
    Edwin Armenta Month ago

    What about the space trash how will it avoid them

    • rent a shill
      rent a shill Month ago +1

      space thrash is very high altitude

  • 29 North Motorsports

    Riding a continental ballistic missile seems fun

  • Adam Muhsin
    Adam Muhsin Month ago

    As an Aviation enthusiast, the idea sounds awesome. However, it would definitely be much more dangerous than any other form of travel. The "ATC" for these rockets would have to also possibly communicate with current Aircraft ATC to minimize the risk of a collision with an airplane as the rocket lifts off and lands. Among many other things

    STEVEN WORTON Month ago

    I think one of the problems I would say breaking the sound barrier you probably couldn't fly over countries in case of shock wave we seen it with asteroids breaking glass for 100 miles

  • Klia Klia
    Klia Klia Month ago

    Of course, i dont think Earth-to-Earth plan of Elon is a great idea. Boeing should not be worried about SpaceX.... Boeing should be worried about Tesla, the VTOL aircraft... and the Hyperloop!

  • Noxiferam
    Noxiferam Month ago

    Even if the BFR doesn't end up being used for passengers, it could still become a very efficient way to deliver goods around the world in a very short amount of time. Depending on cost and demand, it could be profitable I assume.

  • cobrazax
    cobrazax Month ago +3

    it will not be as safe as airplanes...definitly not anytime soon...but it will be MUCH faster.
    for those who want to travel ultra fast for a higher price, less comfort and more would be worth it.
    it wont replace air travel but it will complement it

    • cobrazax
      cobrazax Month ago +1

      +jimmy falcon
      he said many things...but its ultra hard to make it that cost effective. just the fuel cost are extreme, not to mention making the BFR insanely reusable with those amounts of stress on it. it will be unlikely to reach those levels anytime soon for sure. reaching a comparable level of safety will be almost impossible too.
      so it would probably be more expensive (ideally not by much), less safe, less comfortable.
      but u will get ultra fast travel with a nice view too.

    • jimmy falcon
      jimmy falcon Month ago

      Musk said that cost will be similar to general economy class

  • Felix B
    Felix B Month ago +6

    This would be business man flights so the price of why over 1000 dolla would be Okey.

  • Shawn Mercy
    Shawn Mercy Month ago +3

    I'm just curious how you are being compensated for re-mixing the exact arguments put forward by Musk / Space X.

  • Stuart Lee
    Stuart Lee Month ago

    What about Hillary's broomstick??

  • Vincent Winch
    Vincent Winch Month ago +1

    this is the same guy who hosted meme review?