Could SpaceX's BFR replace traditional airliners?


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  • 21YesN
    21YesN 8 hours ago

    tesla will make electrical planes

  • Abinash Pal
    Abinash Pal 9 hours ago

    Watching for the 2nd time.....thought that I've not watched before.....

  • Abinash Pal
    Abinash Pal 9 hours ago

    First it should be started with cargo delivery.....

  • Douglas MacIlroy

    People will pay a lot more than $1500 to fly half way round the world in under an hour. The BFR option could become very lucrative once the rich decide that travelling that way is cool and relatively easy. Don't blink. History tailgates.

  • bratha nice
    bratha nice Day ago

    my gut tells me disaster awaits, if this was to be implemented this soon... the idea would be better in maybe 20years time

  • Dephnil Pereira
    Dephnil Pereira Day ago

    What about developing floating spaceships carry people from continental to another. Boarding people using space touching elevators. We can avoid rockets.

  • 67th
    67th Day ago

    this isn't its purpose at all..... its going to mars.

  • Matheus Specht
    Matheus Specht 2 days ago

    i just hope this dream comes thru

  • FlightSimMaster108
    FlightSimMaster108 2 days ago

    I love how Elon Musk is basically a real life Tony Stark

  • Crack
    Crack 2 days ago

    when we can fly through space for ourselves, flat earthers will be no more.

  • Haristess
    Haristess 2 days ago

    I dont think this is a sensible.
    1. your talking about a floating island platform, which means dealing with choppy waters, that could make the platform move and rock causing an unstable launch and landing.
    2. we have all watched a rocket launch in our lives. all of them depends on perfect weather conditions. no wind and blue skies. Your talking about going to places where wind, and rain is almost a daily occurance. rockets depend on perfect conditions, and simulated conditions in order to perform as expected. Imagine landing and a gust of wind blows the rocket off course. maybe it might land but not on the landing pad.
    3. weather can change within 30minutes. even if you have all the telemetry of weather forecasts for both locations. what happens if during the lfight the weather changes? its not like you can abort and go somewhere else where the weather is fine. we're not talkign about a plane that can change destination during a flight to land at another airport. rockets arnt aircraft, their explosive tanks designed to go in 1 direction very fast. their not planes with wings unlike the spaceshuttle had, that could change destination and land at a different airport.
    I think elon has vitalized space exploration, and goign in the right direction, but for earth to earth, i think a new design would be needed that isnt just a rocket with clever automated systems, but is also a plane that can change destination, during a gliding down to earth phase, simply due to change in weather conditions.

  • Big Norbert
    Big Norbert 3 days ago

    We'll all either be underwater or parched by the time this shows up. The rich can look down on the poor as they become extinct. Should be able to charge extra for that.

  • Big Norbert
    Big Norbert 3 days ago

    Could SpaceX's BFR replace traditional airliners?

  • Brian
    Brian 3 days ago

    I think one of the bigger problems making this unrealistic is the entire wasted engine and just too much waste its like their making basically one time use disposable rockets for 35M lol oh and the cockpit gets used 10 times... huge waste. Although, with todays culture so invested on being more efficient versions of themselves and "on the grind" I'm sure this type of quick travel will be popular with future millennial professionals.

  • Jeff Lee
    Jeff Lee 3 days ago

    I thought BFR stands for Big Fu***ng Rocket??

  • Jacob Hood
    Jacob Hood 3 days ago


  • Heikki Finland
    Heikki Finland 3 days ago

    Airports are huge. If SpaceX can operate on smaller areas they should use that advantage in the competition and start with landing only to small crowded places like islands without airport.

  • PrimiusLovin
    PrimiusLovin 3 days ago

    Whether it's going to be the BFR or something else we sure could use a reliable, fast and cheap rocket capable of landing anywhere on the planet with nothing but a small stretch of a landing pad!

  • Carlu
    Carlu 3 days ago

    definitely a rocket is safer than every days traffic .

  • EagleEye Mcgee
    EagleEye Mcgee 3 days ago

    This is unbelievably stupid. First there is the fuel cost, then the 1% chance of death, also the launch pad would have to be really far from any urban centres because if anything goes wrong you are basically dealing with a giant bomb. The Concorde, A380 and 747 are all basically obsolete. The aviation industry is demanding cheaper, more comfortable and more efficient flight. This is none of that. And it wouldn't really save any time, between arriving at the launch site, going through security and all other bs, waiting for fueling to be complete, it's not much faster for most journeys.

  • Jesse Parrish
    Jesse Parrish 3 days ago

    "It's important to remember that people once said the same thing about airplanes."
    And all ideas that did turn out to be stupid. This is stupid. It's not a question of future tech or logical possibility, but the energy requirements are a basic fact that won't change under development. Putting people into orbit will always be energy expensive. If your idea is exactly as good as basically free energy delivered arbitrarily, you're done.

  • geothon
    geothon 3 days ago

    Lets talk about restrictions based on individual health conditions.

  • Fadi Sarsak
    Fadi Sarsak 4 days ago

    in 2008 Musk was 4 days away from calling a bankrupt and today he worth a 20 billion as a person.
    In 2014 Tesla was producing around 700 cars a week and this year they reached 7000.
    Peoples doubted Tesla cars when they introduced but today every one want one.
    This mean that if Musk said something then it's going to happen sooner or later.
    you don't doubt Elon.

  • CorruptLupi
    CorruptLupi 4 days ago

    see if that booster can land perfectly everytime then it will just be the fuel to buy

  • Kristofer Foster
    Kristofer Foster 4 days ago

    This is astronomically dumb. I don't even know where to start with the problems with this video.

  • Neil Hatch
    Neil Hatch 4 days ago

    Love the people dissing Concorde here. 30 years in service? First and only supersonic airliner ? Only one crash in 30 years? Hardly a disaster was it.

  • Dice Flawless
    Dice Flawless 4 days ago

    Ill wait a few years after this opens. Let all the fire few test subjects explode

  • Toffi !
    Toffi ! 4 days ago

    big fucking rocket

  • andrew ayres
    andrew ayres 4 days ago

    Can I just say, to get that rocket from one side of the UK to the other, it takes up as much fuel as 400 airliners do to get from one side of the world to the other, so you better start pumping some oil!

  • CallMeJeff
    CallMeJeff 4 days ago +1

    does that fucking mean we will have a war with rockets ?

  • Edward Gardener
    Edward Gardener 4 days ago

    There are some major problems as well as possible solutions that are overlooked on this topic.
    Historically the NASA space programs originates as a continuation of the NAZI space program. NAZI scientist that where smuggeled into America after WW2. This is not a secret as Wikipedia states that the director of the Apollo moon landing missions was Werhner vor Brauwn, and according to his Wikipedia page he was an Ex NAZI. (SS people killer).
    Since the NAZI's invented other things in (1939) such as the Television, and accoring to them and Hitler this machine was a form of Mind Manipulation (Hypnosis). The other Branches of the Imported NAZI's started things such as the CIA who have openly admidded to continued their hypnosis and PSI-ops programs known as MK-Ultra.
    The space race was obvuisly a part of/continuation of the cold war and a political tool to project power.
    Therefore with these historically hard and heavy subjects in my mind it could be enterly possible (keeping in mind all its participants) that the Moon landing and aither all of all space missions was FAKE. As a part of a massive PSI op and black budget PROPAGANDA operation.
    There is much evidence for this is the 'moon landing was faked' section on TVclip and there are a lot of logical oberservations that cannot be overlooked such as downloading pictures that are today on the official NASA website and playing with the greyscale and contrast settings in photoshop. With resulting square borders around pictures of the Moon that are only possible if the Moon was glued into the shot. And several other scientific impossebilaty's with compilation of pictures. Repetition of backgrounds, and the always absent stars and the weird argument that somehow stars and the observation of stars is impossible without an athmospere (then explain the hubble space telescope?).
    And therefore it could be possible that humans never made it past the Van Allen Belt. As they are not able to do today and in NASA claim not to have the technology to do it today. 'We have lost the technology'.
    That is my first point.
    My second point is more about what it would logically take to go into space.
    My second point is that current space rockets are based on the V2 NAZI missile. That was used to bombard britisch people in WW2. The rocket was designed by NAZI scientist who did devil worshipping in their NAZI cult and according to their own accounts and simmilar story's of for instance Jack Parsnip. These missiles are historically designed NOT to land savely.
    Their centre of gravity and explosive charge coupled with 'trying to land it' in my mind is not a logical thing to try and achieve in the long run. Even though I have great respect for Elon Musk and his efforts to try and do so. I think that it could be saver, easyer and cheaper. The 'problem' of a highly intelligent and high achiever such as elon musk is that he might be overlooking more simple and saver solutions.
    I propose the following:
    'If someone has done it before that means it can be done'.
    There was a man who did a freefall parachute jump from a 100KM. He went to that 100KM using a weather balloon or what we know in the science community as a UFO. So he took a UFO to a 100KM and then he jumped back to earth.
    I think a 100KM is officially 'space' although I don't know how much higher you have to go before you hit weightlessness. I would take that free 100KM using a balloon and filosofise that it would be somehow way cheaper then burning fuel.
    You take an octagon with 8 balloons. And a platform with a hole in the bottom. You put Tesla battery's in and Drone/helicopter propellers on the side to stear the thing and keep it stable.
    You then load the missile in the middle and start it at around 100KM or whatever hight is the highest possible. And lift off. (there should be no ground effect VS the platform to keep it stable and more like a lauch tube then a platform).
    Landing the rocket is in my eyes a stupid and costly idea, even if you are smart enough to pull it off. It could be more simple.
    Why not prepare the rocket to always do a soft landing on water and have air bags to keep it afloat. If it worked before with having parachutes on the human compartment then what is wrong with that? It saves you fuel going down and I think is a softer safer landing. (Also a water floating/waterplane/helicopter landing for the human compartment).
    All these concepts have worked before in the past and can work again. (Even if a rocket on a platform is an issue what is wrong with a Avengers type floating air ship? Small shuttles to go into space, soft landings down on the water).
    Build something like this to scale to see if it works? Its still cool to go into space and experience weightlessness and going to the other side of the world in 30 minutes is not a bad inprovement..
    Elon Hire me :).
    Think about the tons of Fuel you save in the long run and the enviroment.

    • Edward Gardener
      Edward Gardener 3 days ago

      And as an addition to my Idea.
      Ok you have a platform. And its high in space, at the edge of the athmospere with my UFO suggestion.
      Then you have a Gauss Gun, like the one the navy is using, but then bigger.
      Inside it you have human cannonball sized ammunition which holds 1 person, a long space proof rope. And enough fuel to get back to earth. And ofc it has Oxygen and a parachute.
      You lauch people into space using the bullet. Then you can experience free flight for a while in a space suit. Then get realed back in and the whole thing can even be remotely controlled from earth. Use the fuel for re-entry. Pop the chute and pick people back up in the Ocean using your boats..
      What do you guys think?

    • Jon Lee
      Jon Lee 4 days ago

      too long to read, dont care

  • A Shen
    A Shen 4 days ago

    IF BFR is operated at a commercial scale, that's the end of Earth clock ticking. Do you know how many tons of fuel is needed to send just the BFR to space? Not to mention "landing" those rockets. It would be a disaster to humanity and the Earth will be destroyed very soon.

  • Ming Fang
    Ming Fang 4 days ago

    Very well said by sugershakify but I would like to supplement
    with the huge risk of launching rockets near urban area. Any failure, just like Space X and others made before, even partially, could cause unimaginable disaster if happend in a big city
    1 month ago
    Whole idea is just more Elon Musk super snake oil salesman bullcrap.
    In order for the sonic booms to not be an issue it would have 30-40 miles off shore.
    In order to achieve the travel times Musk bragged about would require ICBM acceleration and deceleration curves. Most people are not going to put up with blacking out every time you take-off and land
    Weather would have to be absolutely perfect both at the takeoff and landing location. Severely limiting operations
    Complete and utter nonsense, and that Musk would seriously stand up in front of crowd and pitch it as a viable option says much about his character.

  • david strand
    david strand 4 days ago

    I think it takes 8 min to get to space by then you going super fast

  • AR Football
    AR Football 4 days ago

    I think it will work it will be better and better safer and safer

  • The Extermina6
    The Extermina6 4 days ago

    Nooooo, i love dat nice long smooth flight

  • TheDiaClub
    TheDiaClub 5 days ago

    7:13 lol xD

  • Syed Mujahid Ullah Hussaini

    As it is evolved that aeroplanes reliability proved by transferring cargo first the same thing should be applied to BFRs.
    Moreover the rocket method can not be judjed safer by common sense. They have to re start developing right from the ABC. I.e.from scratch.

  • Remho
    Remho 5 days ago

    lets support this

  • Honzu GT
    Honzu GT 5 days ago

    What about rocket powered planes?

  • Cesar Polanco
    Cesar Polanco 5 days ago

    Killer machine I would say. Not safe .Ripping through our atmosphere is a big problem . Letting in more sun Ray's not very smart. No thanks keep your ideas to yourself. Plane are already dangerous we don't need more.

  • paul reed
    paul reed 5 days ago

    This is hilarious that one would even think this could EVER put the slightest dent in airline travel. This Space X deal is for EXTREMELY RICH people ONLY. Space travel is EXTREMELY expensive because of the specialized equipment and massive amount of fuel required to get a space craft to orbital speeds. It is a fantasy made only for the rich. Stop dreaming.

    • paul reed
      paul reed 4 days ago

      +Jon Lee look at the fuel per tonnage. Then compare that to a commercial liner, not to mention the risk involved. Space flight track record isn't good.

    • Jon Lee
      Jon Lee 4 days ago

      the same thing was said about ship travel across the Atlantic and air travel... with time cost is reduced, this is not a new economic situation. Research much?

  • Matthew Wright
    Matthew Wright 5 days ago

    The comparison between the development of aircraft to modern rocketry developments is a non-starter. The rocketry industry is not at all in its infancy, as aircraft were in the early 1900s. That time was back in the 1940s and 1950s, when the military took its first serious look at how to use rockets for gaining an upper hand in the Cold War. That fueled a HUGE amount of development, and we went from the V-2 rocket to the Saturn V from 1945 to 1967.
    And then rocketry development plateaued. Why? Because the military could now get from rocketry what it needed (ICBMs, military satellite launches), NASA could do what it needed (Interplanetary probes with the same rockets as military satellite launches, Space Shuttle for large and expensive payloads), and the civilian industry could just piggy back off of those two. Plus, pretty much all possible chemical rocket propellants and configurations had been investigated in full (methane was examined, kerosene was selected due to oil refineries being able to slightly modify their kerosene into RP-1, so the whole supply chain already existed), so there is going to be no new radical engine technologies (ruling out nuclear fission and NTRs[nuclear thermal rocket]).
    Finally, while SpaceX has done some absolutely incredible things, a lot of their design philosophy has been deeply conservative at the same time. The Falcon 9 still uses Kerosene/LOX(liquid oxygen) in its Merlin engines. Those Merlin's also use a very well understood gas generator combustion cycle, and a pintle propellant injector design based directly on the pintle injector of the Saturn V's F-1 engine. The Raptor engine for the BFR is certainly going to be a game changer, but I seriously doubt it will be able to get the BFR to the place of fully replacing traditional airliners.
    The BFR is going to be excellent for what it is designed for - being a much more economic way of putting stuff into SPACE - not excellent for earth transport. Maybe it will find a niche market for the extremely wealthy. But not at all replace the airline industry. Just because Elon said so doesn't mean it is so.
    Oh and for those claiming that it is going to be carbon neutral due to converting air and seawater into methane and LOX, that is also BS for the same reason hydrogen cars are not going to make - it makes no economic sense.

  • brian killacky
    brian killacky 6 days ago

    How would this affect the water and air pollution?

  • Lucky Jazzy
    Lucky Jazzy 6 days ago

    If this happens soon then it's the end of Flat Earthers. Lol.😂

  • Little Nation
    Little Nation 6 days ago

    4:17 look closely at the ticket and the vehicle

  • chad danylak
    chad danylak 6 days ago

    breaking news rocket crash into big ben

  • TheRealUnconnected
    TheRealUnconnected 6 days ago

    You'd have to be mighty dumb to think this is evenly remotely possible. Musk just lies to investors for funding. Normal people who haven't been through the rigorous fitness programs for space flight would pass out or die from the G forces of takeoff and landing, then there is the rapid altitude change that would blow out your eardrums. Then the huge noise and hazard of a rocket being anywhere near a built up area that would prevent the rocket ports from being near enough to a city to be useful. Literally dumber than hyperloop, which is fucking dumb.
    Thanks to telecommunications we no longer need to be in other countries as fast as we once did, as these telecoms improve the need for travel will reduce even further. One day, soon, we will have VR experiences that allow executives to be present in meetings as if they were really there. Already we have full internet on planes allowing for business to continue as you travel.
    Dumbest fucking idea ever, musk is a genius, at separating morons from their money.

  • XxJ4T1NxX 00
    XxJ4T1NxX 00 6 days ago

    i would rather pay 550€ to ride in an A380, with bed, food, wifi and food then paying 550€ to ride a rocket that takes me to my destiny in 30 min, with no food, no bed, no wifi or comfortable, the interesting part is not the destiny, but the journey. This rocket it made for buisness mans or something, to which time is money so they want to save time. To a normal person, a traditional flight is much better than that rocket.

  • nate
    nate 6 days ago

    There goes my job

  • S.S. Voyage
    S.S. Voyage 6 days ago

    4:17 vehicle *BIG FUCKING ROCKET*

  • Jasonsenipor
    Jasonsenipor 6 days ago

    So modern airplanes doesn't release enough shit into the atmosphere?
    We need these fucking things to release even more?
    Air travel needs to be heavily restricted for cleaner air.
    Same with cargo ships that pollute the air.

  • AuroraFTL
    AuroraFTL 6 days ago

    Vehicle - Big Fucking Rocket

  • tom tesoro
    tom tesoro 6 days ago

    INEVITABLE !! Common sense and logical engineering & science.. going straight up then down again makes more sense than going across the earth's skies! 'speed' of service will overtake the current slower air travel, which will be like our current 'CRUISE SHIPS' .. scenic and tourism only!

    GREG BIEL 7 days ago

    SST Can do better than that .

  • Jesus Gonzalez
    Jesus Gonzalez 7 days ago +2

    I wonder how it will feel like during the takeoff and landing I be type scared in a plane imagine a space ship

  • Bobby Singh
    Bobby Singh 7 days ago


  • Elliot Shane
    Elliot Shane 7 days ago

    Supersonic flight will come before the BFR

  • Jean-Francois Berlemont

    Excellent combination of technical info with a good sense of humour ! Thanks for these videos.

  • JPaul
    JPaul 7 days ago

    The space debris in orbit need to be cleaned first. Also, imagine multiple simultaneous flights of BFR, how would it all be synchronized to avoid collisions? I have no idea if this thing can even change trajectory.

  • FriendlyMxdder
    FriendlyMxdder 7 days ago

    I would FUCKING love to go on that BFR

  • Danny
    Danny 7 days ago

    If they can solve the sonic boom problem it may work. Rockets are going to get cheaper and cheaper. But like super Sonic jets it has the problem of the sonic boom on take off and landing. Even landing at sea that sound wave will travel.

  • the l33t hamm3rbro
    the l33t hamm3rbro 7 days ago

    That's a really big IF

  • Tristis Puer
    Tristis Puer 7 days ago

    As exciting as it seems, i believe it won't be in our living time. Maybe around 2070? ( let's hope we can live that long 🤞haha)

  • Van Eck Crypto
    Van Eck Crypto 7 days ago

    Just another Tesla bullshit scheme to attract more investors to plug the holes in the sinking ship that is ‘tesla’

  • Marvin Kitfox
    Marvin Kitfox 7 days ago

    BFR to replace traditional airliners?
    No chance!
    At best, it will occupy the sort of niche market that the Concorde fulfilled.

  • zone8848
    zone8848 7 days ago

    you got to see space and see earth from space, that's a perk included in the ticket, it's a fun trip, not a boring one, so it's not supposed to compete with airliners.

  • Mohammad Hamid
    Mohammad Hamid 8 days ago

    just the search for a solution is worth it!

  • Titas Bartaska
    Titas Bartaska 8 days ago

    What If Ryanair Owned A BFR?
    Me:Welp,We're Screwed

  • Jaxon Ancona
    Jaxon Ancona 8 days ago

    they are doing this to trains to (Hyper Loop)

  • Ralph Cueva
    Ralph Cueva 8 days ago

    Yes pls with a minyan

  • You Know Who I am
    You Know Who I am 8 days ago

    Would you like to have a FREE RIDE for the first BFR flight?

  • John Stockton
    John Stockton 8 days ago

    The time on the rocket might be shorter but its the other stuff that will still make it a stressful long winded process. You have to check in make your way out to the rocket on the ferry board and THEN fly off in 30mins. The I bet the getting off then back onto another ferry and then customs etc. Got a feeling these travel times that are being thrown around won't be as short as we think.

  • thebentley71
    thebentley71 8 days ago

    This is a complete lie!!! First of all no rocket can travel outside of the world's atmosphere. Rockets of anykind cannot propel themselves forward in a vaccuum. Also the earth is not a sphere it is a horizontal circular plane. Water cannot curve around & stick to a ball while spinning. This is a farce made up by the Jesuits to indoctrinate people & control their minds (govern=steer or control, ment=mentality-mind). The sun & moon rotate above the terrain, making circular revolutions. The sun on Jan 1 starts it's journey on the biggest & outer most circle called tropic of capricorn, while making its way inward & slowing down while making smaller revolutions, because every revolution has to be 24 hrs so the sun speeds up on the larger revolutions & slows down on the smaller ones. The moon makes one revolution every 28 days. It makes 13 revolutions per year, thats why we have 13 full moons & should have 13 months instead of 12. Their are only 364 days in a year & no extra days or quarter days thats all a farce. Also there are 7 wondering stars, or what we have been indoctrinated to call planets. Each day presents a planet & earth is not a planet it is a circular horizontal plane. Sunday= Sun, Monday=Moon, Tues=Mars, Wensday=Mercury Thursday=Jupiter, Friday=Venus, Saturday=Saturn. The stars you see at night are attached to the crystalline firmament dome. The other wonder stars (planets) make different patterns than the stars & sun & moon. I believe the firmament spins thats while all the star trails are always the same & never change. The oceans are held in by a giant ice ring wall that is at the edge of of our circular world aka antarctica. It's really simple they made it complex & also tried to hide the creator from us. All the world is a stage & it is ran by Worshipping Luciferians, that decieve & keep yruth to themselves, while try to lead us astray & keep us lost in the darkness, but the creator is helping his own & there is a giant awakening for those who want to know the real truth & not follow material wealth & fame. Yashua bless you & may peace love & health be abundant in your lives.

  • Oktagape Lukas B
    Oktagape Lukas B 8 days ago

    BFR will not replace traditional airliner in anyway because the problem of comfortability.
    However they will find market in military use. Imagine the ability to deploy troops and supply anywhere on earth (including behind enemy lines) within the matter of hours. That military strategist wet dream.

  • Cass2kX1
    Cass2kX1 8 days ago

    Looks dangerous, I will pass.

  • smilindesporado
    smilindesporado 8 days ago

    stick with the concord plans more afordable, rocket local travel bad travle too moon good !

  • Aldren domingo
    Aldren domingo 8 days ago

    I’d rather have airplanes in he sky than rockets, they polluted less than rockets and raises higher chances of global warming

  • rodney adams
    rodney adams 8 days ago

    well one place make get wrong flight. might think go china end up on mars. that idea for disney tv show.

  • Ben the Red
    Ben the Red 9 days ago +1

    As much as I love sitting in a tin can full of farts and screaming kids for 8+ hours... I am more than happy to quit planes for rocket travel!!!

  • Mister K
    Mister K 9 days ago

    CO2 pollution is not even the major problem, but noise pollution is a bigger concern.

  • poopy Doo Doo britches

    It's only a matter of time.

  • Gopr311
    Gopr311 9 days ago

    This video is a waste of everyone's time. Absurd. Musk is just floating this idea for PR

  • Pirte X
    Pirte X 9 days ago

    I think it will be here soon. I wish to bee on first public open rocket. I wish.😢

  • Sankalp Maurya
    Sankalp Maurya 9 days ago

    You know what they say, time is money. So I guess people won't mind paying a premium for traveling 25 times faster.

  • TheGameFlinger
    TheGameFlinger 9 days ago

    PSSSH. What about AIRLOOP

  • mickey cos
    mickey cos 9 days ago

    does this look like a globe to you people Earth is Flat God is real ,. how do I know ,.. your finger print is only yours ,.. so you are created ,.. time to wake up

    • mickey cos
      mickey cos 9 days ago

      +Chara if you saw the video and you are not asking questions ,.. that is a sign of smarts for sure

    • Chara
      Chara 9 days ago

      You are so condescendingly stupid it's almost funny.

  • ChapDatText
    ChapDatText 9 days ago

    Hmmmm I'd rather use this BFR to go to the moon or other parts of space

  • aqoon kaab
    aqoon kaab 10 days ago

    BFR=Big fucking rocket hahahhahah

  • Scott Nilsson
    Scott Nilsson 10 days ago

    Personally, the experience of going into zero gravity would keep the customers coming back. (NASA PLZ HIRE ME I ACTUALLY WANT TO WORK ON THE ISS)

  • Даги юрт
    Даги юрт 10 days ago

    Сцука где перевод?

  • Sea Smurf
    Sea Smurf 10 days ago

    I want to be a pilot, but damn, if BFR replaced planes, or were developped to be used, I would really be happy, and I would want to be a BFR pilot!

    MERCURY 8 10 days ago

    I think this will be amazing and all but my only concern is why upgrade something that works perfectly then rather fix something that's broken, there are so many problems that we need to fix and I think if we can fix those then we can probably get anything to happen in a day.

  • A Fly On The Wall At Winging Life

    They already have zero point technology so why are you pushing this on us???

  • Pratham Bhatia
    Pratham Bhatia 10 days ago

    It has to happen
    Because the future is here

  • Rolson Vas
    Rolson Vas 10 days ago

    I think humans vll master this nxt 100 years

  • ChemicalSpore
    ChemicalSpore 10 days ago

    Grandma died of 'amoebic dysentery'

  • iNA
    iNA 10 days ago

    well, we couldn't afford *Concorde* . just thought

  • Peter Remke
    Peter Remke 10 days ago

    I'm working currently on a cell replicator. This will eventually be installed in everyone's toilet. You step in in New York and end your dump in Shanghai. I still haven't figured out though where the waste will end up...

  • Kenyon papen
    Kenyon papen 10 days ago

    It's because they were mostly travel first-class passengers first classes already being phased out on most modern our liners this is the new first class