• Published on Oct 7, 2019
    Check out a new collection of cement crafts that you should try to make at home:
    -You will learn how to make stylish bowls that look very cool
    -We share an awesome idea on how to store stationery and organize your desk
    -If you don’t want to spend money on a new clothes hanger, we will show you how to make it by your hands
    -You will find a tutorial on how to make a picture frame that will be a beautiful addition to your home design
    -One more cool cement project is to make a stool for your room. Follow these easy steps: take a bucket and put a concrete mix inside. Once the concrete has settled, place the legs in the bucket. Secure legs with sticky tape. When the concrete has fully hardened take the stool out of a bucket. Use spray paint to color it
    -Reuse your old boots and make a cute decorative item for your garden or home. Check out an easy tutorial
    -A concrete planter that looks like hands is awesome! And you don’t need to have special sculpting skills to make it. You will need the next supplies: concrete, dishwashing gloves, and a bowl. Mix cement as it is written on the package and carefully pour cement into your dishwashing gloves. Push the cement gently through the rubber gloves and place them into the bowl. Let the cement dry and remove gloves
    -You can create a whole collection of concrete candle holders that will cost you a penny
    - Stylish bookends will be a perfect addition to your home decor. You will need to cut a star or any other shape from styrofoam. Mix concrete as it is written on the package and dip a star into the concrete. Remove and clean from excess concrete and dry
    00:09 Concrete phone holder
    00:30 Stylish bowl
    02:43 Concrete picture frame
    04:34 Old boot planter
    10:02 DIY Concrete stool
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    CARMEN HERNANDEZ 3 days ago

    1:42 why would u put bread in cement?!!?!?!?!?

  • Israel
    Israel 7 days ago

    I love your video

  • Raghvinder Singh Tomar

    You are awesome

    LASKA TV 9 days ago

    DEY SAY HOW BIGG DO U WANT YO FRIES 🍟I SAY SUPER SIZEEEEEE like if u heard this song right here

  • Riham Jamali
    Riham Jamali 9 days ago

    Who is always watching but never try
    hit like

  • vibe check
    vibe check 10 days ago

    you ruined a perfectly good piece of bread. get out of my sight.

  • Charlotte Frollani
    Charlotte Frollani 10 days ago

    Can I use your phone? Oh um it is in cement.

  • bean deap
    bean deap 21 day ago

    They stole the toilet paper flower from vt construction!!!!

  • Satan_against_world _
    Satan_against_world _ 24 days ago

    5:50 honestly just buy your own LEGO mini figure instead of wasting cement and paint to make a ghetto one😂

  • ElTimotoQK
    ElTimotoQK 24 days ago

    Esto es demasiado piedrero

  • Adrian Gomez
    Adrian Gomez 25 days ago


  • Cory Fran Sharp
    Cory Fran Sharp 26 days ago +2

    When in doubt


  • Christy Nondorf
    Christy Nondorf 27 days ago

    How much cement was used in the making of this video ?

  • Christy Nondorf
    Christy Nondorf 27 days ago +2

    8:59 wow they just completely wrecked that poor fox. Was not prepared for that

  • Bonnie Swan-Kloos
    Bonnie Swan-Kloos 28 days ago

    Negating the fact that these are materials no one has laying around and most of them are lies, the majority of these “hacks” would be better left alone. Leave the plants in their vases and your phone on the table etc. like what is the point? To make everything worse

  • Olivia Beilman
    Olivia Beilman 28 days ago

    These are almost all just vases or bowls

  • Neea Linnea
    Neea Linnea Month ago


  • Sebastian Skerten
    Sebastian Skerten Month ago

    brb just grabbing the LEGO person mould I happen to have in the cupboard

  • ritaj zahid
    ritaj zahid Month ago +1

    literally,i am not going to put my shoes and bread in cement

  • bláznivé ségry lps

    5:00 minutes? Ha not 5 minutes 21 minutes!!!

  • Isabela 0101
    Isabela 0101 Month ago

    Porra vei so a unica BR dessa jossa?

  • Ujavala 1902
    Ujavala 1902 Month ago

    cool video 😋😋

  • crazy pineapple
    crazy pineapple Month ago

    is somebody here waching those videos but never try's it for real? (i do lol)

  • Alina Bayarri
    Alina Bayarri Month ago

    es chocollate

  • Sławomir Chaber
    Sławomir Chaber Month ago


  • Monika Mavi
    Monika Mavi Month ago +3

    finally their are some different and new cement ideas 😥

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  • Manisa Kamalova
    Manisa Kamalova Month ago

    Cox seyi sementden eliyir

  • Kébira Ennaji-Martucci

    Stupide et inutile

  • Abdul Ahad
    Abdul Ahad Month ago

    Very poor ideas😛😛😛😛😛

  • Ayy Lmao
    Ayy Lmao Month ago

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  • Toys for Fun Ady & Liv

    Let me just take out my phone covered in cement and sticks cause everyone has that

  • Dinara Junia Firdha


  • Traveller Mesut YAKISIKLI

    Bread shouldn't be used. There are people in the world, who can not find bread to eat.

  • Natally Bones
    Natally Bones Month ago

    Wait lemme just whip out some CEMENT

  • Samantha Berry
    Samantha Berry Month ago

    for the first hack...

    isn't it just safer to use a phone case...? why risk your actual phone??

  • Sunstone
    Sunstone Month ago

    When you can't afford cement-

  • azulitabb5 Pacheco
    azulitabb5 Pacheco Month ago

    Like si te gusto

  • joy wambui
    joy wambui Month ago

    Who else thinks the hack's are easy and fun to do but once they think it through the feel lazy and bored like me

  • Koushi koushi
    Koushi koushi Month ago

    How many of you have seen the video that was played at 0:28 ? Presented by this channel

  • Michael M.
    Michael M. Month ago

    These are all dangerous!

  • Pro Ro Gaming
    Pro Ro Gaming Month ago

    Why do cement look like doodoo when it not dry

  • Layla Fitzpatrick
    Layla Fitzpatrick Month ago

    Every person that likes ill sub to your channel even if u don't have any videos

  • Cookie Wolfe Squad
    Cookie Wolfe Squad Month ago

    who has Cement laying in there House??

  • Demon clarity
    Demon clarity Month ago

    Why the fox tho?!😭 9:00

  • Mehhh
    Mehhh Month ago

    My channel is Emmeiskool check me out and my videos

    PAY GAMER Month ago

    tutorial de pedreiro

  • Denise Sohn
    Denise Sohn Month ago

    Party season is Chick-fil-A catering season at 3:33

  • Emma Holloway
    Emma Holloway Month ago

    I to would like to incase my phone in a brick of concrete with sticks sticking out of it

  • Emma Holloway
    Emma Holloway Month ago

    I to would like to incase my phone in a brick of concrete with sticks sticking out of it

  • HEllo
    HEllo Month ago +1

    Just saying. Cement is like superglue when in contact with other materials. Therefore almost all of these DIYs are FAKE and won't work. To be honnest you should never copy a 5 minutes crafts video. You'll just end up in disappointment.

  • Lara Cheikh
    Lara Cheikh Month ago

    cement and bread :T

  • Jyothi R
    Jyothi R Month ago

    Can u provide me little cement 5 minutes craft ,to build my house 🏠. 🤣

  • Jyothi R
    Jyothi R Month ago +1

    I wish I had soo much of cement with me to do these crafts. Can you pls provide me a little cement 5minutes crafts u have so much of it. 😂🤣

  • sandio kaji
    sandio kaji Month ago


    ABHAY WANI Month ago

    It's awesome👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Averi Moos
    Averi Moos Month ago

    Yes because I just carry cement with me

  • Sarah  Abeid
    Sarah Abeid Month ago

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  • Tutul Zaman
    Tutul Zaman Month ago

    They r happiest people in the world..

  • Cat Shamel
    Cat Shamel Month ago

    The first hack was the stupidest hack ever