Can a Little Tikes Car FLY!?

  • Published on Mar 9, 2018
  • We try to make the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe from your childhood fly!
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  • FliteTest
    FliteTest  3 months ago +67

    Like stuff that flies? Subscribe!

  • Modellpilot.EU, Reports, Reviews, how to do

    I love it. great job.

  • bigdaddyvu
    bigdaddyvu 3 days ago

    Why dont you guys build an obstacle course with air pylons, sprinklers, fire works or flame thrower and a giant Tesla coil at the end. And each of you custom build craft for survival. And run classes like the drone racers, Foamies, off the shelf and junk builds. I can see alot of ideas from this.

  • Benjamin Brown
    Benjamin Brown 3 days ago

    When’s the first maned flight?

  • BloodnGutz43
    BloodnGutz43 3 days ago

    Hey guys biplane the wings get it to fly and land it would be awesome Josh ,dont give in now lets see it lift off and do a circuit and land now the video was a classic the idea a corker loved it but it needs a bit more two wings bi plane style should give you extra lift and stability

  • Square Mint
    Square Mint 4 days ago

    5:15 if you had a kid in that

    SPYRONINE 4 days ago

    How about a garage truck toy and made into a sea plane? With the petersripol chanel? So we can *sea* flying garage.

  • Tour Guide
    Tour Guide 7 days ago

    After seeing all of your video ... i want to make this my hobby.. i loved the pizza box plane it seems easy to built and fly too.. the worst problem here is im from Nepal and i cant buy the remote or the mother board to program the plane ... i have a small drone uses an app in me phone can i use it to make it fly? Help needed thanks

  • RC Fun Fly
    RC Fun Fly 8 days ago

    Es flog aber, dass nimmt Euch keiner !!! ;-)

  • Walktheline
    Walktheline 8 days ago

    P38 Coupe

  • 用爱 用爱
    用爱 用爱 8 days ago


  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor 9 days ago

    Put a kid in it, PLEASE

  • Fussy Gamer
    Fussy Gamer 9 days ago

    Just imagine someone in there

  • E. J.
    E. J. 10 days ago


  • Andrew Benjamin
    Andrew Benjamin 10 days ago

    Wing structure needs reinforcement and it will fly great

  • Dave B
    Dave B 11 days ago

    He compared it to the Wright Flyer? First of all it doesn't carry a person and secondly it's not his first airplane.. Just had crappy wings.

  • lord thunder rise
    lord thunder rise 11 days ago

    guys i so laugh so hard when that crash happened so funny.

  • Thomas
    Thomas 12 days ago

    0:09 I imagine a little kid inside the car playing and the the crash HAHAHA LOL

  • T B
    T B 12 days ago

    Nice work kkk🤣
    Yous should make the Snoop dog house

  • Tmccreight25Gaming
    Tmccreight25Gaming 12 days ago

    Now make it into a quadcopter

  • Fleet Gamer
    Fleet Gamer 12 days ago

    Good job now try a power wheels car

  • SkeletorRises
    SkeletorRises 13 days ago

    Well we have the answer now.

  • Farmer Fpv
    Farmer Fpv 13 days ago

    I haven't died laughing so hard in such a long time, it was louder than my pornstar neighbors having sex. 😰🤣

  • error404
    error404 13 days ago

    Every popular channel like this is commenting... oof

  • Draco roblox bad piggies more


  • jake williams
    jake williams 15 days ago

    that wing folded up like a cheap card table lol

  • Vence McAdams
    Vence McAdams 15 days ago

    I'm glad I swallowed my coffee before the crash! Great fun. Thanks for the laughs.

  • the undead1
    the undead1 15 days ago

    So nice I watched twice

  • Jawny Gash
    Jawny Gash 19 days ago

    *Rare Testing Of P-38-LT 1946 Colorized*

  • Tacos Anonymous
    Tacos Anonymous 20 days ago

    Put a child in it.

  • maxsmodels
    maxsmodels 20 days ago

    please never design a real plane :)

  • WhiskeyFourNiner
    WhiskeyFourNiner 21 day ago

    So... Make a quad out of it next?

  • Film Parakeet-Topic
    Film Parakeet-Topic 21 day ago


  • Taylor
    Taylor 21 day ago

    Do it again!!!


    Dam that he was smiling right up till his face hit the ground 😀 God dam hero !!!🤕

  • Riley Bousfield
    Riley Bousfield 23 days ago

    Will a pig fly?

  • Giano12345678
    Giano12345678 23 days ago

    This is Awesome! 😁


    Awesome video! My fav type is the EDF f18! Please watch me fly my 4ch EDF F/a18 here: thanks!!

  • BlueFlameGamer94
    BlueFlameGamer94 25 days ago +1

    If only I was in the car...


  • Trevor Negron
    Trevor Negron 26 days ago

    The power of sponsore

  • freddy the only one
    freddy the only one 27 days ago

    Make a DIY plane that has a person in side of it flying it

  • Depron RC plans
    Depron RC plans 29 days ago

    I think that the V-shaped wing in the area next to the fuselage where the maximum lift is supported caused the collapse. I'd like you to try it again with a wing like CHAIRPLANE!

  • Purjo The Leek
    Purjo The Leek Month ago

    put a kid in there

  • Titanfinger
    Titanfinger Month ago

    Did you ever try to build a Tandem FPV Plane?
    I think that would be awsome to show other People how it is to fly FPV.
    Pilot camera fix and Passenger Cam with Headtracker ;)

  • TheSleepingInsomniac

    So... Y'all hiring?

  • Matthew Posey
    Matthew Posey Month ago

    Yall should make a red wagon fly like the one in "Radio Flyer" the movie from 1992

  • Red X Red X
    Red X Red X Month ago

    Soo cool

  • VEGA
    VEGA Month ago

    Put a kid in there

  • wraqi
    wraqi Month ago


  • Grumpy John TX Redneck RC

    By Far One Of Your Funniest Videos & Builds... Y'ALLs Should Of Called It Flight Of The Wrong Brothers!!? OMG... LMAO 😂 Thanks... 5-12-18

  • Hekal anjay
    Hekal anjay Month ago

    FLITE TEST DIY HELICOPTER, i think its good

  • Hekal anjay
    Hekal anjay Month ago

    helicopter please

  • Moon Moon
    Moon Moon Month ago

    The Wright Brothers didn’t die for this.

  • George Last
    George Last Month ago

    Memories of David's "I landed it!"

  • Alex Makos
    Alex Makos Month ago

    That is a happy car

  • perpendurcular 720
    perpendurcular 720 Month ago

    Its a P-38 with a little tikes car as the cockpit

  • Memes.mp4
    Memes.mp4 Month ago

    Behold,the kid killer

  • Jon M
    Jon M Month ago

    Anyone tell me what lipo that was they was using ?

  • alc7898
    alc7898 Month ago

    Know I now how the Wright Bros. felt.

  • Aprille Holmes
    Aprille Holmes Month ago

    Can you make the "little tykes airplane" kids teeter-totter fly!? Thats would be hilarious and cool lol

  • cool boi
    cool boi Month ago

    Cars 4 is looking good

  • Paradox Gaming
    Paradox Gaming Month ago

    Can you put one of your kids in it please? Need to send my little brother to Paris because he wants to go there but I have no 💵 for him

  • Submarine Seb
    Submarine Seb Month ago +1

    I wish I had a car like that when I was a little kid

  • Andrea Kroon
    Andrea Kroon Month ago

    Deserves more views

  • bob the builder
    bob the builder Month ago

    that was awsome

  • Old Hobo Man
    Old Hobo Man Month ago

    To dangerous for kids.

  • Ice Ninja
    Ice Ninja Month ago +1

    10:00 pm one more video before bed... 6:00 am Can a Little Tikes Car Fly!?

    +Yes i know that is an old joke but i just thought of it

  • Chrominoid 04
    Chrominoid 04 Month ago

    Make my dreams fly! Not a Little Tikes!!!

  • Ray Jones
    Ray Jones Month ago

    Have you built a flying lawn mower yet? If so, how about a riding lawn mower (made of extremely lightweight materials of course!)

  • LegionaryWithAGladius

    put your kid in it and do a educational reenactment of 9/11

  • Rocket snail
    Rocket snail Month ago

    oh my gosh this is so sad can we get 5 likes!!

  • Abim Rsch
    Abim Rsch Month ago

    The opening copy paste dude perfect lols

  • zaf
    zaf Month ago

    Hey guys!
    You have to watch a self-made turbojet engine plane by a Russian Guy! Happening in the Great Russia...
    1. Self-made turbojet engine:
    2. Start of the project:
    3. Making wings and other parts of the FunJet:
    4. Making wings - part 2:
    5. Making tubes for wings:
    6. Building plane proccess:
    7. Making the tale of a plane:
    8. One more step, improving the wings:
    9. Little speech about FunJet:
    10. Making wheels - part 1:
    11. Making wheels - part 2:
    12. Flight # 1:
    13. Flight # 2:
    14. Making Rockets for bombing from FunJet:
    15. Flight #3 with bombing the rockets:
    The whole movie about building the FunJet by a RUSSIAN MAN:

  • Eian Weaver
    Eian Weaver Month ago

    1950 we’ll have flying cars in the future
    2018 this is close

  • L00PdeL00P's Channel

    You should scratch build a flying chainsaw. It'd probably be safe.

  • David Da Silva
    David Da Silva Month ago

    Any chance you guys could build a quad using 4 small nitro motors that would be awesome

  • Curious Borg
    Curious Borg Month ago

    That was hilarious!

  • StrikerTheFoxy
    StrikerTheFoxy Month ago

    you should make the pyro gx from the descent trilogy

  • Engineer Ahmed
    Engineer Ahmed Month ago

    Build tracker planes so that they follow your plane autonomously. All u need is to put tracker device & SAFE.
    If u fly slow enough they will automatically make formations after your plane
    Autonomous random waypoint tracking. Quad's already do way point tracking. Just u have to add a random no generator & allocate to waypoints.

  • Noah Rea
    Noah Rea Month ago


  • chrisrcworld17
    chrisrcworld17 Month ago

    very goo fun me like, he he

  • Philscbx
    Philscbx Month ago

    wOw,,, That's actually the official definition of " Too Much Fun"
    I was picturing carbon fiber skid out riggers to get the wheels just off the surface for a smooth track on bumpy surface.
    I suspect two carbon rods going wing tip to wing tip through the car might have been the I beam needed.
    The Gull Wing Design is Perfect @!

  • M. Smith
    M. Smith Month ago

    Nearly fell out of my chair, I was laughing so hard. Keep up the KRAZY Work, Guys!

  • RCSparks Studio
    RCSparks Studio Month ago

    Ok, this was by far the most entertaining flite video we have seen this month! EPiC! :)

  • zaf
    zaf Month ago

    Sorry, but I do not like that guy with beard. Don't like the way he laughs and acts. Sorry, I am from Russia.

  • RandomChannel
    RandomChannel Month ago

    its like trying the simulator tutorial in war thunder.

  • Simtube S
    Simtube S Month ago

    What battery is that s? mah?

  • Nibrasakhi
    Nibrasakhi Month ago

    Fly it over your neighbors and see their reaction lol

  • gbwdude
    gbwdude Month ago

    Keeping with the Little Tykes theme, try your hand at a turtle sandbox quadcopter

  • ThreeGlassjars GD
    ThreeGlassjars GD Month ago

    What happens when I play KSP

  • low quality guy
    low quality guy Month ago

    *I'm not going back to LAND*

  • r2zeke2
    r2zeke2 Month ago

    you should turn it into a osprey type plane

  • Sergio Henrique
    Sergio Henrique Month ago


  • Thaina Brazil
    Thaina Brazil Month ago

    Wow :o

  • Radioactive05
    Radioactive05 Month ago

    somebody needs to make a 911 joke out of this.

  • Brandon Vazquez
    Brandon Vazquez Month ago

    the best

  • GlueC
    GlueC Month ago

    5:08 Look how happy it is to have made it :D

  • Patriotic Hooligan
    Patriotic Hooligan Month ago

    if you would just had a brace going from wing to wing that thing would have stayed in the air

  • Critiri
    Critiri Month ago

    Now put a child in it