Can a Little Tikes Car FLY!?

  • Published on Mar 9, 2018
  • We try to make the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe from your childhood fly!
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  • FliteTest
    FliteTest  6 months ago +78

    Like stuff that flies? Subscribe!

  • MattehWizard
    MattehWizard 5 days ago

    Make one thats sturdy enough not to fall apart in midair

  • lolgamer62
    lolgamer62 5 days ago

    @ 5:06 me when my i think my life takes off
    @ 5:12 how my friends react

  • Craig Welsh
    Craig Welsh 5 days ago

    Oh my god that was amazing !! Hilarious!

  • Brandon Keegan
    Brandon Keegan 7 days ago

    Fly this again with around 30, 40KG and see if it can fly if so put a child in it 😂

  • GraphicMemesForDramaticPeople

    Imagine they make this into a bomber drone and you get bombed by a little tikes car..

    RANDOMRANCH 7 days ago

    Put a kid in there

  • Isaac Ciriaco
    Isaac Ciriaco 7 days ago

    Use wood

  • stuffed Oreo
    stuffed Oreo 8 days ago

    He was born to fly
    Little tikes

  • Jimmy Barr
    Jimmy Barr 9 days ago

    The style you guys went for looks kind of like a P-38 Lightning to me.

  • _Dylan- _James2018-
    _Dylan- _James2018- 9 days ago

    They should sell this in stores

  • Matt G
    Matt G 9 days ago

    Do a radio flyer. Just like the movie. Next time have a kid or a wee man in the car while it is flying. Great vodeo. New sub. Its a great feeling to see full grown men get so excited over a fliyin toy car.

  • 侯彥宇
    侯彥宇 10 days ago

    I am from Taiwan. I like to watch the large vehicles you made. It looks very interesting and interesting. I hope to see you making the B17 bomber😁

  • Dennis Morris
    Dennis Morris 10 days ago

    Oh the flying cinder block was a good one to...

  • Dennis Morris
    Dennis Morris 10 days ago

    Longer wings imo.

  • Dennis Morris
    Dennis Morris 10 days ago

    My favorite episode by far

  • Kevin Mai
    Kevin Mai 10 days ago

    would have worked better if you connected the wing to the roof top, or take i really long wooden stick and put it beneath the roof in the cabin and let it carry the car and the wood will support the wing structure on the inside

  • Sean Ramey
    Sean Ramey 10 days ago

    Aww man, I really wanted to see that thing 200ft up in the air... You guys need to do this again, but put a little more planning into the design before just building something only to have it crash.

  • Michael Sabourin
    Michael Sabourin 11 days ago

    what materials are the wings made of?

  • Science Alliance
    Science Alliance 11 days ago +1

    lol all these comments about what was wrong about it. The error is fairly simple but I'm sure they have a general idea what they should have done to improve it. They might just not be too bothered, which is fair enough considering its size.

  • 56thSPSk970
    56thSPSk970 12 days ago

    Terrific! Funnier than the us Gov. Bhaaaaa

  • Mason 360
    Mason 360 12 days ago

    Casey neistat music in the background

  • Jordan’s Aviation
    Jordan’s Aviation 13 days ago

    What are the materials?

  • JA Purnell
    JA Purnell 13 days ago

    old school wings ww1 type plane take doors off

  • Jormungand13324
    Jormungand13324 14 days ago

    would aluminum reinforcements to the wings make it too heavy? Because it just looks like the wings needed more reinforcement.

  • Christopher Grant
    Christopher Grant 14 days ago

    Lol child test pilot be funny

  • Alex Halsall
    Alex Halsall 14 days ago

    Who needs a P38 when you have this?!

  • Michael Derosier
    Michael Derosier 15 days ago

    FliteTest build a flying red wagon and a flying big wheel. Also, strap the Gorilla into the drivers seat.

  • norman matura
    norman matura 15 days ago

    Oh my God that was hilarious..😂😂😂

  • Cyril Ani
    Cyril Ani 16 days ago

    can i be part or your crew

  • FireMan 360
    FireMan 360 18 days ago

    You already gave a spoiler! No it can’t fly!

  • Hung NT
    Hung NT 18 days ago

    Funny. Plastic car + plastic cord.

  • Mr kAr0sh1
    Mr kAr0sh1 20 days ago

    I love it, you guys could literally make a bathtub fly!

  • Cowboy4737
    Cowboy4737 21 day ago

    That was freaking awesome guys hahaha...

  • Cotchi Cotnan
    Cotchi Cotnan 21 day ago

    I like eating Cauliflower soup with Parmigiano Reggiano

  • Isaac Beesley Roach
    Isaac Beesley Roach 22 days ago

    That is petter spirals idea

  • Nism00 00
    Nism00 00 23 days ago

    Can I ride in that am only 60 lbs for a 12 year old

  • Tore Lund
    Tore Lund 23 days ago

    I can't wait for you guys to start a family.

  • Roman Luckett
    Roman Luckett 25 days ago

    Put someone in it :o

  • Kai Yasko
    Kai Yasko 27 days ago

    Put a kid in it next time

  • Ανδρέας Χειρόπουλος

    But very good..

  • Arthos
    Arthos 29 days ago

    This won't fly because of the wheel setup no way to pitch up

  • Christian Velasco
    Christian Velasco Month ago

    1:56 ERMAHGHERD!

  • J
    J Month ago

    CG was probably too far forward for it to be stable, but it's still impressive it could take off!

  • DerpSlayer
    DerpSlayer Month ago

    5:18 top ten fatal crashes

  • Bondy
    Bondy Month ago +1

    The wings are crap.

  • Nicolas Martinez Reyes

    Finally.... Seeing my three fav things. Seeing people fly stuff. Rc stuff... An my childhood dreams coming true..

  • Clubbuck3 Miller
    Clubbuck3 Miller Month ago


  • Derek Mccollum
    Derek Mccollum Month ago

    Build a ornithopter, please R/C Ornithopter, gotta be fast and as close to a bird as you can get. 3D FPV.please please please

  • Angelo Domino
    Angelo Domino Month ago

    Borderline episode of jackass? XD

  • Joris Vermeulen
    Joris Vermeulen Month ago


  • Battlestar Lelouch
    Battlestar Lelouch Month ago

    The Gaul of us Americans, just slap some wings on it and it WILL fly

  • Nicholas Elwood
    Nicholas Elwood Month ago

    Can you guys make a match light challenge?
    I would think if you take a row of matches spaced apart on 2 x 4, I would use some type of rubber to mount the matches so there is flex and they don’t break
    You can get match striker paper or paint from eBay or possibly hardware stores and apply it to the bottom of and I’m thinking a war bird with no landing gear.
    Each person has to fly down and try to ignite a match
    Alex I got my money on you buddy!

  • jeirus Norris
    jeirus Norris Month ago

    Build it again strongger wings

  • Christian Becerra
    Christian Becerra Month ago

    Where's the kid

  • Android Gamer
    Android Gamer Month ago

    The future is here!

  • Craig's Twin
    Craig's Twin Month ago

    Is it safe to put a kid in because I would love it. But im 11 so I wont fit.

  • party4lifedude
    party4lifedude Month ago

    You should turn the same car in to a helicopter

  • TupolevPilot
    TupolevPilot Month ago

    Try it again

  • davidjr1975
    davidjr1975 Month ago

    Love this vid lol

  • The Playstation Gamer

    What kind of drones do you use

  • Toxic King
    Toxic King Month ago

    u invented the first flying car i guess

  • ju kiwi
    ju kiwi Month ago

    too much forced excitement reactions in this one

  • Todd N
    Todd N Month ago

    Great idea - for the next revision: Kid sized dummy of course, so the video looks like he/she's flying it... AND let's get serious here: Quad Jet Engines - let's get more thrust with fuel versus battery weight!

  • RC Escape
    RC Escape Month ago

    If you fly drones, RC planes or RC helicopters and live in the USA then you really need to watch this video! The FAA, DoD, AIA, CTA and CDA are out to have Section 336 repealed and force everyone to fit transponders to their craft.
    The commercial agenda is clearly to get model fliers out of the air or restricted to a few small places (miles from nowhere) so that companies can turn the zero to 400ft airspace into their own property.
    Here is a link to the full video of the house committee hearing:

  • Ghada Zoorob
    Ghada Zoorob 2 months ago

    Make the wings out of fiberglass

  • maximedufour1997
    maximedufour1997 2 months ago

    Now put a kid in it.

  • i n d i a i
    i n d i a i 2 months ago

    Make a helicopter

  • Steve W
    Steve W 2 months ago

    Hilarious! Love this video. When I was about 10 I started mowing the grass and used to think how cool it would be to build a mini aircraft with lawn mower engines. Of course it would never work because of the weight to thrust ratio, so it was cool to see this video.

  • Alexander Benjamin
    Alexander Benjamin 2 months ago

    why dont u put a kid in there???

  • Dr resistance
    Dr resistance 2 months ago +1

    Air crash investigation
    Fall of the Tike

  • gregandchristinarvexcursions

    If you guys haven't already been picked up by a television network for a show then you should! You guys are!

  • Renan Ortiz
    Renan Ortiz 2 months ago

    The wing should be a thin metal so it d'dnt break

  • FedX Flyer
    FedX Flyer 2 months ago

    I showed the video to my grand kids ...No volunteers for the first flight.. AWESOME job it flys man wow.

  • Jason Melzer
    Jason Melzer 2 months ago

    carbon fiber spar carrying the camera destroyed the prop. Sweet build. but keep cameras away from props.

  • Choni Deep
    Choni Deep 2 months ago


  • Derposaurus
    Derposaurus 2 months ago

    Which drone do you use?

  • kvly8
    kvly8 2 months ago

    some people never grow up bless them.

  • Ordo Militaris TV
    Ordo Militaris TV 2 months ago

    @FliteTest okay that was epic, not the propellers like that, but the propellers facing straight up and be a copter.

  • Chill Beatz
    Chill Beatz 2 months ago

    Can you imagine a kid sitting inside of That?

  • Jimmy Bob Slaighter
    Jimmy Bob Slaighter 2 months ago

    Put a child in there

  • STAN_MAN94
    STAN_MAN94 2 months ago

    longer and wider wings with stroner material would have probably done it! :)

  • Ronnie Hutchins
    Ronnie Hutchins 2 months ago

    I have one for you, take an electric leaf blower and make it fly. I had the idea this weekend while using my DeWalt leaf blower which has a brushless motor with induction fan... maybe two of them would fly better, something like a P-38, but jet powered!!!

  • Karina Camacho
    Karina Camacho 2 months ago

    That car achieved its final dream

  • tavarri klyce
    tavarri klyce 2 months ago

    hello darkness my old friend

  • Barton Stacey Manager
    Barton Stacey Manager 2 months ago

    flite test please revisit this one, but put some guide wires on the underside to stop the wings folding and give us a full circuit and landing

  • Savager Adventurer
    Savager Adventurer 2 months ago

    Fly a kids electric ride on car in the air!

  • Pajlot :D
    Pajlot :D 2 months ago

    P-38 Lighting kid edition

  • jake the snake gaming
    jake the snake gaming 2 months ago

    It went down because the propeller hit the go pro stick

  • jorge Nelson felix
    jorge Nelson felix 2 months ago

    Excellent spectacular 😃👍👍 💙

  • PlsSuccMy 4Skin
    PlsSuccMy 4Skin 2 months ago

    5:11 that one guy no one likes but always follows everyone

  • MLGSwagPilot Lol
    MLGSwagPilot Lol 2 months ago

    Germany WW2 Top Secret Plane Tests - 1944, colourized

  • WiperTF2
    WiperTF2 2 months ago

    That was freaking hilarious! Amazing project and had me laughing so hard when it crashed and everone went crazy! Pure excitement.

  • Luisa Carrillo
    Luisa Carrillo 2 months ago


  • Wakif Raja Awesome
    Wakif Raja Awesome 2 months ago

    Where you bye this moter

  • HeatedChocolate
    HeatedChocolate 2 months ago

    Top ten most horrifying weapons of the Vietnam War

  • Xoz5000 Playz
    Xoz5000 Playz 2 months ago

    Put the stuffed gorilla in the plane cuz I saw at 1:17

  • weldabar
    weldabar 2 months ago

    Very fun. Now repeat this contest annually until you can get it to fly properly.

  • Joshua Hale
    Joshua Hale 2 months ago +1

    Kid taxi

    MEDIA TOUR 3 months ago

    that guy's cheer energy is like "come on...the more it flies the more views i get!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!"