BATTLE of the TRUE PRIMARY COLORS!! - RYB Vs. MYC Art Challenge!


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  • doge the dog
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  • jmalz2
    jmalz2 Hour ago

    Cyan magenta and yellow are the primary colors of light... and when you mix all 3 together you don't get black, you get white light. Try it.

  • Nadja R.
    Nadja R. 5 hours ago

    The RGB guy is a german!
    Rot Gelb Blau

  • Krish Hiranandani
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  • the lord of poop
    the lord of poop 5 hours ago

    5:22 the return of french jazza !!

  • Ser Noisy
    Ser Noisy 9 hours ago

    I don't know where you get your dang *Y* in R *G* B ?!? RGB is accurate. Its the three colors we have receptors for in our eyes.
    But in fact booth RGB and MYC are primary colors. Just in a different context. RGB for Light and MYC for Pigment
    RGB is *additive* . That means if you combine red, green and blue *light* you get white (or more accurately what appears white to us humans)
    With MYC you *substract* color from white light. M is *W* hite - G, Y is W - B and C is W - R
    So on paper what happens when you are blending colors is you subtract colors from the spectrum. That's why you get green when combining yellow and cyan -> W = RGB; (RGB - B) - R = G
    While on screen with pixels (not simulated paint of your art-program) you get yellow by combining red and green -> R + G = W - B
    And that explains also why you are left with a black/brownish mess when combining R G and B on paper. A red pencil removes all but red light from the spectrum and if you add a different pigment that removes red (which Blue and green do) you are left with nothing (black)

  • Nikki Phillips
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  • Lizbelle 13
    Lizbelle 13 14 hours ago

    okay but the point of primary colors is that you can’t make them,, you use them to make OTHER colors. i have also known that magenta can be made using (given that you’ve already made) purple + red + white while painting, cyan can be made with blue + green (given you’ve already made it) + white. i’m sorry but in all honesty no matter what anyone says i am going to stick with what i’ve always been taught is that RYB are the primary colors.

  • Vicky Lin - McBride PS (1377)

    Ryb Winsssssssssss!,!!!!!!!,!!!!: : ::!!!!!!,

  • LozzaLou
    LozzaLou Day ago

    It's actually process yellow I think 😊

  • Leafdust Nixavee

    I think your cyan was a bit off

  • Demize s
    Demize s Day ago

    Cyan and magenta, is purple not blue.

  • Student Charleigh Grismer

    MYC LOOKS SOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!

  • YTSuperTigerXX
    YTSuperTigerXX Day ago

    Jazza you are doing it wrong for a better demonstration you use paint you make purple and add yellow I think

  • Emma SoftStone
    Emma SoftStone 2 days ago

    Tsk cyans just a light blue...and

  • Celebriel82
    Celebriel82 2 days ago

    I really think that your primary set is going to depend on the media that you are working with. When I learned my color theory, CMY(K) was used for printing (ie ink) and that's why I think that it worked so well with your markers. RYB was taught as the primary set for things like paint and pencils. And RGB (yes, that's correct there) is intended for light (look really close at your TV or monitor and you will see that each pixel is a combination of RGB.

  • GreatGatzB
    GreatGatzB 2 days ago

    I'm colorblind please help

  • Joey Altieri
    Joey Altieri 2 days ago

    Jazza the reason red blue and yellow don't make cyan magenta and yellow is because the primary colors make secondary and it goes on and on and on

  • Sonny Banjo
    Sonny Banjo 2 days ago

    RYB for art
    MYC for physics

  • Adurna
    Adurna 2 days ago

    The RGB isnt wrong.
    It could be german. Rot (red), Gelb (yellow), Blau (blue)

  • FrankiValerie
    FrankiValerie 2 days ago

    At least we can all agree Yellow is primary. Like there's no denying that. #silverlining

  • Tara Koons
    Tara Koons 2 days ago

    or just red yellow and blue

  • Tara Koons
    Tara Koons 2 days ago

    well magenta is a type of red and cyan is a type of blue and yellow is just yellow so i,m going to say both

  • Vicky Gotham
    Vicky Gotham 2 days ago

    The reason RYB isn't working is because you are using physical drawing materials not digital. RGB are additive colours and when using on digital screen combine to make white - something to do with the lights used on a screen/monitor. But in the physical world due to the colours absorbing light (on a red surface all the other colours are absorbed and only the red rays are being reflected to the eye) they are subtractive colours which is why when they come together they create black.
    This is also why you should set your colour modes from RGB to CMYK in photoshop if you intend to make a printed piece because the colours (especially green) come out slightly different to what you have on screen.

  • TheUnholyOne
    TheUnholyOne 2 days ago

    Today I learned that cyan and magenta are considered primary colors by snobs.

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  • KawaiiUwUCat :3
    KawaiiUwUCat :3 2 days ago

    how do you feel that MYC won?

  • mythlover20
    mythlover20 2 days ago

    When the colours are mixed the tones they make are always darker. RYB is already dark in tone, and they make darker tones much easier. MYC are lighter in tone than RYB, so it takes a little more to make darker tones but they make lighter tones much easier than RYB. Both sets of primaries can make the other set, so what set of primaries you use depend on what tones you need and what medium you are using as each works best with various mediums.
    Real life rarely offers straight binary choices: yes or no, or this over that. The vast, VAST majority of times, the answer will inevitably be "both."

  • James 3666
    James 3666 3 days ago

    Jazza having a mental breakdown over colours XD

  • Joke De Vries
    Joke De Vries 3 days ago +1

    The first hero’s chest says RGB

  • Lina Zeitoun
    Lina Zeitoun 3 days ago

    I only picked Myc for the superhero cuz it’s a girl I guess I am that type of person also just make it rbymc (red blue yellow magenta cyan ) now everyone is equal 😂

  • Lina Zeitoun
    Lina Zeitoun 3 days ago

    My childhood :((

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  • Asassynation
    Asassynation 3 days ago

    I don’t know about colour theory as much, but I do know that the colour cones in a humans eyes are Red, Yellow, Blue, which to me, would make those colours our primary colours. (Other mammals and also insects especially, have many more colour cones in their eyes and so can se way more colours than we can, but for the sake of not being complicated, lets stick to what humans can see! Lol!)
    Also, Aren’t Magenta and Cyan just different shades of Red and Blue anyway? That would also indicate the true Primary colours are Red Yellow and Blue.

  • Ella Hammond
    Ella Hammond 3 days ago

    can myc make purple and orange???

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    Try Weebly. It's free and you still can make a website. Just a heads up

  • kitthrin
    kitthrin 3 days ago

    It's also a matter of "Additive" vs "Subtractive" coloring. RGB (what monitors use) is additive color, you're adding light (to black) where CMYK is subtractvie, you're removing color from White (full spectrum color). Working with markers, colored pencils, or paints are forms of subtractive coloring.

  • The Offical J.A.R.R
    The Offical J.A.R.R 3 days ago

    18% of viewers "IT'S CYAN,MAGENTA,AND YELLOW!"
    Jazza "Shut the front door.''

  • Seth Gary
    Seth Gary 4 days ago

    Wait you're forgetting something the triary colors and All the colors after that like cyan and magenta ARE triary colors to RYB
    Edit: cyan is blue and green then you can make magenta with purple and blue

  • Woomy Luna
    Woomy Luna 4 days ago

    Why is yellow always there lmao

  • TacoThe Gr8
    TacoThe Gr8 4 days ago

    No it’s not yellow it’s goldenrod!

    Well it should be

  • IDontKnow HowToName
    IDontKnow HowToName 4 days ago life was a lie

  • Artzy Cookiez
    Artzy Cookiez 4 days ago

    I still cannot believe that you wrote “G” instead of “Y” on the “superhero” or whatever

  • Emily Limb
    Emily Limb 4 days ago

    What if all 5 colours are primary colours and science lies to us 😱😱😱

  • The Tuff Guy extra saucy !

    This is jazza

    Yup defently jazza

  • The Tuff Guy extra saucy !

    Why not use a colorless blender for your color pencils?🤨

  • Joe Barbot-Doherty
    Joe Barbot-Doherty 4 days ago

    Sorry but myc

  • 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55

    I'm in PhotoShop so much that I didn't even notice that it was supposed to be RYB instead of RGB

  • benji does stuff with his freinds

    I'm dead inside

  • Jamie Whitelaw
    Jamie Whitelaw 4 days ago

    As an artist I'm shook, cmy is much more vibrant... I think I'm going to try and paint with cyan and magenta instead of red and blue 🤔

  • april holm
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  • Mrz Hyde
    Mrz Hyde 5 days ago

    I took a digital design class a couple years ago and the teacher taught us the RYB is the primary in the physical world while MYC is the primary in the digital world

  • Katie Woods
    Katie Woods 5 days ago

    As far as primary colors go, MYC has proven themselves to be the true set of primary colors. But when it comes to artistic preference, I'm sticking with the color combo of RYB for primary colors

  • Anna Bernegger
    Anna Bernegger 5 days ago

    G can easily be for Gold, which is pretty much yellow.

  • Samantha Ellwood
    Samantha Ellwood 5 days ago

    Green... my favourite primary colour.

  • Kuba Comedies
    Kuba Comedies 5 days ago

    Y M C A

  • That  Shipper
    That Shipper 5 days ago

    *ItHs nOt rEd yEllOw AnD bLUe iThs cYAn mAgEntA AnD yEllOw*

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  • MrSprinkles 2434
    MrSprinkles 2434 5 days ago

    My life is a lie DX

  • Keldwik Chaldain
    Keldwik Chaldain 5 days ago

    But the additive primary colors are red green and blue, and the subtractive primary colors are cyan yellow and magenta. You're not even comparing the primary colors right!

    • Keldwik Chaldain
      Keldwik Chaldain 5 days ago

      And OF COURSE cmy is better for traditional art since traditional is inherently subtractive. In digital art since it's additive you need to use rgb.

  • Kirsten Yap
    Kirsten Yap 5 days ago

    (MYC) vs (RGB)

  • Kiarna Peterson-Walsh

    Red Yellow & Blue are Primary Coulors

  • Sugar Roll
    Sugar Roll 5 days ago

    Take RBY, add W, and you have my favorite anime

  • Magharibi School Supplies

    You. Are so dum if. You. Did. Not pick R.B.Y

  • Scott Leonard
    Scott Leonard 5 days ago

    I think that what the reason For people thinking that Ryb are the primary colors because they can make any color In. The rainbow. My thoughts on it is it myc but who really cares what I think its not my mind it's there's

  • kenny wagoner
    kenny wagoner 6 days ago

    In art in second grade we had to take a art test
    I'm the only one who actually TRUELY passed a test that had to do with...

    And, to make my class mates sound like lousers!

  • ArtOfCamelot
    ArtOfCamelot 6 days ago

    RYB has always been primary colors as far as I've known. However, for this challenge I think MYC wins. She just came out really good. The blending seemed to work better with those colors for this particular piece.

  • C Chinnock
    C Chinnock 6 days ago

    Is this for real? You should explain RGB are the primary colours for mixing light (such as a computer monitor or tv) and CYM is mixing mediums such as paint. There's not one or the other. They are both correct for different reasons.

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 6 days ago

    They’re practically the same fucking colour

  • SG Hinshaw
    SG Hinshaw 6 days ago +1

    Man, I'm a painter so I might be biased, but one time I ONLY had MYC paint and I swear to god I couldn't mix shit! Literally, ALL of my greens were way off and I could NEVER get the perfect shade of blue. I ended up getting fed up and went to the store to get more RYB. I then painted the same exact scenery with RYB instead of MYC and everything turned out perfect. RYB will always be better.

  • Finngame 2
    Finngame 2 6 days ago

    I’ve been living a lie

  • LuccielCreates
    LuccielCreates 6 days ago

    what about RMYCB, Red, Magenta, Yellow, Cyan, Blue?

  • Macawesome Bird
    Macawesome Bird 6 days ago

    RYB are the primary colours.
    MYC look best (when drawing your superhero).

  • Euriel Rabano
    Euriel Rabano 6 days ago

    whattabout the red, blue, and green?

  • A am a POTATO
    A am a POTATO 6 days ago

    Cyan is a lighter blue magenta is a darker red

  • Crystia 2007
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  • Jessie Galas
    Jessie Galas 6 days ago

    how did i just know this right know when my printer is shouting at me the symbol *MYCB*

  • mila memer
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  • mindemond
    mindemond 6 days ago

    r g b red gold blue

  • Curious Bystander
    Curious Bystander 7 days ago

    I’m this old gal who loves to watch you because you are an amazing artist...but...your taking Gods name in vain is hard to hear.
    Not trying to preach, but just you have to?

  • Maze Runner
    Maze Runner 7 days ago

    why do you do this to yourself

  • Stone
    Stone 7 days ago

    The thing is if myc are the primary colours then ryb are actually the secondary colours and the secondary colours are the uh.....third colours....the thir-dantary colors....The thi-- you know what I mean

  • Indianna Turner
    Indianna Turner 7 days ago

    Cyan is basically light blue and cyan megenta and yellow doesn't make orange😕

  • Alexander Moy
    Alexander Moy 7 days ago

    I have two sets of _RYB_ s but my arch nemesis is someone named _MYC_. I’m basically saying go ryb

  • PJ Cassel
    PJ Cassel 7 days ago

    Color is subjective. Cyan is part of the blue realm and magenta from thee red realm.
    The pigments and binders are the final word on how colors mix. Colors have proprietary color formulas. Reflex blue on one color chart will be different from another.
    Bottom line, use what works best for you.

  • Carina Benedi
    Carina Benedi 7 days ago +1

    MYC have proven you RYB people wrong,

  • Black Rabbit White Wolf

    there is no true primary color because true and a lot of things are defined off of opinion so don't get mad at me or anyone for liking YMC or RYB cause they are both equally true

  • Hajima Covers
    Hajima Covers 7 days ago

    I think MYC because I’m in for femininity!!

  • Persephone Black
    Persephone Black 7 days ago

    When I went through graphic design and communications in high school it was CMYK. Cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. It was used for printing. Photoshop has modes like RGB or CMYK depending on what you're doing and if your art is for print or web. I always go by RYB when using traditional mediums, RGB on web based stuff.

  • Olga Hein
    Olga Hein 7 days ago

    Alright, again I wonder: Don't people learn that in school? I did in 5th or 6th grade, and I know they are teaching that in german schools nowadays too. Maybe it's just one of those things that are easily forgotten, and just stuck in my brain for 20 years because I found it interesting. Here's the thing:
    - CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow. The K is not a color really, just an aditional something that is needed for printer color and I forgot what it is) ARE the primary color for solid surfaces. The important part here is COLOR, as it refers to paint, ink, etc. Cyan and magenta is blue, magenta and yellow is red, yellow and cyan is green. When you mix all of them in exactly the same amount, you will get something that is nearly black, but usually that's not possible so it's different shades of brown (remember Bob Ross saying there is no black in nature? That's the reason).
    - RGB (red, green, blue. The german word for yellow - gelb - has nothing to do with it, as some comments here imply) are the primary colors of light. The important part here is LIGHT. Red light and green light equals yellow, red light and blue light equals magenta, blue light and green light equals cyan. They all mixed together in the exact amount equal white. Like the sun on midday.
    CMY are the primary colors of paint, wich can give you any other color possible when mixed differently or layered. Except black and white, and that's why those 2 are not considered as colors (Also, because color is, per definition, created by a surface reflecting a certain spectrum of light, while absorbing another spectrum. And because white reflects all of it, while black absorbs all of it, they are per definition also not colors) . This goes for every drawing and painting medium.
    RGB though are light waves, more specific a certain spectrum of light (the RGB light spectrum). This is the colored light used on screens (as they are colored light created behind the glass of the screen and lit in different amount, depending on the data transferred to the screen). When you get very close to a TV screen that is at least 20 years old (or older) you can literally see that.
    I think this misconception of red, yellow and blue being the primary colors is rooted in exactly that, that people mixed up the difference between solid color and light spectrum, especially as for the last 20 years digital art was on the rise, and people see the RGB all the time when they are online. You still need to transform it into CMYK mode for printing, but that usually goes automatically nowadays.
    And that, dear children, was a very very basic crash course of optics, that I had for a month in my physics class 20 years ago. Gosh, I'm 31 and I feel old.
    Oh, I forgot another reason why ppl might thing RYB could be the primary colors: Color wheel, or more exactly: Color theory. I don't know how many people have actually read the books explainig that, but color theory is by no means to be a guide about primary colors and possible mixtures. It is meant to show different effects that different contrasts of color theory have on the mood of the art and the viewer, like a tutorial for how to make pleasant or not so pleasant color combinations. The color wheel is supposed to visualize it.
    When you look close enough, you will see that pink and light blue can not be created by using any color from that. Unless you add white to red or blue. And then you can't create all colors, as magenta or cyan. Never.
    The problem here is, that in the english language the colors on the first/inner color wheel are also called primary colors. I forgot about that actually. Maybe because in german, the language I learned all that, the color theory colors are called primary colors (and then secondary colors, etc), while the primary colors that we are all talking about are called 'Grundfarben' (or: Basisfarben) wich translates roughly as base colors (or basic/foundation colors).

  • Little Potato
    Little Potato 7 days ago

    Me in confusion.. America explain

  • Celestine -_
    Celestine -_ 7 days ago

    Does anyone know what colouring pencils are being used in this video? Or just some decent colouring pencil brands that aren't thay expensive. I've been needing some new ones for a while. (And maybe some non expensive line art pens)

  • stubby fetus
    stubby fetus 7 days ago

    They are red yellow and blue you can fight me on it

  • masshadow1
    masshadow1 8 days ago

    Just use all of them

  • Mark Harlow
    Mark Harlow 8 days ago

    I was thinking Roy. G. Biv.

  • IDuz Gamez
    IDuz Gamez 8 days ago

    Honestly once me and my friend had an (joke) argument about this and basically my only defence was:
    “Okay but the Heathers are the primary colours and you don’t hear new people saying ‘Chandler is the _magenta_ Heather isn’t she?’ or ‘So Veronica’s the one in _cyan_ right?’ No! Exactly, the primary colours are red, blue and yellow,”

  • Davon Smith
    Davon Smith 8 days ago

    Ur asking us to pick what color is superior THATS RACIST!!! lol jk I vote ryb but I like the cym colors

  • Davon Smith
    Davon Smith 8 days ago

    Red yellow blue

  • Morri Baby
    Morri Baby 8 days ago

    You messed up the ryb man by putting a g instead of y this hurts my soul edit: I didn't see till the end

  • La 7
    La 7 8 days ago

    R G B Works with norwegian