BATTLE of the TRUE PRIMARY COLORS!! - RYB Vs. MYC Art Challenge!


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  • Jeffrey Schütz
    Jeffrey Schütz 3 hours ago

    You can actually say you meant them to be german btw. Like Red is rot, yellow is gelb and blue blau. so-

  • The Worlds of Laura TWoL

    The true scientific primary colors that the human eye can see are red green and blue because of the color receptors in your eye please look it up its not that hard.

  • dragon fire
    dragon fire Day ago

    I have a challenge
    nail art challenge?

  • Catriona Whelan
    Catriona Whelan Day ago

    "It's not red yellow and blue , it's cyan magenta and yellow" that killed me😂

  • Cyan N
    Cyan N Day ago

    My name is Cyan 😁

  • Maximillian Lylat

    Now do it with paint. Isnt rby still very popular with painters

  • Reagan Shad
    Reagan Shad Day ago

    I feel like either one could be acceptable but I prefer mcy

  • Ri Kou
    Ri Kou 2 days ago +1


  • Say Tin
    Say Tin 2 days ago

    Edna, watching the speedart: *NO CAPES!!!*

  • Olive Blue
    Olive Blue 3 days ago


  • Reanna Todd
    Reanna Todd 3 days ago

    Screw it they're all primary colors. Problem soooolved

  • donbdonbx
    donbdonbx 3 days ago

    Anyone who said myc is full blown stupid

  • lol lol
    lol lol 4 days ago

    Yellow is "Gelb" in german so it's not that worse

  • random pensamientos
    random pensamientos 4 days ago

    I wish you had done this challenge with the markers. ❤️💛💙

  • Arrianna Sanguine
    Arrianna Sanguine 5 days ago

    Tests the blending color range of RGB on drawing by mostly using the pure color
    Try the same drawing, and using secondary.
    Also find better C&M

  • Arrianna Sanguine
    Arrianna Sanguine 5 days ago

    Those are not the best cyan and magenta’s they have a slight tint to them other than the primary..

  • Conrad Heil
    Conrad Heil 5 days ago +1

    CMYK is betterrr

  • Yo
    Yo 5 days ago

    what about red blue and green? those are technically the true colours of light

  • Camdraws
    Camdraws 5 days ago

    I feel like it should be what ever Bob Ross said it is

  • Camdraws
    Camdraws 5 days ago

    Maybe it’s both

  • Lissa Danks
    Lissa Danks 6 days ago


  • Andrew n marshall
    Andrew n marshall 9 days ago

    RGB : Primary colors of light. More light gets lighter, building toward white.
    CYM: Primary colors of paint/ink. Subtractive. More ink filters more light, darker colors, toward black (but impossible to recreate, requiring a real black for shadows)

  • Daniela Hoffman
    Daniela Hoffman 9 days ago

    Don't worry jazza RGB can work.. in German
    Red = Rot
    Blue = Blau
    Yellow = Gelb
    So just made and german character xD

  • Reed Wilson
    Reed Wilson 9 days ago

    You put the letter g instead of y

  • Geirgi Ceirgi
    Geirgi Ceirgi 10 days ago

    I think

    When painting/ drawing, rby is the best primary colour combination

    When printing in ink you use cym

    And in light its rgb

    • Jasper Geli
      Jasper Geli 5 days ago +1

      No, there's no effect of when you use CMY in painting, drawing, printing, etc. CMY has the widest gamut among the two. It creates an equilateral and equiangular triangle in our color vision range. There are only two principles, namely, lights (energy) and pigments (matter). CMY applies to ALL PIGMENTS. Crayons, inks, and paints are all pigments. Lights, when mixed in different hues, make the mixture lighter, while matters, when mixed in different hues, make the mixture darker. Crayons, inks, and paints, when mixed in different hues, make the mixture darker, thus, all are pigments.

  • Zboey101 XD
    Zboey101 XD 10 days ago

    I only know that it is in pixels these colours / colors
    And from what I’ve been taught, the three colours are green red and blue. Idk it’s weird because I said to my teacher that green isn’t a primary colour... he couldn’t reply lmao 😂

  • Deborah Giles
    Deborah Giles 10 days ago +1

    I'm no expert but I find that if I'm trying to mix clear (not muddy) colours from 3 primaries, I'm happiest with CYM as primaries. But if I want muddier colours, and colours we see out there around us, not just bright, clear candy colours, RYB as primaries are less frustrating to use. HOWEVER, it's always easy to mix complements to muddy up a colour by which I mean make it more complex, interesting and beautiful, or more shady or shadowy or moody. So you see we rapidly get into a very subjective area. Another issue for me is that you can't mix a good purple from RYB. You can only make a very dull colour that only approaches purple. That's kind of a deal breaker for me unless you are good with just getting a tube of purple paint. That's doable. I have done a certain amount of experimentation with this and I really prefer the range of good colours I can mix with CYM and I have better control. OR we could just go ahead and say CYM work better for mixing. I was as shocked as you when I first came to that conclusion. But I think there are lots of painty people who would disagree with me. I'm fine with that. The bottom line though is that I don't think there's a definitive answer to the primary colour debate. I think it's a choice. THere are so very many basic colour choices you can start with for mixing colours. And NB here, I am talking about mixing paint rather than blending markers or pencils so that's another thing. And finally it's academic anyway since when are we ever limited to mixing everything we use from just a few pigments? Really, never. Super fun discussion. We should talk about warm and cool colours sometime too. ;o)

  • The Gay Atheist
    The Gay Atheist 10 days ago

    Red yellow blue in Danish is rød gul blå, so RGB works in Danish.

  • ThatOneWolf 1119
    ThatOneWolf 1119 10 days ago

    This physically hurt me...
    But I still believe RYB is primary...

  • soliferi
    soliferi 11 days ago

    fiiinally. i feel at peace now that people are waking up to the frustration of buying primary sets xD *you need both.

  • Morty Pancake24617
    Morty Pancake24617 11 days ago

    Thats the thing
    Primary Colours are:
    Red, Yellow and Blue
    Secondary colours are
    Green, Orange and Purple
    How the hell should they match up

    • dannyswe1235
      dannyswe1235 8 days ago

      primary colours are red, green and blue for light (red and green makes yellow), red, yellow and blue for painting and cyan, yellow and magenta for ink

  • Cryptic Cryptic
    Cryptic Cryptic 11 days ago

    Everybody knows why most boys pick myc after jazza drew it

  • Flootje Krijnen
    Flootje Krijnen 12 days ago

    RGB makes sense in dutch :)
    Red - Rood
    Yellow- Geel
    Blue - Blauw

  • Teddy Tiger
    Teddy Tiger 13 days ago

    I think the reason myc works/looks better is because theres differint shades, magenta is dark, cyan is light, and the yellow is the middle. But ryb will always be dear to me

  • becksdoesart
    becksdoesart 13 days ago

    Everybody here's stating that RYB are the primary pigment colours...
    Well fuck my 300 page diploma thesis about pigments then, lmao

  • Skully Crowley
    Skully Crowley 13 days ago


  • Robbie Kenny
    Robbie Kenny 13 days ago

    The primary colors differ based on what medium. For pigment, its CMYK. For light, its RGB.

  • Facetious
    Facetious 14 days ago

    When you try to turn art into a science I feel it starts to lose creativity and individuality. Too much talk, not enough creation! LOL ^_-

  • Kitty Cupcake
    Kitty Cupcake 14 days ago

    For most of this video I was staring at the RGB like does no one else see the G am I missing something here then he explained he messed up

    • Kitty Cupcake
      Kitty Cupcake 14 days ago

      Then continues to say RGB instead of RYB 😂

  • Ollie Pop
    Ollie Pop 14 days ago

    But see, like.. Cyan is blue.. Magenta is red/pink.. so you can even be talking about cyan and magenta and still say 'blue/red'. It's stupid if you ask me, they're just specific colors of the same thing.

  • Disha Garima
    Disha Garima 14 days ago

    MYB or RYC

  • Greywind92
    Greywind92 14 days ago

    i was taught in school in the 90s that the primary colours were Red, Blue, and Yellow

  • hi_im_jc 123
    hi_im_jc 123 14 days ago

    and magenta, a shade of pink, which is a shade of red. cyan, a shade of blue. so no matter what opinion you have you are correct. and you can also use black and white to make blue, and red. white to make cyan and magenta i rest my case

  • hi_im_jc 123
    hi_im_jc 123 14 days ago


  • Aleshia Hutchison
    Aleshia Hutchison 14 days ago

    I've been blindly walking through a discolored world......

  • Carol Huskey
    Carol Huskey 15 days ago

    Isn’t the purpose of the “primary” colors of red, blue and yellow to make the secondary colors easily as in purple, green and orange. Which would involve less mixing than MCY cause they easily make red, blue and green first? Cause with MCY you’d have to mix it all up to make a red and mix it again to get a decent blue to make a deep purple, so it would be easier to use the “primaries” or it’s more for painting purposes. Cause CMYK is for printers?
    (Maybe CMYK is getting popular cause of popularity in tech)

  • Bea The Cat
    Bea The Cat 15 days ago

    What do I say to my art teacher after this video and the polls?!? QvQ

  • Frice
    Frice 15 days ago

    You could just say that your RYB warrior is swedish beacuse: "yellow" is "gul", "red" is "röd" and "blue" is "blå" in swedish so it could just say