BATTLE of the TRUE PRIMARY COLORS!! - RYB Vs. MYC Art Challenge!

  • Published on Apr 26, 2018
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Comments • 14 567

  • rachel fortier
    rachel fortier 3 hours ago

    MYC is 100% the true primary colors. The MYC super hero just looked visually better. But a piece of my childhood self will always hold onto RYB.

  • Kirinyana l.
    Kirinyana l. 4 hours ago

    RGB = Rood Geel Blauw (red yellow and blue in dutch 😉)

  • Sherie Campbell
    Sherie Campbell 6 hours ago

    Who else realised that he put RGB in stead if RYB ON THE HERO

  • AlxBkerPlayz - Minecraft and more

    myc wins

  • allasar
    allasar 8 hours ago

    You answered the first question yourself: magenta-yellow-cyan are the true primary colors, since you can make the other colors starting from there. The same can't be said for red-yellow-blue. This ends the debate: MYC are the primary colors.

    On the second question: I think it is about equal.

  • CrabMeat
    CrabMeat 9 hours ago

    Jazza: is this a green?

  • CrabMeat
    CrabMeat 9 hours ago

    Can’t you make cyan and magenta out of red and blue by tinting? Or are we just ignoring grayscale here?

  • Akuma Velinov
    Akuma Velinov 13 hours ago

    I've literally never heard yellow cyan magenta suggested

  • Connor Hume
    Connor Hume 14 hours ago

    I think primary colours should be in sets of two such a as purple and yellow, red and green, blue and orange.

  • Juvi Cvetkovic
    Juvi Cvetkovic 15 hours ago

    If primary colours are supposed to make every colour aside from gradients, how come myc can't make purple and make brown instead, but ryb can make purple and brown.

  • Wolfa Cookie
    Wolfa Cookie 17 hours ago

    but can you make purple????

  • Turkey person
    Turkey person 20 hours ago

    My life is a lie I thought it was red yellow and blue

  • Hilary Chan
    Hilary Chan 21 hour ago +1

    I think it’s magenta, yellow, blue because you can actually make red and your not supposed to be able to create primary colours

  • Edward Greenall
    Edward Greenall 22 hours ago

    I have literally been told countless times that it's red, yellow and blue. Magenta is just a mix of white and red, as all hues of pink are. Cyan is a mix of green and blue, which is just blue, blue and yellow.
    edit: after watching this video, I am wrong. Please do not attack me. I made this comment before watching the video properly.

  • Cocos Bolen
    Cocos Bolen Day ago

    uhhhh isnt magenta and cyan a red and blue color

  • Panda Drawz
    Panda Drawz Day ago

    ryb all the way

  • Scott Fronapfel
    Scott Fronapfel Day ago

    A year late but the RYB confusion comes from CMY colors in real painting being given absurd names. If you look at swatches of Azure or Phthalo "Blue" or "Bright Red" I'd argue it is much closer to Cyan and Magenta than what we commonly view as Blue or Red.

  • Mar Sumang
    Mar Sumang Day ago +1

    Me (in Edna Mode's voice): NO CAPES!

  • Dudkover
    Dudkover Day ago

    red, green and blue are able to make cyan',
    yt magenta and yellow

  • Raven N.
    Raven N. Day ago*finger gravitates towards myc* noooo it hurts it hurts

  • you've got mayl
    you've got mayl Day ago

    4:44 its poop

  • Ishotubro973
    Ishotubro973 Day ago


  • YareYareDaze
    YareYareDaze Day ago +1

    Anytime I need to see your face I just close my eyes
    And I am taken to a place
    Where your crystal minds and *MAGENTA* feelings
    Take up shelter in the base of my spine
    Sweet like a chica cherry cola

  • Mathi Lotus
    Mathi Lotus 2 days ago


    My childhood ruined. ..

  • mixitrix _04
    mixitrix _04 2 days ago

    myc look more fake

  • RazorBlade
    RazorBlade 2 days ago

    Jazza the Australian way to spell colo(u)r has a U you spelled it the American way ( ̄∇ ̄) ehh does no mattter

  • Blue Boo
    Blue Boo 2 days ago +4

    You know what the primary colours are red,magenta,blue,cyan and yellow 👌🏾

  • Galaxy queen 1245
    Galaxy queen 1245 2 days ago

    4:43 he kinda looks like when you mix Vegemite into butter do you agree with me because that’s what it does look like

  • Your Local Lizoggo
    Your Local Lizoggo 2 days ago

    I dont care what people say
    I will always consider RYB the primary colors
    even my art teachers say they are the primary

  • Chikage
    Chikage 2 days ago +1

    and then there are the true primary colors of the PC master race... RGB. Because everyone knows LED strips and RGB parts make your computer run faster

  • coole Spielsachen
    coole Spielsachen 2 days ago +1

    RGB is ok too in german Yellow is Gelb with G😂

  • The Guy Don Don
    The Guy Don Don 3 days ago +1

    Cyan + magenta makes purple not blue. It's clearly purple when you did it

    • HELL DOG
      HELL DOG 4 hours ago

      When you add more cyan and less magenta you get blue rather than purple.

  • TheBreakFast
    TheBreakFast 3 days ago +1

    Actually RGB are the truest primary colors.

  • Pkprincess 12
    Pkprincess 12 3 days ago

    If you used paint you could’ve gotten the other colors.Mixing colors with color pencils isn’t the best way to do it but nice video and drawing overall

  • teevee 360
    teevee 360 3 days ago +1

    I’m loving the son of sanguinius in the background.

  • idkYT
    idkYT 3 days ago

    rgb RGB rGb srsly jazza srsly

  • Sonia Molnar
    Sonia Molnar 4 days ago

    RGB am I right?

  • Dave Sherwin
    Dave Sherwin 4 days ago

    Jazza, you do realise that magenta is a shade of pink and pink is made up of red and white, so if you slightly change the amount of red or white, you might get magenta, for cyan, idk just dabble I guess, idk how to make cyan.. btw 7:19 green was never involved in this, you just threw it in acedentally I hope, it was just blue and red vs cyan and magenta and yellow being the referee...

  • Victoria Molina
    Victoria Molina 4 days ago

    Like if red yellow and blue is right

  • Theblondegamer
    Theblondegamer 4 days ago

    Fun Fact: Wikipedia is not a credible site because people can always change the "facts" anytime.

  • Victorvalross
    Victorvalross 4 days ago

    Is it only me who think of red, green and blue when people talk about primary colors... yeah... I know... I’m weird...

  • Raw Porkchop Gaming
    Raw Porkchop Gaming 5 days ago +4

    doesn't it burn your soul that he wrote RGB instead of RYB

  • Jayon Fuller
    Jayon Fuller 5 days ago

    RYB are colors to dark or warm to make MYC which are colder colors and if you mix them they will make warmer colors/colours

  • The Chellos' Rule
    The Chellos' Rule 5 days ago

    The term primary (for colors) means you can't make them.
    There is three groups of colors (four technically)
    Primary (red yellow blue)
    Secondary (orange green violet)
    Tertiary (redorange orangeyellow yellowgreen greenblue blueviolet violetred)
    And then everything else which is various tints and shades of those colors.

  • Herman Boerboom
    Herman Boerboom 5 days ago

    Geel is yellow in Dutch soooooooooooo ik guess hes Dutch....

  • ArtsySprings Speedpaints and stuff

    I’ve been lied to my entire life. Red and blue aren’t primary. IM VERY CONFUSED

    • Yorie1234
      Yorie1234 2 days ago

      they are in light, where addition lightens the color, and the primary colors are rgb.
      in ink/paint or any other format where addition darkens the colors, the primary colors are cym.
      printers use cmyk (k is black) because with the inks only a very dark brown can be mixed, not a good black.

  • CraftingTrio Challenges

    cyka blyat i just go digital!!!!!!!
    Croissant de Malabar for the win
    don't ask me why i wrote this

  • MissKittenBell
    MissKittenBell 6 days ago

    Yellow in swedish is Gul so :)

  • Inferno Chicken
    Inferno Chicken 6 days ago


  • Moonlight Unicorn Studios

    I have never heard anyone say that magenta and cyan are primary colours I have grown up and have been taught red and blue

  • Pickled Glitter
    Pickled Glitter 6 days ago

    I thought the ryb were the tru primary colors but honestly myc looks better

  • Anichan Gacha
    Anichan Gacha 6 days ago

    ❤️💙 💛 💜💚
    💙❤️: 💛 IS OURS!
    💜💚: NO 💛 IS OURS!
    💛: help me
    1 👍 = 1 prayer for yellow
    (pretend the 💜💚 is magenta and cyan)

  • August4Life
    August4Life 6 days ago +2

    It says rgb instead of ryb on the ryb superhero

  • nisveta hamzic
    nisveta hamzic 6 days ago +1

    It's red yellow and blue

  • Margaret Obenhaus
    Margaret Obenhaus 6 days ago +1

    I've found the answer, the CYM are the primary colors of light and the RYB are the primary colors of color. That's why RYB is more popular in the artist circle.

  • Amelia hdvdhdbd
    Amelia hdvdhdbd 7 days ago

    Red yellow and blue

  • Karlijn Cats
    Karlijn Cats 7 days ago +2

    If you are dutch its like rood(red) geel(yellow) blauw(blue)😂❤️💛💙

  • PollyAndMe
    PollyAndMe 7 days ago

    Why can’t Myc AND rub be the primary colors....

  • Mer Bear
    Mer Bear 7 days ago +2

    Genuinely started to cry

    Poor yellow

    1👍 = 1🙏 for yellow

  • Edrich Swanepoel
    Edrich Swanepoel 7 days ago

    The R.G.B could stand for red, green, and blue.

  • Jason Fortenberry
    Jason Fortenberry 8 days ago

    Only primary colors are red, yellow, and blue.

  • Atticus Wyrick
    Atticus Wyrick 8 days ago

    Why dose your first super hero say RGB and not RYB?

  • Watermelon Films
    Watermelon Films 8 days ago +1

    This is why yellow is my favorite color.....

  • Austin Turville
    Austin Turville 8 days ago

    Captain marvel

  • The Comenter
    The Comenter 9 days ago

    Me: wait if that's supposed to be the red yellow and blue hero than why does it have a G
    Jazza:*explains himself*
    My brain:I like gyellow better

  • Rhiannan Thomas
    Rhiannan Thomas 9 days ago

    This video blew my mind and seriously improved my art. BYR is BS. Wow. Thanks, Jazza!

  • I Like 2 Draw Stuff
    I Like 2 Draw Stuff 9 days ago

    Jazza, in your drawing. You put green as a primary colour??
    Edit: Oh wait, RGB mode. Nevermind

  • Bearicorn
    Bearicorn 9 days ago

    Actually, I learned in art school that there are more than 3 primary colors, so you need a cool and warm version of blue, red and yellow to mix the most colors out of it, RYB are warm colors, and CYM are cool colors, and you can't mix a nice cool purple out of a warm red and blue, and you can't mix a nice warm orange out of a cool yellow and magenta. The yellow in the video is a warm yellow, but for something like a bright cool green you would need a cool lemon yellow.

  • Clarinettist OwO
    Clarinettist OwO 9 days ago

    0:35 i want to hear that voice say "yee yee i wanna be a cowboy yee yee"

  • Delilah Poehner
    Delilah Poehner 9 days ago

    I'm now questioning my whole elementary school education...

  • Harks Online
    Harks Online 10 days ago

    Theyre JUST different shades of the same colour.
    (No one cares about yellow though cause it's pi**

  • M!Ki
    M!Ki 10 days ago

    MYC will win cuz she's got boobies (. Y .)

  • Papyrus
    Papyrus 10 days ago

    RGB couild be german and stand for ROT GELB BLAU lol

  • Angelique Shelton
    Angelique Shelton 10 days ago

    RYB are the primary colors for pigment and CYM are the primary colors in ink RGB are the primary colors of light

  • Kelly Martin
    Kelly Martin 10 days ago

    I just want to know how to make a decent purple

  • _ YouWereOnTheJohn _
    _ YouWereOnTheJohn _ 10 days ago

    who realised on one of the heroes he put G for yellow

  • jesse viking
    jesse viking 11 days ago

    ymc because it's actually the colours in ur printer

  • Nightwalker 06
    Nightwalker 06 11 days ago

    RYB aren’t the primary colours MYC are
    🌈 💫
    WOW. The more you know ⭐️ 🔫

  • Wubble Dubble
    Wubble Dubble 11 days ago

    In norwegian yellow is gul so You’re fine

  • Athena Lamarre-Clifton
    Athena Lamarre-Clifton 11 days ago +2

    Who is team MYC!!! 👇leave a like and coment if uou are and also i do not want any replys from the RYB so yea


    • Hello There
      Hello There 10 days ago

      Athena Lamarre-Clifton shut the fuck up

  • Lpstheangels OwO
    Lpstheangels OwO 11 days ago

    1 like=1 like

    Why did I do this

  • Anna Kaponi
    Anna Kaponi 11 days ago

    I think MYC won even though I wanted RYB to win. The thing we all can agree on is that yellow won for sure

  • Cruxus
    Cruxus 11 days ago

    My primary colors are 6h 2b and 12b.

  • custerjessica
    custerjessica 11 days ago

    RED AND BLUE ARE FAKERS! Sorry, yellow.

  • S Fradley
    S Fradley 11 days ago

    R'G'B winz

  • Florian Zeuner
    Florian Zeuner 11 days ago

    In german RGB is actually right. Because Red=Rot, Blue=Blau, Yellow=Gelb.
    Greetings from Austria!

  • Roblox Cat Memes
    Roblox Cat Memes 11 days ago


  • Blossoms
    Blossoms 11 days ago

    To ME they look the same.

  • spider gamer
    spider gamer 11 days ago

    Mistake u wrote rgb

  • spider gamer
    spider gamer 11 days ago


  • Pyre Wolf
    Pyre Wolf 11 days ago

    hold up now, I have never heard of ryb nor myc, I have only ever learned that the primary colors are red GREEN and blue

  • Fortnite is my life
    Fortnite is my life 12 days ago

    I thought g was for Roy g biv

  • Måns Persson
    Måns Persson 12 days ago


  • cookies and cream
    cookies and cream 12 days ago

    y is the c around dah boob?

  • charlie mason!!
    charlie mason!! 12 days ago +1

    Yellow is a primary colour._ _

  • EpicGame Worm
    EpicGame Worm 12 days ago

    I say red green and blue

  • JLowexX Vlogs and Games

    Why is green on red,yellow and blue?????????

  • hjab nikoloz bncv
    hjab nikoloz bncv 13 days ago


  • hi_im_jc 123
    hi_im_jc 123 13 days ago

    Congratulations Jazza
    you just killed me on the inside...
    and destroyed all my brain cells...
    at the same time...
    well done.

  • DJ X123
    DJ X123 13 days ago

    jazza you wrote RGB on the red yellow blue hero instead of RYB