1970 Ford Ranchero 429 Super Cobra Jet - Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 325

  • Published on Sep 27, 2019
  • Ford hit a home-run when they launched the ranchero back in 1957, and the popular
    car / truck became a staple for businesses and individuals alike. We think it’s cool that some seriously high performance versions slipped out, like this ‘70 built with a 429 Super Cobra Jet and a Drag Pack!
    What was intended to be a utilitarian, personalized pick-em-up truck, sometimes ended up being the hottest car on the street. And while high-performance Rancheros were nothing new in 1970, as evidenced by the factory 312 supercharged ‘57 Ranchburner we showed in episode 15, or the blue ‘68 Cobra Jet from episode 79, this one is probably the highest of the hi-po Rancheros.
    1970 Rancheros are largely similar to Torinos, save for the bed box in place of a set of doors or a fastback roofline. Up front, they all share the same sheet metal and suspension, so it only makes sense that the hottest Torino performance engines fits right in. In this case, we’re looking at the 385 series 429 Super Cobra Jet, in all of it’s Ram Air and Drag Pak glory.
    The “super” part of the package actually starts out back, with a 3.91 or 4.30 rear gear. These cogs ended up spinning the engine faster at high speed, so Ford beefed up those versions with a 4-bolt block, forged 11.3:1 compression pistons, bigger valves, a solid-lifter camshaft, and a Holley carb breathing through the functional Cobra Jet shaker scoop. The giveaway is the finned oil cooler mounted on the radiator core support, which helped keep 429s guts happy at high RPM. The result is a factory rating of 375 HP and 450 lbs. ft. of torque, all going through the toploader 4 speed and up in tire smoke out back.
    The 429 Super Cobra Jet engine is one of the coolest looking plants of the era, with aluminum finned valve covers and the sinister finned shaker scoop, and it all plays into the sharp styling of the ‘70 Ranchero GT. Ours is dipped in Dark Ivy Green and the full-width eggcrate grille awakens to reveal hidden headlights. The lines are crisp, with a set of gills on the lower quarters just below GT emblems, and a discreet 429 badge down low on the fender.
    Styled steel wheels wrapped in raised white letter tires provide contact for the GT suspension, which added performance springs, shocks, and sway bar. Front power disc brakes and power steering make it easier to handle for the driver.
    You’d better have your load strapped down tightly if you’re hauling the goods in this Super Cobra Jet Ranchero… or maybe wait until after work to go mop the streets with the competition. Thanks for hanging out with us here in The Brothers Collection, we’ll try to find another cool car to share next time, on Muscle Car Of The Week.
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    1970 Ford Ranchero 429 Super Cobra Jet - Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 325
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  • Garrison Nichols
    Garrison Nichols 6 days ago

    Gotta do a match up of this car vs a 1970 Chevy El Camino 454 LS6 if you have one.

  • T U
    T U 25 days ago

    That’s so damn Bad Ass

  • nowitsabadtime
    nowitsabadtime 25 days ago

    Man, those are some DEEP rims. Look like 14X9 :P

  • Mario Hernandez
    Mario Hernandez Month ago

    Wow!!! que precioso Ford Ranchero 429.

    MARSHALL Amp Month ago

    A tubbed Pro Street version would be very cool. Yes to wheelie bars.

  • Wayne Wright
    Wayne Wright Month ago

    It would have been Nice to Show the Inside of the Ranchero!

  • stretch54
    stretch54 Month ago

    Wonder what the weight distribution is for that thing? Probable about 70-30 LOL.

  • Justin Sanders
    Justin Sanders Month ago

    I'm not a big fan of the rancheros or elcaminos but that is one nice ride.

  • Larry Kin
    Larry Kin Month ago


  • Gearjammer
    Gearjammer Month ago

    How come the doors aren’t closed all the way? 🤷‍♂️

  • Eric Jr
    Eric Jr Month ago +3

    I think the “370hp” was a tad underrated for that engine, probably 400 +/-

  • Rilian Riggs
    Rilian Riggs Month ago

    Why didn't you show the interior!! What is this??

  • Hernando Cortez
    Hernando Cortez Month ago

    It seems to me if Ford built a modern version of this it would sell like hotcakes. Today's high horsepower behemoths just aren't that appealing to me.

  • Sebastian Diaz Cota

    Awesome car, but please, someone give some love to that poor grill!

    2RCPRODUCTIONS Month ago

    Fantastic vehicle!!! Grew up with these, Uncle had a 69 428 Cobra jet 4 speed, cousin has a 67 289 hi po 4 speed, and Dad had a 72 351 Cleveland 4 speed and this 70 is top notch but that had to be the weakest burnout I've ever seen!! I hope he didn't have the hammer down or that thing is in need of some serious tuning!?!? Your on TV dude show people what that car was made of!!!😲

  • Leandro Machado
    Leandro Machado Month ago +1

    Insanity man ...I love the 5 slotted wheels exactly like the Australian version wheels and hubs that used to come on the Falcon GT-HO SuperRoo
    Those Goodyear Polyglass tyre are insanity gorgeous

  • Tom Bratton
    Tom Bratton Month ago

    Very Cool!! Thanks!

  • Pappy
    Pappy Month ago

    i once owned a 1971 Torino GT . that was one sweet car . . . until the rear end locked up on me going about 60 . what a mess .

  • ridge runner
    ridge runner Month ago


  • B
    B Month ago

    put a chevy 383 in it

  • Robin Hubert
    Robin Hubert Month ago

    An open differential?

  • michael sutherland
    michael sutherland Month ago

    Whats with the large door gaps at the back of each door?

  • bhaggen
    bhaggen Month ago

    Beautiful ride, but those Pep Boys tailpipes have got to go. Were concealed headlights a stand-alone option or part of the GT package? Only step up was the Torino Squire GT

  • Larry
    Larry Month ago

    Wrecked? The doors are out of alignment! You see it from the rear.

  • OhMrZack
    OhMrZack Month ago +1

    Beautiful car, almost bought a 71’ Ford Ranchero with the 351c 2v.

  • Steven Morris
    Steven Morris Month ago

    Now there's your top of the line bugout vehicle.

  • Tony Lang
    Tony Lang Month ago +1


  • carl cappuccio
    carl cappuccio Month ago

    Cool car bad restoration the doors don't even close all the way ? I know fit and finish weren't even an option back then but that is terrible .

  • Robert Braden
    Robert Braden Month ago

    I had a Competition Green 70 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler with the same drive train,enjoyed those days! Just another old dude these days. Enjoy it while you can!

  • puterossputeross Bowelly

    Trailer Queen 😁😂😂😂😂.

  • M Whitelaw
    M Whitelaw Month ago

    My grandpa had one
    He loved the torque of it

  • ala ska
    ala ska Month ago

    This is the car "Joe Dirt IV" will need.

  • Jim Stenlund
    Jim Stenlund Month ago

    A half-hearted launch for such an awesome car😐...Get Jay Leno to drive it.

  • Air Strike Technologies

    I wanted to see the interior on the SO BADDDDDD!

    • Larry Hawkins
      Larry Hawkins Month ago

      Most likely had the front seat trim of aTorino Cobra ....possibly a Torino GT.

  • twincammike83 16v
    twincammike83 16v Month ago

    Was this the same engine that thay use in the boss..

  • Tommy Hammond
    Tommy Hammond Month ago +1

    The El Camino is way better looking than this eyesore.

    • W900L 14
      W900L 14 Month ago

      Real car enthusiasts like both. Narrow minds are partial to one brand or hate a particular company. Facts.

    • Tommy Hammond
      Tommy Hammond Month ago

      @W900L 14 Facts*

    • W900L 14
      W900L 14 Month ago


  • David Geiger
    David Geiger Month ago

    Why the fascination with spinning the back tires?

  • Mark Scaife
    Mark Scaife Month ago

    Dang it would have been nice to get a look inside, but I still enjoyed the video.

  • clifton sheldon
    clifton sheldon Month ago

    Black Jade is a fantastic color !

  • Charles Chapman
    Charles Chapman Month ago

    68 wheels and hubcaps, nice.

  • SteverRob
    SteverRob Month ago

    Both doors need adjustment, but an absolute stunner.

  • Pierce Hawke
    Pierce Hawke Month ago

    The LAPD ran 1970 Mercury Montegos, 429-4V and all, as their main B&W street patrol units.

  • Seamus603
    Seamus603 Month ago

    Looking good at 49 yrs old

  • kenneth l
    kenneth l Month ago

    I could be wrong but during the burnout it looked like an open diff?

  • Royce Abbott
    Royce Abbott Month ago +1

    I have one in a 71
    Was my dads. And I love it.

    DWH BOI Month ago

    M C of the Week... YOU ROCK!!!

  • Manfred Buchholz
    Manfred Buchholz Month ago +1

    my friend had one manual shift scared the hell out you when you let it go

  • bigbearbland
    bigbearbland Month ago

    My buddy Glen had a 70' SCJ with a drag pack and it was stolen by the Tacoma Police Department in 1985 then sold to a TPD officer for $500!, pre auction.
    It had been totally restored. Red/blk v-top/blk int.
    Would be nice to learn that the crooked fkr died in a fender bender in it.

  • bestamerica
    bestamerica Month ago

    good strong car in 1970...
    but still problem and not good = not safe...
    why this car DONT have 2 amber yellow lights on the rear taillights at 050 to 102

  • 313dieselguy
    313dieselguy Month ago

    Realign the strikers so the doors shut right and line up

  • blackscotydog
    blackscotydog Month ago +1

    Gotdamm I would give my left nut to have this car... truck... I love it!!

  • Apaulo Thegreat
    Apaulo Thegreat Month ago

    Numbnuts you don't know Fords very well a Super Cobra Jet he is in fact a Hemi you might be talkin about a cobra Jet not a super Cobra Jet look it up numbnuts quit lying to people probably an American

  • Jason
    Jason Month ago

    But its got a look only a mother could love

  • Chad Egel
    Chad Egel Month ago +2

    Listen I love 70-71 Torinos and Rancheros, this is a great channel, and this car is awesome. Egads though, this is obviously a restoration in the works. No interior video, and I was distracted the entire time by wobber-jawed doors.

  • Terry Dixon
    Terry Dixon Month ago

    The El Camino looks way better.

  • LDN Wholesale
    LDN Wholesale Month ago

    I had a 3514V Cleveland Ranchero GT.. No hidden lights but the Clevo went ok. That had a 3.00 diff and auto and a bit more practical than a 429 full size car engine with 3.9s
    And those dreadfull Polyglass tyres. Junk then and terrible now. They killed more than a few people.

  • bluesharp59
    bluesharp59 Month ago

    Very cool car and video, Thumbs up liked also.

  • Al Lada
    Al Lada Month ago

    How do they keep tires on the rear ?

  • CommercialVehicle
    CommercialVehicle Month ago

    do you leave the doors ajar, or are they poorly adjusted???

  • Vyzygoth /NA
    Vyzygoth /NA Month ago

    The only thing I see that's not factory is the exhaust. I had a 1971 Ranchero 500 with the 351c 4v. The tail pipes came out just behind the rear tires. Beautiful none the less.