Throwing a Dart at a Map & FLYING Wherever it Lands! (BAHAMAS PIG ISLAND)

  • Published on Feb 20, 2019
  • Throwing a Dart at a Map and FLYING Wherever it Lands Challenge! Spending the Night in a Different Country!
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Comments • 956

  • Roberto Martinez


  • Xavios RRT
    Xavios RRT 3 days ago

    the cikens is called flamingos

  • AwakhiBTW
    AwakhiBTW 4 days ago

    Frazier said they were big chickens but they r actually Called flamingo's

  • Mr Prospark
    Mr Prospark 4 days ago


  • Saido Egal
    Saido Egal 7 days ago

    Is saw ricegum

  • Let’s get to 100 subs without a video Emboque

    Does anyone mind telling me where that pig island is

  • SilenceMG
    SilenceMG 19 days ago

    pause at 0:42 theres another hole above his finger LMAO

  • Patrick Penton
    Patrick Penton 21 day ago

    You love darts 👀

  • Finlay Greer
    Finlay Greer 21 day ago

    I think it’s a flamingo

  • Aero VGaming
    Aero VGaming 21 day ago

    You stamped the dart on the map and then through it and made it look like you actually through it there

  • Mia Red
    Mia Red 23 days ago

    Them pigs were soooo cute

  • ange nibizi
    ange nibizi 23 days ago +1

    You just called flamingo a chicken 😂

  • Gary Nam
    Gary Nam 24 days ago

    1 day hmmm

  • Super Danger
    Super Danger 24 days ago

    Bahamas 🇧🇸??

  • Sarah McQueen
    Sarah McQueen 24 days ago

    You are in nassau

  • lilørjan
    lilørjan 24 days ago

    I wish you guys landed at Norway

  • Jackson Scharf
    Jackson Scharf 24 days ago

    Omg what you landed on

  • Epic Gamer 123
    Epic Gamer 123 25 days ago

    The big chickens are flamingos

  • dm xkore
    dm xkore 25 days ago

    7:39 that's what rice said to

  • dm xkore
    dm xkore 25 days ago

    Didn't rice gum go there( he is there nvm

  • Atwezz Morley
    Atwezz Morley 25 days ago

    I live there

  • Resheede Davis
    Resheede Davis 26 days ago

    I live in the BAHAMAS

  • It's Sterli
    It's Sterli 26 days ago

    Kay you should go to Jamaica 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  • Danny A
    Danny A 26 days ago

    Staged, they were planning that trip to the place. Cuz ricegum was there too.

  • Miguel Pacheco
    Miguel Pacheco 26 days ago

    At 4:35 slow it done and Charlotte looking hella thiccc💨

  • Matthew Pulice
    Matthew Pulice 27 days ago

    Do it again

  • Almighty Bluu
    Almighty Bluu 27 days ago

    They probs went to the places before and then they did the map
    All fixed

  • QQ WW
    QQ WW 27 days ago

    it is not a cchocken but a flamengo

  • Amaan Iqbal
    Amaan Iqbal 27 days ago

    Those chickens are flamingos

  • Taka Saga
    Taka Saga 27 days ago

    You will love this vid 100%

  • Evan Robertson
    Evan Robertson 27 days ago

    Sick video

  • Tania Blair
    Tania Blair 27 days ago

    I went to the Bahamas 3 weeks ago

  • Christopher Reyes
    Christopher Reyes 27 days ago

    Do one of these blindfolded

  • mcgregor conor
    mcgregor conor 27 days ago

    omg tis cahleng aj gone doed in youtbe

  • Grace Owen
    Grace Owen 27 days ago

    They weren’t chickens they r called FLAMINGOS

  • Bixfigur
    Bixfigur 27 days ago

    Thhis man just called brother nature “nature guy”

  • Erik Salazar
    Erik Salazar 27 days ago

    Grand Turk is actually really nice... Bahamas is overrated

  • Idk.danksplayz bobby danks

    Its a flamingo

  • Bawi Bawihrin
    Bawi Bawihrin 27 days ago

    5:35 coz they want to eat tht booty🍑

  • Lil Boshka
    Lil Boshka 27 days ago

    So close to 2mil

  • Random Liam
    Random Liam 27 days ago

    Look at all these chickens 😂

  • the monkey donkey
    the monkey donkey 27 days ago

    8:56 the guy looks like Odell Beckham Jr. 😅

  • Matt Tuivasa
    Matt Tuivasa 27 days ago

    This video was all planned out obviously

  • Aayan A
    Aayan A 27 days ago

    8.02 yo i dont think those are chickens 😂

  • Salty food lover
    Salty food lover 27 days ago

    0:35 worst editing ive ever seen

  • Fadz
    Fadz 27 days ago +1

    Why didnt you go to australia cunttttt

  • TOK Shadow
    TOK Shadow 27 days ago

    This is a joke

  • VoiD Bigmac
    VoiD Bigmac 27 days ago

    Why did u throw it towards USA I wanna see you go to Australia

  • Anna Forever
    Anna Forever 27 days ago +1

    Lol they’re flamingo I’m not sure if you were joking or not

  • Lil Łix
    Lil Łix 27 days ago

    Who else is mad that they just called the flamingos chickens.

  • Griffin Goldman
    Griffin Goldman 27 days ago

    I just went there January 21 to the 28

  • vl Anthony vl
    vl Anthony vl 27 days ago

    Like my comment faze kay

  • MANA2005MANA
    MANA2005MANA 27 days ago

    Egypt is better than any thing

  • Kuze’ 98
    Kuze’ 98 27 days ago

    They are flamingo’s

  • Sean McCormack
    Sean McCormack 27 days ago +1

    How many times do you think they threw that dart to get Bahamas?

  • Kuze’ 98
    Kuze’ 98 27 days ago

    Damn charlotte i see what you working with

  • Kuze’ 98
    Kuze’ 98 27 days ago

    This was my idea

  • Binh Minh Tran
    Binh Minh Tran 27 days ago

    At 9:06 yeezy busta face

  • I hate Games
    I hate Games 27 days ago

    That probably took ages to hit the dart

  • ProGammx
    ProGammx 27 days ago

    That beginning edit 😂😂

  • Felix J
    Felix J 27 days ago

    Yo guy kept recording till it hit the Bahamas

  • ArsenalPM 247
    ArsenalPM 247 28 days ago +10

    Put it on 0.25 playback speed and you can see it's 2 different clips

    • FNSkies
      FNSkies 22 days ago

      Ikr dude he clickbaited so harddd lol

  • Mat Gaming
    Mat Gaming 28 days ago

    Imagine he landed north korea

  • Sam Ashlin
    Sam Ashlin 28 days ago

    6:37 i love when people make that sound but it never works

    JJOOSSUU_ 28 days ago

    This really shiws how he only wants the money

    JJOOSSUU_ 28 days ago

    Literally 30 seconds of a black screen with music to get to 10 minutes

  • •Grayson •
    •Grayson • 28 days ago

    Gg brother

  • arron brooks
    arron brooks 28 days ago

    Bahamas is beautiful I have been there

  • ben dakl
    ben dakl 28 days ago

    Its planned

  • Absolute Bollocks
    Absolute Bollocks 28 days ago

    Totally not edited lol

  • WW DF
    WW DF 28 days ago

    Omg 🤦🏼‍♂️ we all saw that edit, there’s no way it landed on the Bahamas but anyways who cares right

  • Luke Hayes
    Luke Hayes 28 days ago

    Clearly didn’t land on the Bahamas but ok...

  • misha
    misha 28 days ago

    Peng ting pig

  • Bianca Maestas
    Bianca Maestas 28 days ago

    Look at the baby he don’t got big legs yet

  • It’sjake15 Lol
    It’sjake15 Lol 28 days ago +1

    Use code fazekay he’l need it arfter this vid 😂

  • Shakeem Noakes
    Shakeem Noakes 28 days ago

    Who remembers when the prince family when there

  • Julian EdelSAM
    Julian EdelSAM 28 days ago

    When he throws the dart it’s a cut scene play it in slo mo

  • Alexi XXXtentacion
    Alexi XXXtentacion 28 days ago

    3:13 ricegum came 😂

  • Jonathan Dieguez
    Jonathan Dieguez 28 days ago

    This was for sure planned

  • Magicz
    Magicz 28 days ago +1

    Hi my names Kyle I currently have 1.2k this is my dream Anything helps 🙏

  • Gaming Fr3ak
    Gaming Fr3ak 28 days ago

    Anyone who believed he actually threw the dart is a moron

  • Razzy Gamer
    Razzy Gamer 28 days ago

    Awww look at that all bacon😍😍😍

  • Jared Cartwright
    Jared Cartwright 28 days ago

    I saw yalll

  • Constant
    Constant 28 days ago

    Ayyy were going to the Bahamas
    That’s funny thought you bought the tickets a couple weeks ago 😂😂
    Love ya Frasier

  • Ebony Lincoln
    Ebony Lincoln 28 days ago

    Frazier there not chickens 🐓 there Flamingoes.

  • Ebony Lincoln
    Ebony Lincoln 28 days ago

    I thought pigs 🐖 only swum on the film Nanny Mcphee 🎥

  • Bee Bob
    Bee Bob 28 days ago +1

    You could see multiple holes on the map from the dart they threw. It took them multiple times for them to land on the Bahamas. Hahahaha obviously planned.

  • Ebony Lincoln
    Ebony Lincoln 28 days ago

    When rich people/ youtubers get bored they go to another Country 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇬🇧🇯🇲

  • ian Turner
    ian Turner 28 days ago +1

    use code fazekay

  • ian Turner
    ian Turner 28 days ago +3

    if you read this you are beautiful and be yourself love you

    • Hind Mohammed
      Hind Mohammed 3 days ago

      ian Turner thx but u just want likes tho

  • Freddie Doyle
    Freddie Doyle 28 days ago

    That’s a flamingo

  • Mike O'Neil
    Mike O'Neil 28 days ago

    *Go to **2:08*
    *That's what she said*
    *And btw go to **0:36*
    *Put your Playback Speed on 0.25, it's been edited.*

  • Tiny Trigger
    Tiny Trigger 28 days ago

    I love how you set that up 😂I love you guys😂

  • TheMarioLover
    TheMarioLover 28 days ago

    Ima fan and everything, But do u have a problem w turkey?

  • Becky Beckertons
    Becky Beckertons 28 days ago +1

    4:35 charlottes ass is nasty hahaha

  • OFG Legend
    OFG Legend 28 days ago +3

    This is how many areas I’ve travelled to

  • loni loni
    loni loni 28 days ago

    Why do you lie man you were going anyway to bahamas

  • Cool Nasty
    Cool Nasty 28 days ago

    Brother nature?

  • Natalie Penny
    Natalie Penny 28 days ago +1


  • Zei
    Zei 28 days ago

    That edit tho 0:36 (play 0.25x speed)