forcing a summer glow up *gains confidence*

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
  • ~G I R L Y P O P A P P A R E L~
    i do transformation videos alot...but i think this was my most succesful. summer glo baby! do things that you know will make you more confident! its fun! yay summer!
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Comments • 2 980

  • Ellie Fried
    Ellie Fried 2 days ago

    Aww watching this and it’s cold. I miss summer

  • Ellie Fried
    Ellie Fried 2 days ago

    Hey confident pops

  • Ellie Fried
    Ellie Fried 2 days ago

    You’re so pretty Hakey 😍

  • PierceMsp
    PierceMsp 7 days ago +1

    How many times Haley flipped her hair

  • What’s Gucci
    What’s Gucci 10 days ago

    Take a shot every time she fixes her hair 😂❤️❤️

  • The Flower Girl
    The Flower Girl 14 days ago

    Yall... try to count how many times she touches and flips her hair 😂

  • Teodora Dull
    Teodora Dull 23 days ago

    Alien head

  • Leo S
    Leo S Month ago

    Wow that was an epic awful video.

  • Biscuits
    Biscuits Month ago

    Where's the glow up? Where is it

  • malyssa.brooke
    malyssa.brooke Month ago

    I had no idea you were ryan’s Gf until now

  • Lainey Carrell
    Lainey Carrell Month ago +1

    How is she literally so pretty before I don’t understand how she was able get prettier

  • Joae Kwhak
    Joae Kwhak Month ago

    Hi☺️ if you’re reading this, it would be so awesome if you watched my new college back to school transformation video!💕 (affordable/broke version lol)

  • Tina LO
    Tina LO Month ago

    What spray tan brand does she use??

  • Kenley
    Kenley Month ago

    Instead of waxing, sugaring may be worth a try!! I really like it

  • lia M
    lia M 2 months ago

    Being tan is worth a cold shower
    Later on..
    I’d rather be pale than take a cold shower 😂

  • Katie_Poo -
    Katie_Poo - 2 months ago +1

    “Let’s take these two pills, I can only take one pill at a time” Haley Pham -idk when she posted it and no I’m not going to look

  • Caroline
    Caroline 2 months ago

    Did the hair remover end up making you break out ?

  • Chloe Richardson
    Chloe Richardson 2 months ago +1

    "sun is so bad for you" bruh vitamin D. but I get u, stay safe guys

  • miuna wu
    miuna wu 2 months ago

    what i would want for my glow up:
    1. short hair/a bob with bangs
    2. have a cleaner eyebrow lol
    3. better fashion style (black ripped jeans, black converse shoes, flannel plaid sweater thing, and a gray t-shirt.)
    4. and honestly, i wouldn’t mind having braces
    lmfao idkdkdkd

  • N198 AJ
    N198 AJ 2 months ago

    when spray tans turn into stripping 😂😂😂😂

  • Janelle Wilson
    Janelle Wilson 2 months ago

    my only problem with haley is that when she looks "bad" she still looks like a natural model. LOOOL

  • *raisin- -cookies*
    *raisin- -cookies* 2 months ago

    **me crying to my mom that I need a hair dye because stresss be doin me like that**
    Mom: *sips tea* okay
    Me: AYYYY
    Mom: if you ask your dad

  • Holly Olphert
    Holly Olphert 2 months ago

    You shouldn’t shave the day of the spray tan, always do it a day or 2 before

  • kate lol
    kate lol 2 months ago

    when she said “shes coming up the elevator” i didnt feel that

  • Kirsty-Ellen Roberts
    Kirsty-Ellen Roberts 2 months ago

    Step one, have amazing eyebrows

  • lara deakin
    lara deakin 2 months ago

    some sun is good for you, honestly getting a natural tan is better for you as long as you don't overdo it by laying in the sun for hours

  • Catalina DelaRose
    Catalina DelaRose 3 months ago

    You should touch your hair ONE more time

  • Gia Gonzales
    Gia Gonzales 3 months ago


  • Daniela Cervera
    Daniela Cervera 3 months ago


  • Simply Ken
    Simply Ken 3 months ago

    it works good, my grandma has it but here's a tip, if you shave your lady mustache, poke ur tongue in your mouth in the are u were shaving to prevent cuts!!

  • Brina Lukančič
    Brina Lukančič 3 months ago

    My glow up plan:
    1. Get ur eyebrows done (by yourself xd)
    2. Get a haircut+ dye your hair
    3. Do workouts everyday

  • Oriana McPherson
    Oriana McPherson 3 months ago

    This is the first time I’m watching this girl and PLEASE stop touching ur hair every 15 seconds lmaooo

  • Kimm McArthur
    Kimm McArthur 3 months ago

    I love the flawless thingy I have it and it work good

  • Isabella Craft
    Isabella Craft 3 months ago +1

    7:09 for a sec I thought those were the result lol

  • criipmaan
    criipmaan 3 months ago

    personally i cannot do short nails like that 😔 i rather longer nails

  • Tina _
    Tina _ 3 months ago +1

    “Sun is so bad for you guys”
    *That is so wrong!*

  • Fic cy
    Fic cy 3 months ago

    Dont tan in the sun.. And i oo-

  • Camryn Cook
    Camryn Cook 3 months ago

    Because FamILY is Thomas sanders lmao

  • Madelyn Collins
    Madelyn Collins 3 months ago

    I’m I live in the mi

  • avacado
    avacado 3 months ago

    the concept of these kinds of videos is soooooooo overdone and recycled

  • Raychel Lux
    Raychel Lux 3 months ago

    dude...this is my first video of you that I watched,and the moment you did the up-close edit on the razor because of the got a new subscriber 😂

  • Kendra
    Kendra 3 months ago

    Yay I have that hair remover

  • Lens suzzn
    Lens suzzn 3 months ago

    I aspire to be confident enough to get naked in front of people

  • angel L
    angel L 3 months ago

    you look the same-

  • Lea Tabinowski
    Lea Tabinowski 3 months ago

    "im gonna pick up this like FACE REMOVAL thing from target for women" nice one

  • Mattlee Rose
    Mattlee Rose 3 months ago

    How old is she

  • alya fofia
    alya fofia 3 months ago

    no offense but it just feels annoying that you flip you hair every seconds like girl please stop

  • fart head
    fart head 3 months ago

    even after her spray tan i am still darker than her😥

  • ACJ Vids
    ACJ Vids 3 months ago

    You're gorgeous before and after!!!

  • Arabo Muumin
    Arabo Muumin 3 months ago

    2,2 mn subscribers
    2,2 mn views

  • Ayezz 08
    Ayezz 08 3 months ago

    Haley is a older sister to all of us ladies 😂 love her

  • Jessica Ducharme
    Jessica Ducharme 3 months ago

    how much did it cost for all this?

  • Ellie D'Angelo
    Ellie D'Angelo 3 months ago +1

    Love it that your going to Michigan! I live in Michigan and would love to meet you one day!!
    👇🏼All the Michiganders

    LOSERS CLUB 3 months ago

    “*gains confidence*” made me cringe jsjsj

  • cinthya morales
    cinthya morales 3 months ago

    wait where does she get her lashes done ???

  • wanderlust biscuits
    wanderlust biscuits 3 months ago

    2:14 me bowing down to the skin gods and begging them to stop abusing my face

  • Julie Manson
    Julie Manson 3 months ago

    I own the flawless thing and one for your legs too and the flawless things work they’re so good. It gets rid of prickly cactus hairs on your legs

  • Kylah’s World
    Kylah’s World 3 months ago

    She says “let’s try my unibrow!” *has no unibrow*

  • Melissa Kan
    Melissa Kan 3 months ago +1

    sun is not bad for you, in fact it is good and a mature way to get vitamin d, you just have to use sunscreen

  • Lamija Hreljic
    Lamija Hreljic 3 months ago

    Haley gets holo nails.
    Instantly,Cristine subscribes.