Get Up! reacts to Serena Williams’ banned ‘catsuit’ from the French Open | Get Up! | ESPN

  • Published on Aug 27, 2018
  • The Get Up! crew react to how Serena Williams handled the French Open banning her from wearing her “catsuit.”
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Comments • 1 435

  • Evil Kitkat
    Evil Kitkat 3 months ago

    0:36 the fact whe looks like my uncle and doesnt look feminine.

  • T bush
    T bush 3 months ago

    Her slamming body and curves in all the right places was to much for jealous pink pig skins, so they made up a dress code. Wow man theses pink pig skins clam to be the standard of beauty why dose a outfit ruffle so many feathers. Oh we all know why Serena looks to hot and they just cant have that lol!

  • Hashtag Trucking
    Hashtag Trucking 6 months ago

    Always using the race card. Shut up about the race card, they banned it because it did not follow the dress code.

  • Farmer2492
    Farmer2492 7 months ago

    she is soooooo ugly look at the butt lol

  • kineticdeath
    kineticdeath 7 months ago

    more modest than most ladies tennis outfits. Obviously not enough bare skin showing, that wont help the ratings...

  • Gilbert Washington
    Gilbert Washington 8 months ago +1

    baby got back and that's a fact

  • TeamSesh97
    TeamSesh97 9 months ago +1

    Didnt a white women get banned for wearing a catsuit in the 80s, yet nobody brings that up cause it doesnt go with the narrative.

  • Uncle Sam
    Uncle Sam 9 months ago +2

    How is this racist?? They're banning it for white, asian, blacks, latin, middle easterns..
    This Beadle chick is such a dumb bimbo..

  • RobRossiFan
    RobRossiFan 11 months ago

    Code is for ALL, no need to make a exception of yourself if you are "Queen Serena I"

  • Bert Newton
    Bert Newton 11 months ago

    She actually violated the dress code at Wimbledon wearing that suit. You’re supposed to wear white, not black. It is said that she had to wear an under garment to make her blood flow from the clots but aren’t there white under garments? Why black? Women in the past have wore a catsuit at Wimbledon, but the suit was white. I’m a guy and I don’t really know too much about women under garments but I’m sure there are white under garments that she could’ve worn.
    Half of me thinks she’s completely lying because of how she responded in her twitter post of “Everything’s fine, guys”, if she were to really have blood clots I’m sure she would’ve defended herself a lot more. I believe she just wanted to wear it for the fashion. She said the suit reminded her of Black panther “though it was created long before the movie” and “she always wanted to be a super hero.” I don’t have a problem with that, but that fact that she wore it to a tennis match where EVERYONE HAS TO DRESS IN PROPER ATTIRE INCLUDING THE AUDIENCE, is absolutely ridiculous.

  • SuperHero Loves Akita’s

    If it’s compression there are a number of ways to compress without having to see the lard cellulite behemoth thru the clothes. There’s nothing racial derived it just overly exposing camel toe, unflattering. Just play by their rules in their house

  • Sam Tan
    Sam Tan 11 months ago

    This the same nonsense as police tell you to put your hands up and you refuse and get shot to taze.. she is asked to follow and the rule of the traditional game TILL THEY CHANGE IT... but you do not get the chance to change it..... why is there this need to challenge everything by doing something silly but not thru proper channel or at the right time? What is up with their way of thinking with black people or are this just a small bunch of idiots and think because their forefathers were slave... they should be given free passes to all kinds of shit from now till the world ends?>

  • CANALI Rodriguez
    CANALI Rodriguez Year ago

    That white chick sounds like a I'm gonna agree with her so I can be cool and not look like a racist white girl. For real? Stay in your lane. And don't try so hard to keep your job.

  • Keith Arnei
    Keith Arnei Year ago

    If she is not happy with their statements on dress code, she shouldn't be there. Simple as that. Every societies have their rules and we are supposed to followed rules. If one goes to a wedding they have to dress approperiate ways and same to visiting Buddhist temples, dress with respects. Personally the way she dressed is quite offensive and horrible to look at. I could easily through up. Is not respecting others American things ? Do it in your own soil but not at other countries. That's very bullying attitude of you are trying to correct other countries rules. Serena should have been wait until her physical condition to be in shaped rather than going around accusing that she has right but not the others. It's really a pathetic attitude. No wonder why she is behaving such bad it is simply all those media, by praising how great She is and she can do whatever she wants, made her so arrogant. Being humble human being is the prioty goal for any single humen beings not winning many titles. That's why everybody love Osaka, her being humble, graceful and modest even if she is greater than Serena.

  • Nori Rak
    Nori Rak Year ago

    "Baby got back" That's why it's bannned!!!!

  • Neil Gall
    Neil Gall Year ago

    You are all retarded. Will never endorse ESPN as long as I live. Serena has you all bought and paid for!

  • Boy Trent
    Boy Trent Year ago

    America's sense of entitlement misses all the marks of grounded common sense once again. What next...predator drones over Paris? Grow up and stop using drug "enhanced" cheats with passive aggressive outbursts.

  • Rukia BlackBlazer
    Rukia BlackBlazer Year ago +1


  • Bolie Jackson
    Bolie Jackson Year ago

    If the outfit shows all your curves, then it does not cover everything, "Mr." Announcer.

  • Umar Farooq
    Umar Farooq Year ago

    French are allergic to covered women ...they want all women to show tits

  • Pathmanathan Moodley

    Grand slammer getting slammed 🖕🏾

    • Pathmanathan Moodley
      Pathmanathan Moodley Year ago

      Typical of Nike
      Made in sweat shops sold to those who don't sweat for living and Nike makes no sweat in profits

  • Alejandra Ahmed
    Alejandra Ahmed Year ago

    Didnt the French ban the birkini? I dont understand why they make a big deal. she is not even showing skin.

  • iris marinou
    iris marinou Year ago

    Americans sucked it in the end. After criticising the French guy... Serena did the cheap drama ....

  • Diva Mom
    Diva Mom Year ago

    Serena is her own self, not following the steps of anyone else! It comes with a price, whether right or wrong. Your loved when you win , hated when you lose.

  • Aleksandar Vuletic

    She is fat. After tennis she will become obese. Not attractive at all.

  • Devine levine kpai

    Ive lived in france for 4years. Im black and most french people are racist. I had a french neighbor that i say hello it every morning but my neighbor just ignored.

  • ww nv
    ww nv Year ago

    "We must let the blacks do what they want because they are primitive and ugly. And they love being patronised" (Mind of a liberal.)

  • Toy Toy
    Toy Toy Year ago


  • African Refugee
    African Refugee Year ago

    Why not give her a hammer to match that rifdiculous outfit and the violent oncourt outbursts. She is a contemptuous, entitled individual.

  • Dani
    Dani Year ago

    How does a catsuit help blood circulation?

  • spartans race
    spartans race Year ago

    Wimbledon also banned Anne White in the mid 80's from wearing her white bodysuit at that event, so yall drop the race card

  • Patty Hays
    Patty Hays Year ago

    A definate big booty violation.

  • Ms Rana
    Ms Rana Year ago

    The French open will be boring without Serena.

  • RobBS93
    RobBS93 Year ago +1

    She thinks she's above the rules and when it doesn't go her way she cites sexism and racism. The rules are the same for everyone Serena. Get over yourself.

  • Connor Devine
    Connor Devine Year ago

    They have rules, following the rules is expected and not racist. Typical white apologist statement, give me patience

  • Tupac Shukur
    Tupac Shukur Year ago +1

    They didn’t like the fact a black woman was in a black suit that made the black woman look ultimate !

  • GR Reed
    GR Reed Year ago

    ESPN is so lefty libretard that people don't watch it anymore. Everything is not about hating women or racial prejudice.

  • Richard Morley
    Richard Morley Year ago

    its in the rules if you don't like it don't play

  • Vicky Lawrence
    Vicky Lawrence Year ago

    Why don't they change all the rules for Williams...after all she is the queen...

  • Jimmie Rachal
    Jimmie Rachal Year ago

    Poor lil scary black folks see black people there's rules do u understand the word I will spell it slow
    rrrrruuuuulllllleeeeesssssss.see ur faget ass president HommoBama is gone so rules r back
    stop ur crying stop being stupid and grow the fuck up.

  • Kristi Arnold
    Kristi Arnold Year ago

    This skintight stuff makes them look practically naked, it's unprofessional and it's wrong

  • Miguel Gonzalez
    Miguel Gonzalez Year ago

    this is super Uggggggg-ly

  • Miamiluv 305
    Miamiluv 305 Year ago

    People pay for body parts all day to look like her!! HATERS!!!🤣

  • TonsterMits 69
    TonsterMits 69 Year ago

    Serena is a biological male

  • Dangela Owens
    Dangela Owens Year ago

    So they need a white jumpsuit according to the rules of that country. OKAY THEN VERY WELL also we need to do is get a white jumpsuit the same exact one but only white and there shouldn't be a problem after that 🤷

  • Eman Yerr
    Eman Yerr Year ago

    French open? Piece of shit anyway hahahaha

  • Maggie Lou
    Maggie Lou Year ago

    That space suit was simply DISGUSTING! Typically in american fashion, blaming any & everything else does not go down well. Go wallow in your sexism, racism & any other shite your sjw's impart on you.

  • Nancy Diehl
    Nancy Diehl Year ago

    Let’s get it straight, to give benefit from “blood clot” prevention or what we call DVT prophylaxis you would need at least 35-40mmhg of pressure exerted-if that cat suit exerted that much pressure trust me it would take a good 15-20min to get on and it would not be that loose-that’s a poor excuse for wearing it. Just be honest.

  • 007niks b
    007niks b Year ago +3

    What will be her excuse when she losses french open. #Cheater

  • Jessica LT
    Jessica LT Year ago

    She’s an amazing athlete. This isn’t personal. Respecting the rules means following them. There has always been a dress code in tennis and she’s trying to make her own. You open that door and anything goes. Anything goes as it is in society so let’s have some consistency in tennis, please.

  • Miss love34ff
    Miss love34ff Year ago

    🇩🇪🇲🇹🇰🇪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿ABZ:”My Dress My Choice “
    “What makes one comfortable “
    A matching legging and top is equivalent to catsuit just no hassle of tacking the catsuit a carry on in ladies facilities. is tennis to watch and game not dressing

    It’s so respectful for once for a Lady and Mother in high profile not to come out over rated
    I have given birth look at my body
    Click Click cameras
    Sports is sports the ban the man from keeping balls 🎾 in their pockets yeah while it adjust their shorts constantly blur blur
    This so beyond hydrated and starved
    Discuss this next month
    When is winner going to ride a thunder of win
    Naomi Osaka Girl you scare them you are on the Williams sisters Game Stamina
    This ridiculous ,it’s beginning to be a campaign hit two birds with one stone.
    Ride Serena Williams Shake Naomi Osaka from game balance and stamina

  • Freeman Hall
    Freeman Hall Year ago

    U guys got it wrong think about it when these so call black women play sports and yes the way they carry themselves with this ungodly behavior in public lot stupid attitude yes they play all the card and no one shut then down and make them rewind accountable responsible ownership of there action then then u make money social media the worst they are with issues the more u guy's wordship them

  • martin Bassett
    martin Bassett Year ago +5

    They dont make the rules up as they go along shes arrogant and her outburst proves it.

    • African Refugee
      African Refugee Year ago +1

      So true - she's an entitled arrogant individual.

  • martin Bassett
    martin Bassett Year ago +1

    Shes a twat claiming sexism because she lost it and naomi osaka beat her hands down...get ready for the support serena bandwagon.

  • Mikropono
    Mikropono Year ago


  • Mikropono
    Mikropono Year ago

    Makes me puke.
    Better if Sharapova wear that please...

  • Nishant Thaccker
    Nishant Thaccker Year ago

    Why she not wear this at this years US Open ? Wasn't the reason given for her wearing this hideous outfit was that it prevents some blood clot formation etc etc..... Wondering how that health condition of hers disappeared suddenly 😋...

  • Cindy Antiquey
    Cindy Antiquey Year ago

    Uniform looks absolutely disgusting. Kind of goes with her disgusting behavior at the US Open.

  • Ms. Lewis
    Ms. Lewis Year ago

    Chiiiile bye

  • Hermis Dionisio
    Hermis Dionisio Year ago

    back pay to Serena williams