Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2

  • Published on Dec 4, 2018
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Comments • 95 887

  • jerry bird
    jerry bird 11 hours ago

    Omg she looks like lina's arcana from dota

  • Its Mahatab
    Its Mahatab 11 hours ago

    When granny strikes back😝😝

  • IggyKG
    IggyKG 11 hours ago

    dont you think that this is a litlle to much :/

  • JmVll_ Plays
    JmVll_ Plays 11 hours ago

    Your not gonna fight the war but im gonna end it whaaaat how could you end the war without fighting

  • Rocket Scientist
    Rocket Scientist 11 hours ago +1

    *I just hope that this movie is politically INcorrect. Hit like if you think feminism is WORSE than cancer.*

  • Emo Muzz
    Emo Muzz 11 hours ago

    Jaffa, KREE!

  • orfeas8
    orfeas8 11 hours ago

    I hope it does not rely on visuals only.

  • Kheizer Gamer
    Kheizer Gamer 12 hours ago

    This amizing

  • Space Dog
    Space Dog 12 hours ago

    Brie : Im gonna end Marvel!!

  • Phynix Xenonite
    Phynix Xenonite 12 hours ago +1

    R. I. P Stan lee

  • Francesca Colby
    Francesca Colby 12 hours ago

    Bro I just want a Wanda movie

  • djgaclan 3000
    djgaclan 3000 12 hours ago

    51M views for avengers endgame in jus 1 day lol take that Captain Marvel

  • James Ketchum
    James Ketchum 12 hours ago

    Omg that cat ending though that's totally me when I see a cat or dog I'm such a sucker for fur babies

  • Pandu Galang
    Pandu Galang 12 hours ago

    Why she looks like lina's arcana 😂😂

  • TaLoN RuTlEdGe
    TaLoN RuTlEdGe 12 hours ago

    I need Samuel l Jackson playing with a cat for 10 hours

  • Shamindra Hewavithana
    Shamindra Hewavithana 12 hours ago

    Poor grandma

  • rizwan khalid
    rizwan khalid 12 hours ago

    Captain marvel comes out of no where and is going to defeat thanos???
    I'm not buying it. I want avengers to beat thanos.

    • First name Last name
      First name Last name 11 hours ago

      rizwan khalid well this is a prequel, and she doesn't just come out of nowhere since fury called her for help before he died.

  • FMW
    FMW 12 hours ago

    Badass! I'm really excited for this movie. I showed the trailer to my little sisters and they said: "Captain Marvel is already our new favorite character"

  • Cavalucci Businessinc
    Cavalucci Businessinc 12 hours ago

    Now thats kinda woman of my dreams😚😚😚

  • Sushilkumar Chandanshive


  • Paolo Gaming Presents
    Paolo Gaming Presents 12 hours ago


  • Shirish Khanal
    Shirish Khanal 12 hours ago

    In the end credit scenes- She's gonna find Tony Stark in the space and save him

    • First name Last name
      First name Last name 11 hours ago

      Shirish Khanal this is a prequel though, why have the end credits be decades into the future?

  • Smrati Sharma
    Smrati Sharma 12 hours ago

    Kachu smj m nahi ao..😂

  • Goddess Krishna
    Goddess Krishna 12 hours ago

    1:51 Is captain marivel a super saiyan?

  • tom spud
    tom spud 13 hours ago

    Jesus. Those FX for de-aging Sam Jackson are off the feckin charts!!!!

  • XenoCtry_YT
    XenoCtry_YT 13 hours ago

    Last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye... *Meow*

  • Beya B.
    Beya B. 13 hours ago


  • Chloe The Scrappy
    Chloe The Scrappy 13 hours ago

    Couldn't be more sucky. Look at her pathetic bod. lol

  • Not Sosig Ramsey
    Not Sosig Ramsey 13 hours ago

    Fury petting a furry

    MRDEREVKO 13 hours ago

    Looks a lot like Nova to me.

  • Xxx Zzz
    Xxx Zzz 13 hours ago

    Sara Lance betrayed the legends oh no no, wait till Ava hears about this!

  • lime lemon
    lime lemon 13 hours ago

    super saiyan

  • Thirdwall592
    Thirdwall592 13 hours ago

    Umm Avengers 4 is out has anybody noticed

  • haveumetmark
    haveumetmark 13 hours ago

    Omg. Fury called her ????

  • besjan speelt
    besjan speelt 13 hours ago

    this movie is before the avengers existed she called the man furry but furry is dead and has one eye in infinity war but at the end she called her to come back to earth so i dont think this is the continued movie of avengers iw but how she became captain marvel

  • Yaniliruk Marni
    Yaniliruk Marni 13 hours ago

    There! is Fury...i thought where is he?

  • sidam sid
    sidam sid 13 hours ago

    DC fans hit like...!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kalipppotaz
    kalipppotaz 13 hours ago

    Where is Steve Trevor?

  • Sharer Gaming
    Sharer Gaming 13 hours ago

    I'm willing to bet that cat is who Nick trusted

  • TrapStar
    TrapStar 13 hours ago

    Another trailer that shows us the entire Film

  • Ziaw Purple Jacket
    Ziaw Purple Jacket 13 hours ago

    I'm hyped for Nick Fury
    Trailer's fine tho

  • Rulin Smith
    Rulin Smith 13 hours ago

    Brie Larson has such a dull unexpressive face, not looking forward to this movie.

  • Avani Shrivastava
    Avani Shrivastava 14 hours ago +1

    She's the end game for Thanos

  • Catherine Paterson
    Catherine Paterson 14 hours ago

    I relate to Fury so much it hurts

  • Tobi jackson zizihino
    Tobi jackson zizihino 14 hours ago

    1:50 super saiyan

  • ThisIsJ Gaming
    ThisIsJ Gaming 14 hours ago

    That cat is Lee's cat. what makes him the scend most importent charcter in the mcu.

  • Justsome Guy
    Justsome Guy 14 hours ago +1

    Who remembers Captain marvel being a kid named billy who said "SHAZAAM" Thats my Captain Marvel. Not sure what the hell this movie is about.

  • Rami
    Rami 14 hours ago

    Captain Mary Sue

  • Tutorial boy
    Tutorial boy 14 hours ago +1

    cat: Shut up human now kneel before your queen

  • ask nightfury
    ask nightfury 14 hours ago

    Hitman bodyguard kinda ruined Samuel Johnson for me ... I look forward for that mothafucka in all his lines and disappointed that there aren’t any!

  • rage
    rage 14 hours ago


  • Another Snow
    Another Snow 14 hours ago

    I think she smiled once.

  • zrflash
    zrflash 14 hours ago

    thats project will downfall, like Greenlight. because idea about that one is suck. And if Marwell want success with Avengers 4, CapMerwell must will be out from project Avenger 4.

  • Indigo
    Indigo 14 hours ago

    Is it just me or you guys also think that this is the least relevant person with marvel universe? I find this trailer and movie so unnecessery I actually felt really bad after seeing after credits scene of Avengers 3

  • Irfan Zamri
    Irfan Zamri 14 hours ago

    Why cant marvel respect exam seasons??now im going to talk with person in charge...

  • Adams World
    Adams World 14 hours ago

    I think the cat is the one who takes fury’s eye

  • Nikhil Kumar
    Nikhil Kumar 14 hours ago

    Everything is fine
    But every marvel fan missing the father of Marvel
    RIP Stan Lee

  • muP8085
    muP8085 14 hours ago

    Nick fury called *HER* for help in infinity war end credit???...this chick will destroy the swagger of infinity war 2...😭😭😭

    DR. STRANGER 14 hours ago +1

    way better than youtube rewind

  • Joaquin'sGaming- Minecraft&More!

    Carrie has joined the chat

  • Black Clover
    Black Clover 14 hours ago

    anticlimactic, not even an ounce of excitement in her voice.

  • PirateKingRuffy
    PirateKingRuffy 14 hours ago

    Capt Marvel beats Capt Merica

  • Toh Yi Xian
    Toh Yi Xian 14 hours ago

    i wonder what happen when they show the cameo of stan lee

  • Batman
    Batman 14 hours ago

    I'm going to throw up, This movie is going to suck.

  • JC
    JC 14 hours ago

    The best ever ...... 😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • chitranshu kankar
    chitranshu kankar 14 hours ago

    Wow 😍

  • Briel 000
    Briel 000 14 hours ago

    Are there any hint to Captain Marvel or skrulls in the MCU prior to the post credit scene in the infinity war?

    • First name Last name
      First name Last name 11 hours ago

      Ronan the Accuser in guardians of the galaxy sort of counts, but he's a Kree

  • Ryan Daniel
    Ryan Daniel 14 hours ago +1

    Women superheroes just aren’t believable. It feels so forced, comical. Cringeworthy is an understatement.

  • Jack Daniel
    Jack Daniel 14 hours ago

    Ouh My gf captain marvel

  • JL Gam1ng
    JL Gam1ng 14 hours ago

    Captain Marvel or Avengers: End Game? Choose one

  • Jingyu Kim
    Jingyu Kim 14 hours ago

    WAIT, if Thanos had wiped out the half of the universe, so does Cree and Skrull.

  • David Tingwald
    David Tingwald 15 hours ago

    New Avengers (After End Game): Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Ant-Man & Dr. Strange. :)

  • denis
    denis 15 hours ago

    As a movie lover I would like to get into these Marvel/Comic movies. I was never fan of this kind of movies, neither I think I will ever be. But which one would you recommend ? And I don't mean just about recent movies, I mean the whole genre.

  • ggonzalez101010
    ggonzalez101010 15 hours ago

    People who dislike this trailer... Man 😔 Tsk tsk "Whyy? Whyyy?"

  • Law Chris
    Law Chris 15 hours ago

    is over 9000

  • mohammed alsaad
    mohammed alsaad 15 hours ago

    Come on with this visual effects i can only see the potential for a dragonball movie like never before

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 15 hours ago

    *klick. Noice

  • parsimony
    parsimony 15 hours ago

    This is gonna be so cringey

  • parsimony
    parsimony 15 hours ago

    "Im not gonna fight your war... im gonna end it" *cringe*

  • Martinus Perdana
    Martinus Perdana 15 hours ago +1

    I'm not gonna fight your war..

    iM gONnA ENd iT

    The cringe..

  • Redward
    Redward 15 hours ago

    Final scene in this trailer: Captain Marvel flying to space to save Tony

  • Adam Stingers
    Adam Stingers 15 hours ago

    1:45 Ronan ?

  • Aman Jain
    Aman Jain 15 hours ago

    "I'm not gonna fight your war, I'm gonna end it". Okay. THAT DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE WTF

  • Mai Sha
    Mai Sha 15 hours ago


  • Gatsu
    Gatsu 15 hours ago

    Next year is gonna be one epic year in movies

  • Alpha Carlo
    Alpha Carlo 15 hours ago

    GG Thanos

  • Marlon Magno
    Marlon Magno 15 hours ago

    Salve o Homen de Ferro!

  • venkatesh
    venkatesh 15 hours ago

    Brie Larson Simply Beautiful, Awesome

  • Asspargass S
    Asspargass S 15 hours ago

    When’s thanos diss track to marvel coming out

  • Voltz nathaniel
    Voltz nathaniel 15 hours ago

    Wow theres jude law

  • Mark Ateli
    Mark Ateli 15 hours ago

    In the thumbnail, it looks like the lady who plays Charlie’s mom in Charlie and the chocolate factory and bellatrix from Harry Potter

  • Adarsh Maharjan
    Adarsh Maharjan 15 hours ago

    Marvels green lanternt

  • Tarta rusz
    Tarta rusz 15 hours ago

    “Would you like to know…what you really are?” -Scroll

  • Chuck Bales
    Chuck Bales 15 hours ago


  • Zechariah Kim
    Zechariah Kim 15 hours ago

    Captain Marvel will rescue Ironman

  • J J
    J J 15 hours ago

    "Noble warrior hero". Better use the correct pronoun.. sheesh.

  • lutfi dandy
    lutfi dandy 16 hours ago

    this changes avenger,im so sad 😭😭😭😭

  • Smita Macwan
    Smita Macwan 16 hours ago

    What would happen if the movie is not liked by fans.

  • Nep Tali
    Nep Tali 16 hours ago

    Yawn... Been a while since a trailer has made me so, tired. Disney needs to freshen up with their trailers and movies, they keep using the same type of camera angles, same kind of music, the loud drum beats and brass for "dramatic effect". For all of their big action movies, they all start to blend together, and feel to be cut from the same cloth and lack some level of creative diversity. People can complain all they want about female this and blah blah blah, what I want to see is Disney changing up their formula, they play it too safe.

  • N N
    N N 16 hours ago

    I think this going to be a bad movie already with after watching this