MY DRUNK KITCHEN: Tasty Chocolate Balls! ft. Thomas Sanders

  • Published on Aug 17, 2017
  • Our video on Thomas' channel!
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    This is a truly wonderful time. These moments are treasures!
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  • clarissa rardin
    clarissa rardin Day ago

    I never saw them add anything chocolate to these balls? What am I missing?

  • Sami_Callea 12
    Sami_Callea 12 2 days ago

    So they are both gay 😂

  • Blizz Galaxy Wolf
    Blizz Galaxy Wolf 9 days ago

    50% comments about “this just adds to my love of balls”
    50% comments about him bobbing up and down

  • Toomanyfandoms Toomanyships

    Thomas is the cutest drunk I’ve ever seen. (I’ve seen plenty from family weddings, so...)

  • dakota youngblood
    dakota youngblood 15 days ago

    8:21 has the same energy as ‘the only jelly i will put in my belly’

  • Tyler Peckett
    Tyler Peckett 18 days ago

    I have stopped breathing several times in this video, please help me

  • Tyler Peckett
    Tyler Peckett 18 days ago

    Thomas, talking about her show: Cause of your name!!
    Patton, talking to Virgil: Haha, like your name!
    Thomas really does turn into Patton when he's drunk.

  • Sophia Paredes
    Sophia Paredes 19 days ago

    I can no lnger call Thomas,pure

  • Sophia Paredes
    Sophia Paredes 19 days ago

    Im new to this drunk kitchen but is it like you drink some wine while cooking stuff

  • Mia O'Neal
    Mia O'Neal 22 days ago

    Hannah has corrupted Thomas in the best way possible

  • Mia O'Neal
    Mia O'Neal 22 days ago

    Thomas slowly becoming more and more tipsy has me rolling around laughing

  • Salty Boi
    Salty Boi 26 days ago +1

    Thomas is so bouncey and happy when he's drunk Oh my gosh, just like bye Virgil and hello Patton 🤣

  • Jennifer Abenhaim
    Jennifer Abenhaim 28 days ago

    Please have Thomas in more videos

  • Ace Of All Trades
    Ace Of All Trades Month ago

    You stir, I'll drink.

  • Reuben Leonard
    Reuben Leonard Month ago

    Rushley croughed

  • Chayanne Hawkins
    Chayanne Hawkins Month ago

    Where was the chocolate?

  • imanangryelf _
    imanangryelf _ Month ago

    Is your face insured

  • Krystle Brooks
    Krystle Brooks Month ago

    Yay I'm excited 😄

  • Zero Degrees
    Zero Degrees Month ago +1

    If I wasn’t already obsessed and in love with Thomas, drunk Thomas is a definite yes lol

  • gatcha galaxy
    gatcha galaxy Month ago

    thomas is eyeing the food like patton does pizza

  • Bananaa Slav
    Bananaa Slav 2 months ago

    Is your face insured? 😂😂

  • Red Head Guru
    Red Head Guru 2 months ago

    I'm sorry did I miss something? Where's the chocolate? I'm so confused 😂

  • grunge astronaut
    grunge astronaut 2 months ago

    I wanna hug a drunk Thomas.

  • Arabeth Peters
    Arabeth Peters 2 months ago +1

    Yknow what makes that "crushed" line sad
    The Things We Used To Share came out in July of 2017, if I'm remembering correctly.
    Yea ouch

  • Naomi Coraggio
    Naomi Coraggio 2 months ago +2

    Thomas drunk is so cute! You can see his cheeks are all red and he's WAY more giggly

  • KittyKake 44
    KittyKake 44 2 months ago +1

    Patton takes control when he's drunk lol

  • Jaklyn Cook
    Jaklyn Cook 2 months ago +1

    Just imagine drunk Patton, Roman, Virgil and logan. Patton is gigglier than usual (A happy, funny drunk) , and Logan is giggling and eating crofters (a snack drunk) . Virgil is just in the corner rethinking his purpose (A deep thinker drunk). Roman is sobbing and listening to let it go full blast with headphones on (an emotional drunk).

  • StarBright
    StarBright 2 months ago

    I didn't know I needed this collab until I found this 😂😂🌈🌈

  • Eliana the watermelonn
    Eliana the watermelonn 2 months ago

    Tipsy Thomas is my favorite thomas

  • Xanthe Woolrych
    Xanthe Woolrych 2 months ago

    8:38 OMG YES THE PUNS!!!!!

  • Mr. and Ms. GachaTubeandEdits

    Wait lemme just-
    ok fixed it

  • Xanthe Woolrych
    Xanthe Woolrych 2 months ago

    8:54 wime?? Please welcome Drunk Thomas everyone

  • Kinda Emo
    Kinda Emo 2 months ago

    Lol mark and tiler are me and my brother and Ethan it's my little sister

  • T1D Rose AG
    T1D Rose AG 2 months ago +1

    Thomas is WAY less careful when he is drunk

  • Awesome - Cupcakes
    Awesome - Cupcakes 2 months ago

    "This just adds to my love of balls"

  • Awesome - Cupcakes
    Awesome - Cupcakes 2 months ago

    ooo I get to see drunk thomas this will be fun

    TATYANA JOHNSON 3 months ago

    " This just adds to my love of ball" I love Thomas so much

  • Fake Texas
    Fake Texas 3 months ago

    Every pun I hear I just imagine Patton 😂😂

  • Natiesha Thibeault
    Natiesha Thibeault 3 months ago

    “This just adds to my love of balls”
    Gotta love Thomas

  • Eli Rivera
    Eli Rivera 3 months ago

    do something with crofters

  • deadlydragon 47
    deadlydragon 47 3 months ago +1

    People are always telling me that peanut butter is awesome or gross but most people saw awsome but the thing is I never had PB because I'm allergic to nuts and when ever someone trys to explain what it tastes like it's like a game that lasts 2-3 hours😂 welp awsome vid guys keep it up.

  • Sandi Parsons
    Sandi Parsons 3 months ago

    Dude I live super close to Asheville

  • lucy lachlan
    lucy lachlan 4 months ago

    this is so gay i can't handle it...

  • Macaroon Love
    Macaroon Love 4 months ago

    🤣😂🤣😂I just died this Visio was really funny.

  • Danni
    Danni 4 months ago

    Hannah: So if there’s 16 ounces in there, and we need 1 and 1/4 cup... 8 ounces are in a cup...
    Me, a culinary college student with OCD: Ah, you need 10 oz, so a little over half-
    Hannah: Pour most of it in!
    Me: What?!
    Thomas: Okay!
    Hannah: That’s good measuring!
    Me: *insert any image of Thomas humming irritably from any of his vines here*
    I’m glad they came out well though! As someone who’s making a career out of this, I love watching people learn how to cook and discover that it really is easier than expected! I’ve been cooking and baking since I was young, and even when first I started college I thought it was a bit difficult from time to time, but this college has finally taught me that cooking can truly be simple if you just breathe and have fun with it, so seeing other people realize that and run with it is what I live for 😊

  • David Pano
    David Pano 4 months ago +2

    Thomas: And this just adds to my love of balls

  • Alexis Alonso
    Alexis Alonso 4 months ago

    “This just added to my love of balls.” Pfft- For fucks sakes, Thomas 😂

  • Blessed Balloons
    Blessed Balloons 4 months ago

    8:37 ho boy Thomas you glorious mega gay😂😂

  • Blessed Balloons
    Blessed Balloons 4 months ago

    Anyone else feel like they could actually be best friends?

  • Blessed Balloons
    Blessed Balloons 4 months ago

    4:32 🤯🤯

  • nosavalidmood youtube
    nosavalidmood youtube 4 months ago

    Me watching this video: ultimate gay/lesbian solidarity

  • Atalie R.
    Atalie R. 4 months ago +1

    Thomas:I get told that I look like pop
    Me:Yeah you do, cause you ARE Patton soooooo, 🤣

  • Angel Tyler
    Angel Tyler 5 months ago

    “This just adds to my love of balls”

  • Alexandria Woodward
    Alexandria Woodward 5 months ago +1

    Don't get drunk Thomas!
    XD this is adding to my love of balls.
    (This isn't meant offensively Thomas is actually gay please don't bash me for my joke. I'm Bi I wouldn't actually say this to be rude.)

  • Lemon Boy
    Lemon Boy 5 months ago

    Im not a big fan of balls in general..... OMG HANNAH PLEASE STOP ZJZJNDHXHZJ

  • Lemon Boy
    Lemon Boy 5 months ago +1

    Hannah: I don't like sticky things on my fingers.
    Me: um.... Well I..... I... Lord OK.....
    **dirty mind ugh**

  • MORTT778
    MORTT778 5 months ago

    "I've washed my hands" *imideitly shoves entire hand in mouth*

  • Melissa Brooks
    Melissa Brooks 5 months ago

    hahahaahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahah his balls line though....

  • Uncharacteristic_ Ideosyncrasies

    Where was the chocolate?

  • Rae Peronneau
    Rae Peronneau 5 months ago

    "True love is two people growing increasingly more plutonic." HM. Yeah, no. From someone in their 50's... that doesn't fly. Not even slightly. 🤣

  • furry queen
    furry queen 5 months ago

    8:00 I have spotted the wild morality in his natural habitat. Watch as he jumps around in excitement after eating a delicious snack. He is SATISFIED now.

  • ChallengedGamerCat
    ChallengedGamerCat 5 months ago

    Me: enjoying the video
    Hannah: Rushly cruffed pretzels
    *5 minutes later*
    Me: hey mom can i have some poctor depper
    Me: *in head* AM I DRUNK?!?!?

  • Scribble Note Productions

    Drunk Thomas gives off huge Patton vibes. Thomas when drunk just turns into Patton.

  • natkatmac
    natkatmac 5 months ago

    I honestly thought this was gonna be ft. Jack McBrayer when I clicked on the video. Wrong, but no disappointed.

  • Takashi Shirogane
    Takashi Shirogane 6 months ago

    Well. I guess Logan was slacking because look at how much wine Thomas drank. No wonder he was acting so weird after the video. Thomas got a little, tipsy. 😂😂😂

  • Logan is Lit
    Logan is Lit 6 months ago

    8:42 THOMAS?? (I heard something bad)

  • Smol Gay Space Cowboy
    Smol Gay Space Cowboy 6 months ago

    I’m gonna be honest here, when Thomas ate those balls, he looked (and sounded) like a twelve year old having his first orgasm

  • Olivia Baker
    Olivia Baker 6 months ago

    The fact that they are jokingly kind of but not flirting bc they r both gay is the most relatable shit ever

  • elizabeth palm
    elizabeth palm 7 months ago

    you are DEFINETELY drunk 😂

  • Oliver Hayward
    Oliver Hayward 7 months ago

    Throwback: mlm/wlw solidarity

  • Daniel Dubinsky
    Daniel Dubinsky 7 months ago

    This is my gay mom and dad.

  • Some Lightwood
    Some Lightwood 7 months ago

    Logan: Patton! Patton, what are you doing? NO PATTON!
    Roman: This is hilarious! Logan, why aren't you laughing?
    Logan: No time, Princey! Where the hell is Virgil?
    Virgil: ...
    Logan: Fuk it.

  • Eliana the watermelonn
    Eliana the watermelonn 7 months ago +1

    Everyone’s favorite.....

    *Tipsy Thomas*

  • Baw_Pow
    Baw_Pow 7 months ago

    Thomas don´t chance when he is drunk hahahaha

  • starstruckroman
    starstruckroman 7 months ago

    thomas: this just fuels my love for balls

  • Dawn Rosevelt
    Dawn Rosevelt 8 months ago

    I love drunk Thomas. He's funny.

  • Dawn Rosevelt
    Dawn Rosevelt 8 months ago

    "And this just adds to my love of balls."
    Wow Thomas. Just wow.

  • Dawn Rosevelt
    Dawn Rosevelt 8 months ago

    8:00 So.Adorable.

  • Kandy&Kyle
    Kandy&Kyle 8 months ago

    "What an interesting smell"
    "My name's Hannah!"

  • Red Price
    Red Price 8 months ago

    Drunk Thomas = Patton/Roman

  • Jennifer Lee
    Jennifer Lee 8 months ago

    Thomas: Not to my knowledge
    Hannah: What happens when you sleep?

  • Jennifer Lee
    Jennifer Lee 8 months ago

    Thomas just increasingly gets more blushy during this video and kids thats what alcohol does to this floofy boy

  • Jennifer Lee
    Jennifer Lee 8 months ago

    Drunk Thomas is just Thomas hyped and Patton in control

    • Jennifer Lee
      Jennifer Lee 8 months ago

      why is Thomas able to quote Shakespeare and be poetic while drunk and drinking more like how does his brain function

  • Loki Barnes
    Loki Barnes 8 months ago

    Ahh Drunk Thomas is so amazing

  • Låyâ_ ßårßå
    Låyâ_ ßårßå 8 months ago

    One of the few dirty jokes Thomas has ever made savor this moment!

  • MyGonLily
    MyGonLily 8 months ago

    Thomas is so adorablee

  • jordan chaske
    jordan chaske 8 months ago

    I enjoy your channel drunk kitchen

  • Hailie Stark
    Hailie Stark 8 months ago

    8:37 I died 😅😅😅

  • Bobbi
    Bobbi 8 months ago

    I’m seeing rainbows

  • Dan thebatpup
    Dan thebatpup 8 months ago +1

    There is too much raw gay energy in this video

  • Indigo_Sky 13
    Indigo_Sky 13 8 months ago

    The hot ingredients look like mustard while they are in the pan.

  • Jackson Gandy
    Jackson Gandy 8 months ago


  • Space Child
    Space Child 8 months ago


  • bk1306 __
    bk1306 __ 8 months ago

    *and this just adds to my love of balls* Thomas....YOU GAY

  • bk1306 __
    bk1306 __ 8 months ago


  • An Anathema
    An Anathema 8 months ago +1

    *A drunk sanders is a good sanders*

  • RIXE
    RIXE 8 months ago +2

    Patton came out so much in this vid

  • Rosalie Kalupson
    Rosalie Kalupson 9 months ago +1

    Thomas: *gets drunk* *quotes Shakespeare*

  • Jamie Jay
    Jamie Jay 9 months ago

    Gayyyyyyy... ballsssss.... ouuuuuu Thomas what’s good

  • SolitareLee
    SolitareLee 9 months ago

    What is HAPPENING with the closed captioning on this video? RIP deaf/hoh viewers X'D