MY DRUNK KITCHEN: Tasty Chocolate Balls! ft. Thomas Sanders


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  • Patton Sanders
    Patton Sanders Day ago

    Well. I guess Logan was slacking because look at how much wine Thomas drank. No wonder he was acting so weird after the video. Thomas got a little, tipsy. 😂😂😂

  • Logan is Lit
    Logan is Lit 6 days ago

    8:42 THOMAS?? (I heard something bad)

  • Is Gay In Tortilla
    Is Gay In Tortilla 7 days ago

    I’m gonna be honest here, when Thomas ate those balls, he looked (and sounded) like a twelve year old having his first orgasm

  • Olivia Baker
    Olivia Baker 11 days ago

    The fact that they are jokingly kind of but not flirting bc they r both gay is the most relatable shit ever

  • elizabeth palm
    elizabeth palm Month ago

    you are DEFINETELY drunk 😂

  • Oliver Hayward
    Oliver Hayward Month ago

    Throwback: mlm/wlw solidarity

  • Daniel Dubinsky
    Daniel Dubinsky Month ago

    This is my gay mom and dad.

  • Some Lightwood
    Some Lightwood Month ago

    Logan: Patton! Patton, what are you doing? NO PATTON!
    Roman: This is hilarious! Logan, why aren't you laughing?
    Logan: No time, Princey! Where the hell is Virgil?
    Virgil: ...
    Logan: Fuk it.

  • Eliana Erdmann
    Eliana Erdmann Month ago +1

    Everyone’s favorite.....

    *Tipsy Thomas*

  • Baw_Pow
    Baw_Pow Month ago

    Thomas don´t chance when he is drunk hahahaha

  • AgenderSickOfShit
    AgenderSickOfShit Month ago

    thomas: this just fuels my love for balls

  • Dawn Rosevelt
    Dawn Rosevelt Month ago

    I love drunk Thomas. He's funny.

  • Dawn Rosevelt
    Dawn Rosevelt Month ago

    "And this just adds to my love of balls."
    Wow Thomas. Just wow.

  • Dawn Rosevelt
    Dawn Rosevelt Month ago

    8:00 So.Adorable.

  • Shadowking Kyle
    Shadowking Kyle Month ago

    "What an interesting smell"
    "My name's Hannah!"

  • Red Price
    Red Price 2 months ago

    Drunk Thomas = Patton/Roman

  • Jennifer Lee
    Jennifer Lee 2 months ago

    Thomas: Not to my knowledge
    Hannah: What happens when you sleep?

  • Jennifer Lee
    Jennifer Lee 2 months ago

    Thomas just increasingly gets more blushy during this video and kids thats what alcohol does to this floofy boy

  • Jennifer Lee
    Jennifer Lee 2 months ago

    Drunk Thomas is just Thomas hyped and Patton in control

    • Jennifer Lee
      Jennifer Lee 2 months ago

      why is Thomas able to quote Shakespeare and be poetic while drunk and drinking more like how does his brain function

  • derpyredpanda
    derpyredpanda 2 months ago

    Ahh Drunk Thomas is so amazing

  • Larissa Ga
    Larissa Ga 2 months ago

    Could NOT be gayer.

  • Layla_ Barba_
    Layla_ Barba_ 2 months ago

    One of the few dirty jokes Thomas has ever made savor this moment!

  • MyGonLily
    MyGonLily 2 months ago

    Thomas is so adorablee

  • jordan chaske
    jordan chaske 2 months ago

    I enjoy your channel drunk kitchen

  • Hailie Stark
    Hailie Stark 2 months ago

    8:37 I died 😅😅😅

  • Bobbi
    Bobbi 2 months ago

    I’m seeing rainbows

  • Dan thebatpup
    Dan thebatpup 2 months ago +1

    There is too much raw gay energy in this video

  • Indigo_Sky 13
    Indigo_Sky 13 2 months ago

    The hot ingredients look like mustard while they are in the pan.

  • Jackson Gandy
    Jackson Gandy 2 months ago


  • Space Child
    Space Child 2 months ago


  • yeeto_ despacito
    yeeto_ despacito 2 months ago

    *and this just adds to my love of balls* Thomas....YOU GAY

  • yeeto_ despacito
    yeeto_ despacito 2 months ago


  • Gay Er
    Gay Er 2 months ago +1

    *A drunk sanders is a good sanders*

  • queer_ava
    queer_ava 2 months ago +2

    Patton came out so much in this vid

  • Rosalie Kalupson
    Rosalie Kalupson 3 months ago +1

    Thomas: *gets drunk* *quotes Shakespeare*

  • Jamie Sart02
    Jamie Sart02 3 months ago

    Gayyyyyyy... ballsssss.... ouuuuuu Thomas what’s good

  • SolitareLee
    SolitareLee 3 months ago

    What is HAPPENING with the closed captioning on this video? RIP deaf/hoh viewers X'D

  • L0lli
    L0lli 3 months ago +1

    Drunk Thomas is so giggly and pure!!!❤️

  • Haven Kuncaitis
    Haven Kuncaitis 3 months ago

    You know this would be right up my alley getting drunk inside the kitchen while on TVclip 😃

  • kinda Evil Genius
    kinda Evil Genius 3 months ago

    I don't like peanut butter. 😖

  • Jacqueline Michel
    Jacqueline Michel 3 months ago

    When Thomas said this just adds to my love of balls I didn’t stop laughing until like 2 mins lol

  • FlyingFree
    FlyingFree 3 months ago

    I came for drunk Thomas and I'm not dissapointed

  • petmiss123
    petmiss123 3 months ago

    My pan eyed are sparking

  • Elizabeth Kelley
    Elizabeth Kelley 3 months ago

    I wish someone would look at me the way Thomas looked at the pretzel balls when they were done-

  • Dizzy
    Dizzy 3 months ago

    2 of the bestest gayest TVclipr's in one video????
    *Could be gayer*

  • That Random Humen
    That Random Humen 3 months ago

    OMG this was freaking adorable!!!!

  • Piper Casole
    Piper Casole 3 months ago

    Patton would be proud of him for cooking

  • Elaborate Oreo
    Elaborate Oreo 3 months ago

    Drunk Thomas is my favourite Thomas 😂

    Can that be one of his sanders sides now please 😂

  • King Catto
    King Catto 3 months ago +1

    "Is your face insured?"

  • Blake Paris
    Blake Paris 3 months ago

    Yum I love chocolate!

  • Crazy Llama Lady
    Crazy Llama Lady 3 months ago

    Can we talk about the double gay joke 8:39

  • Rosemarie _Choi707
    Rosemarie _Choi707 3 months ago

    I love it when Thomas smiles. It makes me smile and makes my day

  • Candy Corn the Unicorn
    Candy Corn the Unicorn 3 months ago

    8:38 IM SO DEAD

  • Treefly
    Treefly 3 months ago

    Thomas looks soooo feminen when he is drunk

  • Qu ack
    Qu ack 3 months ago

    About the time Thomas starts dying

  • XxSpoonxX
    XxSpoonxX 3 months ago

    Yasssss Thomas!!

  • Emma
    Emma 3 months ago +1

    I *LOVE* Thomas!! He’s just so *amazing,* and *fabulous,* and *soooo adorable!*

  • Jessica Carabott
    Jessica Carabott 3 months ago +1

    1:54 "I've washed my hands." *shoves whole hand down mouth*. That is the essence of beauty and perfection compacted within 2 seconds.

  • Jarome Castaway
    Jarome Castaway 3 months ago

    I like how it's called chocolate balls when I didn't see or hear about chocolate as an ingredient

  • Bri Winship
    Bri Winship 3 months ago

    could be gayer,,
    thomas sanders is gayer when he’s drinking 😂

  • Savanna Campbell
    Savanna Campbell 4 months ago

    Thomas just laughs too much when he's drunk...and that's a great thing

  • Musical Trash
    Musical Trash 4 months ago

    Drunk Thomas is all I live for now
    8:00 is adorable

  • Operation AgentLily
    Operation AgentLily 4 months ago +1

    I've never seen Thomas drink wine before

  • TheSkyDancer
    TheSkyDancer 4 months ago

    is Thomas actually drunk

  • Hermione Measley
    Hermione Measley 4 months ago +1

    Is Thomas drunk in all of his videos, cause he's just as energetic as usual!❤❤❤

  • Lori Rodriguez
    Lori Rodriguez 4 months ago

    That gay pun at the end tho

  • Jayla High
    Jayla High 4 months ago

    Cutest drunks ever

  • MohiLex 02
    MohiLex 02 4 months ago


  • ugh life sucks
    ugh life sucks 4 months ago

    Drunk Thomas 😂

  • Derek Jacobs
    Derek Jacobs 4 months ago

    He's so cute and handsome, wish I could date him😜

  • Mcr lover
    Mcr lover 4 months ago +1

    My gay self is asking if Thomas is okay? Like hey Thomas are you okay

  • Box Fox
    Box Fox 4 months ago

    I need more tipsy/drunk Thomas.

  • Unlucky Friday
    Unlucky Friday 4 months ago +1

    He turns in to Patton when he is drunk

  • Glitterforever Fun
    Glitterforever Fun 4 months ago

    chocolate was not involved in this videos at all not even once

  • Wolf lover
    Wolf lover 4 months ago +1

    I love drunk Thomas.... we need more drunk thomas

  • Happy Homestucker
    Happy Homestucker 4 months ago


  • Gaby Roldan
    Gaby Roldan 4 months ago

    4:49 close ur eyez

  • Phantomcat
    Phantomcat 4 months ago

    I heard some patton in there at some point did you?

  • Izzy Dragneel
    Izzy Dragneel 4 months ago

    Thomas drunk is something I'd never think I'd see. I love drunk Thomas. I what him to come back

  • Janie Manning Miller
    Janie Manning Miller 4 months ago

    I came to see Thomas Sanders drink

  • That One Weirdo
    That One Weirdo 4 months ago

    *gay panic*

  • melina Castillo
    melina Castillo 4 months ago +1

    I’m allergic to chocolate and peanut butter

  • Max Merrill
    Max Merrill 4 months ago

    Thomas's happy dance was adorable

  • Dice Rat
    Dice Rat 4 months ago

    this is some cute gay shit and its i c o n i c

  • Kittenfight_ 326
    Kittenfight_ 326 4 months ago +1

    Are those real cheekbones Thomas?!

  • TincyTiny Sweettart
    TincyTiny Sweettart 4 months ago

    As he said “to my knowledge” I started drawing Logan

  • ellaisntdeadyet
    ellaisntdeadyet 4 months ago

    "And this just adds to my love of balls" IM CRYING THOMAS

  • City Mouse-Country Mouse

    omg they're both so adorable. thomas should also join ro on nerdy nummies.

  • Killer Wolf27
    Killer Wolf27 4 months ago

    When they are showing the end result Thomas just keeps his eye on the food as she talks and move it around he's just like, "I just wanna eat it already."

  • Juliana Suarez
    Juliana Suarez 4 months ago

    8:43 “this just adds to my love of balls” I LOST IT 😂😂😂

  • luceethehooman
    luceethehooman 4 months ago

    when the gays fix there hair at the same time

  • Georgia Doan
    Georgia Doan 4 months ago

    where the fuck do you get pourable peanutbutter!?

  • Emily Wilson
    Emily Wilson 4 months ago

    Is it just me whos shook about him blURTING OUT SHAKESPEARE RANDOMLY

  • Hfhe Hfbfjd
    Hfhe Hfbfjd 4 months ago

    Oh so Thomas turns into mostly Patton when he’s drunk

  • Alice123 1
    Alice123 1 4 months ago

    I love creamy peanut butter.

  • Katelyn Smiley
    Katelyn Smiley 4 months ago +1

    Thomas and Hannah. your gay is showing. And so is mine!

  • Zehra May
    Zehra May 4 months ago

    I live in ashville

  • Camzilla
    Camzilla 4 months ago

    Aww, drunk Thomas is like a little kid😂 I love it💜💜💜

  • Panic! At the Pilots Romance

    Thomas: This just adds to my love of balls

    His fandom: Could be gayer

  • CyberQueer
    CyberQueer 4 months ago

    Tipsy Thomas gives me life