You Have Been Warned: Ghost Chilli

  • Published on Oct 22, 2012
  • Ghost Chilli has the scoville "spicy heat" units of one million, where Tabasco is only 2500. This homemade hero took the challenge of eating one in this video clip that went viral.
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Comments • 26

  • DarkMagic
    DarkMagic 2 years ago


  • Jay D
    Jay D 3 years ago

    Sand Fountain ?? Some where in UAE..

  • kirsten wambui
    kirsten wambui 3 years ago

    wow that's thantastic

    • DarkMagic
      DarkMagic 2 years ago

      Yeah! It's "Tantastic"

  • Vũ Minh Khôi
    Vũ Minh Khôi 4 years ago

    😆😆😆he's so MAD

  • Girish R
    Girish R 4 years ago

    before I would eat that thank you for showing the pain

  • Uttara Ghosh
    Uttara Ghosh 4 years ago

    Not a very big is common for my mother

  • Adam dass
    Adam dass 5 years ago +1


  • Brandon Ayres
    Brandon Ayres 5 years ago +1

    Ayyonline is the TVclip in it

  • Umesh Shimpi
    Umesh Shimpi 5 years ago +7

    Big deal..In India we eat it everyday

    • Avneet Singh
      Avneet Singh 3 years ago +3

      man its right we eat chillis every day but not the ghost chilli lol

    • Deepesh Meena
      Deepesh Meena 3 years ago

      it's not a normal chili it's ghost chili didn't u see the scale it is million

    • Shawal  Ahmed
      Shawal Ahmed 4 years ago

      You stupid Idiot You cannot eat a bite of it

    • iamVelkan
      iamVelkan 4 years ago +1

      @Nikoohh Z he's right actually
      we eat it everyday :)

  • Bishop Clarke
    Bishop Clarke 5 years ago +1

    Drinking milk will neutralize the burning !

    • sonu Mohammed
      sonu Mohammed 2 years ago

      Bishop Clarke Really dude? I've seen a guy drinking a vessel full of cold milk. That wasn't any different from this guy's reaction.

  • dariusacollier1971
    dariusacollier1971 5 years ago

    Why the crap would anyone in his right mind do such a thing?

  • Raiyan
    Raiyan 5 years ago

    Meth chilli

  • unknownchannel10
    unknownchannel10 6 years ago

    Eat/drink dairy products if you've eaten strong chili, especially yogur is great

  • xena91388
    xena91388 7 years ago

    Should've drunk a glass of milk instead of water, water makes things worse. Although in the case of this pepper, he may have needed heavy cream and cheese! XD

  • avadakedavra696
    avadakedavra696 7 years ago


  • ton123t
    ton123t 7 years ago


  • Rptd333
    Rptd333 7 years ago


  • William Loh
    William Loh 7 years ago

    fourth ?

  • wafiq292
    wafiq292 7 years ago

    Third -_-

  • Gareth Cornick
    Gareth Cornick 7 years ago