Stormy Daniels: Sex With Trump Was 'Textbook Generic'

  • Published on Jan 18, 2018
  • Before she signed the $130,000 NDA, porn star Stormy Daniels gave 'In Touch' magazine a detailed account of her affair with Donald Trump.
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Comments • 4 721

  • Marianne Baskerville-Hilliard


  • adhanda2017
    adhanda2017 7 days ago

    so how do you do it Steve? You look like a perv to me ...

  • Maliken
    Maliken 9 days ago

    Guys. The collective worships pussy and money. Showing that Stormy banged Trump emboldens his followers. Sad but true. The Pharisees are worshiped, not Jesus. The kid who actually believes his religion and stays a virgin because of it but then collapses from sin war is simply a loser and a freak, not an angel. The Wolf of Wallstreet is worshiped ($ snake salesman $), not the philosopher going his own way.

    Nuances like "not paying people is how he screws them" makes them respect him more, as Martin Scorsese's portrayed in The Wolf of Wallstreet, whom got away with white collar crime & went right back to business.

    If you pay attention to people's behavior you'll see this is true. They want to be Chad and they will do anything to get at the top of the hierarchy if possible. They intuitively feel the system is rigged and so they admire anyone who cheats because hey - its already rigged anyhow. That person is simply 'smart' for cheating.

  • Axomia account
    Axomia account 16 days ago

    Scene 1. This guy is in Siberia and Putin sees him.
    Scene 2. THE END.

  • Axomia account
    Axomia account 16 days ago

    That's the best dialogue and it worked for him. Bravo.

  • Axomia account
    Axomia account 16 days ago

    Off course it would be genric. No surprise there. I mean she has fucked PORNSTARS. She has had more than any common person.
    Donald doesn't have a chance.

  • jan jho
    jan jho 18 days ago

    du låter inte som trupten

  • jan jho
    jan jho 18 days ago

    why play so bad Music

  • Candi blue
    Candi blue 18 days ago


  • Mr_ Geekchic
    Mr_ Geekchic 20 days ago

    "was the band playing music from Legend of Zelda at the end" Relistens....SONG OF STORMS! 😂

  • bermand olme
    bermand olme 21 day ago

    😀😎 Theee Ɩąῳ 𝙤𝙛 Attractionnnn 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙃𝙤𝙬 𝙩𝙤 Master 𝙞𝙩 😀😎 >> >>

  • raymay26
    raymay26 23 days ago

    Horseface Daniel's......your pupils are as big as your whole eye. Who are you getting your cocaine from...its either that or methamphetamine..horseface with bugged eyes..

  • eaglegph
    eaglegph 24 days ago

    Trust me Colbert....your hateful and disrespectful attempt at diminishing a great man will someday bite you....hard. No man is without sin and indiscretions, however we're all still able to do good things and better ourselves as we move through our lives...this includes you.

  • Abhirup Sarkar
    Abhirup Sarkar 24 days ago

    The US presidency was something we in India always felt, is of such high tradition, values, dedication and tough decisions, all until you guys elected this guy.. Wow, what a great decision.. Sad lol..

    • Jesus Gomez (jg1610)
      Jesus Gomez (jg1610) 13 hours ago

      Sorry to let our Indian allies down I apologise on behalf of my ignorant brother of our nation

  • Ronit Levy
    Ronit Levy 25 days ago

    This is so disgusting. You went to the lowest level with your shows. You are talking in such a repulsive manner. It is your president you lowlife snowflake. You lost the election and you decided to bully the winner. Instead of supporting your president. It is shameful and embarrassing. A grown man like you talking trash on the president. Hillary is a killer. You supported a killer and a liar.

  • Margaret Barksdale
    Margaret Barksdale 26 days ago

    hee hee hee hee hee... lol

  • Bucky Brown
    Bucky Brown 26 days ago

    She does have an odd look. Maybe not a horse but something is outta wack. She blew me years ago and did NOT call me Tiny. In fact, she called me MR. BIG. See me at

  • Matias Sanchez
    Matias Sanchez 27 days ago cant Stop the Trumpter. Vote REPUBLICAN 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤

  • Matias Sanchez
    Matias Sanchez 27 days ago

    Who cares what that Slut has to say...AMERICA supports our President Trump. Vote REPUBLICAN 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤

  • Culminatr
    Culminatr 27 days ago

    45 calls Stormy Daniels horseface. But he also told Stormy Daniels that she reminded him of his daughter "Ivanaka" before he had sex with her in a room next to his pregnant wife's room. So ... what does that make Ivanka Trump?

  • Gilbert Thomas
    Gilbert Thomas 28 days ago

    God Bless President Donald Trump. All Americans President.

  • Henry Hill
    Henry Hill 28 days ago

    Yep... he screwed her... get over it... She only dreams about being First Lady, but not classy enough... she's a whore, get over it, he got what he wanted... good for him...

  • Bluehealer100
    Bluehealer100 29 days ago

    If this fukin whore had every dick sticking out of her that was stuck in her she would look like a fukin porcupine, NASTY WHORE!!!

  • nd2fish1
    nd2fish1 29 days ago

    Colbert sucked Trumps dick is what I heard. Stormy Daniels is a fucking worthless whore. Colbert is a fucking little dick breath bitch. Colberts wife sucked Trump's cock too is also what I heard. That's why he keeps talking shit about Trump.

  • Randy Bell
    Randy Bell 29 days ago

    This is like watching Jerry Springer. A trash show.

  • Duane Yazie
    Duane Yazie Month ago +1


  • Wak Allen-Bowring
    Wak Allen-Bowring Month ago

    Hahaha laugh all you want he's still the President and she's still a ho.

  • Henry 3.16
    Henry 3.16 Month ago

    Look at these fuckers...they're worst thn Trump...a slut will always a slut

  • Joe J
    Joe J Month ago

    STEPHEN COLBERT is soooooo jealous of Stormy Daniels. He's obsessed with D Trump too. But not being a complete homo he can't have sex with him. TO BAD STEPHEN.

  • Winnie the Pootie Tang

    4:56 SERIOUSLY no one mentions the band playing SONG OF STORMS from OCARINA OF TIME??????

  • Michael Ike
    Michael Ike Month ago

    American is so great, that they have a good freedom of speech, try this in Nigeria or any part of African, and you will see ur ancestor next day

  • giofyr
    giofyr Month ago

    What a disgusting show. This asshole should drink poison.

  • Ken Hudson
    Ken Hudson Month ago

    Trump to his dick, pre-Stormy Daniels/Jimmy Kimmel interview: "It's you and me against the world, kid." Trump to his dick, right after the Stormy Daniels/Jimmy Kimmel interview: "You're fired!"

  • kfizz
    kfizz Month ago

    omg you guys just played song of storms form zelda at the end.

  • DontFuckWitDreDay
    DontFuckWitDreDay Month ago

    Song of the Storm @ 4:57 , Haha ironically talking about Stormy Daniels during the segment.

  • Roman Darius
    Roman Darius Month ago

    Did you people now that Stephen Colbert only had sex with one woman? If you people don't believe that the media is run by a few globalist, ask yourself why Stephen Colbert has not made fun of Bill Clinton's half black son through a prostitute?? Did you hear me, Stephen?? Prostitute! Prostitute! Prostitute! And racist Hillary won't allow him near their home! Should we call her KKK Hillary??

  • sbranagh1
    sbranagh1 Month ago

    Trump - utter degradation!

  • Michelle Anderson
    Michelle Anderson Month ago

    The most disconcerting thing I've heard is that Stormy Daniel's was gonna fuck Trump for free

  • Amina Gibson
    Amina Gibson Month ago

    👍🏼👏🏽😂😂😂😂😂please more 😂😂😂😂

  • Robert Garcia
    Robert Garcia Month ago

    Um. TRUMP ALWAYS gets even. Somewhere down the like all these leftist show yackers are goona get "GOT" !

  • Robert Garcia
    Robert Garcia Month ago

    All this fuss because a Ho got fucked and now is telling she got fucked and got PAID.

  • Thomas Fletcher
    Thomas Fletcher Month ago

    Stormy's not used to sex with just one man ! She wouldn't be the one I'd ask about a man's performance , either ! Have you ever seen a porno flick ? They fuck so long , it gets boring ! The participants are usually on dope , and can't get their nut ! The women , too , right Stormy ?

  • vijay surendran
    vijay surendran Month ago

    When a lady looks text book generic bimbo your sex will also be textbook need two hands to clap ..or mb trump didn't even like her and just did it cos he paid for it lol

  • vijay surendran
    vijay surendran Month ago

    The ppl who like to talk about other ppl private sex life need to have their head checked in a mental institution and need to have their own sexual deviency misconduct bought out into public..two can play that demented fucks have no other job than to measure a man's scrotum...dumb libertards

  • TheCyberRebel
    TheCyberRebel Month ago

    Pathetic SLUT

  • Matthew Mckinney
    Matthew Mckinney Month ago

    Amazing what people willingly swallow about both sides everything is true on the net

  • chris w
    chris w Month ago

    If you have any info of this dotard trump dick, please put it all here for everyone to know how small this fella is !

  • chris w
    chris w Month ago

    All the deplorables supporting trump are all screwed up. Either they are deranged or they are just plain stupid !

  • Julio Lopez
    Julio Lopez Month ago

    The king presented Symptoms of "Sex Addiction"

  • S Shah
    S Shah Month ago

    “ not paying people is how he screws them” true...such a cheap ass

  • Julio Lopez
    Julio Lopez Month ago

    So He Famous because
    What he says not because
    What he does.

  • Sticks
    Sticks Month ago

    No respect. That fucking 🐵.

  • Lynn Gardner
    Lynn Gardner Month ago

    This was your best show yet

  • Dan Ray
    Dan Ray Month ago

    sex with a mushroom is generic ? about geriatric ?

  • robert walton
    robert walton Month ago

    Wham bam thank ME ma'am? I was going to call him a bell-end but it's not insulting to him !!!

  • joel fuhr
    joel fuhr Month ago

    Tiny hands.
    Tiny dick.
    Tiny brain.
    Biggest ego in the history of history.

  • anthony ramos
    anthony ramos Month ago

    We have a president that is exactly everything he has name called everyone else

  • Sondra Kaplan
    Sondra Kaplan Month ago +1

    tRump of tacky tower fame has the morals of concrete.

  • Kevin Hoffman
    Kevin Hoffman Month ago

    Lol can't wait for the movie Alec Baldwin plays Trump n Stormy can play with her self I mean her self . ! only in America can we joke while a moron leads our nation .

  • Bobby Robby
    Bobby Robby Month ago

    Now remember Donald Trump did now show a Christian life all his life. Remember he went to the perverted Playboy Mansion more than once, he was even on the cover of Playboy Magazine which he proudly displayed in his Trump Tower, he had a life full of adultery, he often went on the wicked evil Howard Stern show, he owned a Casino with a strip club in it, he had fornicated with many women by his own admission. He has slowly cleaned his life up during the last 10 years of his present marriage. He now invites Christian leaders to his oval office sometimes. He has some members of his staff to lead in Christian prayer before some meetings. So why did we Conservative and Christians vote for Trump? Well we did not vote for him because he was a self proclaiming Jesus lover, we voted for him because of his policies. His views were more inline with our views. When he came into office it was obvious he was not a student of the Bible having a woman, claiming to be a Pastor, to be his spiritual advisor. That is unBiblical. However he seems to be getting closer to Bible views.

  • Bobby Robby
    Bobby Robby Month ago

    I never watch these late night, not funny, liberal comedian shows today. None of them. I used to watch some of Jay Leno's shows and most of Johnny Carson's shows. Today all these court jesters goons do is bash and attack Donald Trump in their spiteful hateful digs. DEFINITELY NOT FUNNY.

  • Elvoray Bane of the Darkness

    This legal prostitute should be a CNN "journalist".

  • Colonel Angus
    Colonel Angus Month ago

    Hmmmm, well textbook generic to a porn star means she first blew him, then he f***ed her in the p***y, then he f***ed her in the a**, then he came in her face.

  • J O
    J O Month ago


  • Julie Labelle
    Julie Labelle Month ago

    Hilarious, thank you.

  • Jon dow
    Jon dow Month ago +1

    To all my fellow white people how are worried about our declining population, immigration, Muslims, anti-white racism, et cetera et cetera the solution isn’t to west time protesting, joining a worthless hate group or talking to pointless politicians it is to
    step 1: get or keep a full-time job (any job)
    step 2: get or keep a stable long-term relationship & lastly
    step 3 have 3 to 6 kids making sure that you raze them properly and that they do well in school all the way to 12th grad college or university and get jobs of their own. If you already have grown kids get on their case about getting married & giving you sum grandkids.

  • Kevin Chappell
    Kevin Chappell Month ago

    But she went......classy couple. 🤭🤔😮

  • jeffrey sisti
    jeffrey sisti Month ago

    Sweat pants, eating in the bedroom, it's a date with a dick sucker. When someone gives you 130k to go away, it kinda says something.

  • tony martin
    tony martin Month ago

    his di.k would fit right in your mouth..

  • R 3
    R 3 Month ago

    Jon Batiste is f freakin annoying!!
    Trying to get attention

  • Harr Lee
    Harr Lee Month ago

    Man tells female she s got beautyful eyes
    man shells out for enough alcohol to make female compliant
    Then Hump HUMP
    Then he gets off and she DOESN T
    then he quietly rolls off her and moves on into the night b4 breakfast

  • A Hobbit
    A Hobbit Month ago

    Well, if he did screw her he's got a lot more guts than I have. It would be like sticking your wick through a 12 inch pipe into a sewer. Not only that but you would be bent over backwards from all the silicone. Trump would have had to boldly go where almost all men and a few animals have gone before. Maybe he ought to put in for hazardous duty refund.

  • Private One
    Private One Month ago

    I can almost hear my president say, "The finest text book generic."

  • Scarlet K
    Scarlet K Month ago +1

    Stephan's reaction after he heard what trump was saying bout stormy being similar to his daughter....
    Stephan:*grabbing the bag and throwing up *🤮🤮

    xZANZIBARZx Month ago

    *Pimps up, Hoes down*
    Looks like syphyllherp stormy forgot the mantra of the skin industry.

  • Cheryl Pettersen
    Cheryl Pettersen Month ago

    With that face did she put a paper bag over his head that still probably wouldn't work for me

  • Jose Espinoza
    Jose Espinoza 2 months ago

    At the end the band plays the song of storms from Zelda ocarina of time And majora’s mask.. This show is amazing!

  • Daphne G
    Daphne G 2 months ago

    Stormy seemed to tell us she wasn't really into it, so was she paid (not to shut up, but to sleep with him)

  • Mike Krazer
    Mike Krazer 2 months ago

    I don't think Melania cares who he fucks as long as it keeps him from climbing on top of her

  • david wilder
    david wilder 2 months ago

    Or President is married, his wife's name is Melanie he has a young son living in his household. Ya'alls are a degenerated Media.

  • Nate Joy
    Nate Joy 2 months ago

    Sick.....and sad.

  • OK
    OK 2 months ago

    Maybe when they were having sex, Donald Trump fantasizes that he was doing it with his daughter Ivanka

  • Shela Yates
    Shela Yates 2 months ago

    __"One of the good ones..." ? Just when I've become a fan,

  • Funguy31
    Funguy31 2 months ago

    Was that the song of storms at the end? Ocarina of time.

  • Kyra Watkin
    Kyra Watkin 2 months ago +1

    He has committed adultery over and over, with women he sought out no less, then paid. He shows zero remorse for breaking vows to his wife and family. Touting "his economic policies" is not good enough. Have we become golddiggers? There has to be another candidate out there who can improve the economy and set a decent moral example for our country. We are not just an economy, we are a community and a nation.

  • Deborah Watkins
    Deborah Watkins 2 months ago

    Pretty dumb to have your picture taken with your lovers. Sorry Melania, photos are not locker room talk.

  • Red Chook
    Red Chook 2 months ago

    "Maybe In Touch should lead the Russia investyigation. They would get to the root..."
    That sounds so funny and so appropriate in Australia.
    (FYI: "root" in Oz slang means "having sex".)

  • Janet Michel
    Janet Michel 3 months ago

    Trumps a total dog.

  • Janet A
    Janet A 3 months ago

    Textbook? He doesn't READ.

  • Noah Vale
    Noah Vale 3 months ago +1

    Gives new meaning to the word covefefe !

  • Noah Vale
    Noah Vale 3 months ago +1

    Donny probly had to hit it with a hammer to get it big, then propped it up with popsicle sticks and tape !

  • abel kips
    abel kips 3 months ago

    I love stephen!

  • Jon T
    Jon T 3 months ago

    chink from asia here......where can i get a copy of the in touch magazine with stormy daniels interview?it will make for good toilet reading.

  • Stryker
    Stryker 4 months ago +1

    Disgusting man..and horrid too. Germaphobe? He didn't wash up before his performance ?

  • Iron Eddie
    Iron Eddie 5 months ago

    🐑! God help them. They are all retarded!

  • Iron Eddie
    Iron Eddie 5 months ago


  • Dominic Amadeus
    Dominic Amadeus 5 months ago

    Was that Song of storms at the end of the video?

  • Eazy Street
    Eazy Street 5 months ago


  • Daniel Dozza
    Daniel Dozza 5 months ago

    Was that Song of Storms from Ocarina of Time at the end?
    For Stormy Daniels I suppose.