5 Gus Videos That Weren't Good Enough

  • Published on Jun 24, 2017
  • Not every video can be a winner. Here are some that didn't make the cut.
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    Here are some bad Gus videos for you.
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Comments • 309

  • thexbigxgreen
    thexbigxgreen Day ago

    Can you please reupload "Shampoo Shoes"? You and Eddie talked about it on a podcast and I would love to see it!

  • thexbigxgreen
    thexbigxgreen Day ago

    "No whey"... It took me a few tries but I got there! That was a good one :)

  • JP Bredenkamp
    JP Bredenkamp 3 days ago

    The Adam sandler but fucking killed me 😂

  • Yung Bleach Lxrd
    Yung Bleach Lxrd 6 days ago

    These Are Just Vines

    TYLER MOOR 9 days ago


  • Spart Articus
    Spart Articus 11 days ago +1

    release another video like this one plz

  • ant marc722
    ant marc722 11 days ago

    Dude do a dad working on a engine skit with his son helping and getting pissed at the son. Lol

    STILL NOT CLICKED 20 days ago +1

    Aggrettsuko wants some Protein
    That joke was good

  • TheHappyKamper
    TheHappyKamper Month ago

    "No whey" got a chuckle from me.

  • Matt Herbig
    Matt Herbig Month ago

    Man if you posted these to vine back in the day you would have gotten huge

  • theborkonthepork
    theborkonthepork Month ago

    Whey there person going through the comment section! Have a jolly good day!

  • jiggysniper lloyd
    jiggysniper lloyd Month ago

    hm. i will do with this information as i please. thank you

  • Mitch Brauer
    Mitch Brauer Month ago

    Love it Gus very funny sincerely 😂😂

  • Na No
    Na No Month ago

    Like, how is something bad rated good.. what is this.

  • Hank Bishop
    Hank Bishop Month ago

    Ahh no whey genuinely made me die

  • Learning Now
    Learning Now Month ago

    i like to see people

  • Tanner Toby
    Tanner Toby Month ago

    We still need to hear the names! The ever lost audio!

  • Danimita92
    Danimita92 Month ago

    Damn I took way too long to get the paper plates joke

  • nickgonz_
    nickgonz_ 2 months ago

    Closer to 4 and a half videos, but good try Gus! You’ll get em next time

  • Miles L.
    Miles L. 2 months ago

    the "no whey" one made me belly laugh. spicy.

  • Lord Saacul
    Lord Saacul 2 months ago

    Really want that Adam Sandler video

  • The Cereal Guy
    The Cereal Guy 2 months ago


  • Kylin Burtrum
    Kylin Burtrum 2 months ago

    Bus jackson? Gues we know who lost the game of G-U-S J-O-H-N-S-O-N

  • Mehrunes Dagon
    Mehrunes Dagon 2 months ago

    I'm not going to lie to you Gus. I felt like this might have been a compilation of five lesser quality videos you're trying to pass off as one good one.

  • Sophie O.
    Sophie O. 3 months ago

    Apology accepted.

  • Kaleb Claus
    Kaleb Claus 3 months ago

    Origin of Bus Jackson?

  • Ambrose Burnside
    Ambrose Burnside 3 months ago

    I don't want to sound racist, but a lot of these were really good

  • Tomek M
    Tomek M 3 months ago

    These are better than your regular videos

  • Nick Ryan
    Nick Ryan 3 months ago

    “Five bads make a good” @the 2008 mortgage crisis

  • That'sWhatSheSaid
    That'sWhatSheSaid 3 months ago

    They are all good enough for me because I have no self esteem and my dad left

  • Midas Seinfeld
    Midas Seinfeld 3 months ago

    The paper plates gave me a legit lol-moment. The joke might be basic, but that "I know it's a basic pun, plz don't @ me" look at the end is what sells it. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lewis Folkner
    Lewis Folkner 3 months ago

    You're a genius!

  • Alicia Burton
    Alicia Burton 4 months ago

    Wait what the f u c k was the air horn one? I’m- I don’t get it man.

  • Dustin Clark
    Dustin Clark 4 months ago

    Yeah gotta say not real good

  • Nebulaoblivion
    Nebulaoblivion 4 months ago

    gus, what the fuck, "paper plates" is the best thing ive ever seen or heard.

  • PutinWithAnimals
    PutinWithAnimals 4 months ago


  • Damjan Milojevic
    Damjan Milojevic 5 months ago

    gus every video you make is a blessing

  • Magalí IB
    Magalí IB 5 months ago

    This is so funny, probably even funnier than on their own

  • Mike James
    Mike James 5 months ago

    Fuck man I was expecting a laugh but that paper plate one caught me off guard

  • Jakey Bone
    Jakey Bone 6 months ago

    havent watched it yet but if shampoo shoes isnt in it i swear to god

    EDIT: words cannot describe how i feel

  • jjl lww
    jjl lww 6 months ago

    If only the car would’ve kept doing straight. 00:15

  • William Waffle
    William Waffle 6 months ago

    hey gus buddy, send me the footage, i'll edit it for you (i expect full payment, thanks)

  • 8BitGab
    8BitGab 6 months ago

    the "No whey" was really good tho

  • Naomi Santana
    Naomi Santana 6 months ago


  • Day Reldorito
    Day Reldorito 6 months ago

    5 Gus videos that didn't pass the trials

  • CommentCop Badge#666
    CommentCop Badge#666 7 months ago

    So...... Are these jokes up for grabs or what? You may not think your audience will think they're funny but mine are retarded. They think peeling an orange with royalty free music playing is entertaining as fuck.

  • Javi del Val
    Javi del Val 7 months ago

    The paper planes one was pretty good

  • AudixMusicAlt
    AudixMusicAlt 7 months ago

    Gus: aw, no whey
    Me 2 minutes later: haha

  • Madison Hayden
    Madison Hayden 7 months ago

    not gonna lie those were some tepid memes

  • The Stig
    The Stig 8 months ago

    Breaking bad ost

  • Miktai
    Miktai 8 months ago

    Not too good gus

  • ItsaGrac
    ItsaGrac 8 months ago

    Why didn’t you just
    Take a few of the names for the last video
    And edit with that

  • Jackie Johnson
    Jackie Johnson 8 months ago

    These are gold

  • Chris McDonald
    Chris McDonald 9 months ago

    These were funny enough to warrant a comment.

  • Baricade648
    Baricade648 9 months ago

    I'm too high 4 this

  • LucasCAPS
    LucasCAPS 9 months ago

    An audio-only version for the gigantic Sandler video is fine.

  • LucasCAPS
    LucasCAPS 9 months ago

    I would've approved the whey one.

    • LucasCAPS
      LucasCAPS 9 months ago

      And given the comments, so would a lotta people.

  • TheVegetablePrincess
    TheVegetablePrincess 10 months ago

    Slightly chunky memes

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 10 months ago +1

    I love you

  • LasstUnsSpielen
    LasstUnsSpielen 10 months ago


  • Sophie Simser
    Sophie Simser 10 months ago

    *hey there spicy boys*

  • Marite Kerge
    Marite Kerge 11 months ago

    Gus is more funnier tahan u😠😠😠😡😡😡🤬🤬👺👹☠️

  • palma_increbidile
    palma_increbidile 11 months ago

    these are seriously BAD

  • Nikolai Falcon
    Nikolai Falcon 11 months ago

    European here..

  • Aleš Moc
    Aleš Moc Year ago

    I actually laughed.

  • Skove Stove
    Skove Stove Year ago

    >i guess it didnt work out

  • Nemoris Inferioris

    Aww no whey

  • Bush Habitant
    Bush Habitant Year ago

    Apology accepted

  • Bony Bish
    Bony Bish Year ago

    The no whey one just tore me from my body and my spirit. It was too strong

  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat Year ago

    literally 2 seconds in and I had to pause the video while I died of laughter :')

  • Creeperkill
    Creeperkill Year ago

    Pay-per plates

  • Cletus Orinthal
    Cletus Orinthal Year ago

    I need that video with all the Adam Sandler names even if its unedited

  • Ziggy The Man
    Ziggy The Man Year ago

    dont call me an ant

  • Campbell Kerr
    Campbell Kerr Year ago

    You should’ve made vines

  • Aaron Powell
    Aaron Powell Year ago

    Pretty disappointed about how hard I laughed at the paper plates joke.

  • Asprin
    Asprin Year ago +237

    'It would take forever to edit' said the man who filmed himself giving his cat 11, 453 stern looks

    • Dende
      Dende 2 months ago

      y take so seriously me no wat huh

    • Brian
      Brian 4 months ago +10

      But that video would have only taken like 2 seconds to edit since it's essentially uncut, unlike a video featuring 50+ pics of famous people. So his point still stands.

  • Mr. Peanutbutter
    Mr. Peanutbutter Year ago

    I snorted.

  • Jarjarvideos
    Jarjarvideos Year ago

    No Whey was great XD

  • seven
    seven Year ago +2

    That "ah no whey" made me bark out a " *HA* ".

  • No
    No Year ago +1


  • Kino Zomby
    Kino Zomby Year ago

    I don’t get the apology at the end?

  • viva.cious
    viva.cious Year ago

    0:53 do you know de whey

  • James Patrick
    James Patrick Year ago

    finish the video gus

  • Blue Cherry
    Blue Cherry Year ago

    I love your sense of humor
    Keep up the good work

  • MissGeek Monique
    MissGeek Monique Year ago +1

    In subbing

  • SaetiStrakur
    SaetiStrakur Year ago

    thought i was going to see five Gun videos guess im dyslexic woot toot

  • T G
    T G Year ago +5

    1:00 gus does not know da wey

  • Kin Chi Yoga
    Kin Chi Yoga Year ago

    The paper plates one could’ve been a whole vid! The rest tho....no.

  • Kin Chi Yoga
    Kin Chi Yoga Year ago

    I just got the paper plates one

  • Newman
    Newman Year ago +1

    Give me the list, I'll edit it for you

  • C Smith
    C Smith Year ago

    Please give audio clip of video referenced in last clip

  • cassiedillas
    cassiedillas Year ago +1

    i didnt get the airhorn one, can someone explain pls?

    • GenghisDong
      GenghisDong Year ago +2

      The thing has air for tires and he used an AIRhorn get haha yes jokes are for fun

  • Alex H
    Alex H Year ago +1

    you're the best yeauxteauber

  • prsoad helsinger
    prsoad helsinger Year ago

    gonna need that Sandler vid dude

  • kneedeepinclunge
    kneedeepinclunge Year ago

    just a bunch of shit basic word puns yeah gus I think you made the right decision pal

  • DaeGiTron
    DaeGiTron Year ago

    You haven't figured out how good you are yet. They're all funny as hell.

  • Pye face
    Pye face Year ago

    I almost spat out my coffee when you mentioned Adam Sandler hahaa

  • ersad Kaya
    ersad Kaya Year ago

    are you apologising for net neutrality if you do we fucking dont accept

  • * Nadia Mundt *
    * Nadia Mundt * Year ago

    I wanna see that Adam Sandler video *now*

  • Nuno Gomes
    Nuno Gomes Year ago

    You're right, these were not good enough