Stugotz calls Trevor Pryce a 'borderline' Hall of Famer | Dan Le Batard Show | ESPN


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  • Bobby Kevil
    Bobby Kevil 4 months ago +2

    Predator is the greatest scifi movie of all time. Don't at me

  • Bennett L. Rouse
    Bennett L. Rouse 4 months ago +1

    Trevor Pryce?!?! My dude!!

  • Steven Nieto
    Steven Nieto 5 months ago +8

    Trevor's face is twice as big as Roy's!!!!

  • Roberto Ross
    Roberto Ross 5 months ago

    Trevor Pryce was a bad boy in Denver, Baltimore always gets our guys just like we always get the colts old guys

  • Far beyond Driven
    Far beyond Driven 5 months ago +17

    This interview is borderline funny

  • adam7mma
    adam7mma 5 months ago

    The brother in the glasses looks like he'd be nice to you face to face but talk shit about you when you leave the room

  • MLG Gaming
    MLG Gaming 5 months ago +6

    If ur a savage like this comment

  • MLG Gaming
    MLG Gaming 5 months ago


    • Genesis Exodus
      Genesis Exodus 4 months ago

      MLG Gaming first and he can't get a like for that.. shame

    • Genesis Exodus
      Genesis Exodus 4 months ago

      SparksDrinker but he was number one !

    • SparksDrinker
      SparksDrinker 4 months ago

      +MLG Gaming It would be easier to leave you alone if you didn't comment "first" like a schmuck.

    • MLG Gaming
      MLG Gaming 4 months ago +1

      Genesis Exdous leave me the fuck alone

    • Genesis Exodus
      Genesis Exodus 5 months ago +1

      MLG Gaming yay you're first .. on one of the lowest view Count videos ever . A total of 6 comments now and it's been up for 8 hours plus .. get a life dude