Fill in the BLANK... Steve Harvey is 2019's BLANKEST man! | Family Feud

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • Fill in the BLANK... Steve Harvey was robbed from winning "Sexiest Man of the Year" but he'd win "BLANKEST Man of the Year"...
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  • Adam Nugraha
    Adam Nugraha Day ago

    Steve Harvey is the 2019 worst Family Feud of the year 😁😀

  • Shoncreations Barbados

    Kindest: booooooooo

  • Antonio Little Jr.
    Antonio Little Jr. Month ago +8

    1:44-1:49 I’m tryna figure out what Annie thinking about lookin at Steve like that 😂

  • JP Mackey
    JP Mackey Month ago +2

    Blackest! Didn’t see that coming. 😂😂😂

  • Joshua
    Joshua Month ago +1

    Can't be GOOFY and have SWAG?
    Calling all artists, Calling ALL artists out there.
    Could someone in a flashy way draw the disney character GOOFY dressed like a Pimp/Don and photoshop him having his arm around Steve Harvey. also add a voice bubble with Goofy asking "Garf.. what do ya mean I can't have Swag if I'm Goofy?"
    in the bottom of the image make sure to add Family Feud - Steve Harvey - whatever season and episode this is

  • TheSmithersy
    TheSmithersy Month ago +1

    That's one of those answers you all think but you daren't say because you don't know if you're allowed to say it on television.

  • Go Yolie!
    Go Yolie! Month ago +13

    “You can clap... It’s okay”

  • Go Yolie!
    Go Yolie! Month ago +11

    LOOOOOL 1:53
    She’s like, “how do I do this side five thing”

  • Nancy Howard
    Nancy Howard Month ago +4

    Steve Harvey won nicest man of the year

  • Rodney White
    Rodney White Month ago +2

    Anne is hot. I wish Karen would’ve gotten the answer right so I could’ve seen her 1 more time. Damn it.

  • Brandon Blair
    Brandon Blair Month ago +6

    @2:52 I think they should do a video of the times Steve walks over to the other family because he knows an answer ain't up there.

  • All32American
    All32American Month ago +1

    Anne is STUNNING!

  • Rizki Djakaria
    Rizki Djakaria Month ago

    Can I say the hoodest man of the year?

  • Bui Doi
    Bui Doi Month ago +7

    Those wrong answers were better than those last 3 revealed ones

  • Anderson Frans
    Anderson Frans Month ago +1

    Why no one answer the blackest?
    Even the question itself is referring to that word 😁

  • Jennifer Bridges
    Jennifer Bridges Month ago +2

    I love watching family feud now that Steve is the host.
    I have never cared for it before because the host were all boring. Steve put the entertainment into in and I watch it as long as it is on sometimes 4 hours in a row.
    If it ever goes, so will I
    I love his suits, he looks better in a suit than most 20 year olds that have been guest!

  • Shaw Mou
    Shaw Mou Month ago +1

    Wow! Okay!

  • Kat M
    Kat M Month ago +23

    I wasn't even eating or drinking and I still nearly chocked when she said " *baldest* "

  • wolvarine
    wolvarine Month ago +3

    When he heard blackest that was the funniest part BHAM!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ramses Cooper
    Ramses Cooper Month ago +56

    I thought the title said Steve Harvey is 2019's blackest man of the year 🤣

  • Joe M
    Joe M Month ago +3

    “Numba fie”

  • Joe M
    Joe M Month ago +1

    “Awright we got two strikes Karen”

  • Joe M
    Joe M Month ago +1

    “Awright Cindy”

  • Joe M
    Joe M Month ago +1

    “Awright, top six ansas on da board”

  • Ãtîfå Āñshârã
    Ãtîfå Āñshârã Month ago +14

    Family feud is nothing without Steve 😺😺😺😺

  • SunlightGirl-92
    SunlightGirl-92 Month ago +4

    The Steve Harvey questions get repetitive.

    • NNN
      NNN Month ago +1

      And old.

  • Teresa Sims
    Teresa Sims Month ago +5

    That was so racist blackest really

    • ry4nx
      ry4nx Month ago

      how is that racist? you're an idiot

    • Charles Hydronium
      Charles Hydronium Month ago

      Steve actually likes racist jokes

    • Krystal Lioness
      Krystal Lioness Month ago

      It was funny. Let It Go

    • Roy Batty
      Roy Batty Month ago +2

      What? If anything you're the one making it racist by interpreting it otherwise. I thought that blackest would be up there because he's culturally black...

  • R. H. Kingpin
    R. H. Kingpin Month ago +2

    Goofiest? Yeah, I agree with that. Maybe even most self-deluded.

    MALIRIPPA Month ago +36

    Now come on, you all know Steve would have rioted if that whitest family ever Said he the blackest Lmao

  • Ukwubuiwe Victory
    Ukwubuiwe Victory Month ago +1

    Y is he making it racial..... With d family

  • popeyesontop
    popeyesontop Month ago +5

    I got a kevin hart ad which was about credit/debit cards

  • Gary Schaefer
    Gary Schaefer Month ago +1

    He is sexy

  • James j
    James j Month ago

    Richest oh yeah right up there with Jeff Besos, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett

    • I Q
      I Q Month ago +1

      Yeah nah lol

  • Anthony Guarino
    Anthony Guarino Month ago +1

    Yep, he’s the coolest!

  • francisco jeannot
    francisco jeannot Month ago +1

    Hey guys! I really have something to tell you! I am VERY VERY sorry for posting the same comment every day on a family feud video! I promise that I won't do it again

  • Nontobeko Precious
    Nontobeko Precious Month ago +17

    You know it about to be lit when Steve laughs before reading the question.

  • Christopher Pham
    Christopher Pham Month ago +1

    Karen: Buffest. Is that the same thing as...
    Steve: You know good and hell well--Buffest?
    Karen: Come on, Steve.
    Steve: Buffest? Yoked up.

  • De Fowl
    De Fowl Month ago +2

    I disagree with 5 bc that's racist to say. And abby tryina flirt with Steve Harvey

    • De Fowl
      De Fowl Month ago +2

      @Always Here yes it is. There no such thing as "a blackest man" your black or not at all. You stupid pafunes

    • Always Here
      Always Here Month ago +1

      That's not racist.

    • De Fowl
      De Fowl Month ago +2

      @Anthony Guarino play that still racist if someone said something bout a white actor they'll think its racist bc hes the "whitest" if your black your black there's no est in anything period.

    • De Fowl
      De Fowl Month ago +1

      @Jenna Fox yes its racist answer who cares if the N word wasn't up there thsts raicst there no "blackest" person on earth your black your black how much blacker can 1 get?

    • Jenna Fox
      Jenna Fox Month ago +2

      It's racist to say that a black person is black? What do you have against the color black?

  • NNN
    NNN Month ago +13

    Let's see if the Vicknair family wins tomorrow, fifth game, rooting for them!

  • Jeżyk
    Jeżyk Month ago +7


  • CA
    CA Month ago +21

    2:19 when you get a bad score on your test, and the teacher keeps looking at you as an example

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis Month ago +12

    Abby has a wonderful 😃.

    • NNN
      NNN Month ago +3

      I'll bet Abby has some other wonderful things!!

  • Creagh Roberson
    Creagh Roberson Month ago +8

    Richest, baldest, nicest, coolest, blackest

  • lanessa cruz
    lanessa cruz Month ago +6

    Chocolatiest Man of the Year

    • Chazz Treat
      Chazz Treat Month ago +1

      I think the word you’re searching for is Blackest

  • Brenda Bryant
    Brenda Bryant Month ago +13

    Hardest working!!! How's that not up there

  • Emil Andersen
    Emil Andersen Month ago +3